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SSTN # 46 - May 20, 2005

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......... Psalm 23 Craft, Lesson & Game

1) At Risk Children
2) Pentecost Question?
3) Children's Christmas musical?
4) Prayer Journal
5) Father / daughter banquet?
6) Army of God
7) Used Curriculum
8) Fully Rely On God Lesson?
9) Two Year old Son sent out.
10) Used Curriculum?

A two semester series saves you $$!

11) Kids Out of Control
12) Kids Out of Control
13) Bible Counting Song
14) Everyday Heroes Celebration
15) Prayer Concern

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Psalm 23 Craft, Lesson & Game

The "Psalm 23 Keepsake Wall Hanging" pattern can accompany
"The Good Shepherd" lesson / VBS series or be used as a stand alone
project. You will find it listed in the "Easy Make & Take Download"
section at:

(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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1) At Risk Children

Please Help,
I work in a Christian Homeless Shelter where I teach Sunday School in one
small room every night.  Our kids range can age from infant to teenage,
depending on the circunstance.  Our materials are also donated.  Can
someone please help with ideas and/or lesson materials for "at-risk"
children?  If so, you may contact me at my work address at
jkelley@grmtucson.com.  Thank You.

--from SSTN: check out the VBS and Bible Club resources at:

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2) Pentecost Question?

I currently planning a retreat for teens to be held on Pentecost  (next
weekend) Our theme is being chosen and choosing back.  We will be
reflecting on the gifts of the Spirit and the importance of the Holy
Spirit in our lives.  They would like to do a craft.  Has anyone an idea
that would tie into our theme, be of interest to 14 and 15 year olds and
be fairly inexpensive to make?  I appreciate your help.

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3) Children's Christmas musical?

I'm looking for a used Children's Christmas musical.  If anyone has one
that I can borrow I would really appreciate it.  We have 2 or 3 we have
done in the past and I'm willing to loan them out.  This seems like a good
way to save money to use for other ministries or just meet budget.  Thanks
in advance.
Joyfully Serving Him,
Sonia Williams
Director of Children's Ministries
Argos United Methodist Church
540 N Michigan
Argos IN 46501

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4) Prayer Journal

>I'd like to do a 3-4 week continuing lesson on prayer with the children I
>teach in Children's Church, 4 yrs old through 6th grade and have them set

Email me @ Puppetshoppe1@aol.com. We found some curriculum that is all
about prayer.

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5) Father / daughter banquet?

Does anyone have any suggestions for games, activities, etc. for a
father/daughter banquet?


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6) Army of God

Here is a link to a web site about the Army of God. 
http://biblekidsfunzone.com/games/armormatchworksheet.html.  I also went
through some past lesson I have taught and compiled a list of possible
activities for you.  These activities deal with being a solider and on
fully relying on God.  If you would like a copy of this list, please
e-mail me at scioart@yahoo.com.  I would be glad to send this Microsoft
Word document to you.
Connie G.

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7) Used Curriculum

Hey Barbara in Manila:
We may have some curriculum (Sunday School and VBS) that might work for
you.  I need to find out the details of how we get it to you.  Let me know
if you're interested.

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8) Fully Rely On God Lesson?

I am looking for some object lessons that go with The F.R.O.G. theme for a
Bible School assembly that will be mostly for ages 4-12.  Any ideas? 
Thanks, Denita   

--from SSTN: check out the F.R.O.G. Easy Make N' Take download item at:

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9) Two Year old Son sent out

I am the nursery director at our church and am in charge of training the
team members in our large nursery.  First, I'd like to say that the
purpose of nursery is not to "watch the kids while the parents attend to
real spiritual matters."  Nursery is first and foremost about
ministering to kids, even at age 1.  To me, this sounds like the team
members in your church need some training and encouragement.  There are
so many things that the nursery can do to minister to babies! It's
exciting!  It is so sad to see nurseries that are for play only.  Even
at that young age they can receive and sense God's presence!  There is
quite a lot of curriculum available to help your team members in this
area.  We have had several situations where a child has cried but my
workers are trained to pray God peace and presense over that child as
well as try to get them involved in an activity.   In five years, it has
only happened once that I have had to pull a parent out of service
because we could not get their child to stop crying and we minister to
about 60 children under 6 each week.  I suggest  instead of complaining
to your pastor about the situation, be a leader and suggest some ways to
make the nursery a better place for your grandson to receive from God.

Nursery Director, MI

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10) Used Curriculum?

Hi Sarah Keith
My name is Vedette and I live in South Africa, I really enjoy your site
and all the nice goodies. I have joined my present church about 5 months
age, it is a very poor church and I have just started a sunday school for
the church, and I have been using some of your arts & crafts. The church
has no sunday school material at all, and I am a single parent so it is a
bit difficult to purchase working material for my sunday school. That is
the reason why I looked for a site that I could get some econimical ideas
for teaching.

If you know of anyone would like to donate any sunday school material to
our church please could you give them my email address to contact me. I
also would like to know if there is anyone would could donate some Bibles
as some of their parent don't have their own Bible.

God Bless You

--from SSTN: Hi Vedette: Make sure you check out the VBS & Bible Club
series at: http://www.christiancrafters.com/sermons.html 
They are no cost programs.

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--> A two semester series saves you $$!

"Super Heroes of the Bible" is a two-semester series
which seeks to develop FAITH, COURAGE, and OBEDIENCE
in the lives of children and to change our world for Jesus Christ.
Learn how to save $ when you purchase this series!

To learn more at:
(you may need to copy and paste this address to your browser)

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11) Kids Out of Control

I thought I'd weigh in on this. At my church, I teach Sunday school. It
was ages 5-12, but now we've had some others take on the younger ones. We
do a thing called Jesus Bucks. If they participate, do memory verse, etc
they get bucks. I have taken bucks away for bad behavior. However, I know
a lot of you would disagree, but I have on occasion sent my misbehaving
students out to sit with their parents!! I want them to understand that
Sunday school is a priviledge, not a right. Aside from the fact, that when
they are misbehaving, I don't feel that it is fair to the rest of my class
to let them continue on being disruptive. There could be another child in
my class who really needs to hear the word. Now our Pastor has an usher
regularly stick his head in on occasion to make sure all is well. So, the
kids know that they have to behave. And if he sees that I'm having to
correct one of the children he goes and speaks to the parents after
church. It doesn't do away with all of t he disobedience, but it is a big
help.  In Him, Kristin

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12) Kids Out of Control

I had the same situation on my church bus with so many different kids and
they were inner city kids.  I worked with; talked to them; spent time with
them away from church; sent letters and generally told them that I loved
them and so does God but when they started fighting and having the
superintendent  have to run after them and there pastor speak with them, I
expelled them from the bus for a week and then two and then so on.  Prayer
is a big factor but one thing, if they are keeping the other kids from
learning then something else is needed.  Oh yea, prize system does work. 

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13) Bible Counting Song

--from SSTN: I received a myriad of responses to this. Therefore, I will
list just the one below unless I receive another one that is totally
YSIC, Sarah Keith <><

This is in response to the person looking for the Bible Counting Song. I
believe the song you are talking about is "Children Go Where I Send Thee".
You can find the lyrics all over the Internet, just type the song name in
Google or another search engine and press go. I believe the song goes up
to 10 for the ten commandments if I remember correctly.
Hope this helps!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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14) Everyday Heroes Celebration

Check out the following websites for game helps:



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15) Prayer Concern

I will be glad to agree with you in prayer for the recovery of your
pastor.  Our church is currently experiencing a similar situation, only it
is the Pastor's wife and they have four children.  We have not been told
anything specific concerning her health except she has good days and bad
days.  Pray for our Pastor's wife too.  Thank you,

Ahreita Griffin
Charlotte, NC

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