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SSTN # 38 - April 29, 2005

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--> Inexpensive Lessons - Multi-Aged - Rotation

1) Rock Craft
2) Thank you gifts
3) Spring Sunday School Special
4) Medical VBS
5) Son Country County Fair

--> Ascension Sunday Craft

6) Son Harvest County Fair
7) Need Used material
8) Son Harvest County Fair
9) Prayers
10) Beginning Rotation Sunday School

--> What can bugs teach us about Jesus?

11) Thank You Gifts
12) Mission Outreach
13) Thank You Gifts
14) Bell costume ideas?
15) Thank You Gifts

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--> Inexpensive Lessons - Multi-Aged - Rotation

Hands-on lessons of the Bible may be used in traditional class environments or in
a rotation-type program. Each Bible lesson is accompanied with a craft, a
game, Scripture memorization and songtime suggestions. Many of the lessons
include enrichment ideas to further enhance your program. And to help your
budget, the lessons cost about $1.00 per lesson and one book is all you
need for an entire class! You may read more about the Hands-On programs in
the Curriculum Creatives section at:


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1) Rock Craft

There's a Rock craft listed in the Recycled Section at:

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2) Thank you gifts

In regards to inexpensive thank-you gifts -
I had good reponse to making cookie-mix-in a jar kits up.  You can find
many recipes for this on the internet, they are quick to make and the jars
are not too expensive.  It's also for the whole family, since everyone
gets to eat the cookies!
Dee in Pennsylvania

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3) Spring Sunday School Special

I just thought I would pass along what I did this spring for our Sunday
School.  On Easter Sunday I passed out invitations during church.  The
invitians were just post cards I made on the computer, simple.  I had my
Sunday School kids color a picture and I copied it on to the front of the
postcards.  I was doing a "Butterfly and Bullfrog" theme,so it said, "Hop
into Sunday School this Spring".  The day of the event, when people came
into Sunday School ( all ages, adults, too) they were given a name tag. 
The name tags had 4 different pictures on them (butterfly, catterpillar,
frog, tadpole).  I just printed these off of my computer.  After singing
well known Sunday School songs, I asked for 2 volunteers to act out my
story.  I got two high-schoolers, and they really made the story come to
life.  It was about a catterpillar becoming a butterfly along with lots of
scriptures verses, which I had different people look up. 2 Chorinthians
2:17 was the main point behind the story - putting awaying the old self
and getting a new life through Jesus. I got my story from
daniellesplace.com.  After that we split into 4 groups - separted from the
name tags.  I had 4 activites planned and we rotated.  #1 - Frog or
Butterfly magnet craft, I got from Oriental Trading, #2 -  A simple memory
game.  I took a scripture from the bible and printed each word on two
cards.  They had to find the two matching cards. I had several card tables
set up for this. #3.  We played pictionary, except with play-doh.  I had
written down spring items and the player had to make that object with the
playdoh, while others guessed what it was.  For example, cross, crown of
thorns, loaf of bread, tulip,etc.  #4 -  A bought some plastic frogs from
Oriental Trading and they "flew" them across the room and tried to land
them on lily pads ( which I made from paper plates).  Everyone had a good
time and all the activies were for people for all ages 2-75! Hope this
inspires someone.  Everything took about 45 minutes.

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4) Medical VBS

I'm not really sure if this is what you're looking for, but I know there's
a VBS called "Jesus to the Rescue" and I think it runs along the 9-1-1 theme
or something...


--from SSTN: you can find info on "Jesus to the Rescue" at:

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5) Son Country County Fair

Dear Sherri in Indiana
    We have the Director's Book, craft book, Video, CD and Tape for the
Son County Fair.  I'm trying to locate the skit and music book.  You can
contact me at pamd@berean.brcoxmail.com or at Berean Ministries in
Greenwell Springs, LA @

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--> Ascension Sunday Craft

Check out the "Jesus Ascending Craft" in the Easy Make & Take section at:

Find it in the Curriculum section at: 

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6) Son Harvest County Fair


Is "Son Harvest County Fair" the one that has the story of the Prodigal
Son and the Lost Sheep/Coins?  If yes, here are some ideas:

The auditorium was decorated like the outside of a barn.  Large sheets of
red paper were put on the wall to look like the outside of a barn.  Some
hay bales were set around the front of the barn.  The crafty people at
church, drew and colored different barn animals and put them around the
barn.  We also had someone dress up like a rabbit.  This rabbit kept
stealing carrots.  They would then hide these carrots around the church. 
There was a skit involved with this, but I don't have a copy of it. 
However, you could make up one.  Maybe a theme about hiding God's word in
your heart would work.

We decorated two classrooms.  One classroom was decorated to look like the
inside of a barn.  Some hay bales were brought in as decorations and we
had a basket full of apples.  We also made a fenced in area to look like
stalls.  The teachers for the prodigal son (and I don't remember what the
others stories were) taught in this room.

The other classroom was decorated to look like the inside of a house.  I
was in charge of decorating this room.  I covered the walls with brown
paper that you can get on a roll.  Then I decorated it to look like
paneling.  The windows were covered with burlap to look like curtains. 
(We put a chalkboard behind the curtain to make the room darker.)  A brown
oval rug was brought in.  On top of the rug we put a oblong table set at
the lowest level.  On the floor we put pillows for the kids to sit on.  I
then lit the room with camping lights and candles.  We also brought in
ceramic objects to help decorate the room (water jug, bowl, candle
holders, etc...)  When the students came in they were greeted by two
sisters.  One sister was sitting at the table counting coins (9 coins). 
The tenth coin was hid in the room.  The kids were given small brooms and
dustpans and asked to help hunt for the coin.  When it was found we talked
about the story.  For the story of the lost sheep, we made an album
showing sheep and a shepherd.  We had the kids sit in a circle while we
told the story.  The stories and activities were adapted according to the
age of the group currently in the room.  If you would like a copy of the
skit and activities we used, please e-mail me and I will send it to you.

Connie G.  (scioart@yahoo.com)

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7) Need Used material

I run a small Sunday School and we only started last
year so we have nothing at all in the way of materials
except the little bits that i have managed to buy, but
i am a student so on low income and not managed to buy
much stuff. Does anyone know of anywhere i can get
used material cheaper that new retail price? Please
let me know njcsansom@yahoo.co.uk

--from SSTN: many people are willing to send their used materials if the
person is willing to pay for shipping. However, shipping can sometimes
equal the cost of purchasing new curriculum if you buy wisely. For
example, the Hands-On Bible Lessons from the Curriculum Creatives section
is about one dollar per lesson. Most of the books cover 12-15 lessons and
you only need one book per class. And, if you ship in the USA, shipping
costs you nothing! Check it out at:

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8) Son Harvest Country

Please let Sherry in Indiana know that I have some Son Harvest Country
Fair materials I would be happy to share.  Please have her email me at
susan.p.brady@yale.edu.  Thanks!

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9) Prayers

Dear Sarah
I Hope things are going well for you.  If you could Please have everyone
Pray for my Pastor's sister Sherry.  She has just been
diagnosedwithLymphoma-they don't know which kind yet but, shehas it in her
lungs,liver,abdomen,legs, and lymph nodes.  Sheis married and has 3
children, the oldest is 10.
We are praying for you and now we need to pray for her. I spent time with
her last year at Women of Faith and shes a very sweet,positive person.
May God pour out Blessings an Healings on you both
In Christ,
Kelly Royer

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10) Beginning Rotation Sunday School

We switched to a Rotation Sunday School in Oct. and absolutely love it.
You've probably seen the reference to this before but do check out
www.rotation.org for great ideas for getting organized.
I would caution you though from just jumping in and using something as a
stop gap and calling it your rotation program.
We  got started unusually quickly (approved by Edlers in Aug. started the
first week of Oct.,  many churches take 6 months or more to get their
Rotation program going. You want to take the time to write your scope and
sequence (we planned 6 years), come up with themes, gather supplies and
generate excitement among your teachers and helpers. Maybe you have
already done this . .. hard to tell from you question.

If you haven't had the time to really get organized go ahead and do
something else - maybe using the curriculum ideas Sarah shared - but don't
call it by your new program name - WHY your might ask? If your current
program is totally not working then you do need to take action now, but if
you put something in its place without adequate planning there are sure to
be some bumps along the way, and you don't want those bumps associated
with the new rotation program. We had transition weeks and that's what we
called them. We showed videos and had some crafts - very simple, this way
there wasn't the expectation of the level of excellence that we would have
once we truely got started.
I truely want to encourage you to go forward with you Rotation Sunday
School - our program before was ok, but now we have kids who are sooo
excited to come to Sunday School, and our teachers and guides are learning
and being nudged by God as much or more than the kids!
Linda in Edmonds

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--> What can bugs teach us about Jesus?

More than you think! In "Buggie For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever", children
will learn important Bible truths using hands-on buggie crafts, games,
lessons, and yummy devotions. Great for mid-week or a refreshing change of
pace during the Sunday School hour! Learn more in the Curriculum Creatives
store at:

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11) Thank You Gifts

I once gave my helpers a pack of mixed nuts and on the computer made a
saying "I'm nuts about you" thanks for all the help. it was really well
recieved by eveyone


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12) Mission Outreach

Thank you so-o-o much for yours ideas.  I can't wait to use them.  Thank
you for your concerns. Lets continue to pray about this ministry and God's
will and that he gives me wisdom and boldness when I need it and humble me
as well.  We are praying for your children that weighs heavy on your
hearts right now. I have one too that weighs on my heart as well. 
Remember the prodigal son?  My favorite part of this story is that when
the son decided that he would go back home, the father must had been
looking for him (every day) because he saw him from a distance. He ran to
him.  Sometimes we cannot see God working in our lives, but he is still
working.  Just like Abraham, believe God.  The prayer I pray sometimes is
"Lord, you said that you would bless the fruit of my womb"; then I thank
Him.  No matter what it looks like. 

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13) Thank you gifts

A dear friend of mine gave me an idea for Christmas.  But I think this
will work in many situations.  Enough rocks or colored stones in a glass
to cover the bottom, maybe from the dollar store 2 for a $. Put a bulb
(Narcissus Plant). There are 8 in a pack.  Put 1 or 2 in the glass, fill
with water. They grow and bloom in the glass.  I got so many compliments
on that gift.  Note:  As you continue to GROW in Christ.  Another idea: 
Prayer Rocks: a rock wrapped in a piece of fabric, with a ribbon to hold
it together.  The scripture I use is I John 5:14,15 (attached to ribbon)
I really appreciate you ladies.  Thank you for including me.
Aylean from Mississippi

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14) Bell costume ideas?

Our Church is doing the "Down By The Creek Bank" program in a few weeks.
I'm in charge of making the bells.  Was just wondering if you had any
ideas or
sites I could get a pattern from.  Need them to be light weight - they
will be on the little ones.
Any information would be helpful. 
Thanks so much!!
J. M.

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15) Thank You Gifts

You could print out Bible bookmarks on cardstock, that goes with your VBS
theme. Punch a hole in the top and tie on some colorful string or ribbon.

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