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March 28, 2000
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* Suggestions For Sunday School class?
* Easter Craft?
* Ocean Oddessy?
* Tic-tac-toe
* Easy-To-Memorize Ten Commandments!!
* Science Lab VBS curriculum?

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Suggestions For Sunday School class?

I am looking for suggestions for the 1st half hour of our Sunday School class.
Church school is scheduled to meet from 10:00 to 11:30. When our worship
service begins at 10:30, I bring the children in to the service for
approximately 15 mins. One of our ministers gives a children's message and
then we leave to go back to class. The problem being - even though class
starts at 10:00, children come in at different times because parents don't
feel it necessary to come before worship begins. What can I prepare that is
fun, so they will ask their parents to bring them on time, but also children
can easily join in at any time if they are late without having to explain too
much over and over again? Any help would be appreciated.
Holly, Bridgeport, CT
Grades 1 - 6

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Easter Craft?

Hello, I have spent 45 minutes on the internet looking for a meaningful Easter Craft to do with my Sunday School class. Could you please give me some ideas? Thank you Emily

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Ocean Oddessy?

I am one of the VBS craft teachers for 1st Baptist church in Branford, Florida. Our theme this year is ocean oddessy. I am looking for inexpensive crafts dealing with an ocean theme. If you have any please e-mail me. We are expecting 150 to 200 children this year. Praise the Lord. God bless you , Judy .

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God truly blessed this morning. I had 16 girls and 10 boys ( I separated them); I had them count off and my assistant picked a number randomly; (example #10) girl and boy came to the center of the tic-tac-toe board (which I made out of masking tape on the floor); I had review questions from the lesson in a bag; I let #10 girl pull a question, if she could answer correctly she was given a sucker and a choice of any spot on the tic-tac-toe board; if she couldn't the other girls were asked to help (if they knew the answer #10 girl got a spot on the board, but no treat -- if they couldn't answer, #10 girl returned to her original seat and #10 boy was given an opportunity to answer). If #10 girl could answer original question, #10 boy selected a new question. This continued until the girls or boys made tic-tac-toe. The entire winning team got a sucker. Prior to playing the game I did a very, very brief review. Examples of questions: What is sin; what book of the bible did our memory verse come from; What did Bartimaus want from Jesus? What did Jesus change to wine?

The children really enjoyed playing and it kept them interested. They also display teamwork and showed me that they listen more than I thought. They showed an interest in wanting to play it again.

Hope this helps and thanks for the other information you forwarded.

God Bless,

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Easy-To-Memorize Ten Commandments!!

>Anyone know any memory tips to help teens remember the ten commandments?

Dear TTaylor,
I am sending you an easy way to learn the 10 Commandments
(my 5 year old daughter learned it in church)!

#1. GOD FIRST - Thou shalt have no other gods before me. (one finger
pointing to heaven ,he is #1)

#2. NO IDOLS - Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images (two
fingers turned sideways to look like scissors cutting out an idol)

#3.NO CUSSING - Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
Three fingers, looks like "W" and stands for "Watch your words", or "words".

#4.WORSHIP GOD- Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. (Four fingers for
4 people in 4-door car with 4 wheels all going to church)

#5.OBEY PARENTS- Honor thy father and thy mother. ( five fingers- one hand
salute to show honor to parents.

#6. DON"T MURDER thou shalt not kill (one finger pointing like gun at other
five fingers)
#7.NO ADULTERY thou shalt not commit adultery ( Two fingers, looks like "V",
stand for Virgin pure & apart from the world (other 5 fingers)

#8.DON'T STEAL Thou shalt not steal - (in old times, thieves had fingers cut
off. A 3-fingered thief was a two-time loser)

#9.DON'T LIE- Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor(Nine
fingers up, all saying one thing; one thumb down, saying something

#10. DON'T COVET Thou shalt not covet- (All 10 fingers up reaching to grab
something you covet)

On the sheets that my daughter learned from, it has a picture with each
commandment. Good Luck!

Linda Liles, from Ga.

(From ChristianCrafters.Com-
That was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!)

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Science Lab VBS curriculum?

Has anyone a contact, by web or phone, for something like a Discovery
Science Lab VBS curriculum? I'd seen mention of it on another site; they
were looking for used white lab coats for the teachers to wear. From
what I understand, the kids do science experiments, etc.

And/Or any other wonderful Vacation Bible School curriculum info would
be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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