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SSTN  # 44 - May 2, 2002

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-->FREE Mother's Day Ideas and Card!

1) High School Graduates Gifts   
2) Teaching Teens
3) 10 Commands Song?
4) Contempory Worship?
5) MasterLife Bible study series?
6) VBS BUG Music?

-> Buggie For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever!   

7) Heritage Kids Klub
8) Jesus to the Rescue VBS   
9) Idea for a fundraiser
10) Teacher Burn Out   
11) Faith Mountain Decorating   
12) Children's Medley & Prayer ideas

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FREE Mother's Day Ideas and Card!

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1) High School Graduates Gifts   

In Regards as to what to get the High School Graduates as a gift from your
Church.  What we do at our Church is give them each a New Bible with their
name inscribed on them.  I hope this helps.
Love in Christ
Sherri Clawson
Wichita, Ks.                          

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2) Teaching Teens

I didn't keep one letter since there were a few.

I agree with many of the statements that have been made on both sides.  I
think that the ultimate question is what is best for the children and the
furthering of the gospel.  From birth, children begin to change quickly.
If you pick up any ECE book which outlines the characteristics of
children, you see the breaks for their social, emotional, physical
development are frequent at the start of life -- birth to 12 mos,  1 and
2's, 3's and 4's, 5's & 6's, 7's & 8's then they seem to break down the
ages into Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School.  The
development, while still happening, has slowed as the child has aged.
There aren't "landmarks", developmentally speaking, as often as in early

Therefore, I think a teacher can "grow" with an older class.  Our church
had a group of boys starting 4th grade a few years ago.  Some of our men
rose up and offered to teach a "boys class" for 4th and 5th graders.  As
the boys grew in age, the men stayed as their teachers (with a few
changes as normal).  The class became the middle school boys and spurred
on a middle school girls class.  Jesus spent 3 years with one specific
group of men -- it is called discipleship. 

This couple is probably feeling called.  If they meet your leadership
qualifications, have cleared security screening for your church, and are
led to this ministry for pure and godly reasons, then let them.  Unless
you already have something else that is really working in place, try it.
If it doesn't work out after a couple of years, meet with them to change


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3) 10 Commands Song?

I have been looking for a tape with a children's song called" the perfect
ten".it is a song about the ten commandments. thank you debbie

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4) Contemporary Worship?   

Our church is a very small church averaging around 30 each Sunday (half
adults and half children).  We have noticed that many other churches have
begun moving from the traditional services with Hymns that we all grew up
with, to using contempory songs of worship instead.  The young adults and
teens especially seem to be responding to these churches because according
to them it makes coming to church fun and they are not afraid to raise
their hands in praise or clap or etc.  Our church is toying with the idea
of making one of our services contempory, so as to provide a comfortable
place of worship for all people.  And too, we are hoping that our church
will grow as a result of being able to reach more people in different
ways.  But how all do these types of worships differ?  I know the music is
different, but what else?  Is the message typically given the same way?
We have a lot of questions and are hoping you can help.

Our church is located in a rural area where there are many unchurched
families (with many teenagers), many of whom have never stepped into a
church building before.  We want this to be fun for them that they will
want to come back and bring more of their friends with them.  Praising God
should never be dull.  No one should ever be ashamed to praise God.
Praising God should be they most fullfilling thing we ever do.  But
sometimes we get comfortable in our setting and become afraid of what
others will think if we are the first to do something out of the norm.  We
feel it is important that these kids know you can have fun worshiping the
Lord.  Those of you who have these type of Contempory Services, please let
me know how they are carried out and if you have received good responce
from them.  Thanks a million and God Bless!
Crystie, Arkansas

--from SSTN: you are right that many churches are doing this and moving to
change traditional worship. Out church has three services. We too are in
transition in this area and are looking for a music director to oversee
the entire ministry of music. If anyone has a lead...I'll forward your
info to our search committee. ;o))

Our church has one service that is contemporary, one traditional, and one
blended. I personally like the blended one. I love both kinds of music!
At all three services the message is the same. ysic, sarah <><

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Get three great VBS resources at one reduced price!

In the Curriculum section: 

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5) MasterLife Bible study series?

Have you ever heard of the MasterLife Bible study series?? If so, do you
have a good web site where one could order their materials??

Gregg in Hanau

--from SSTN: for those responding, please tell me the product number
(ISBN) and I'll attempt to carry it in my site. thanks! sarah

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6) VBS BUG Music?

Our church is doing Bible School this summer with a BUGS theme.  I will be
doing the music and do not like the music that came with the package.
Anyone have any ideas?

Elizabeth Hancock

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Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

Reproducible buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions
to coordinate with your summertime VBS programs, or midweek classes.

In the Curriculum section: 

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7) Heritage Kids Klub

I appreciate all you do for God's Kids!!
Just to tell you a little bit about us:

Our church is a nondenominational church called "A Call To Salvation" in
Jefferson Georgia. We started up around 3 years ago and go around the
neighborhood inviting all children to our "Heritage Kids Klub" some of
"our" kids from the church come to Kids Klub but mostly it is a bunch of
other kids we get from "visiting" in Jefferson.

A group of about 12 men and women from our church devote their Saturday
mornings to the kids and Kids Klub. We go around in a van and pick up and
drop off about 20-30 kids. We do prayer and praise reports, Praise and
worship, a puppet skit, sometimes another acted out skit a lesson, and
then lunch. Somewhere in there we put in a craft if I have one ready. I
want to be at the point to be able to have one for every week not only do
the kids love making things with their hands, but I know I'm helping them
to bring something into their home that may spark the interest of the
parents and "praise god" will one day come to church and be saved. Or to
be able to look at an item and know they made it and what it pertains to
reminds them of God's love.

So once again, thank you for helping us help our kids!

Christine Wood

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8) Jesus to the Rescue VBS   

I have some things left over from last year. Not a lot, but SOME. Are you
looking for something particular??

Hope I Can Help,
<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

9) Idea for a fundraiser   

We all have done spaghetti dinners, but a cool new was is try a sauces
cook off. We tried it and it was great success, and you don't have to make
the sauces yourself. You get four or five members make the sauces and
advise it as like a chili cook.
Terry ELC Warren

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10) Teacher Burn Out   

Teaching Sunday School or ministering to children is why many of us burn
out.  What happens many times is we find ourselves involved in so many
things that we just become overwhelmed.  You need to be sure of the
calling of God on your life and what he is calling you to do during a
particular season in your life.  Our hearts are so big and we are so
willing to help further the kingdom of God, that we tend to commit
ourselves to whatever work needs to be done.  Even Jesus did not get
involved in every aspect of ministry while on earth but instead sent the
apostles out to minister and do his will. We need to be sensitive to his
will for our lives and allow ourselves to be led by the spirit.
Jill, Hawaii

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11) Faith Mountain Decorating

An idea of how to decorate.  Our Church is not using this material, but I
talked to someone who has and this is a great idea.

They are going to put a canoe in the front of their church by the altar.
Start there and you can always use your imagination of what to put around
it.  Also, during VBS week, the kids brings stuff in for a charitible
organization.  They would put these items in the canoe.

Hope this helps.
Rita - Indiana

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12)  Children's Medley & Prayer ideas

There is a great resource from the UK of music and it's FREE to use by
downloading from web (or you can buy the CD's)! They have a whole CD on
Prayer (song's include a singable version of The Lord's Prayer, Prayer can
make a Difference, Watch and Pray, When you Pray, etc) and a corresponding

We are using several of their songs with our children.  The website is:

www.familyworship.org.uk  or you can find them at
http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/49/family_worship.html and listen to their
music, download it, etc.  They even have backing tracks and will email you
the music, words, etc.

This is an awesome resource with upbeat fun music for all generations!


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