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SSTN  # 40 - April 22, 2002

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1) Creative Ideas for 12 - 14
-> VBS - Buggie For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever!
2) Creative Ideas for 12 - 14
3) Animal Songs?
4) Last Supper Snack
5) Jesus To The Rescue ideas   
-> Invite your friends!
6) God's Child of the Month?
7) Explaining Death To Children
8) Mother's Day Craft?
9)  Family Conference    
10) Youth Camp Out?
11) Road to Follow
12) Youth Director Help?

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1) Creative Ideas for 12 - 14

>Help ! I need creative ideas for that all important age group 12 -14
>(grades 7 and 8 ).Most craft ideas are too simple and they get bored very

Our middle schoolers love to play Newspaper Baseball.  The make all the
needed equipment from newspaper and play 3 or 4 innings.  The lesson I use
from that is making do with what we have and even have done a lesson on

Some kids are more crafty than others so having them work on a giant
project together, like painting murals on giant pieces of cardboard, or making a
pinanta for a party with the younger children.  Team building crafts work
well for this age group.

Finally, I love to do more intricate crafts with this age group.  Mosiac
tiles, small beading projects, building wood crafts.  This age can use
more tools such as hammers and hot glue guns. 

In HIS service,
Beth Calizo
Norwalk, Ca.

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Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

26 reproducible buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions
to coordinate with your summertime VBS programs.

In the Curriculum section: 

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2) Creative Ideas for 12 - 14

> Help ! I need creative ideas for that all important age group 12-14

Our teens, both girls and boys, tend to enjoy making beaded animals.
Kits are available in many stores.  Additional patterns are available
online and in books at craft stores.

Our pastor's wife also enjoyed making embossed greeting cards, and
some of the youth really enjoyed that.

I have a difficult time with any crafts for this age that is finished
quickly, so we had a craft night for our children.  They had a choice
of making a birdhouse or simple needlepoint on canvas.

Laurens, SC

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3) Animal Songs?   

Hi all, first of all I really need to say thank you to Sarah for putting
together & managing such a great site! I never miss a posting & I usually
always find something I can use.  OK, our VBS theme is "Christ's Critters"
& I am in charge of the music program.  I need songs to go along with the
lion (w/ Daniel), the dove (descending on Jesus & at the ark), the donkey
(that Jesus rode in on & the talking one), the demonic swine, the fat &
skinny cows (Joseph).  Basically any story with an animal in it.  I need
to find these on cassette tapes if possible.
Heidi/ Longview, TX

--from SSTN: for those responding...please tell me the ISBN too so I can
attempt to place the songs in the Bookstore Music section. Thanks! Sarah <><

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4) Last Supper Snack

I teach a class for preschoolers and we used French bread and apple juice.
We had a mini Lord's Supper for the class.  It was great and the kids
loved it.

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5) Jesus To The Rescue ideas   

To Julie who is seeking ideas for VBS please e-mail me at:
Our church did this theme last year and I think I can offer some

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Invite your friends! "Get em' in the LOOP!" 

L-eading kids to Christ,
O-ffering advice
O-pen discussion forum
P-roviding free resources

Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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6) God's Child of the Month?

>>Also, I recognize a Sunday School Child as "God's Child of the Month".
I have a form >>they fill out and I read about this child  during the

can you tell us more about this?  It sounds very interesting and like
something I would like to do with my class.
H&P, Sherry

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7) Explaining Death To Children   

A great book to help explain death is "The Fall of Freddie the Leaf", by
Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.  It is very well done!

--from SSTN: I would be interested to know if this is from a Christian
perspective? thanks, sarah <><

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8) Mother's Day Craft?

Dear Sarah:
I have never posted a message before so I hope that I am doing it right.

I am in charge of Sunday School in a very small church.  We have one
preschooler, one grade 2 student, 3 grade 6 students and one in Grade 10!
I would love to do something with them for Mother's Day.  Maybe a craft, a
skit, and a small snack we could make for the moms in the parish?  Any
ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.  Lenore C. <><

--from SSTN: Hi Lenore. You posted just fine. Check out the crafts page
for new craft ideas:

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9) Family Conference

I am responding to the lady the person who is going to have a "Family
Conference". She is wanting workshops for the children and speakers.  It
sounds like she is asking for speakers for the children!  

I do teacher training workshops across the country.  Also teach puppet
making classes. Contact me if you are interested. I fly free -- so this
helps cut down on your costs.

Teresa Bohannon (Tbohannon1@aol.com)
La Marque, TX

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10) Youth Camp Out?

We are having a youth camp out. We are a small church that is growing
rapidly. Our camp out will involve children from 4 to 15 years old. We
need some activities, recipes, and any other ideas. Thank you,
Christi Lawson

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11) Road to Follow

There is a book called "The Talking Eggs" by Robert D. San Souci.  It's a
type of Cinderella story but the book clearly illustrates right and wrong
Little ones understand that everything that looks extraordinarily good is
not necessarily good for you and that the plain and simple things in life
may be what's best.
This is a fairy tale, however, and care would need to be taken to ensure
that children learned the spiritual morality of the story by including
scripture such as Matthew 6:33 or Proverbs 21:6  Plastic Easter eggs could
later be stuffed with pictures or
situations and the children would have to decide if the eggs are the "Take
me's" or the "Don't take me's".

--from SSTN: it's in the Bookstore. Just type the title into the search

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12) Youth Director Help?

Hi.  I am a Sunday School teacher for a church that averages about 180
parishoners a week.  We are responding to much prayer time offered to our
congregation in which they were asked to pray about where our church was
headed and what needs were seen that need to be filled.  We had a large
response for mission locally, financial endowments for future needs, and I
was happy to see so many different views that had to do with our youth.
We would like to look at the possibility of creating a position for a
youth coordinator or director and I would like any input from people with
experience in this.  Does anyone out there hold this position?  Did anyone
help create this position and put it in place?  What are the duties,
successes, and unsuccessful parts of this that would be helpful to know.
Our youth is our future and we want to hold them in our arms and never let
them go!  Thank you so much for offering this forum to bring this up in
and to gain great insight through!

Beth, NY

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