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SSTN # 38 - March 19, 2003

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--> Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

1) Radio stations and missions
2) Incentive rewards
3) Super Saturdays turned free baby-sitting   
4) Prayer Ideas   

--> Armor of God Playing Cube

5) Prayer Ideas - Focusing on the Lord's Prayer
6) Easter Flowers   
7) Easter Flowers   
8) To Burnt out


9) Leaving church
10) Incentives   
11) Also Burned Out
12) Multi-aged ideas?

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Easter Story Cards

Ten Egg-shaped cards that tell the Easter Story - When the cards
are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg Scramble and
learn the Easter Story! Reproducible so your whole class can make a set!

In the Curriculum section: 

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1) Radio stations and missions

In regards to teaching about sharing the good news/radio stations/and
One of the best sources for help in teaching children about missions is
the U.S. Center for World Missions in Pasadena, California. &nbsp;If you type
this name in your search engine, it will take you to their website. &nbsp;There
is a children's library of sorts and you can leave a message for the
staff, letting them know what you want to teach on, and they will help
pull resources together for you. &nbsp;Their resources are fantastic! Wycliffe
puts out two books (one for preschoolers and one for elementary) that
contain a lot of terrific activities that help teach about missions.
&nbsp;There are a lot of ideas that include radio in them. &nbsp;You can get these
books from the U.S. Center for World Missions. If you are interested in
learning about/or featuring a specific ministry that uses radio to
broadcast the good news, I could specifically help you. &nbsp;My husband and I
are missionaries in Alaska. &nbsp;We serve with SEND International and have two
radio stations that are run by our mission to spread the good news of
Jesus Christ. &nbsp;My husband is one of the broadcasters for this ministry. If
we can be of any help to you, you can contact us through our website

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2) Incentive rewards

I use incentive rewards in this way:
A child receives one point for being in class (I teach 4-6th graders),
1 point for bringing their Bible and one point for each day of the week
they read their Bible at home. When they have attained 25 points, they go
to the "treasure chest", which has small inexpensive articles
Does it work? &nbsp;Most of the time. I had a girl who told me after she left
my class and went up to Jr. High, that she had claimed more days of
reading than she actually had, and asked me to forgive her. &nbsp;That girl is
now grown and does read her Bible every day and is a fine Christian young
woman. At the beginning of the church year, I had reason to believe a
little boy was exaggerating when he reported how many times he had read,
so I asked his mother. &nbsp;She was alarmed to think he had lied and from that
time, he has been careful to tell the truth.
A few months ago, I asked our pastor, who teaches the Jr. High class to
ask the kids who had been in my class if they were still reading their
Bibles every day. Nearly all of them were!
I found in the dollar store some pencils which have printed on them "I was
caught doing something good". &nbsp;It is a pleasure to use these often because
I have a great bunch of kids.
Helen Setser

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3) Super Saturdays turned free baby-sitting   

To the one who sent the plea for help about Super Saturdays:I experienced
a similar problem when I ran a christian pre-school in my home. I had one
mother that would go shopping, take a nap, etc. during preschool and come
an hour late to pick up her child. I spoke with her, then I changed my
policy. I sent a letter to the parents explaining that in the future if
any child was left at my home longer than fifteen minutes after preschool
without clearing it with me ahead of time, the parents would be charged
for babysitting. The problem was quickly resolved.  I wonder if your
pastor would agree to a policy of charging for babysitting if the parents
were more than fifteen minutes late in picking up their children? If no
one else in your church seems to think it is a problem, then maybe it
would be no problem for them to help with Super Saturday and stay to
babysit while you go home with your family. I don't mean to sound
spiteful, but sometimes people will take advantage of "church" people
until they are given a reason to stop; and sometimes what we think is no
problem when others have to deal with it quickly becomes a problem when we
have to deal with it ourselves. As I was writing this I prayed for you.
God bless, Denise

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4) Prayer Ideas   

>I will be teaching a unit on prayer, focusing on the Lord's Prayer, to
> >2nd and 3rd >graders.  Any favorite books, activities, etc. that you
> >would recommend?

I lead the 3-7yr olds in my church, and when I took on the position in
November 2002, I spent the first three weeks with them looking at prayer,
as I felt they didn't really understand the importance of regular prayer.
We looked at why we pray, (its purpose) how we pray (including a
simplified version of the Lord's Prayer I wrote) and where/when we pray.
We made prayer mats ( a large square of calico material which the children
could write "My Prayer Mat" on and decorate however they wished with
permanent fabric textas); prayer rocks ( a small rock wrapped in coloured
material like a christmas pudding with a piece of ribbon to tie it up, and
a "luggage tag" attached to it which was a laminated copy of the prayer
rock poem I found on Danielle's place); and a stained glass window picture
with praying hands on it and a copy of the Lord's Prayer I simplified for
them.  They all really got into it, and I am still hearing stories from
parents about the children's new bedtime routine with their prayer mat and
rock.  Almost all of them now will not go to sleep at night until they
have gone through their prayer routine.  It worked really well.
If you want anymore information, you can email me on
Hope this helps,

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Armor of God Playing Cube

Kids can make it and take it home. A great memory tool!
Only $3.00 to download and print out as many as you need!
Go to the following webpage to get the free lesson and to learn more: 


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5) Prayer Ideas - Focusing on the Lord's Prayer

I recently downloaded some free coloring sheets of the Lord's Prayer
at teachustopray.ws which can be made into coloring books and would
be excellent for this age group.  Each section of the prayer is broken
down into two sheets.  The first sheet has a picture with the actual words
(ex. Our Father)
and the second sheet discusses/explains these words in terms small
can understand.

There is also a 'prayer jar' idea on this site.
Hope this helps.
Sherry in Missouri

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6) Easter Flowers   

At the church I grew up in, we always delivered the Easter lilies that
remained after the service to shut-ins of the congregation.  If there were
many, we would take the extras to a local nursing home.  At the church we
now attend, we are responsible for bringing our own flowers.  Most bring
lilies, but there's been also daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and azaleas.
Perhaps a ordering different flower would help the minister's wife'

Denise in PA

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7) Easter Flowers

RE: SSTN # 31 - March 7, 2003   
Ask the congregation in lieu of flowers to give "new life" by making a
contribution to a program like Heifer Project.  It could all be
coordinated through the church so that a large contribution could be made.
Then look in your discount or grocery store for packages of Easter Cards
that have an Easter Lily on the front.  Or look through Easter Decoration
as discount and dollar stores for inexpensive Lily decorations.   Each
person who supports the project instead of buying a Lily gets a Lily card
or decoration acknowledging their gift displayed at the front of the
church where the lilies usually go.
SAlly in WIchita

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8) To Burnt out

--I know how you feel. Im 34 yrs old and
my church is going through some major changes.  Our
pianist left after many years as did some of her
family. I always hoped for some positive to come out
of this, and I really did think that at first that
some good things could happen!!!Ive always been active
in my church-started teaching sunday school at 16yrs
old, had the nursery for years and years and always
taught in VBS-last year I did the snacks and really
enjoyed it. I still teach Sunday school, but I amd
really having some major issues with my church. We
don't have a really big attendance for Sunday School,
although our Children's Church exceeds 40 kids during
worship service. Im truly glad that this ministry is
doing so well, but the teachers really don't even
mention how important Sunday school is-they don't even
bring their kids!!!!! One of the mother's has really
took it upon herself to "supervise" everything. I am a
really "hands on " person and usually if I am given a
job then I have everything planned out. I have been
"told" what I am going to do before I am even asked by
this person if I have the time to do it. THis year I
have decided not to help in VBS due to work conflicts
and deciding not to get into alot of what is going on
in my church as far as problems are going. Even after
this I was told that she had a list for me to do all
the shopping!!!!!! There are also people who do not
attend this church that she has volunteered to teach
classes. I have prayed on this problem that I have and
have hoped that the reason why all this is being done
by this one person is for the right reason, but I
cannot see how it is. I have gone to my church for
34yrs and not once has anyone ever volunteered to help
with me-I have several ADHD children in my class and
have desperately asked for help. I have also asked for
help in purchasing materials for my class, but to no
avail. I feel that in my heart I am being petty, but I
would love to see some good come out of what the Lord
has led me to do. I am even considering leaving my
church and going to one where no one knows what I can
do, but I know that it is wrong to not use my talents.
We are a small church, but money is not an issue. I
hate to beg, and I know that I should just wait on the
Lord because he knows what the end result will be.
Please pray for me that the Lord will guide me to
whatever he wants me to do.--Jeannine Gay

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When assembled, New Life Puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole
to a frog, or a caterpillar to a butterfly. They're easy-to-make and
children will learn about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free
puppet skit too! In our Curriculum section:


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9)  Leaving church

> My husband and I have left our church after many hours of prayer and
> meditation.  We had a baby girl in October of 2002 and felt that we
> somewhere to raise her in the Lord.  I was the preschool/early elementary

I feel for you and understand your need

Your story sounds very much like my own. the only difference is that I am
approximately 2 years ahead of you!.

I am a member of the Church of Scotland.  We live in a town called
in Scotland, UK.

Before our son was born we had no Elder.  Any church news was delivered to
my mum (even though I had moved out of home approximatley 10 years ago)
After our son was born there was a fight to see who would be our Elder. 
In total in the 4 years since having him we have had 6 Elders.

So in a lot of ways I see where you are coming from
However, unless you are part of the church environment you can change it.
God will give you strength to deal with these people and will make you and
your husband stronger.   You just have to trust him.

The woman who is making your life miserable, she really needs to sit down
and have a very good look at her life.   The jealousy will eat at her
(Satan is doing a great job by the sound of  it)

We have a song here in Britain - i don't know if you have it

Be Bold, Be Strong for the Lord your God is with you and the lines which
shout at the top of our voices!!!! -
I am not afraid (NO NO NO)
I am not dismayed (NOT ME)

Sadly you husband is right - there are people like that everywhere.  Satan
is working in the against us.   But always remember that God is on your
side and in your hearts and no matter what that will never change.  At the
end ofthe day you are stronger because of the Lord and satan will be
defeated over and over and over again.

God Bless you, your husband and your daughter.

If not for anything else show your daughter the love of the Lord
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband and duaghter.

God Bless

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10) Incentives   

Many years ago, I used an incentive for a specific period of time.  It was
a Candyland theme.  I took an old tree branch and stuck it in a coffee can
with plaster (concrete would also work).  I then hung  numerous candy bars
and gum on the tree - until it was laden.  Children would earn points
toward winning this tree during the quarter - in the same ways they
usually win points, bringing friends, Bibles, etc.

Also there was a second prize of a yard of candy - using a yard stick from
a home improvement store (often free), I taped the candy the full length
of it.

Of course candy was used freely throughout the special Sunday School
promotion.  There are many "Candyland" theme games, etc. that you can
imagine up - using the game board decor, etc.

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11) Also Burned Out

Dear, Also Burned Out
My church offers free tutoring to local children. I also have difficulty
finding enough people to volunteer one hour a week. However, I have a
small budget provided by the church. I use a lot of games and activities that
can copied and/or are homemade. We work with elementary children but you may
be able to adapt some of the ideas for your students.  We feel that if the
program is fun the children will keep coming. Some of our kids enter
church for the first time in their lives for tutoring. Many come back for Bible
School, Kids' Club and other children's activities. We've have two
families that recently joined out church that originally came for tutoring. What
better way to show God's love than to reach out to help others learn to
help themselves. E-mail me for tutoring ideas, marilynr@zoominternet.net


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12) Multi-aged ideas?

I am the Superintendant of our (very small) sunday school and I need HELP.
We have 2 separate parts of sunday school.  We spend 1/2 hour in classes
(by age) and the other 1/2 hour we spend as a group.  During group time we
sing, take offering and each week we're designated to do one special
thing.  1st Sunday-prepare a song to sing for church:  2nd Sunday-play a
game:  3rd Sunday-take a mission offering:  4th Sunday-celebrate all
birthday's for the month.  Well, the problem is the game week.  I would
love to have a game suitable for all ages but the problem is...we have 2
regulars in Pre-K/Kindergarten, 1 regular 3rd grader, 6 regular High
Schoolers and the rest are all adults.  It's so hard to find a game to fit
everyone.  I love to do Bible Jeopardy, but I notice that the 3 young kids
don't get involved.  And they're the ones that I want to reach the most!
To! keep them interested!  Also, we like to have movie nights at our
church for the whole congregation.  We have watched movies from Feature
Films for Families before, but if you have any ideas of good family films
suitable for all ages please let me know!  If anyone has any ideas, they
would be greatly appreciated!
God's Peace,

--from SSTN: Finding a game that is truly challenging for Pre-K to adult
is probably impossible. Maybe the best you can do is to present a game for
the younger children one week, and the older ones the next. Also, using
the older children/adults as team captains is an option. Check the
Archives for more info on "Multi-aged, mixed-aged, and multiple aged
classes":  http://christiancrafters.com/archives.html 
ysic, sarah <><

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