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SSTN  # 47 - May 8, 2002

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1) Teacher Appreciation Craft and Poem
2) Disciples...more info?
3) Safe to heat foam trays?
4) Rahab lesson?
5) Discipline Problems
6) Teaching the Books of the Bible

-> FREE Mother's Day Ideas and Card!   

--> Have you VOTED?

7) Children's Sunday Worship - Quest for Light theme
8) Circus Theme?
9) Father's Day Program?

-> Ten Commandments Songs

10) Idea for a Mother's day craft
11) Why Have Children's Church
12) Why Have Children's Church

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1) Teacher Appreciation Craft and Poem

Just a note to let you know what I'm doing for my teachers for the end of
this school year. My theme this year was:  "Walking With Friends, Leaving
Footprints That Last".  In the beginning of the year, I gave each teacher
a footprint with this message on it.  I laminated them and put a magnet on
the back.  Throughout the year, I tried to use this theme whenever
appropriate...their weekly newsletters, bulletin boards, etc.
So now at the end, I bought 4" clay pots and painted them with acrylic
paints.  Then I bought a footprint stencil pattern and painted the
footprints on the pots and wrote the "theme" with a craft pen around the
rim of the pots.  I put a few odds and ends in the pot...bookmarks, holy
cards, pencil, candy, etc.  These were presented to the teachers along
with a blessing at our final class.  I included this poem, which I wrote,
in the pots:

by Patty Fritz

We began last fall
walking with friends,
Sharing our love
with faith that blends.
Leaving footprints that last
as we journeyed along
showing God's way
helping mend what's wrong.
May those that we guided
be inspired to take
steps of faith, hope and love
in new friendships they make.
May the Lord bless all of your steps as you work,
vacation, and enjoy this summer.

Permission granted to use if you like.
--from SSTN:
Dear Patty: thank you for sharing this with us!!
ysic, sarah <><

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2) Disciples...more info?

I am glad someone is asking for this particular craft.  I too am going to
be teaching my youth class about the disciples and could use ideas.  Is
there any way to get more information on some of the other disciples, such
as Bartholemew and Simon the Zealot?  Any help with the disciples would be
greatly appreciated.

--from SSTN: try using a Bible concordance to find all the references in
Scripture...then, you might try,  Foxe's Book of Martyrs, which tells the
history of many early church martyrs. You can find this book by using the
search box in the bookstore: 

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3) Safe to heat foam trays?

I am a bit concerned about the idea of putting these foam meat trays in
the oven, even for a short time....it is my understanding that they probably
give off toxic fumes when heated/melted.
Heidi/NY  <(((><

--from SSTN: good point. Do you know this for sure? When I tried it, I did
not recognize anything that smelled odd or toxic. The foam is removed from
the oven within seconds. Would appreciate more info on this from anyone else! Sarah <><

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4) Rahab lesson?

Hi.  I'm desperately seeking lesson ideas for Rahab (she's the woman who
risked her life to hide Joshua's spies at Jericho).  I'm looking for
something fun and interactive. Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks a ton,
Christy - Bloomington, IL

--from SSTN: Rahab, was a prostitute. She is one more evidence of God's
mercy and forgiveness. She was spared from God's judgment because of the
help she gave to Joshua, and she is mentioned in the book of Matthew as
being part of the Messianic line of Jesus! It is said that from the
beginning of Scripture to the end one will find a "Scarlet cord of
redemption" In other words, the Bible says, without the shedding of blood
there is no forgiveness of sins. From the garden of Eden and throughout
the Old Testament this "blood line" is evident, even in the scarlet
colored cord that Rahab dropped out of her window to warn and save Joshua,
and the other spies, from being killed. (Joshua ch. 2-6) This scarlet cord
of redemption is continued until the ultimate sacrifice of our LORD and
Savior Jesus Christ. In whom we find our salvation and forgiveness of
sins! A lesson could be combined with a craft making scarlet colored
braided bookmarks, and for game time, a scarlet colored rope to play tug
of war. ysic, sarah <><

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5) Discipline Problems   

Sunday School Teachers are special...they are also chosen by God, first
and then by the Pastor.  Pastor's chooses Sunday school teachers because they
believe that individual can handle it. The purpose of children church and
Sunday school is to give the parent the opportunity to hear the word of
God without interruptions.  In all of this if we as Sunday school teachers
took children out to the parent then the parent misses out.  Your pastor chose
you so that you can take care of the children and allow the parent to
grow...so we must keep the children in Sunday school where they belong. 

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6) Teaching the Books of the Bible

>>easy and simple way to teach them the books of the Bible?

Several teachers have responded with great ideas so far. In our JR Church,
we began helping the children memorize the books of the Bible by relating
just a few of the books that are before our featured scripture, and a few
of the books that follow. We always ask the children first. "Is the
scripture we are looking in the Old Testament or in the New Testament?"
Then (for example) we ask: "The scripture you are looking up for today's
story is in Acts. What are the 4 books just before we find the book of
Acts?" - Our helper will then place the names of these books (made on the
computer with paper towel backing added) onto a flannel board. Then we ask
for the 4 books that follow Acts and place those books on the flannel
board as well, making sure that ACTS is properly placed. It thrills my
heart to see them riffle the pages of the Bible to find the correct books.
We go over the order of the books that are on the board a couple of times.

Since the children love getting out of their seats to place anything on
the flannel board, the next step is to distribute the "books" to them, and
ask one child at a time to come up with the correct book in the correct

Keeping this activity in a short version, allows them not only to learn
the books but also their relationship placement in the Bible. This
activity will help them immensely when they join in big church and can
find the Pastor's references very quickly.

Before we began to introduce this activity, we prepared the words Old
Testament and New Testament with a graphic as well as each book of the
Bible. Putting the words on card stock helps our game to hold up for
repeated use. We sparay a commercial spray adhesive to the back of a full
sheet of card stock after it is printed. This makes it really quick and
simple to cut out our flannel graph pieces.

The kids love the game and ask to play it again and again, whenever there
is extra time.

Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler - Trafalgar, IN

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FREE Mother's Day Ideas and Card!

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--> Have you VOTED?

Should churches provide a variety of Music Styles during their worship
services? Speak Your Mind...Cast your vote here: 


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7) Children's Sunday Worship - Quest for Light theme

Hi- I am putting together a service and I would like some children's
worship resources.  I never find what anything on the net when I search.
I need ideas/props for things to do for a quest - we'll use the bible to
give us directions to get out of the dark- that's the essence of our
theme.  Children are ages 2 yrs thru 7th grade.  For music we will sing:
this little light of mine, the 2 & 4yr olds will lead "jesus loves me" and
we're going to chang the words to "I'm a Believer" to fit.  I thought we
might get the kids glo lights and pull the shades.  I don't know how
expensive the lights are tho.  YOu all have such good and creative ideas.
If you have any you'd like to share to give our special day a little
pizazz, I'd really appreciate it.

Karen D. Moulton
Director of Christian Education
Second Congregational Church, UCC

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8) Circus Theme?

I am looking for ideas on using a Circus theme for a Children's Outreach
program at our church. Any ideas on theme, crafts, snacks, lessons, would
be appreciated. I am new to coordinating this type of outreach and I'd
like to try something different than what's been done in the past, and I
thought a Circus could be fun to develop. Any help would be appreciated.

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9) Father's Day Program?

I need ideas for a Father's Day Program. Diane

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Ten Commandments Songs

God's Top Ten: Teach your kids The Ten Commandments with this
easy-to-learn, easy-to-sing, unforgettable choral collection. God's Top 10
is designed specifically to help your kids learn and understand the
timeless truths contained in The Ten Commandments. In the Bookstore-Music
Section of the website:


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10)  Idea for a Mother's day craft

Wrap a gift box so that you can open it easily - bow on top - or use a
gift bag with the tissue in the top to fancy it up. Tell the kids that
there are gifts inside for their mothers.
Ask the kids what they think is in it. Tell them it is something that you
know their mother LOVES!! Let them guess. Finally open it and there will
be card stock (8x11 sheets) with their name written on 1 sheet per child.
I am doing them on the computer with an open face font that will need to
be colored in with crayons or markers. On the poster put "Children are a
gift form God". Ask the kids what are some things that they give their
mother - like ---- a kiss --- a hug --- help with dishes --- pick up toys
- pick some flowers. Help them write those things on their name poster and
add some stickers, glitter etc.  Finish the project with a bow or maybe
stick it on the child and let their name poster be the gift tag!

Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler - Trafalgar, IN

--from SSTN: two great ideas in one newsletter. Thanks Emmalea!!
ysic, sarah <><

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11) Why Have Children's Church

A good children's church program can be a wonderful thing for the children
and parents alike!  Young children have a hard time paying attention in
church because they don't understand what's being said.  In children's
church, material is presented in a manner that they can understand!  In
addition to a Bible lesson, there are typically activities that are
planned to really drive the point of the lesson home.  Maybe a skit, a
craft, a special visitor, etc.  It also gives the children a time for
fellowship with others their own age.  At our church, the children 4 years
old through 5th grade meet in a large room for worship, songs, and the
day's lesson.  Then they split up in age groups and go to different
classes where they have age-appropriate activities to reinforce the lesson
on their own level.  The result is the children LOVE going to church,
they are learning God's Word and will for their lives at a level they can
understand, and the parents can attend their service knowing their
children are getting great care and learning about God.  By the time the
child is in 6th grade, they are required to sit in the sanctuary with
their parents, but by this time they are capable of sitting through and
understanding an "adult" sermon!  Hope this helps!  TLM

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12) Why Have Children's Church

To MAW, about Children's Church
I agree that children need to worship and that it is very important to do
this WITH  family.  Our church is starting to encourage parents to have
their children with them during P & W ( this is good family time and
teaches children better behavior skills as well ) and then dismiss them
for a sermon ( or lesson) better geared for their age, so that they too
can accept the Word of God in a way they can understand it. We can't
expect a 3 or 5 year old to understand the same information a 30 year old
could.I hope this helped.

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