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SSTN  # 41 - April 24, 2002

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1) Curriculum for Grade 7+   
-> VBS-Buggie For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever!
2) Teaching about Samson?
3) Discipline - desperately seeking help
4) Disruptive children
5) Teaching the books of the Bible?
6) Discipline Problems
7) Discipline Problems
8) 12 Disciples crafts?
9) Desperately seeking help   
10) Class Discipline
11) Desperately seeking help   
12) Article?

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1) Curriculum for Grade 7+   

We have been using Pulse curriculum very successfully with our preteens
(Grade 6) and would be great for Jr. High too. Very easy to prepare and
teach and also a variety of activity to keep kids motivated to learn.

--from SSTN: you can find "Pulse Prayer: God's Word for a JR. High World"
in the Bookstore by typing the title into the Bookstore search box:

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VBS-Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

26 reproducible buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions
to coordinate with your summertime VBS programs.

In the Curriculum section: 

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2) Teaching about Samson?

Can you send me information on how to teach about Samson? That is my
lesson for this Sunday (14 April) and I would appreciate any help you could
possibly give me.

Thanks in advance.
Tyra Phillips, Editor

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3) Discipline - desperately seeking help

> I help teach my church's sunday school.  There are
>usually between 8-12 students between the ages of two and 8.  I am not
>sure if you could help me or not but its worth a try.  The problem is,
>there are three children who always act out of control...Erin

Hello Erin, for over 31 years I have been dealing with discipline problem
children, also. You  have tried the separate teachers, separation from the
rest of the group by one on one. Next, you might try just asking the
parents of the children to  "pop back" and observe their child, with out
the child knowing of their presence. The
parents will see how their child  is acting, and  then you can begin a
dialogue with the parent about the child's behavior.
Only three times in 31 years have I had to tell a child they could not
return unless their parent came with them, for supervision. And all three
times it was a last resort. You have 8-12 kids who WANT to be there and
learn about  Jesus. You are not meeting their needs if you spend the
entire time trying to do damage control.You cannot sacrifice the whole
class for the one, simply because they will not listen.
Blessings,  MaryM

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4) Disruptive children

Response to: SSTN#35 April 9,2002

I have found in 9 years of children's ministry that guidelines must be
established and reviewed occasionally as new children enter children's
church.  What works for us is the "3 strikes you're out" policy.

Establish rules such as:
1. No talking
2. No bothering others
3. No interrupting, etc.

Then let the children know that they will be given three chances
(strikes).  If they are called down the third time they will immediately
be escorted to their parent, guardian, or if they are dropped off for
church they will be assigned an adult to be taken to in "big" church.

Be sure and write this policy down and give to the parents as a handout so
that they will be aware of the policy.

In 9 years I have only had to have one child removed, and the parent's
were even grateful that we would not allow their child to disrupt our

On a second note: we also occasionally hand out a small piece of candy or
prize to reward the group for good behavior.

Charlie Dalton
Lovell Heights COG, Knoxville, TN

P.S. I greatly appreciate your newsletter and find that I use it often for

--from SSTN: thank you for saying so, Charlie. Please continue to pray for
me to have wisdom and the resources to continue. YSIC, Sarah Keith <><

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Get three great VBS resources at one reduced price!

In the Curriculum section: 

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5) Teaching the Books of the Bible?

hello, my name is Sandra Herren. I teach children sunday school, and I was
wondering if you had a easy and simple way to teach them the books of the

--from SSTN: check out the Games page...and the Archives List for past
ideas:   http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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6) Discipline Problems

When signing their children up for our Religious Ed Program, the parents
are given a booklet that outlines our program guidelines and rules of
conduct. It is clearly stated that any child who is an habitual disruption
will have to leave the class.  They get something like three warnings; and
each time the parents are informed of the inappropriate behavior.  I think
we have only had one child so far who has had to leave permanently, but we
have one or two who have to be monitored constantly for their behavior.
It's tiring and frustrating for a teacher to have to deal with unruly
behavior; and for this reason our director has created these strict
guidelines.  We don't like to exclude anybody, but if the prescence of one
child is causing so much turmoil, we have no choice.  We are very up front
about this issue so it doesn't come as a surprise to the child or the
parents.  Hope this helps.
Heidi/NY  <(((><

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7)  Discipline Problems

Erin: Have the parents sit in the class with them. That is the best
solution. The parents will not like being taken out of their class, and
will quickly adjust the children's behavior. It isn't fair to the staff or
students to have the class disturbed weekly. Are you willing to possibly
sacrifice the student for a while till the parent can gain control of the
situation? I feel it's the teachers job to produce the best possible
learning environment, and if it is not so, then the teacher must find the
best solution for the class, and sometimes it isn't favorable.

Bless Your Spirit!  
Rev. Matt Yarbrough, Jr.

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8) 12 Disciples crafts?

I am looking for ideas from craft to ways you have taught the 12 disciples
for all ages 2-18years. Please help we plan on studying each disciple and
need ideas....Thanks Sharon

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9) Desperately seeking help   

Many years ago we had a disruptive boy in our junior church.  We tried
everything.  We finally found an adult male who was willing to come down
to junior church and give special attention to this boy.  He was acting
out for attention, and this gave him the attention he wanted.  It also
helped having a man in the room, the kids seemed to all act different.
This boy did not have parents active in the church, and any attempt to
talk to the father about the behavior would have stopped any attendance at
church.  It wasn't 100% effective, but it made a big difference.


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10) Class discipline   

Hi, I just found a great site that can help with Lesson Prep and Teacher
training etc.  Its loaded with info.  I found two documents pertaining to
class discipline there, I didn't have time to read them though, I hope
they can be helpful.  They are located at
click on Seminars and you'll find one for Discipline In The Classroom  and
another titled Discipline problems? Organization that helps. You will need
Adobe reader but there is also an audio version available.  There is also
lots of other topics there.  Hope this helpful, let us know if it is. God
Bless you, YIC, Dania

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11) Desperately seeking help   

Erin (assistant sunday school teacher), In teaching through the years, I
have found that using a treasure box, as a reward, helps to get children
to behave.  We tell our kids if they don't behave they won't be able to
get into the treasure box.  Almost every time they straighten up.  If they
don't then the next week they know you mean what you say and usually
behave.  Another thing I have done is tell them we will get their mom or
dad.  I have never had to go get a parent. I think that if you know the
parents well, most would want to know when their children are misbehaving.
I guess it is a good idea that you try to get to know the parents if you
don't already.
Hope this helps,
Chris  (Sunday School Teacher)  

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12) Article?

I am looking for an article "Why do you keep teaching children in Sunday
school".  Does anyone have that?  I was told it was in the Shining Star
Magazine, Issue 47, Copyright 1997.  dieball@tds.net

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