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SSTN # 39 - May 2, 2005

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--> ..."ONE" dollar per Bible lesson!

1) Thank you gifts
2) Lord's Prayer with Colors?
3) Should we celebrate Easter?
4) Son Harvest
5) Music Camp ideas?

--> Ascension Day Craft ... download it today!

6) Joseph lesson for 2 & 3 year olds?
7) Need Used materials
8) Losing My Fruits . . .
9) Game Youth Night
10) Autistic child

--> What can bugs teach us about Jesus?

11) What To Do?
12) Armor of God
13) Spiritual Armor
14) Reward System?
15) Used materials?

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--> "ONE" dollar per Bible lesson!

Our Hands-on lessons of the Bible cost about ONE dollar per lesson, and one book
is all you need for an entire class. Shipping costs you nothing if shipped
in the USA! International orders have a minimal flat fee.

Read more about the Hands-On programs in the Curriculum Creatives section
at:   http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html 

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1) Thank you gifts

We are a small church and our children's program is on a budget, so for
thank you gifts one year we made tablets with a clever saying, picture and
Bible verse wrapped with ribbon and pen.  You can purchase at office
supply stores the rubber type paint that holds the tablets together.  Very
easy and inexpensive.  If you would like more info e-mail me at ofc_kids
God Bless your VBS,
Sandy Gillett
Old Fort church

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2) Lord's Prayer with Colors?

One time, my child received a keychain with different colored beads
representing the lines in the Lord's Prayer (Ex.  Blue - Our Father which
art in heaven, White = Hallowed be thy name, Purple = Thy kingdom come thy
will be done)I can't remember the colors or the reasons each color
represented.  Can you help me??
Jill Duck

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3) Should we celebrate Easter?

> Beloved,
> Many thanks for your message that keep coming. What
> should be a christian attitude towards easter as
> celebrated in the world. I  feel a christian should
> not join in such a celebration. What do you say?
> Reply soonest
> Ade Ajetunmobi

--from SSTN: if you mean should we celebrate with worldly icons such as
bunnies, chicks and eggs? many Christians debate this point. But should we
celebrate our Lord's resurrection? Absolutely! It is one of the most, if
not THE most, important event in human history. Consider this, without the
resurrection we are still in our sins!
(See: 1 Corinthians 15:17)

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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4) Son Harvest

I may be able to help you out.  We used Son Harvest last year and I wrote
skits for the opening that worked with Henrietta since I had limited help.
Please contact me and I'll see if I can get you some pics of our props and
copies of material you need.

ysiC, Patty

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5) Music Camp ideas?

I am looking for a theme idea for a day long music camp for the youth at
our church, ages 5-12

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--> Ascension Day Craft ... download it today for this Thursday!

Check out the "Jesus Ascending Craft" in the Easy Make & Take downloads
section at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html 

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6) Joseph lesson for 2 & 3 year olds?

I would like to get some ideas for my toddler class. I'd like to have
games or activities to go w/ my Joseph lesson. Thanks & God Bless, Angela.

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7) Need Used materials

Hello I am the teacher of a one room Sunday school class for a very snall
church. The church has no budget for materials and I csan't keep trying to
do it all. I would really appreciate any help. God bless My e-mail is

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

8) Losing My Fruits . . .

Dear Karen:                                                          
    Have been deeply moved by your discouragement, and truly desire to
help.  Would be my joy to share some experiences and suggestions.  Am
concerned for your spiritual welfare.  But, it might be difficult to
satisfy need over SSTN.  Hopefully, you will be disposed to contact me at

Bob Cooper  (Age 86)

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9) Game Youth Night

I don't know if you're looking for specifically Bible themed games - but
here's some ideas that we've used before. (We've done quite a few game
nights in our church - it's a great way to keep the youth busy, build
unity in the church by spending time together, and just to have a good

a. Play regular games - you can use games that many can play such as
Cranium, Bible Outburst, Bible Scattergories, Bible Pictionary, etc. OR
you can use games such as Sorry, etc, and just have several going on at
once. OR you can have a tournament with cards such as Canasta. We did a
tournament with foosball and it was a big hit.

b. Relay games - split into two groups and have them relay various
activities (carrying a jellybean in a spoon, putting vaseline on their
nose and dipping it in a bowl of cotton balls and running back, stomping
on a balloon and performing the action that's written on a piece of paper
placed on a balloon, an obstacle course, etc.). You can find ideas in your
local library or the internet for these as well.

c. Team games - split into groups of two and have each person blindfolded
- one has to feed the other a banana (this one is good for giggles! It is
best for older children, however), an egg toss, two legged race, etc.

d. Bible themed games - have a Bible whiz in your church make a large list
of questions and split into teams to answer. You can also do Bible
pictionary with a whiteboard. "Sword Drills" are a favorite of ours - you
can split into teams and the leader reads out Scriptures. Whoever finds it
first gets a point. We also do it by having each team form a circle and
play music while they pass the Bible around. When the music stops, the two
who are holding the Bibles compete with each other to find the Scripture
verse. Whoever loses steps out and they continue with this until everyone
is out on one team. You can also have the teams perform impromptu Bible
skits for people to guess, or use charades.

e. Now that it's warmer, head to the local park or use church property if
you have the space to have a fun game of softball or volleyball - you
normally get lots of people who don't play well, but it's fun!

f. Have a carnival with various families in the church operating a booth -
don't forget the pie-in-the-face booth - teens themselves might be willing
to get pied or you can get a good natured leader to do it as well.

g. Don't forget lots of snacks! You can have a potluck of snacks, theme
nights such as Italian, or even an ice cream social night where a couple
bring big tubs of vanilla ice cream and everyone else brings a variety of

Hope these ideas help!!


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10) Autistic child

The article in your last news letter about the Autistic child was
interesting. We have an Autistic grandchild. He will be six next month.
They have been in Alaska almost four (4) years now. They will be coming
home May 3, 2005. We are looking forward to their coming home. I know God
will give us the strength to handle the changes that are coming to our
lives. The doctors say he is high functioning. He has learned so much
already. He can speak in sentences and knows alphabet by sight and colors
and some numbers. Please pray for us in these changes in our lives. It
will be fun and exciting to get to know Cody again. He lived with us the
first 1 1/2 years of his life. I know he is different now and it will be
good to learn all his ways again. He has a little brother now that is two
(2). He doesn't show any signs of autistism.

Again may God be with you in all your test and surgery if it should come
to that. Our love and prayers are with you.

Your friend in Christ

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--> What can bugs teach us about Jesus?

More than you think! In "Buggie For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever", children
will learn important Bible truths using hands-on buggie crafts, games,
lessons, and yummy devotions. Great for mid-week or a refreshing change of
pace during the Sunday School hour! Learn more in the Curriculum Creatives
store at:

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11) What To Do?

Good morning all,
I'm from South Africa and only recently started with my small class of 6
aged between 10-13years. They just want to play games and sing songs and
unfortunately my recourses are very limited or shall I rather say my
knowledge, if you have any advice or ideas it would be welcomed greatly.
Also Sarah I would like to let you know that God has healed me on more
than one occasion, I was on an operation table when the doctors sent me
out and said they couldn't find anything wrong and they just took X rays
the previous day to confirm my diagnosis. I pray that you also
experience his healing power.


--from SSTN: Thank you for your prayer of healing! Also, games are a great
way to reach this age group. Check out all the game ideas at:

Sarah Keith <><

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12) Armor of God
The Armor of God is a great thing to teach!  And it is perfect for
crafts.  You could consider making swords or shields out of cardboard and
letting the kids decorate, or making breastplates out of large paper
grocery sacks.
You might also make or purchase all the armor pieces and then dress a
volunteer (either a kid or an adult), and dress them as you talk about the
pieces of armor.  What a great way to keep the kids interest!
Best wishes!

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13) Spiritual Armor

There is an entire lesson series on Spiritual Armor at:


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14) Reward System?

I'm planning a fall carnival for our beginners church.  This year's theme
is going to be "fishing".  Each week I'll tell a story from the Bible that
has to do with fishing (Jonah, feeding the multitudes, the fish and the
coin, etc.) and then the kids will have either a craft or a carnival type
game to play, along with our regular church activities.
My question is, I'd like to do some sort of reward system.  Perhaps
something with tickets.  Where the kids can earn tickets each week and
"purchase" a prize.  I've already started collecting prizes, but I'm not
sure what kinds of things I can have the kids do to earn tickets.
I have already considered a memory verse - perhaps a few very easy ones
(just portions of a larger verse).  And if they can bring a friend along,
or for perfect attendance for the month.  We will also be having a fish
drawing contest one Sunday that will be judged by a "celebrity" judge from
our church (one of the deacons) and that will be a good place to give out
tickets.  Does anyone have any other ideas?  I want to have enough ideas
so that each child will be able to come away with something special at the
end of the month.
Thanks in advance with much prayer,
Elizabeth in Ohio

--from SSTN: check the archives too at:

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15) Used materials?

I am very interested in the children's church
materials that is available if there is enough to
share with others. If they have been distributed
already, I would love to have ideas. My age range is
6-12 years. 


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