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March 21, 2000
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* Special Needs Child
* Special Needs Child
* Special Needs Child
* Thanks for helping me
* Colors-of-Christ Cross

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> Hi, a special child just joined my class and he's about 5 yrs old. My
> problem is, he disturbs other children in my class and sometimes makes noise.
> I cannot understand him because he can't say a word.

Maybe you've already done this, but I would start by asking his parents if they have any suggestions for you. Maybe one of the child's parents could come to class and sit with him until he gets use to being in class.

(There is a child in our midweek program that is a challenge for us. His father will come to the program with him and this helps the child to adjust.)

Sarah Keith <><
Your Moderator
5/6 Boys SS
K-4th Kingdom Kids

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<< a special child just joined my class and he's about 5 yrs old. My problem is, he
<< disturbs other children in my class and sometimes makes noise. >>

I had a special child in my class for one year who was disturbing to the other children and couldn't talk. It is a very difficult situation. One of the things I did was to ask the mother if they used any sign language with her and then learned those signs.(which she did, and this helped somewhat). The kids in my class incorporated themselves as volunteers to help with this child which was a huge blessing. You could elicit their help by having one or two of them sit next to this child during story time. I added a lot of action games to keep the activity level up (go to my site for ideas for action games at www.edupatterns.com). And I tried to involve the kids in the story as much as I could. Instead of doing a craft I came up with a "snack craft". Kids will attend much longer to something they can eventually eat. (for example the kids frosted a gingerbread boy with colorful icing when we did the story of Joseph, they made frog faces out of vanilla wafers when we did the Moses and the plagues. (these are all at my web site). There was a shelf with some books in the class room. Often during the story, this girl would get up, go get a book and sit by herself and look at the pictures. As long as she wasn't disturbing the class, this was acceptable. If you can find out what he's interested in, (blocks, puzzles, a coloring book, etc.), make that available as an alternative to keep him occupied when the rest of your class needs your attention. I never had to recruit a teen or other volunteer helper but it was something I kept as a possibility and you might consider doing. Recruit the parents' help as much as possible. They can help you come up with consequences that work for that child when he won't listen. I made the class as action oriented as I could so that she was occupied in the activities along with the other children, and it kept the need to reprimand her to a minimum. I hope this helps. May God bless you as you minister to him and the rest of your class.
In Christ, Linda Lawler Pittsburgh, PA

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<< a special child just joined my class and he's about 5 yrs old. My problem is, he
<< disturbs other children in my class and sometimes makes noise.

It is certainly a challenge to include children with special needs, but one
that can benefit all involved.
First, I would encourage you to spend some time visiting the child in his
home environment. Get to know his parents
and watch how they communicate with him. Second, try to enlist an adult
volunteer to be his special helper in class. Her role would be strictly to
tend to his needs...don't count on her to help you with other tasks. This
will help lessen the disruptions and enable this child to learn more. I
hope it helps. I will be praying for you as you embark on your new
journey...remember to be positive and look for the lessons God will teach
you and the other class members!!

Kristina Johnson

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Angie, San Diego, California.
Just wanted to Thank you for helping me with the Disciplinary Tips in the classroom.
All of your ideas meant a lot to me. I was truly blessed! I am using many
of your ideas and all has calmed down considerable.
Bless the Lord for his faithfulness.

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Janis -
I found a really cute cross! It is called the "Colors-of-Christ
Cross" - where you use 6 beads and each bead stands for something. Like
Black = sin, Red = Christ's Blood etc. I did print the page and the website
on the bottom of the page is:
It looked simple, which my class is only 1 hour long so simple is best!
Plus, it has a meaning behind it. Good luck!

ALSO - I want to thank everyone who sent in their prayers for Jenny Moore -
my 15-year-old friend with cancer. I have forwarded all your prayers to her
and her family and they were greatly appreciated. It truly amazed me how
many people, whom we don't even know, just took a few minutes to send some
love and support! Especially one family who also had a 15-year-old with
cancer - struggling with the same hand life has dealt them, they took the
time to send in their blessings and it just touched me so deeply. We will
gladly accept any other prayers - keep them coming! Angie, the mom - was
just overwhelmed by the support! Please also keep the other 15-year-old in
your prayers! These families need our help, and prayer chains are what we
can do! God bless them and keep them in his care and give them courage and
strength to get through this.

(From ChristianCrafters.Com:
The web page for Colors of Christ Cross mentioned above:
is actually part of my site. It can be accessed by clicking on the Crafters Showcase from my home page.
Enjoy! Sarah Keith)

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