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SSTN  # 45 - May 4, 2002

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1) Graduation Gifts
2) Plinko game?
3) Written Lesson Plans?   
4) Mother's Day Ideas?

-->FREE Mother's Day Ideas and Card!

5) Two Ideas: Creation and Stamping
6) Decorating?
7) Kids Crusade?
8) VBS help?!!

-> Ten Commandments Songs!

9) Jesus to the Rescue ideas
10) Older Youths...help?!
11) Youth Director Help
12) Noah's Ark theme?

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1) Graduation Gifts

In response to new graduation gifts, I am Christian Ed. Director at our
church, and we give the graduates an embroidered handkerchief.  There are
many talented people in the community to get these from.  Check out your
local craft shows.

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2) Plinko game?

I was interested in making the Plinko game that you have on your web site.
Could you give us the directions?
Thank you very much.

--from SSTN: directions to make the Plinko game are in the Archives List:
Use keyword "plinko" to find them.
ysic, sarah <><

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3)  Written Lesson Plans?   

Brother and Sisters:
Do you use written lesson plans in your Sunday school ministry?
If so, how does your Supt. handle the lesson plans?
Are they personally reviewed by the Supt. before that lesson is taught?
If you are using written lessons in your Sunday school ministry I would
like to know what procedures and methods that you use to make your
ministry most effective.

Bless Your Spirit!  
Rev. Matt Yarbrough, Jr.

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4)  Mother's Day Ideas?

I teach 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.  I am looking for a mother's day craft
that is inexpensive and easy to do.  I'm checking out the archives I'm
wandering if anyone has anything else.

--from SSTN: see below  ;o))

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FREE Mother's Day Ideas and Card!

Check out our free Mother's day gift ideas in the Crafts section of the
site! Get a free Mother's Day card too when you download the Ladybug Paper
weight! Click on "Christian Crafts" from the home page of:


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5) Two Ideas: Creation and Stamping

Hello. Last year my friend and I found these two ideas worked well when
teaching "Bible in Schools. We worked with 5year olds. Creation: At my
friend's suggestion I drew nos. 1to7 about two' high each and illustrated
each  number with pictures of whaterver The Lord created that day on each
number. It went down very well and was a lovely way to tell the story of
creation. One day we had the theme" God loves you" and as a craft  we made
tiny banners  of calico, held by kebab sticks .Each child  was able to
stamp  the words "God loves you"  on their banner and to decorate it with
other pictures from a set of home-made stamps I had fashioned  from " out
of print "floor tile samples I had garnered from a carpeting shop. To make
a stamp, cut out your design after drawing it on to the tile and glue it
on to a piece of flat wood. We got the children to tsamp in pairs whilst
the others were completing a work-sheet and so every body was very happy!
We asked the children to give their banners to their Mums for Mothers'Day.

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6) Decorating?

I am looking for ideas to decorate classes.  I have 3 classrooms & a main
hallway. Currently the classrooms look like meeting areas and not 5-12
old children classrooms.  I need ideas that don't include

Rochester, NY

--from SSTN: As a starting point, you might poll the kids for what they
would like. Also, check out Cross Wall Art in the Crafts section of the
site:   http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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7) Kids Crusade?

My husband and I am in charge of the Children's Ministry at my church.  We
range about 70-100 kids at VBS.  This year, I want to do more of a "kids
crusade" instead of a VBS using a circus theme. I mostly want to eliminate
craft time.  I plan to have all of the kids in the sanctuary.
We will be using a lot of interaction with puppets, skits, "magic" tricks,
etc.  Does anybody have any good ideas?

Thanks so much.
Sherri Klees

--from SSTN: if you eliminate crafts, you might still allow for a creative
time for the kids to paint their own puppets, or stage sets, etc.
ysic, sarah <><

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8) VBS help?!!   

I have been asked to teach the kindergarten class in VBS this year. I'm
having a little trouble with finding supplimental resources for Luke
24:36-49 and Matthew 9:1-8,27-31. I have the VBS kit. but I need more
"hands on"
and visuals. any ideas??
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Ten Commandments Songs

God's Top Ten: Teach your kids The Ten Commandments with this
easy-to-learn, easy-to-sing, unforgettable choral collection. God's Top 10
is designed specifically to help your kids learn and understand the
timeless truths contained in The Ten Commandments. Find it in the
Bookstore-Music Section of the website:


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9) Jesus to the Rescue ideas   

Our church used this theme last year. I may have some ideas you'd like.
You can e-mail me @ layclay@aol.com

Hope I Can Help,

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

10) Older Youths...help?!

I need some help with the 14 - 17-18 bunch ! This is truly a test! Seeing
as I am only 10+ years the senior of all whom God has placed under my
charge! Enormous undertaking!

--from SSTN: there are some fun curriculum items in the
Bookstore-Christian Education section: 

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11) Youth Director Help

I'm responding to your request for help regarding youth director.  I was
thrilled when our youth director came to our parish, because we were
losing our teens and middle schoolers.  He's been here a year and it hasn't
gotten better, he's turned the kids off because he doesn't connect with them.  He
covers topics with the teens that are private to them and expects them to
open up to him. He embarrasses them.  He's paid a hefty salary, and is
always doing other people's work instead of his own. My advise is this....
be careful who you chose to "direct" your youth.  This man seemed very
good with great credentials but in many of our parishioners eyes- has not
produced what he promised.  Personally, I feel two or three volunteer moms
do a better job. Good Luck.  In Christ service, olga

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12) Noah's Ark theme?

To Heidi in Tx
there is a VBS. curriculum put out that is themed around Noah's ark. It is
called 2000 Ark Avenue,the animals used for each day are a dove,a donkey,a
sheep, a lion and a fish. there are puppets patterns and songs that go
with each one. It is a good theologically sound curriculum,easy to use
with lots of scope for the imagination. hope this helps.
Shirley in Ont.

--from SSTN: unfortunately, I was unable to locate it for the bookstore.
Maybe there are old copies to be shared from other subscribers. ysic,

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