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<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< Volume 1 - Number 42 <>< <>< <>< <>< <><
March 29, 2000
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* Memory tips for the ten commandments
* Inexpensive spring craft and activity
* Praise songs
* Easter Craft
* Ocean Theme
* The Body Book

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> Anyone know any memory tips to help teens remember the ten commandments?

As a grown-up, I needed a memory tip myself! Some time ago, I picked up
a cassette on clearance at a Christian book store (Focus on the
Family--Family Travel Kit Music) with kids' praise songs. One song, "The
Perfect Ten," goes through the ten commandments in a fun way. The
version on the tape would be too kid-ish to be cool for teens, but sung
with a guitar it would sound cool enough. (If you can't find it or don't
like that version, make up a song--or let your teens make one up. Music
is a powerful memory-helper.)

Dana, St. Clair Shores, MI
(4-12 year olds)

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Inexpensive spring craft and activity:

Here is an inexpensive craft and activity you can do for spring or summer. I got this poem from "The Totline Newsletter Book" and changed the words a bit to make it appropriate for church. You can spend one class working on making the flowers, and another class teaching the poem. My SS class will be performing this on a pretty, spring, Sunday morning for the congregation.

First, let the children make paperplate flowers, use the plate as the center and let them add large, colorful construction paper petals and large green stems and leaves. Then teach them the following poem. Have the children hold their flower and sit on their knees in a hunched over position, like a closed bud. As you read the poem, the children with the appropriate color flower will slowly stand, as if blossoming.

We are all such pretty flowers
Growing in God's garden bed
When the rain comes down,
Up come the flowers of red.
(Red flowers stand up)

We are flowers that have grown,
In the warmth of the sun.
Jesus tends us gently,
Up come the yellow ones.
(Yellow flowers stand up)

We are flowers in the springtime,
We wear our petals bright.
Up come the orange flowers,
They are quite a pretty sight!
(Orange flowers stand up)

We are blossoms all in bloom,
Here are some in shades of blue.
(Blue flowers stand)

And some of us are wearing pink
That glistens in the morning dew.
(pink flowers stand up)

We are flowers in the garden
We are God's pride and joy
But if you look more closely,
You'll see little girls and boys!
(lower flowers and smile!!)

Shirley, N. --Georgia, 5-9 year olds

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Praise songs:

Just today my granddaughter and I were listening to the radio when "I will Cherish You: by 98 Degrees came on and we realized that if you change "baby" to Jesus it is a great praise song! Just think of the movie Sister Act and you can convert a lot of top 10 songs to praise songs.
Sharon, Fulton, MI
Peace, Joy and Laughter

(From ChristianCrafters.Com-There are wonderful contemporary songs written by Christian artists in every genre of music, ie. pop, rock, soul, classical, country, and even rap! Your local Christian Book/Music store can help you find just what you're looking for! --- Does anyone know of a good Christian Music Internet site?)

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Ocean Theme

> I am looking for inexpensive crafts dealing with an ocean theme.

A fun ocean craft I did once was take two paper plates. Cut the inner
circle out of one (leaving the rim) and have the children color the other
plate inside (the part where you would put your food:0) with blue CRAYON.
They can also draw green seaweed with CRAYON, too. (scribbles are great!)
Then have them paint with blue water color over that. Then have them (or
helpers before hand) cut different color fish out of fun foam. They can
glue them right on the "water". Use that BLUE saran wrap and tape it
under the plate with the cut out hole. (this should look like glossy
ocean water!) Then staple the two paper plates together!! If you want,
the children could go outside and pick up some little grass and some sand
from the road and add that to their "aquarium". Punch a hole at the top
and add some string and there you have your miniature OCEAN!!!!! ENJOY!
------- AbbaGail Hills, Eden Prairie, MN

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> looking for a meaningful Easter Craft to do with my Sunday School class.

This is something fun and is a beautiful remembrance of the resurrection:
Give each child a sheet of cardstock. (could be white or lt.blue) Then
give them each a circle of white paper. Have them color this brown. Have
each child put it in the middle of his paper and help him push a paper
fastener through an edge. (this is the stone that was rolled away and
once the paper fastener is in it the child can move it up and down to
reveal an EMPTY tomb!) Once that is on have them use black or gray and
where the stone is covering color underneath it to make it look dark and
empty. Have the children draw flower STEMS with green crayon all around
the tomb. Then give them each a handful of SMALL pre-cut artificial
flowers and have them glue them ontop each stem. The flowers represent
the new life that Jesus was alive and that we can have by faith in Him.
It looks so cute when finished. If you want you could even have them pick
some real grass and use that for the flower "stems"!!!! Write a Bible
reference at the top and the child's name. ENJOY!

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"The Body Book"

I love the idea Shirley, N. Georgia has given about using "The Body Book"
reproducible pages to teach Bible concepts while also teaching children
anatomy. I plan to get the book. There is a web site called Children's
Bible Ministry that has several Bible lessons relating to the eyes,
digestion, tongue, skin, and hair that would be helpful when planning a
lesson around these themes.

Mr. Steve also has lessons relating to animals and nature that can be
expanded upon to make a complete Sunday School lesson. The children will be
learning important bible concepts while learning about God's wonderful

Carolyn Warvel
Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities

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