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SSTN  # 3 - January 12, 2002

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1) Through the Bible in a Year?   
2) Unused curriculum
3) Gospel colors
4) Classroom Management in Sunday School?   
5) Unused curriculum
6) Creationism VBS
7) Puppet ministry?
8) Balloon Expedition?
9) Bible Olympics II ?
10) Christian music with text?
11) Christmas tree to Cross?
12) Fruit of the spirit ideas?   

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1) Through the Bible in a Year?   

I'm looking for something for children that gives how to's and incentives
for how to read through the Bible in a year.
Thanks, Nancy

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2)  Unused curriculum

> would love to ship it to the people who can use it.
>  Would you pass on> the addresses to me?
> Wendi Boling    ysic!

Wendi Boling my email is
kathy3241@yahoo  THANKS !

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3) Gospel colors

in reply to a query about how to use the gospel colors I had heard about
the Wordless book using colors to present the gospel. We helped the little
ones to make Gospel Snakes using segments in different colors- Black
segment-our sin is black and keeps us out of heaven Red-Jesus shed his
blood for us.White our sin have been made as white as snow. Yellow- the
promise of heaven and eternal life. and then Green- growth in Christ
through reading Gods word,prayer,worship, fellowship and witness.We then
filled them with barley so that the snakes could be warmed in the
microwave and taken to bed to keep them warm.The measured about +/- 30cm.
Enjoy making them the little ones loved them.

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4) Classroom Management in Sunday School?

Dear Sarah, I teach Sunday School for 3-4 year olds and my 4 year old
daughter is in my class (I have the only class for 3 to 4 year old
children).  There is one girl who just turned 4 this month who always
picks with my daughter who is 4 1/2 years old and they get into an arguing
match.  The same little girl also comes into class not wanting to
participate in the activities but seeks out some part of the room to get
into other stuff that belongs to the daycare class who occupies the room
during the week.  I have no trouble out of any other children in the
class.  How can I get the two girls to get along and have all of the
children participate?  I do not want to call the parents for a conference
and risk losing them as church members.  How do you
go about effective classroom management for Sunday School?

--from SSTN: if nothing has worked in the way of gentle correction, I
personally would be inclined to speak with her parents. If approached with
the child's best interest at heart, it  would be unusual for parents to
leave a church because the teacher had to correct their child. I don't
think this needs to be your motivation to not speaking with them.
Pray before you speak. I would also request their participation in the
class. ;O))
ysic, sarah <><

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5) Unused curriculum

My name is Cheryl Shaw and my address is 50 Shaw Road Riegelwood, N.C.
28456  I would really appreciate some of the information and would gladly
share in the expense of the shipping.

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6) Creationism VBS

We did something similar.  We were able to borrow (for a small fee) actual
dinosaur bones and casts, and educational materials from a the local
university museum.  Of course, many of the educational items were
evolutionary.  We just used the ones that didn't say "millions of years
ago", or anything about life evolving.  I told the museum
that we would be using the materials for education, and had to pay the
shipping costs back to the museum plus $20.  It was great!

Also, we explained the geologic column by showing how dirt, sand, and
aquarium gravel could be shook up in a jar of water, and would settle into
layers (do this early in the program as it takes a few hours for the
to settle).  During Noah's flood, the whole earth was shook up with water,
and the fossils were laid down in layers.  Evolutionists explain this as
millions of years of layers.  Creationists explain this as one huge
geologic catastophe laying down the layers in a matter of days.  The
bottom-dwelling shellfish, trilobites, etc. would stay on the bottom.
River and creek fish and frogs would get burried next, faster animals
would be able to outrun the flood for a while, and smarter animals would
be burried last.  Voila!  The geologic column!

Genesis 7:11 was very important.  "All the fountains of the great deep
burst forth."  This shows that "rain" was not the most important factor of
Noah's flood.  Geologic upheavel, volcanos, cracking of the earth's
resulting in plate techtonics and the continents moving apart could all be
presented as a possible outcome of this verse.  A wonderful learning
oportunity.  Find a friendly geology teacher for possible use of charts or
posters that would demonstrate this.  Or make overheads of pictures from
science books showing the plates on the earth's surface, volcanos,

We talked about micro-evolution (or variation within a species) and
macro-evolution.  Dogs change.  There are hundreds of breeds of dogs.  But
even a 3-year-old can tell you that they are all dogs.  There is a giant
leap of faith from believing that species can diversify (micro-evolution),
to believing that bananas and monkeys both evolved from a single-celled
organism (macro-evolution).  This type of evolution (macro-evolution) can
not be proven, violates what we know is true about genetics, and has never
been seen in nature.  If kids are taught that breeding a better rose does
not prove that we came from apes - then they can better defend their

Feel free to e-mail be burt@inetnebr.com with any questions, or for more

--from SSTN:  The Scripture that backs up the argument 'kind after its own
kind', may be found in Genesis 1:24. Also, check out the Christian
Education section of the BOOKSTORE for some great resources on
Creationism!   http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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7) Puppet ministry?

I am planning to start a puppet ministry. Any help out there?

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8) Balloon Expedition?

I have purchased an old VBS - Balloon Expedition (Gospel Light),
however, it does not have a craft book with it and I can not get it
anywhere here in South Africa - has anyone got a copy that I can borrow
or would be willing to sell it to me cheaply. Theresa
God bless
Theresa in sunny South Africa

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9) Bible Olympics II ?

Happy New Year!  Anyone have any ideas to share on Bible Olympics programs
they've run?  We had lots of fun w/ it last year and want to make it even
better this year!
Thank you
Karen D. Moulton
Director of Chirstian Education
Second Congregational Church

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers!

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin! 
Now kids can make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! 


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10) Christian music with text?

I have a Karaoke machine, that I plan on using as entertainment at our
church for the youth.  I need to know where to find christian music with

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11) Christmas tree to Cross?
Blessings for 2002! Our family teaches/participates in a family Sunday
School program, and my husband and I are teaching the first class of this
new year.  I was "surfing" the web, and came across this website (with
some wonderful ideas---thank you!).  I was curious if you know of a craft
in which smaller limbs from the Christmas tree are used to make
crosses---the idea being to "connect" the Christmas baby to Jesus of Good
Friday/Easter.  I once came across such a craft, but never xeroxed/tried
the idea.  Do you know of one?  Thank you.
Karen Smith

--from SSTN: the branches could be easily connected using thin florist
wire at the cross-section. The thought that accompanies it is:
"Jesus' birth was for his death...his death was for our birth!"
Bible verses: Matthew 1:21, John 3:16, 1 Timothy 1:15, John 3:3. 
ysic, sarah Keith <><

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12) Fruit of the spirit ideas?   

I, too, only use KJV.  We used the fruit in a character such as the apple
looking like a heart.  The pineapple is prickly on the outside.  The
tomato is tender.  The cherries will "squirt" you in the eye when not
looking.  Banana has a hidden rotten spot of bitterness.  You can use good
character and bad character with all the fruit and relate to the lessons
you think your kids need.

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