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SSTN  # 42 - April 26, 2002

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1) Crayon Lesson?   
2) Why have Children's Church?   
-> W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers
3) Desperately seeking help
4) Desperately seeking help / Discipline   
5) Need more help?
6) Faith Mountain Help?
-> FaithShapes! ® Card Game
7) Desperately seeking help
8) Youth Sundays   
9) Easter crosses for next year?
10) French Christian Websites   
11) Fourth of July Float?   
12) Discipline Suggestions

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1) Crayon Lesson?

I am looking for a lesson, in which I can use a small box of crayons,
when you take them out it leave a hole.  Any help would be appreciated.

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2) Why have Children's Church?   

I am interested in the rational behind pulling the children out of the
regular worship of the church into a so called childrens church. I feel
that it is very important for the children to be part of regular worship.
We are a community of believers and we learn from each other. We don't
have many opportunities to worship as a whole family  of God. Children
especially need to see the adults, especially their parents worshiping.
The activities that I am reading about concerning children's church seens
to be better for a youth meeting time. I kow it is hard for some to have
the children in worship( most of the time it concerns their behavior), but
the children must be taught how to worship and what  the different element
of worship mean. Parenting doesn't stop at 11 o'clock.  Please share any
pluses for pulling the children out. THANKS, MAW

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel Colors), the
Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God. Follow this
link to learn more:


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3) Desperately seeking help

Maybe your church should consider offering the growing kids gods way
program.  It is excellent, and really focuses on building a strong future
for the church.  It explains, using His Word, how to (among others things)
correct a child's behaviour permanently, not just make them mind when
adults are around.  Kids are smart, give them reasons and they will
respond.  I think the board is missing a real opportunity by worrying
about "what the parents will think"  Maybe the parents are at their wits
end too, and need God's help to rein in their kids!  As brothers and
sisters in Christ, if we are not being honest with one another, then how
can we spread His word to those in the world?  Just some thoughts, in Him,
Kristine Bell

--from SSTN: Check the Bookstore search box...there are two titles left.
Type in "Growing kids God's Way":


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4) Desperately seeking help / Discipline   

> The problem is, there are three children who always act out of control.
> My question is, do you have any advice on how to calm them down?

I teach Children's Church and teach usually from 10 to 14 children from
ages 3 to 11 years old.  The way we do it is the kids stay in Church until
the song service is over, since I sing in the Choir.  When I come out of
the choir, they are all watching and get up quietly and go to the room
where we meet.  This way I don't have them for a really long time and they
don't have time to get bored.  We either have the older ones do a puppet
show, with one or two songs, or we all sing all of the children's songs
that we know.  Then we have our lesson and work in our books.  The younger
ones work in their little paper that they have.  When that is done, we
color christian color sheets until class is over.  They stay really busy!
For the most part it works out really well.


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5) Need more help?

Greetings in the name of our soon coming King.Thanks for your letter.
I am the Superintendent of my Sunday School Department. I am doing this
for the first time ,I am getting some help but there is still room for
improvement. Any help I would love to get.

Your sister in Christ.

--from SSTN: Hi Angela: Welcome aboard SSTN. If you have any specific
areas of need, I know there are 1000's of teachers on the network willing
to help. ;o)) We're now over 6500 members strong!
PTL. - ysic, sarah keith <><

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6) Faith Mountain Help?

Our small church is having a Vacation Bible School this summer, for the
first time in many many years.  We are planning a one-day Bible School,
which several of the churches in our area have gone to.  Our theme is
"Faith Mountain".  I believe I read in earlier issues, where other readers
are also using this, but I can not locate those issues through the
archives.  I am interested in hearing some ideas, as far as decorations,
crafts, etc.  The crafts offered by Standard are very expensive.  I have
purchased their craft book, which does have really good ideas.  Also, if
any readers are familiar with the one-day VBS, I would like information on
that (i.e. scheduling, opinions as to one-day versus week, etc.) .  We are
very excited that we are having VBS again, but also a little anxious, so
please keep us in your prayers.  Any ideas, comments, suggestions or
whatever would be greatly appreciate! d. Kathy -Mississippi

--from SSTN:
for those sharing ideas...make sure they're your own and not copyrighted
material. Also, if you're interested, you can find a lot of Faith Mountain
resources in our Bookstore. Just type "Faith Mountain" into the search


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7)  Desperately seeking help

If I had 3 children that were disrupting the class and there was the
resource of another person.  I would teach only the 3 that are not
behaving. I would let them and the parents know that this is a special
class for disruptive students and that once they show they can consistanly
behave they may be alowed back into the regular class. Children do not
like to be put in these type of classrooms they are SCREAMMING for
attention so give them some one on three for a while, or the whole season.
I had some boy that way last year and I let my aid teach my class I had
the curricum all planned she just followed it.  One boy close uncle had
just died and that is why he was acting out.  The other boy saw him
getting away with it and push it along with him.  Lasted about 4 week then
they went back to regular class. It is very trying buy kicking them out of
religin classes is not sending a message of good faith to the boys do you

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8) Youth Sundays   

We have two Youth Sundays...one is where the High Schoolers participate,
the other is where all the children is Sunday Church School [age 3 though
Fifth Grade] participate. Every child was able to do something. In fact
the only people participating in the service not  a child was the organist
and the pastor and the choir. The children designed the bulletin, handed
out bulletins, greeted, made a banner, supplied the flowers for the altar
and piano, provided the cookies for coffee hour (with parental help!)
collected the offering, took the offering to the altar, shared music as a
group and two individually, participated as lectors and eucharistic
assistants, acolyted, baked bread for communion, and prepared the altar
for the meal.When the pastor complimented them all afterwards and asked if
any one would like to do the sermon the next year, several volunteered. It
was wonderful and graciously received. This followed a unit on worship
which lasted several weeks.

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9) Easter crosses for next year?

Each year we make a different kind of cross, usually using masonite. One
year the children made colored sand crosses, another year covered their
cross with colored tissue squares using modgepodge. Other years : puzzle
pieces (garage sales are good sources),  tissue paper scrunched onto the
end of a pencil then dipped into glue, colored egg shell pieces from the
previous Easter, and another pictures cut from magazines. I am thinking
now what to use next year, would appreciate any ideas.

--from SSTN: what about nails, OR mirrors, OR broken tile?
Nails to remind us of the nails in our Savior's hands and feet. Mirrors to
see the one who Jesus died for. Or, broken tile to remind us that Jesus
was broken for us. ysic, sarah <><

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10) French Christian Websites   

I have not found a great deal in French, there doesn't seem to be the
wealth of info that there is in English (or perhaps I wasn't looking in
the right place!) but I hope the following may give a bit of help:










Hope you find something to help, God bless what you are doing for those
Claire Bernatas (SW France)

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11) Fourth of July Float?

New Hope Lutheran here in Las Vegas has asked me to build a float for the
Fourth of July Parade here in Summerlin.  We want to represent our Sunday
School Program.  The children will be involved.  I don't know where to
start, any ideas.
God Bless You and you work
Jennine Minervini
Las Vegas

--from SSTN: definitely check the Archives List. Type "Float" into the
search box:

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12) Discipline Suggestions

I hear your stress but also your love for the children in your question.
While there is no one time fix to this situation, I do have some
additional suggestions to try.

#1 As a class group, with the teacher leading, come up with some simple
class rules.  You will find, if you ask the children what the rules of
the classroom should be, they will come up with things like, don't talk
when the teacher is talking, don't run, be kind, etc.  By it coming from
them, it helps everyone better respect the rules.  For each infraction of
a rule, come up with disciplinary actions -- 1st offense, remind; 2nd
offense, redirect (time out); 3rd offense, remove (call the parent).  Get
it in writing, share it with the parents,-- then, when you have to have
the parent pick up the child during the middle of class, there will be no

#2 Give the acting out children responsibilities.  You didn't share the
age, but I have 3 and 4 year olds that I teach.  I find by giving the
child who is disinterested or distracted a task, they get involved
better.  "Nathan, could you help pass out crayons; Johnny, would you show
Matthew where to put the puzzles". 

#3  Lavish praise on the children who are doing what is right.  "Sandy, I
am so happy to see you sharing."  "Adam, I am so proud of how you walk
while inside."

#4  Do a home visit of the children in question.  Visit the child, the
parents may be (and you want them) present, but you are coming to see the
child.  Let him/her show you his room, his favorite toy, what he likes to
do at home.  Let him teach you his language.  Also, spend some time
lavishing praise about him to his parents.  "Paul has such a vibrant zest
for life.  I love having Paul come to my class, because he has such a
great smile.  Paul has a great imagination."  Find three positive things
and share them, in his presence.

#5  One time trying to separate ages won't instantly solve the behavior
problems -- the age blending may not be the cause of the problem, but, I
believe, is a factor .  You need to consistently have different classes.
Your age range of 2 to 8 is extreme.  I know it is difficult to have
teachers and helpers for the ages.  I would move your 2's back to nursery
if necessary, have your 3-5 year olds together and your 6-8's.  Again,
while you didn't say the age of the children who are acting out, by
breaking down the groups, you can have activities and class structure to
fit their abilities and natural tendancies.  I find two year olds
naturally like to climb up on anything.  To have to run after them, you
take away the attention of the 6's who really want to have time with you.
So, how does a child get attention, by doing what they aren't supposed
to do.

I hope these suggestions help.  Karyn Henley has teacher folders at
Standard Publishing regarding Classroom Discipline for about $2.00.  You
may want to check that out.  Also, find books about child development in
the library which have breakdowns of age characteristics. -- This will
help when you are trying to explain to the nursery workers why the 2's
should be back with them.  I did have a child escape during the class
pick up one Sunday.  Her parents made her sit with them the following
Sunday in church.  Then, they told her she could go back to her class
(where we played, colored, sang and she had friends) the following week,
but if she didn't wait to be picked up and left the classroom again, she
would have to go with them to church every Sunday -- worked like a charm.

OOPS! I forgot the most important thing -- pray for these children.
Misbehavior is normally a symptom of other things -- some minor but some
major.  Feelings of lonliness, anger, feeling unloved or unloveable,
being neglected emotionally -- all could be causes of misbehavior.  Ask
God to show you what is best for each one of the children.  My prayer
accompanies this letter.


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