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SSTN # 36 - April 25, 2005

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--> Economical Lessons - Multi-Aged - Rotation

1) Unruly Child Not The Problem
2) Kids Out of Control?
3) Discipline That Worked
4) Accepting Child's Behavior
5) Discipline Solutions

--> Summer Camp Ideas

6) Communion
7) Attitude Check Sermon?
8) Devotionals?
9) Needing Used Materials
10) 7th - 9th grade youth lessons?

--> Ascension Sunday

11) Lesson Ideas?
12) Apostle Paul VBS
13) Used Materials
14) Rotation Sunday School Syllabus
15) Memorizing Psalm 23

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--> Economical Lessons - Multi-Aged - Rotation

I have developed the Hands-on Bible Lessons to be used within a
traditional class environment or in a rotation-type program. Each Bible
lesson is accompanied with a craft, a game, Scripture memorization and
songtime suggestions. Many of the lessons include enrichment ideas to
further enhance your program. And to help your budget, one book is all you
need for an entire class! You may read more about the Hands-On programs in
the Curriculum Creatives section at:

If you have any questions, please email me at: 

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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1) Unruly Child Not The Problem
It seems to me the parents are the ones with the problem. Apparently they
have no respect for the pastor or for others in the church that are being

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2) Kids Out of Control?

Our Sunday School department is small.  Most of our children's parents do
not stay for Sunday School themselves.  Our attendance can be anywhere
from 2 to 14 with the ages of 1st through the 5th grade.  We first all
join together and sing, then have a sharing and prayer time then split for
the lesson into two groups.  We have two children who are very difficult
to handle.  The older girl (4th grade) does not like to join in and sits
there and mopes and if we are working on a craft if it does not go well
she makes a scene.  Today she got mad and hit her younger brother during
our music time.  He had a shiner. 
Now the brother  (1st grade) is another story.  During our music time he
just runs in circles runs into others, runs into the walls, turns off the
overhead or plays in front of it.  He will also run from the classroom and
hide the list could go on. 
What have we tried?  Well we have talked to the parents.  They just say
well we are trying new medicines and we hope these work.  When we ask what
discipline their response is that they do not believe in punishment that
everything needs to be positive.  We are not suppose to use the word
"no".  We have tried time out have a corner for  the young boy to work on
special projects when he does not want to sing.  Other craft ideas for the
girl and I try to find other ways to use the girl to make her part of the
Today we sang for the church.  We have two services.  The first one went
great.  The second service was the exact opposite.  The boy was jumping
all over the place and the girl was crying the whole time.  Now we only
have a few others on stage.  The others could not sing it was just to much
for them. 
We really don't know what to do.  The Sunday director does not want to
deal with the family.  Our pastors will help when we really need it. 
We need to come up with ideas that will encourage the children to come to
Sunday School and enjoy it but not take away from the other children. 

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3) Discipline That Worked

You all have really helped me reflect on how to improve my own Children's
Church situation.   I found the older ones hadn't developed
an understanding that this church time was for learning about God and
studying His Word...they interrupted constantly with stories, bickered
among themselves, etc.  ***** Today I brought in several jars of baby food
and one package of turkey luncheon meat.  We tasted the variety of baby
food and then ate the meat.  We chose our most and least favorites.  Then
I shared 1 Corinthians 3:2-3 where Paul tells that church that they are
still like babies.  I explained that the people were bickering over which
leader was better  and fussing amongst themselves.  I explained that I was
feeling that way about our class.  I felt more like a babysitter than a
teacher of God's Word.  I explained that today that would end.  Thanks to
one of your suggestions, I decided ahead of time that rather than remove a
child to the sanctuary for bad behavior, I would remove them to the small
children's room where they would sit to one side quietly until I came back
for them.  (Prearranged this with the teacher in that room)  I explained
that it was time for them to experience the meat of God's word and I had a
worksheet I'd created with the following questions on it which we
discussed and answered.  The questions were:   
a.  Was Paul feeding the people actual milk?     Yes   or     No   (circle
b.  What are milk and meat referring to?
c.  How are we like the Corinthians?
d.  What will it take for us to be able to be fed meat?
e.  Other comments

We had to allow the youngest ones to dictate their answers.  Others came
up with really profound answers.  I wrote some of these on the board for
those that needed help to copy. 

One girl said that "It will take our willingness to listen and the teacher
to encourage us for us to eat the meat of the Word! 

By the way,  I escorted 3 children out at one point, came back in 5
minutes (while my helper stayed in the room)  asked them to tell me why I
had removed them, then asked for an apology.  It really helped!!! Finally,
I caught each parent that I could after church and explained that I might
not win any popularity contests this week, but I was determined that our
children would not go away without really studying the Word.  How could
they oppose that?  I LOVE THIS NEWSLETTER! Carol  in  TX

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4) Accepting Child's Behavior

>But really, remember the story of the children who were bugging the
>when they were trying to listen to Jesus? This is not a case of "What
>would Jesus do," but "What DID Jesus do?"

I cannot find anywhere in this story that the kids were "bugging" the
adults OR disrupting anything.  They simply wanted to see Jesus.  I think
we are adding our own ideas here.

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5) Discipline Solutions

Dear Co-Workers in Christ, I have many many years of experience in working
children and hope the following ideas will help. 
Two suggestions:

A.  why not provide in a little bag filled with  some Christian oriented
children's books,
         quiet toys, cloth books - or for older children, puzzle books,
color books,
         crayon  and a pencil.....on 3rd Sunday I provide these as
children's bulletins
         and activities for
         kids aged 3-10 (that Sunday, children sit through the service
rather than
         have children's church the other 3 Sundays. Kids are to return
activity bags
         to me for a very small reward or candy.
B. Someone should start a church nursery - NOT the mother of the "unruly"
        2 year old (who I suggest is NOT unruly, but doing what the Lord
        him to do).....this way the  young mother gets to actually sit
without having
        to keep a child quiet and get fed a bit herself......when mine
were young,
        another mother and I traded weeks, so that we could actually hear
a sermon
        and be with other adults....please do not relegate the young
mothers to
        nursery duty.....
    In Christ,

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--> Summer Camp Ideas

Check out our "Gospel Fun Activities" and the "Chalk-It-Up" ideas at:

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6) Communion


You will find some really helpful teachings aimed at younger children
communion if you look for resources for First Holy Communion. Although the
exact custom varies by region several denominations (i.e. Episcopal,
Lutheran, Catholic) have the ritual of children being initiated into the
sacrament of Holy Communion during 2nd grade. You may have to modify the
doctrine to fit your denomination but I think you will find these

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7) Attitude Check Sermon?

I'm trying to find a Children's Sermon entitled "Attitude Check".  It was
mentioned in the archives in relation to Cain & Abel.  I have gone over
the list and can't find it.  Can you help me.  Thanks so much, Jennie

--from SSTN: this used to be in ChristianCrafters.com. However it is no
longer in the site. If the author is still in the network, please contact

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8) Devotionals?

Thanks for posting my note about the child who disturbs the sermon and
church .
I need some devotionals for a chrch camp. The ages are from preschool to
Junior High and adults. Any suggestions of a website or a book. I would
appreciate it.
In his Grip, Ann Stafford

--from SSTN: check out the Christian Education section of our bookstore

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9) Needing Used Materials

Hi and God bless you ,not to long ago I read in my newsletter from
crafters that you had material for sunday school. Well i don't have to
but I can surely receive some for my sunday school and children's church .
Or church is small and its almost of low income and our finances dont
us to buy material very often. I will appreciate if you could consider us
.Thank you and may the good Lord be with you always and send you and your
family and church lots of blessing. Thank you again this is my address
Maria Olivo  60 Wison St. New Haven, Ct. 06519

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10) 7th - 9th grade youth lessons?

Help!  I am one of 2 volunteers that teach Wednesday school to 7th - 9th
graders.  We are looking for exciting lesson plans and activities.  Our
most recent topics we'd like to cover are baptism, communion, and maybe
something on mothers for Mother's Day.  It's hard to keep our class
interested / involved because they are more interested in talking with
other; and we've been stuck in the small library due to a shortage of
so it's hard for us to get up and move around.  In the past we've been
to form two lines and have trivia games, but that's about it.

We're open to any and all ideas, prayers included!  Thanks so much.  I'm
just stuck.  I've searched the internet and felt I can't find appropriate
materials.  I find things that are either too young or what I feel might
too over their heads (aka - something they'll just roll their eyes at us
on).  I'm on the verge myself of not wanting to do this next year because
it's hard to keep them all engaged and come up with age appropriate
materials.  Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated.

--from SSTN: there are some great resources in the Christian Education
section of our bookstore at:

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--> Ascension Sunday Craft

Check out the "Jesus Ascending Craft" in the Easy Make & Make section at:

Find it in the Curriculum section at: 

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11) Lesson Ideas?

I need curriculum/lesson ideas for the following as our theme for
this year is worship:
David the Worshiper
Peter & Silas' Worship
Miriam's worship.
Warm Regards

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12) Apostle Paul VBS

Our Sunday School just finished a rotation on Paul, I had "craft" and you
might be able to adapt my idea.  We had a picture taken of all the kids in
front of the church.  (You could do this on the first day of VBS, and
then possibly all the kids could get a copy by Friday).  The littlest ones
were holding big letters that spelled out "GRACE TO TOU".  As you know,
this was how Paul opened many of his letters.  I focused on his missionary
journeys. As a tie-in to the craft I chose a missionary from our church to
be the recipient of our efforts.  Make cards on the computer (heavy card
stock) that the kids can color, and provide stickers also.  Our missionary
is in Thessaloniki, Greece.  So I went to a translation website, and had
"GRACE TO YOU" translated into Greek (you could do any language).  That
was the front of the card, along with her name and a clipart picture of a
Bible.  Inside is the rest of 2 Thessalonians 1:2, in English.  Now the
picture comes in.  Have a large copy made, I did 13x19.  Cut it into 30
equal pieces, approx. 3 1/8" x 2 9/16".  I printed out encouraging
scriptures from Paul's writings, sized a little bigger than the picture
pieces, then trim to fit.  Use double sided tape to attach scripture card
to picture piece, and include in the decorated card.  The recipient then
gets the whole packet of 30 cards (in envelopes) and a picture frame
magnet.  Include instructions to open a card a day for thirty days,
putting the verse in the frame.  When all the cards have been opened, the
"puzzle" is put together, and there are your childrens' smiling faces with
a special message.
    Paul faced a lot of opposition and persecution, but he also had many
encouraging and very helpful people around him.  I wanted to show them the
importance of encouraging our missionaries.  Feel free to contact me if
you would like a list of the scriptures I used, or just with questions. 
Your Friend in Christ,

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13) Used Materials

F-ree to Good Home! I have a complete 3-year cycle of the FaithWeaver
Curriculum (99-00, 00-01, 01-02) ages pre-school-Youth.  Each grade level
includes 2-4 teacher manuals, at least 1 complete teacher resource pack,
and 1 copy of the student guide. .

I also have VBS curriculum kits: Group’s Lava Lava Island and Bug Safari.

If you are willing to pay for shipping, or have questions, please contact
me at jj@whitpres.org
JJ Jelinek

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14) Rotation Sunday School Syllabus

Has anyone thought about creating a syllabus (different stories) for EACH
GRADE in Sunday School, still using the rotation method (different
"stations"), same story for four weeks, but repeating the classes every
two years or so that the materials could also be re-used?

Each grade level would be doing a different story, unique to that grade on
a 2-year rotation.  For instance, 1st - 2nd grade might do Jonah and the
Whale in Sep 2005 and again in Sep 2007 when new 1st graders come in.  3rd
- 4th would be doing The Temptation of Jesus in Sep 2005 and again in Sep
2007. Likewise for PreK-K and 6-8th.

I like rotation, but I'm tired of putting all this work into one class,
never to be seen or heard of again.  Also, when DO you get to repeat a
story in Rotation?  If we did Abraham and Sara this year, will we EVER get
to do it again? 

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Appreciate your input~

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15) Memorizing Psalm 23

I would like to help you with memorizing Psalm 23 - please note these game
ideas can be used to help children memorise any portion of Scripture. Make
the game you like for nothing, using cereal or other grocery card.    
Please see my
http://www.homepages.paradise.net.nz/heatherm for other game ideas - all
are free, based on Scripture, and can be made for nothing.  If you would
like some simple illustrations to help further with this game, please
e-mail me for an
attachment "Psalm 23 Game" - heather.mackie@paradise.net.nz.

First Game to help children memorize Psalm 23
-To make the Guide, write out the psalm on card, including verse numbers.
-To make Bible Verse Cards, cut out enough rectangular-shaped cards so
that there are 6 cards for each player.     Using a different coloured
pencil for each player, write out the psalm on these cards, one verse to
each card, including verse numbers.
-Label a box or bag "Psalm 23 Game" and place inside the Guide, the Bible
Verse Cards, and Playing Instru
- Place the Guide on playing area where players can see it.     Read out
loud together the psalm.
- Show the Bible Verse Cards to players and invite them to choose a
different colour each.
c- Spread out these cards, word-side down, on playing area and mix them
- Players have turns to lift one card at a time and, if this shows words
the chosen colour, player keeps the card, placing it word-side up in front
of him or her (in arow), using the Guide as game continues to keep cards
in number order if necessary. Player has one more turn if words are of
chosen colour.
Player reads out loud the verse or verses kept.   Turn is over.
- If card shows words not of the player's chosen colour, he or she places
it face down and turn is over.
- The first player to collect all six cards of his or her chosen colour
wins, and the game is over. Players read out loud the psalm from the

Second Game to help children memorize Psalm 23
Make and play as above but do not use the colours:  use a marker pen (say,
black) instead. Players have turns to lift one card at a time but they
must keep cards only in number order, beginning with Verse 1 card, placing
them in a line in front of them as above.    Player may have one more turn
if the card lifted can be kept.

Third Game to help children memorize Psalm 23
Use a dice for a game using coloured words or black.     Players have
to throw dice then pick up the number of cards as indicated by the dice,
keeping those allowed according to which game is played.
If you wish to make your own dice, please e-mail me for my Dice Outline
which can be sent as an attachment:  it is my own design and so there are
no copyright problems ! The dice can be made of paper or card, you can
draw dots on the squares or write numbers or words of the numbers, or draw
other symbols for the numbers - e.g., asterisks, etc.  To make the Dice,
print out, cut out, draw on the squares, fold along the lines, glue in the
flaps, allow to dry, and use for the Third Game.

hope something above can help you with children memorizing Psalm 23.

Heather Mackie

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