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SSTN # 43 - April 2, 2003

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--> Armor of God Playing Cube

1) Blank CD Ideas
2) Memorization Techniques   
3) Super Sleuth Saturday
4) Confused...
5) Who will teach the Children-song?

--> Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

6) Fruits of the spirit Easter basket?   
7) Dino Saga    
8) Easter Crafts for 3-4 year-olds   
9) Reaching Our Youth
10) Easter Basket Poem


11) Resurrection box cross game
12) Dinosaur saga
13) Science and the Bible
14) Rotation Method
15) Confused from conflict

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Armor of God Playing Cube

Kids can make it and take it home. A great memory tool!
Only $3.00 to download and print out as many as you need!
Go to the following webpage to get the free lesson and to learn more: 


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1) Blank CD Ideas

For the story of Jonah and the Great Big Fish we used Cd's rom's I
collected from the local post office, the ones that come in the mail for
free internet, that people throw into the recycle bin.  I also asked
everyone in the church and every family member I new to collect them
when they came in the mail.  The following sites are where I got the

For directions go to: Go to  http://craftsforkids.about.com/
in search box type in cd rom  - then pick cd rom fish craft - there
are also pictures send in by children who made them to view
for fin pattern go to (this lady like craft and came up with a printable
pattern-thank you!):  Go to www.dltk-kids.com/animals/mcdfish.html

How we did it.
Only thing I did different is I purchased Fish paper from a craft
supplier came in a pkg of 40 -8 1/2 x 11 sheets for $5.49 cdn - they
come colourfully designed with fish scales.  I had the kids glue two
pieces of fish paper together before cutting out  fin patterns, this way
pattern showed on both sides.  I printed off the fin patterns and copied
onto light cardboard for patterns for the kids to trace around.

Each child needs two cd-roms, a length of fish line to hang it with,
fish paper, two wiggly eyes, fin patterns.  You cut out four different
fins and a lip, all but one fin is then glued on dull side of one CD,
fin will be sticking out, add Fish line, glue pieces down well with a
hot glue gun, then glue a second CD-ROM to first make sure you glue dull
sides together.  Now you have a fish with shiny sides, take the
long-wider fin which you fan fold then place through center of cd's
unfanning for 3-D effect.  Glue an eye on each side and volia you have
the fish that swallowed Jonah to hang in windows or from ceilings.  We
made extra and they're hanging in our classrooms.  They were a big hit
with kids and parents, alike.  My appreciation goes to the crafty people
at the above sites for sharing this great idea throught their family
craft sites - all we did was find a bible story it was suitable for.
Would work well with Fishers of Men don't you think!

You could also write your memory verse with permanent marker around the
edge (best do this before assembling).


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2) Memorization Techniques

I work with 4-9 year olds for JR Church. I thought that I would share one
more twist to scripture memorization that many others have suggested.

I sometimes use a magnetic backed "paper" (made for use with computer
printers) and a metal cookie sheet to present memorization game that
have described. (They used an erasable board or flannel graph). The
paper is no thicker than paper stock used for greeting cards and it's
magnetic surface is the entire back of the paper - a little lighter weight
than business cards that are made to be refrigerator magnets.

I type out the scriptures on the computer (there as so many neat type
to choose from). I type them big, bold and colorful, utilizing the whole
8.5" x 11" sheet of magnetic paper for one verse. This "paper" is easily
cut with scissors. I have cut mine as rectangles or as puzzle pieces.
Either way I choose to design the magnets for the memorization game, on
the back of each word in the verse, I write a number coinciding with the
order of the word placement. I use a gel pen (or paint-type marker) -
since the back of the magnetic paper is dark.

Using the numbering system, helps most non-readers recognize the word
placement. Those that are beginner readers feel so helpful when they can
help a non-reader place their word. This system also helps to identify
mulitple use of words in the verse such as, "and", "or" ,"to", "thee",
"thou", etc. The magnetic memory verse is constructed on a large metal
cookie sheet.

Before class begins, I place the magnetic words on the bottom of the metal
folding chairs that our JR Church kids will be sitting on during class.

After I have presented the story and have introduced the memory verse, I
have the children check under their chairs for their scripture word game
piece. To construct the verse I call for the pieces in numerical order and
have the children bring their piece up to the front of the class and
it the large cookie sheet . The kids love being in front of the class :o)
and seeing that their help is necessary to make the verse complete. It
helps to rid the class of some wiggle bugs :o).

After the verse is constructed we go over it several times - and remove
(or) replace the magnetic words until we have mastered the verse.

Another way to use the cookie sheet is to pass it around to the class
they are in their seats. If their number is not the consecutive number
needed - they pass the cookie sheet to the person next to them - stopping
only if the correct number (consecutive word) to be added. The sheet may
around the room several times - a good time stretcher. OR - if there is
less time - have the person with word #1 pass the cookie sheet immediately
to the child with word # 2 ---- until the verse is completed.

This system works well for children that are unfamiliar with the Bible.
children understand the numbering system and then relate it to the word
that it represents. Once the memory verse is completed they pay close
attention to "their" word as I add or remove words from the completed
verse. I say, "Who's word was this?"(saying the number on the back of the
word). Using this method as interchange words from the verse, seems to
keep even the youngest paying attention during the game.

Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler
Trafalgar, IN

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3) Super Sleuth Saturday

> I am having a "Super Sleuth Saturday"  in April.  Any ideas that relate
> to a detective/spy theme?  I plan doing finger printing, including
> "lifting" prints off an object.  I plan on making a "code breaker" using
> a pencil.  I would also like to have a "case" that they have to solve,  a
> "clue" hunt - perhaps try to figure out what Bible character I am talking
> about; I'm thinking of Daniel, because I'd like to highlight the fact
> that he wasn't a "secret agent", he boldly lived a Godly life in an
> ungodly Culture.  Any ideas on games, food, crafts, etc. would be greatly

In reply to this Super Sleuth Saturday -- wow, what a great idea.
What comes to mind right now is also maybe you could use Joshua  & Caleb
and also David's friends who spied for him Vs Saul when he was hiding from
the wrath of Saul. What about Miriam who spied for her baby brother Moses.

The Clue hunt game could have a huge bunch of grapes....of course that
would lead to JOSHUA  The reeds and the  basket leads to MIRIAM  &
MOSES...the Water Jug leads to KING DAVID, etc. And maybe, finally you
could tie up all the clues chronologically. Sorry, i haven't thought this
through, just ideas off the top of my head.

You could have a SPY vs SPY game (like the Mad comics) -- the same as COPS
and Robbers where the Good Bible guys are the COPS who catch the Bad Spys
like Haman (from Queen Esther) or the guys in king darius' kingdom.

Could you convert the board-game CLUEDO using characters from the bible
were killed...
John the Baptist with the sword
Judas with the Rope
Goliath with the Stone
(can't think of anymore now!)

Even when serving the Food, the kids can be blind-folded and you can have
Guess the taste competition.

Have a memory game: have clues from the bible depicted and placed on a
(you could have the ten commandments, a lion, a whale, a coloured coat,
star of bethlehem, the rainbow, sling and stone, the vine and the
the cross, the bread and wine, the keys to heaven, etc) and then the
who had the most number of items remembered wins. Also, you could question
them as to who the items represented (they could be told in advance to
write down the items they remembered and next to it mention who they stood

Hope this helps,
Love, frances Rebello
Mumbai, India

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4) Confused...

It is much easier to move on and start over, than stay where you are
called and be part of the solution.There are no prefect churches. I
suggest that you first fast, pray and seek. Then go to your Pastor with a
spirit of meekness and and communicate. I also suggest that you bring him
ideas and options to correct the problem. After all Pastors aren't prefect
and they can benefit from strength in the congregation. I have watched my
Pastor grow incredibly in the past few years, that has been though prayer
and communication, because even though he is called of God he is still
just a person. And I have found that he doesn't know everything,
especially in the social arena,but what he has done is surround himself
with with people that can help. We have started a cafe that serves lunch
after every Sunday service. There is a small charge for the food, we have
found that it has given us a greater opportunity to have fellowship with
each other and also allows us to invite visitors. I am praying for you,
your family and Pastor.

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5) Who will teach the Children-song?

Hi!  I am looking for the song, "Who will teach the Children!"  I found
while searching the Web that this song was mentioned on the #22 issue of
Christian Crafters newletter dated, March 8, 2002.  On a post by Teresa
from La Marque, Texas. Do you know which tape this song is found on?  Do
you have it available to purchase on your website?

Thank you for any information you know of!  And Thank you for your prompt
attention to my request!

My Prayers,
VBS Director/Children's Ministry Director/Church Secretary
The church of Christ at Greenpoint
Brooklyn, New York

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Easter Story Cards

Ten Egg-shaped cards that tell the Easter Story - When the cards
are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg Scramble and
learn the Easter Story! Reproducible so your whole class can make a set!

In the Curriculum section: 

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6) Fruits of the spirit Easter basket?   

I was looking in the archives for fruits of the spirit crafts and came
across someone looking for fruits of the spirit easter basket directions
but I couldn't find where anyone has answered that request. I would like
to try to make some if anyone knows how.

Amy in TX

--from SSTN: there was a recent posting about colors that represent the
fruits of the spirit. (Find it in the Archives) This description could be
included with colored jelly beans such as the Jelly Bean Witness in the
Crafts-Yummy devotion section of the website: 

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7) Dino Saga    

I have an answer for Xandra, who disputed Maurice Sweetsur's pointing to
the only Person who was there when the dinosaurs were created:

She asked what kind of a scientist he is--he is one who has had his
spiritual eyes opened by the Spirit of God.

She says, so to speak, revelation is an ongoing process that does not
start or end with the Bible.  Until HER spiritual eyes are opened, she
will believe that lie.  How sad!  I sure hope she is not teaching

I do not want to start an argument here, but either God means what He says
or He doesn't.  I believe He does.

Helen Setser

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8) Easter Crafts for 3-4 year-olds   

These are basic Easter crafts for your Sunday School class; my preschool
class had fun doing these last year.  I do not recall exactly where the
ideas came from, so if they are a repeat of what has already been posted,
I apologize.

Easter Cross:
Cut a cross about 9" X 12" out of thick corrugated cardboard, one for each
student.  On one side of the cross, glue black construction paper (the
same cross shape), and on the other side, white paper (cross shape).
You've now got a nice thick cross, black on one side, white on the other.
I did this much before class.  On the black side of the cross, have the
students tape on three nails.  On the white side of the cross, glue or
tape on a silk Easter lily flower.  The black side will represent Jesus'
dying on the cross for our sins, and the white side represents his

Trace each student's handprint on black construction paper and cut out.
Glue the black hand-print, fingers down, on a piece of colored
construction paper.  Use cotton balls to cover the hand, leaving just the
tips of the fingers and thumb showing - the fingers are the lamb's feet,
the thumb is the head.  The fluffy white cotton balls are the body.   This
can be used with other lessons, also, with an appropriate Bible verse.


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9) Reaching Our Youth   

While our church does have both a middle school and high school ministry,
we have a Friday night service that takes place at 7 p.m. that has turned
into a youth service of sorts. While people of all ages attend the
service, the high school and middle school ministries both lead the
service in worship time (the music and singing), this is done with both
middle and high school students who do everything from the vocals to the
guitar and keyboard playing. In addition during the Friday night service,
the message is the same as the Sunday Service, and yet the fresh music
played by young people seems to draw more young people. The service which
lasts a little over an hour has become a real family service. Our church
has accomplished this by not offering Sunday School beyond the pre-k
class, with all of the kids being in one room in a casual, playful
environment as opposed to Sunday's when we have Sunday School classes that
range from newborn to high school. The lack of childcare during these
Friday night services truly encourages people to bring their children of
all ages to church with them. Our church also has a cafe, where families
can meet up before church and have dinner together in  a casual large
dining room with round tables. The Friday night service incorporates young
people as much as possible with the video filming, tape recording, sound
people, and skits all done by young people in both the high school and
junior high ministries. Our regular teaching pastor gives the sermon, and
our normal ushers collect the offering. This idea could be adapted for
sure, if you wanted to completely involve young people, you could have
them be in charge of setup, lights, testing equipment, offering, the front
desk, etc.
Hope this helps

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10) Easter Basket Poem

>Re:  There are 7 different parts to the lesson .....
>- Easter grass- representing the hay in the manger for baby Jesus
>- Silver or gold chocolate covered coins for the betrayal of Jesus by

I too, after searching the Internet found this idea for Easter Baskets,
and then with some help from a wonderful lady on one of the online forums,
came up with a poem for these items, and we are planning on having our
High School age youth recite this poem explaining the items in the

(When reading the poem - drag out that 'chocolate' word as if it were
three words)

Little Lord Jesus, - first bed was of hay,
some green Easter grass we’re using today.

A bag of gold coins - betrayal of Christ,
Judas betrayed; paid for that tryst.

Cho - co- late Rooster shows Peter debased;
three-time-denial, he looked in Christ’s face

Basket is woven together like thorn
to symbolize crown that Jesus had worn.

A hollow egg shell for tomb that is bare;
Yes! Jesus arose - He lives! - but NOT there!

Marshmallow bunnies, a soft yellow chick;
new life and new birth - He wants us to pick.

Some foil covered eggs like streets shiny, gold,
streets like in Heaven where no one grows old.

Our Jesus lives there, inviting us, too,
Mansions He’s building for me and for you.

This Easter Basket, symbolic today,
Story of Jesus to show us the way.

(written by Joy Hall, 27 February 2003)

Hope you can use this in your Easter programs.
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When assembled, New Life Puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole
to a frog, or a caterpillar to a butterfly. They're easy-to-make and
children will learn about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free
puppet skit too!
In our Curriculum section:


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11) Resurrection box cross game

I just finished a cross box pattern.
You can use it as the old shell game, find the empty cross.
Move the crosses around and have someone guess the empty cross box or
under the cross. As they play the game speak about what each cross means.
You can put a strip of color into two of the boxes or just use 1/2 of the
box with colored cotton:
1st box a strip of BLACK. (Represents the thief on the cross who mocked
2nd box a strip of WHITE. (Represents the thief who believed Jesus)
3rd box leave it EMPTY. (Represents Jesus is no longer on the cross)

It is a .jpg file with instructions on how to fold it.
Print it out on card stock or photo paper and use a good craft glue
(You could cover it in contact paper to have it last longer.)

Email me asp if you want it by email
Please put Cross Boxes in the subject line.

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

12) Dinosaur saga

Xandra writes:
>"I am curious to find out what kind of Scientist you are?  ---- Human
>beings have >developed or evolved over time ---- ."

In answer to your question I, like many others in my profession, am a
Bible-believing scientist. True, we know a lot more about the workings of
the Universe today than people did in the days of  Moses or Abraham. But
does it follow that we are therefore cleverer , or indeed more moral for
that matter ? I think not. As people are gradually discovering the the
amazing secrets of the Universe, it makes me do two things: 1. Marvel even
more at how awesome our Creator really is. 2. Realise that, compared to
God, we humans still know next to nothing.

The Bible was not written as a scientific text book, but it does claim to
be the truth. And, in fact, if you care to check it out, you will find
that all it's Scientific pronouncements have indeed proved to be true. For
example, at a time when people still believed that the earth was flat and
held up by pillars, the Scriptures taught that the earth was round (Isaiah
40.22) and was suspended over nothing (Job 26.7).

Yes, God has given us brains, and He expects us to use them. But He has
also given us His Word to guide us, and keep us from error. As Albert
Einstein put it  "Our belief in Scriptures is the firm basis upon which is
founded our happy anticipation of good things to come".

If our ideas, no matter how plausible they appear, contradict the Bible
then they should be rejected. Otherwise we are claiming that we know
better than God. In fact, you will find that the history of science is
scattered with false ideas that once opposed the Bible, but that have now
been rejected by scientific community itself. I am sure that the present
ones will eventually suffer the same fate.

Maurice Sweetsur.

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

13) Science and the Bible

Keep this in mind, there are over three miles of outdated scientific
textbooks in the Louvre museum in Paris, France. Be careful where you
place your trust. The Bible is not a science book. But it does contain
scientific facts. Most importantly, God's Word never changes.

Sam in Florida

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14) Rotation Method

>Please be aware that there are MANY ways to do rotation.
>does not have the monopoly on this. 

I think we have a misunderstanding here.  We do not do learning centers,
(we did that in the 70's and 80') we do rotation, but not the way it is
done on rotation.org.Specifically we do not spend more than one week per
lesson. In addition, we do not use video, so we do not have the movie
room. Like I said, there are many different ways to do rotation, and I
wanted the lady to be aware that she should find whatever works best in
her situation.

La Marque, TX

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

15) Confused from conflict   

There seems to be quite a few messages regarding conflict within church
staff (between teachers and pastors, or congregation members and teachers,
etc) My prayers go out to you!
I hope these simple steps can be of assistance to anyone who finds
themselves in the middle of a conflict.  They were a great help to me and
have been loosely exerpted from Neil T. Anderson's Victory over the
a.  We are required by God to confront and RESTORE those who have clearly
violated the boundries of scripture.  Jesus instructed: 'And if your
brother sins, go and reprove him in private; if he listens to you, you
have won your brother.  But if he does not listen to you, take one or two
more with you, so that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every fact
may be confirmed' (Matt18:15,16)
  When confronting others it must be based on something you have heard or
seen PERSONALLY, of course. If you confront their behavior and they do not
respond to you, scripture says you are to bring two or three eyewitnesses
other eyewitnesses of their sin.  And yes, if they don't own up to it or
repent after this LET IT GO.  You may be finished with it, but God is not.
Imagine the conviction every time he or she see's you!    We must hold
people accountable for their behavior, but we are never allowed to
their character.

b. Express your needs without judging.
We all need to be loved, accepted, and affirmed.  When these needs go
unmet, it is very important that we express them to our family and fellow
Christians in a positive way and allow others to minister to those needs.
By denying  other believers the privilege of meeting your legitimate needs
you are acting independantly of GOD and you are vulnerable to getting your
needs by the fleshly world and the devil.
Anyone can find character defects and performance flaws in another
Christian.  It takes the grace of God  to look beyond an impulsive Peter
see in him the rock of the Jerusalem church.  It takes the grace of God to
look beyond Saul the persecutor to see in him Paul the apostle.  So as you
live day to day with people who are sometimes less than saintly in their
behavior -  or who see you in the same way - may I simply say, "Grace and
peace be multiplied to you" (2Pet.1:2)

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