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SSTN # 40 - May 4, 2005

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--> ..."ONE" dollar per Bible lesson!

1) Used VBS?
2) No Cost VBS Materials
3) The New Jerusalem?
4) Armor of God
5) Bug Safari Sing & Play

--> Super Heroes of the Bible...A Super Value!

6) Adult Bible School Ideas?
7) Prayer Journal?
8) Son Harvest County Fair
9) Discipline, unruly children & Bible bucks
10) Prayer journals

* Pentecost Rusher *

11) Puppets and Discipline
12) Mission Trip To Romania
13) Child Sent Out
14) SS Materials
15) Needing Prayer

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--> "ONE" dollar per Bible lesson!

Hands-on lessons of the Bible cost about ONE dollar per lesson, and one book is
all you need for an entire class. Shipping costs you nothing if shipped in
the USA! International orders have a minimal fee.

Read more about the Hands-On programs in the Curriculum Creatives section
at:   http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html 

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1) Used VBS?

I am so blessed with the things I learn from your
website.  We are a small church here in Manila
Philippines and we serve a community in a depressed,
relocation in one of the suburbs in Manila.  Called
Sitio Kaila and Silihan in Angono and Antipolo in the
Province of Rizal.
This summer we would like to embark on a Vacation
Bible School for our children.  But funds do not
permit this to happen.  We will be more than happy to
have used, but useable VBS materials from books, work
books, curriculum etc.
I know that the Lord will touch your hearts to
response to this need to reach out teh children of our
The Lord said let the little children come to me.  We
want to follow this call and with your help we will be
able to do this.
God bless you always in the ministry you have.
May God bless continually the work of your hands.

We remain in CHrist,

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2) No Cost VBS Materials / VBS Supplies

In the Lessons & Sermons section at
you can find no cost VBS and Backyard Bible Club lessons.

COMING Within Two Weeks: "The Good Shepherd"
A Five Day VBS - or - Five Week Series.

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3) The New Jerusalem?

I am looking for devotions and skits related to the topic: The New
Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2) Also looking for Jail or Courtroom Scene, like
Judgement. can you help?
Your Sister in Christ,

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4) Armor of God

This message is for Amanda concerning Armor of God material. I wrote a
lesson plan as part of my weekly lesson plan newsletter on this topic.
Here are some ideas from it:

Sandals Of Peace -
            Trace around the child’s shoes onto fun foam, cut out the two
shoe shapes. Then you punch holes in them using a hole punch, and you can
lace yarn, string, or other rope through to make the sandal, if you punch
two holes even a little ways back from the toe, and one hole in the center
towards the toe, and lace both holes up to the front hole it makes a
perfect sandal. Also if you use lanyard lacing (for beading projects) to
do the lacing it will give it durability. You can use the self stick foam
letters to spell out Peace on the bottom of the sandals; this also gives
them some "grip" when you walk. Or you can write the word peace on the
sandals with a permanent marker.

Belt Of Truth -
            Cut black poster board or construction paper into strips,
and tape multiple strips end to end for larger waists. Poster board or
card stock works really well for durability. Then take yellow construction
paper and cut out a rectangle type shape that will become like a buckle,
write the word Truth on the buckle. You can make them fancier by adding
Velcro closures so they can be put on and removed easily, or you can cut
slits going in opposite directions on the two ends so that the slits
simply slide into each other to hold the belt in place.

This is just part of one section of the lesson plan...this particular part
focuses on making each piece of the Armor of God to enforce the concept
among young children. I would be more than happy to send you or anyone
else interested in the full lesson plan, the lesson plan from my archives.
E-mail: batraylover_23@earthlink.net and put "Armor of God" in the subject
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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5) Bug Safari Sing & Play?

I am looking for the Bug Safari Sing & Play manual or someone who can
remember all the motions to the songs.  I have everything else except this
manual.  Please email me at tericout@yahoo.com.  Thanks.

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--> Super Heroes of the Bible...A Super Value!

"Super Heroes of the Bible" is a two-semester series
in the lives of children and to change our world through Jesus Christ.

To learn more, go to this page:
(you may need to copy and paste this address to your browser)

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6) Adult Bible School Ideas?

We are a small church in a medium-sized city in North Carolina.  For the
past three years, I have directed a 3-day Bible School for our adult
members (ages 30-80).  Attendance has averaged around 30 students.  Our
schedule included 15 minutes of opening/announcements, 15 minutes of music
time, 45 minutes of Bible lesson, 30 minutes for crafts, and 15 minutes
refreshments.  I'm looking for new ideas regarding schedule, curriculum,
and activities other than crafts.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

--from SSTN: a great series of courses to choose from are the,
"Lifeguide Bible Studies". You can find them listed in our Bookstore by
typing the title into our search engine at:

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7) Prayer Journal?

I'd like to do a 3-4 week continuing lesson on prayer with the children I
teach in Children's Church, 4 yrs old through 6th grade and have them set
up a prayer journal to write in.  I was wondering if those who've done
this before could share their ideas.                

I had a month of studies on prayer.  The prayer journal had a verse on the
top for that day then the request of the day, who it was from and then
when it was answered.  There were 30 pages in the journal and each child
decorated their own book and were responcible to bring it with them and to
share if they had answers to their prayers.  The first week we studied the
Lord' prayer,  Then what we can ask for and how, (you have not because you
ask not), that was the lesson on the lady asking the judge.  Then we
studied Daniel praying.  Then we studied that prayer is like making PACTS
with the Lord.  Praise the Lord, Adoration of the Lord for who He is not
for what He can do, Confession of our sins, Thanksgiving for the answers
to prayers asked before and Supplication is asking of the requests.
PACTS.  I gave them a calendar of the month and had them put drawn stars
on it to say they had remembered to pray that day.   I had all the grades
K-8 and the little ones were just as eger as the older ones.   We had some
great and visible answers to prayer then and they still remember the
PACTS.  Have fun with the verses.  The journal was half of a 8 x 11 sheet
covered with a folded piece of consrtruction paper.  The other crafts were
a loin from a paper plate  a prayer wheel from a paper plate and
construction paper and brad in the middle of who to pray for that day,
praying hands made in the shape of a card to give to someone they were
praying for and of course the journal.  The song was why worry when you
can pray?    Hope this helps.             Gloria Jacobsen  First Baptist
of Avra Valley  Arizona 

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8) Son Harvest County Fair

For our Son Harvest County Fair VBS we had kids bring pennies in to vote
for which leader they wanted to "Kiss a Donkey" (donated  the money to
our children's home) and had a local farmer bring over a donkey on the
last night. The one with the most pennies in his jar had to kiss the
donkey. The kids loved it.

Outside the church by the main sign we placed a big round hay bale fitted
with a sign telling the VBS dates and times and had a scarecrow leaning
against it.

Sherry, (in Indiana) please contact me regarding leftover materials for
Son Harvest County Fair. It was a great VBS for us.

Kellie in Arkansas

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9) Discipline, unruly children & Bible bucks
I have been using Bible bucks for over a year now and it really works!
my kids ages are 3-8yr olds....so the younger children get bucks for
sitting still during lesson time or participation for the ones who are shy
and the older ones get bucks for memory verses learned and once I was
teaching the books of the bible and they would get one for each book they
could say in order......that sparked competition! The other way the kids
can earn bucks is if they hear during the service, anything I spoke about
in class, they can come up to me at the end of service and tell me what
they heard(I'm pretty tough on the older ones making them
tell me the sripture or as best they can remember what Pastor said
exactly, the younger ones usually don't have too hard of a time either)
What's funny is Pastor didn't know about this and yet for weeks his
sermon were practically the same as my sunday school lessons! I had to
make more bucks to keep up!
I went to the dollar stores around here and bought tons of stuff (intially
cost me $40)each month I try to add $10 worth of things to the "store"
McDonald's has these great coupon books, around the holidays, for $1 and
they have 12 coupons in them each one is 1 Bible buck I open the store one
sunday a month....keeping in mind holidays for the kids to buy gifts for
their family members.
at one point the kids had so many bucks out that I didn't think I would be
able to get enough things to sell them, even though I price things
according to kid's desire(a kewl car that makes noise will be 5 bible
 even though it cost me $1 and a fake flower for mom is 1 bible buck) I
have prices from 1-35 bible bucks. when they got more bucks then I did I
told them lets work together as a team and earn 250 bible bucks and then
can have a pizza party! we decorated a box and everyone placed their bucks
inside....it took them 4mths to earn enough
but they did it as a team!
at one point I would give them the bible bucks at begining of class and if
they acted out they lost a bible buck did that once or twice and the
acting out stopped

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10) Prayer journals

I have made kids' prayer journal pages that could be photocopied.  The
kids in grades K-2 got pages that they could draw their prayer, which a
space for someone to help write it (if they wanted someone to) and then
made pages for the big kids to write on.
I only had young the kids draw a smiley when God answers - the older kids
had more details on their page.
Lauren Surprenant
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--> * Pentecost Rusher *

Children will be reminded of the rushing wind and tongues of fire when the
Holy Spirit descended on believers at Pentecost! Your kids will have fun
making, playing and listening to the Pentecost Rusher. An Easy Make & Take
Project for Pentecost Sunday.

Find it in the Curriculum section at: 

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11) Puppets and Discipline

Reading this latest, and seeing the discussion on discipline problems,
reminded me that in the 1970's I lived in Scotland and met a lovely
American girl who had trained as a school teacher.    She had this
life-size puppet, a sort of doll which she could relate to, i.e. talk to
in front of children and stuff like that ! She said that she used it for
rewards in this way: as soon as class started, she would notice a child
paying attention, so the child was allowed to have this huge puppet sit
beside them !!     That did it for all her teaching experiences !    The
children were told that the next person she saw that was "on task" and so
on, got the puppet beside them.    I think she moved it in 5 minutes
sequences or something like that !!     I know you could re-word this to
put in as a suggestion, so that the American readers could follow it
better - I'm sure someone would know how to
make one if they aren't readily available in your stores !

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12) Mission Trip To Romania

> I am looking for lesson plans and crafts for a VBS in
> Romania. I need simple, easy crafts, that can be

Hullo Norma

I don't know if you would be able to overcome the language business in my
game ideas - lol !! -but please see my homepage -
for some Bible Game Ideas, some which might be helpful to include in your
craft-making, or as a separate idea for the Romanian children.    All the
game ideas are fr-ee and can be made for nothing using cereal (or other
grocery packet) cardboard.     If you would like more ideas, I can send as
documents to your e-mail game ideas on DANIEL and MIRACLES IN MARK
-charge.     I like to make up game ideas for children upon request,
always based on a Bible verse or Bible Story.     Please contact me on
heather.mackie@paradise.net.nz for further discussion, if you wish.    
Thanks to Sarah for this opportunity and everything you do !


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13) Child Sent Out

Wow - this makes me so sad to hear.  I do not understand how any volunteer
can turn away a child because he/she cries occasionally. 
Please get some church leadership involved with your nursery situation. 
There is no child in the world that can be in a nursery and not cry at
some time.  These leaders must know ways to care and comfort children -
not remove those with sniffles! 
Please seek out whomever is in leadership and let them know - this is an
unnatural demand and will alienate all parents with children in their

Lauren from Hope Chapel

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14) SS Materials

I do not have any materials to share (wish I did) but I have 2 links where
you can order materials through the group and they will send a CD with all
their materials on the to you.

www.calvarychapel.org/children/  Calvary chapel has a agreement with the
FireFighters for Chirst to send a CD of their sunday school materials to
you.  You can call them at:

FireFighters For Christ
30151 Banderas Ave. Suite B
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

FireFighters For Christ
#4 Santa Maria
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

I have many more sites that offer Sunday School materials for anyone that
wants the.

Jackie Schlageter

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15) Needing prayer

I now come to you and the other teachers with a humble request of my own. 
I belong to a very small church...so small that our pastor not only does
the pastoring...he also has a full time paying job because we cannot
afford to pay him a salary.  Last September...he became ill and had to
quit his job so his wife had to take on more hours to pay bills.  Our
church helped with what we could...but it was hard. At the beginning of
the year...things were going very well..now however..the pastor has become
even more sick with blot clots in his lungs...and has had to step down for
the pulpit for the time being until he is fully recovered.  Please pray
for our pastor and his family.

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