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SSTN  # 46 - May 6, 2002

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1) Old Video?
2) God's Child of the Month   
3) VOICE YOUR OPINION: Should churches provide different music styles?
4) Youth camp out Christi Lawson   
5) Needing Used/or unused VBS Curriculum

-> FREE Mother's Day Ideas and Card!

6) Youth Director
-> Buggie For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever!   
7) Gods child of the month
8) Treasure Hunt Video?

-> Ten Commandments Songs

9) Mount Extreme VBS
10) Youth Director Help
11) Article
12) Animal Songs

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1) Old Video?   

Several years ago I saw a live play at my step-sons church.  It was titled
(I think) " Heaven's Stairway, Hell's Gate".  It was offered on video but
I did not purchase it.  I have been forever sorry.  It was a very powerful
play.  I would love to be able to obtain the video for our church.  Does
any one know where or if it is available?  I would appreciate any help.  I
have tried all sources I know of.  You can contact me directly at
or reply on this list in case anyone else is interested.  Thanks.

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2) God's Child of the Month       

I came up with this idea after my son was Student of the Month at school.
We have a small church and there is 7 children that come every Sunday.  I
looked at these children and think, they need to be recognized for coming.

One main guidelines is they have to attend Sunday School.  When picking a
child, I pick one from a different class each month.  The first month
(March),  I picked a High School Child that has been coming to Sunday
School since she was a preschooler and the only High School Child that
comes.  The next month (April), I picked a young girl that is in the class
of 1-3 grades - she has had perfect attendance since the beginning of
January.  May month, I picked a boy in the preschool-kindergarden class -
the oldest one.  Etc., Etc.  For some reason, I can't decide which child
to pick for that month out of a class - I will put all names in a hat.  I
pick the God's Child of the Month by myself.  Sometimes when there is
other people involved - it gets more complicated.  Each child at our
church will have a chance to be God's Child some time during the 2002 year
since we don't have that many active Sunday School Children.  Also, I keep
it a secret between the child's mom and myself.  That makes it more fun.

There is a form I have the mom fill out and try to get a picture of the
child also.  After Youth Sunday when the God's Child of the Month is
announced, I post it on the bulletin board in the front of the church for
a month, plus I put it into the Monthly Newsletter about the child.

I give the child a wooden cross necklace (girl)/ wooden cross keychain
(boy), certificate I made from the computer, sticker and a bookmark to the
child.  I purchased wooden cross necklace/keychain, stickers (Special
Child) and bookmark for the child to color
Thanks for liking my idea and asking for more info on it - to H&P Sherry.

Rita - Indiana

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3) VOICE YOUR OPINION: Should churches provide different music styles?

I have developed a fun new way for you to express your opinion. Here's the
plan, each month, beginning today, I will ask a question relevant to
Christian living. Then you, and the other SSTN members and visitors to
ChristianCrafters.com, will have the opportunity to voice your opinions
and cast your votes! The results will be collected and made available in
the website.

Today's question is: Do you believe churches should provide a variety of
music styles during their worship services?

Make your vote count at:


Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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4)  Youth camp out Christi Lawson   

Your question about youth camp out. I take my 1st through 6 graders
camping each year. I talk an old vbs program and plan it over the weekend.
I have the jr and sr high youth who want to go along do the stories from
the vbs. We do three crafts, we share names and make crosses for our
shared name friend. Keep them them going.
Terry Wentworth
Emmmanuel Warren, OH

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Get three great VBS resources at one reduced price!

In the Curriculum section: 

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5) Needing Used/or unused VBS Curriculum

Dear Fellow Believers, I attend Christ the King Community Church in
Bellingham Washington. Our Missions team will be going to the LaPaz
Mexico area, partnering with Camp Maranatha. We will be doing a Summer
Bible School along with a camp for children and youth.All supplies at Camp
Maranatha were destroyed in the hurricane last fall. We need VBS
curriculum. I am without a car right now and unable to go to our local
Bible Book stores, but I do have a computer. So I am using the resources I
have to try and gather much needed supplies. Anything you might be able to
help with would be a tremendous blessing. Our team will be leaving July 7,
2002 through July 21, 2002. Thank you so much for taking time to respond
to this letter.
God Bless In His Name,
Cindy Enriquez
Christ the King Community Church
4173 Meridian Street
Bellingham Wa. 98226

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FREE Mother's Day Ideas and Card!

Check out our free Mother's day gift ideas in the Crafts section of the
site! Get a free Mother's Day card too when you download the Ladybug Paper
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6) Youth Director

Beth in NY and others... I'm currently serving as the Youth Director in my
congregation in Eau Claire, WI. I've been a member of this congregation
all my life and volunteered my time over the years teaching Sunday School,
chaperoning youth events, and coordinating VBS. Our church decided to look
in to the possibility of hiring a part-time paid youth director. I was on
the committee to help determine the job
description, etc. and when all was said and done I quit my other part-time
job and was hired! I'm a college student studying to be a high school
teacher and this is definitely
been a great experience for me, and because I'm paid to "have time" for
planning youth activities our youth group has grown by leaps and bounds!!
I'd love to share my job
description with you and others thinking about this including this awesome
ministry in their congregations!
God Bless!
Kristan :)

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Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

Reproducible buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions
to coordinate with your summertime VBS programs, or midweek classes.

In the Curriculum section: 

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7) Gods child of the month

At our church we do meet the youth because we do older youth and
younger children we could not call it child our youth do not like being
called a child but we changed it to Meet the Youth and we have youth fill
out a mini bio on things like age, birthday, parents, pets,
favorites-color, food, time of day and then we ask them to list 3 things
they would ask Jesus and who or what they pray for. We recognize one youth
each Sunday. We print this out with their answers along with a photo of
the youth and we have a poster set up so when congretation enters church
they see this then during announcements the minister actually calls that
youth up and introduces him/her to congregation and reads the bio. The
youth and the congregation have absolutely loved it. We also print the
youth in the newspaper under church happenings and in the bulletin so they
really feel special it is a great idea to try....

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8) Treasure Hunt Video?

I am missing the "Chadders" video to the VBS curriculum called
"Treasure Hunt" which we purchased 2 years ago.  Our church is in
Arlington, TX and I would like to borrow a copy to use this summer.  If
anyone could lend this to us, I would be grateful.  Thanks!  Melinda
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Ten Commandments Songs

God's Top Ten: Teach your kids The Ten Commandments with this
easy-to-learn, easy-to-sing, unforgettable choral collection. God's Top 10
is designed specifically to help your kids learn and understand the
timeless truths contained in The Ten Commandments. In the Bookstore-Music
Section of the website:


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9) Mount Extreme VBS

A few years ago our church did Mount Extreme VBS.  We made
mountains using different sizes of step ladders and wrapping them with
jute material (similar to burlap but much cheaper--check with carpet manuf if
any in your area).  Then we added white batting to the tops for snow and
greenery.  You could also use brown sheets or craft paper.  You can make
great rocks from brown paper bags.  Take grocery bags, turn them inside
out and form a ball-pile them ups and spray a little textured/rock type spray
paint on them.  They look great.  If you would like to see the pictures I
have just email me and I'll send them to you
markw239@aol.com.  Have a great VBS.
Stephanie, Georgia

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10)  Youth Director Help
Dear Beth,
\I have helped create this position - we called it "Youth Coordinator" 
It was a paid position - however, it doesn't have to be.   i worked about
10-15 hours per week.  My main resposibility was to be an outreach to the
youth that were coming sporatically.  One of the other 'duties' was to
plan events for the youth such as a lock-in at the YMCA - you would plan
it from the beginning to thte very end. One thing that is very important
is making sure everything is planned.  One of the things that I always
found important is making sure you had a group of the older 'saints'
praying for you.  "The Purpose Driven Youth Ministry" by Doug Fields is a
very good book to read.  Group ministries also has a lot of great fun
stuff for the teens.  Another thing you will want to remember is the
'event' always should have the gospel spoken in some way, you will find
that teens like excitement and fun - keep in mind that the focus should
always be on God and He should always get the glory.  Search the net for
some great 'free' devotions to use before, during or after the event.
Also, make sure that the youth stay busy - too much
'free' time leads to rowdy behavior - set your rules and stick to them.
Check in your local area for youth activities and maybe even youth worker
training sessions.  i've learned alot from those!  good luck!!!!!

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"Get em' in the LOOP!" 

L-eading kids to Christ,
O-ffering advice
O-pen discussion forum
P-roviding free resources

Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) Article

Call Shining Star (800-609-1735) to inquire about past issues.  Copying
the article would probably be an infringement of their copyright.  I have
heard that Shining Star will no longer be published.  What a terrible loss
to Children's Ministry, as this is a tremendous resource.

La Marque, TX

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12) Animal Songs

There is a group called Heaven's Sake Kids that has lots of Christian
childrens CD's where you can find songs about animals.  There is one CD
called "Animal Songs" that is just songs about animals.  There is another
CD called "Bible Songs" that has a song called Daniel in the Lion's Den.
These are really upbeat songs that are catchy and fun to sing.  My
children love the songs (I do too) and I can't say enough about them.  If
you type "Heaven's Sake Kids" into your search engine (like
www.google.com) it will come up with lots of places you will find these
CD's or cassettes.

Suzanne Ringer
Ballston Spa, NY

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