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SSTN # 3 - January 10, 2005

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Lessons For The New Year

1) Burn Out
2) Wise Man Costume
3) Star Crafts?
4) Protecting Our Beliefs
5) Tsunami victims
6) Bulletin boards for 05'

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7) Formula Can Craft?
8) Love One Another craft?
9) Christmas under attack

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Lessons For The New Year

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1) Burn Out

This message is to Holly about burn out. From what you said, you are
definately headed for a burn out. Not only is it not okay for everyone to
expect you to do it all, you absolutely cannot do it all. That was a big
problem for me, learning to say "No I cannot take on one more thing, one
more class, one more this, one more that" and learning that I did not have
to handle everything on my own was a big one too. There is an awesome book
that I would highly recommend that you take the time to read. It is called
Boundaries: When To Say Yes And When To Say No To Take Control Of Your
Life by Cloud/Townsend. It is really a great book to help understand that
even God Himself does not expect you to do everything without help. By not
attending adult worship services you are also unfortunately setting
yourself for eventual burn out. You have to have your cup overflowing with
healthy portions of Gods Word or you will simply wear yourself down, and
be of no use to anyone, including the kids you obviously love and care
about so much. Yes it is difficult to get people to help out  in
classrooms, but from what I have learned, it is not that people do not
want to help out, it is either that they 1) do not know there is a need
for help; or 2) are concerned about how it will go, what it will be like,
if they can be useful, etc. What you have to convince people is that there
is a place for EVERYONE within the ministry, and that no job (whether it
be checking kids in, taking kids to the bathroom, or teaching a class) is
any smaller or less important than any other job. We have a policy at our
church that if you have a child in the children's ministry, if you can
help out somewhere one day a month, it would be really appreciated. Some
parents are skeptical at first, but once they get into the classroom, the
same situation usually happens they either a) wonder why they did not
start volunteering sooner; or b) never want to come back again. If you are
seriously having trouble getting people to help, you might post sign up
sheets for helpers or volunteers. Holiday services, especially Christmas
Eve are treated as "First Serve" events at our church. A flyer goes out in
the bulletin asking everyone in the church who has never served in a
ministry before and would like to, to sign up for a ministry to try it
out. That way there are "seasoned" people who know the routines, within
each ministry, to help, answer questions, encourage, and pray with the
newcomers. Most people who volunteer for this "First Serve" opportunity
end up serving somewhere in the church sooner or later, once they find the
best fit for them. Lastly, does your church offer any type of small group
or adult Sunday School? If yes, then I would recommend that you join a
small group, or attend adult Sunday School. It is so important to have a
strong support system behind you, and to have the church family to fall
back on when you get in over your head.
You are in my prayers that God will reveal to you the right thing to do.
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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2) Wise Man Costume

Why not use muslin or an old sheet (darker color) and cut a hole for the
head and use rope for a belt and just have the men wear a "poncho" type of
shepherd's cloak.....

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3) Star Crafts?

I need help with lessons in the bible about stars and also crafts to go
with them ..
Ages of the children are 2 years old..Thanks.

--from SSTN: Use a Bible concordance to find "star" or "stars" listed in
the Bible. Also, type "star" or "stars" into the search box at:

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4) Protecting Our Beliefs

Sarah, Thank you for your positive words re. Christmas. We, as Christians,
do need to protect our God given liberty to express our religious beliefs.
And even though the word "Christmas" is not in the Bible, there are many
holidays which are mentioned that are a memorial and a celebration of what
God had done for His people. The birth of our Savior is certainly
something that should be celebrated and honored! Of course not only at
Christmas, but isn't it a joy to have that time as a special remembrance
of the fact that He did leave the splendor of heaven and came as a babe,
laid in a manger, for us! I certainly enjoy every bit of our family and
church celebrations and would without receiving any gifts! After all as a
popular song states, "He had the birthday, We got the  Gift"!     

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5) Tsunami victims

Also the 700 club's operation blessing is helping the tsunami victims.
Linda in Woodbine

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6) Bulletin boards for 05'

For 2005 I need ideas for bulletin boards at our church.
I have some links posted at: 
And scroll down to Bulletin Boards.

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Premium Club Membership

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7) Formula Can Craft?

I have saved alot of my baby daughters formula cans "just in case" I could
use them for some sort of craft.  Does anyone have any ideas?  All I can
think of is decorated banks.  The cans are the 12.9 oz. size.  I'd
appreciate any ideas for any age.
Love in Christ,
Michelle, NC

--from SSTN: the "God Cans" craft might apply or the "Hearts Pencil
Holder" under Valentines Day items. Check them out in the crafts section


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8) Love One Another craft?

I am in search of a craft to do with children with the theme being love
one another. Thank you. Brenda

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9) Christmas under attack

To Sarah----
Praise the Lord for folks like you who speak up!  The
problem is not the non-Christians who try to take
Christ out of Christmas, but rather those who like to
CLAIM the name of CHRISTIAN, have the privileges, and
neglect the responsibilities, and can't find the
courage to say anything about this worldly attack on
Christmas!!!!!  I think your idea of the 2005 boycot
is great.  The outcry will probably come from those
that I just referenced saying it's "not kind---too
separatist," etc.  I'll be so glad when the Lord
returns and gets HIS proper glory!!!
Thanks for your ideas and willingness to stand up for
the Lord in this Laodecian church age!!!!!
Gayle - Amarillo, Tx.

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