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SSTN  # 48 - May 10, 2002

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1) Why Have Children's Church
2) Faith Mountain Help   
3) Teen Help?
4) One-day VBS
5) Recommended Videos   
6) Why Have Children's Church

-> FREE Mother's Day Ideas and Card!   

7) Why Have Children's Church
8) Father's Day?
9) Edible Cross Idea   

-> Ten Commandments Songs

10) Crayon Lessons
11) One day VBS vs. week long   
12) Discipline for Erin

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1) Why Have Children's Church

I also feel that children should worship with their families.  That is why
I have the children worship in the main sanctuary with the rest of the
congregation, then they move out to attend Children's Church after Praise
and Worship.  It works well in case the parents bring their kids late and
they won't miss the beginnings of the lesson.  Also, it give the workers a
chance for congregational worship before class.  I love this website.
Thank you.

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2) Faith Mountain Help   

We had a Faith Mountain day activity several years ago.  We decorated one
hallway on both sides to look like a mountaintop ridge(floor to ceiling).
Along the ridge in different places we had an Ark, Abraham and Isaac,
Moses and the Ten Commandments, David and King Saul, Elijah on Mount
Carmel, and the 3 crosses.  Those were the stories we covering that day.

The children were divided into 6 groups and after an opening activity of
singing and getting groups arranged they began to rotate around to the 6
different centers-1 for each story. With Noah's Ark they made an Ark
Mobile; For Abraham and Isaac they made nightime skies with glow in the
dark stars; for Moses they made tablets for the ten commandments; for
David and Saul they made crowns for King David; for Elijah they made an
altar (look at 50 bible Paper Pop-Ups by Standard Publishing); for Jesus'
death and resurrection they made cross necklaces. Each center  was 30
minutes long and the story was told and special song was sung for each
story and did the craft activity. We had a short snack break after 3
rotations and then had lunch after the next three.  After lunch we
assigned the 6 groups a story script and they had 20-30 minutes to get
ready for production and then each group performed for the rest of the
group.  It was a great way to reinforce the stories and what they mean.
It was a great day.
Hope this helps.
Eric Manlove
Central Church of Christ
Wichita, KS

--from SSTN: You can find the 50 Bible Paper Pop-Ups book in the
Bookstore at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 
Just type the name into the search box to find it.

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3) Teen Help?


--from SSTN: check out our Bookstore-Christian Education page. Also, I
would limit work sheets with teens. Keep in mind that they work all week
in school doing worksheets. Check out these books:
Setting You Free to Make Right Choices:
Workbook for Junior High and High School Students    
and Case Studies, Talk Sheets and Discussion Starters   

ysic, sarah <><

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4) One-day VBS

We have done this several times and are planning to do it again this year.
Some suggestions:
You cannot do the whole VBS in one day.  So plan to cut it down.  See
which lessons offer the most and go with them.
We usually use the center concept where the kids rotate and the teachers
stay put.  We have "travellers" who stay with the same group of kids all
day and get them where they need to go and when.
Crafts are difficult if they require too much time or need drying time.
They need to be very simple.
Give each of your travellers a tub to carry all the things the kids will
collect at each center.
We served a simple sack lunch.

Here is a sample schedule which allows a 5-minute switch time.
9:00-9:25 Opening                
9:30-10:15  Center
10:20-11:05 Center
11:10-11:55 Center
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:35-1:20  Center
1:25-2:10 Center
2:15-2:30 Closing

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5) Recommended Videos   

First of all, I would like to tell you what a blessing
your ministry is.  I always look forward to receiving
the newsletter and continually get new ideas.

I recently checked out a couple of videos from the
public library and thought they were so terrific I
wanted to pass it along to others.  The animated "Little
Dogs on the Prairie" videos are about 35 minutes long
and include songs. The first one (Pride, Prejudice and
Fudge)deals with prejudice, holding a grudge and being
prideful.  The second one (Lyin', Cheatin' and a Hot
Lollipop) is about lying, cheating and stealing.  The
third one (A Lotta Love and a Little Off the Top) is
about vanity and unselfish love.

I'm sure these can be purchased at Christian bookstores
or online.  They teach children valuabale lessons from a
Christian perspective, and we all know kids today could
use a lot more of this type of entertainment.

Again, thanks for the opportunity to share our ideas.  
God Bless!

Vivian Douglas
Northview Baptist Church
Jacksonville, FL

--from SSTN: thank you, Vivian...please continue to pray for me and this
ministry. ysic, sarah <><

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6) Why Have Children's Church

>>I am interested in the rational behind pulling the children out of the
>>regular worship of the church into a so called childrens church

The rational at our church is based on child developmental stages.  Young
children don't have the capacity to understand an adult worship service.
Good children's church curriculum takes the elements of worship and
presents them in a more concrete format to which children can relate.
Children come into worship with their families and leave following the
children's sermon. In our service that allows them to experience a call to
worship, a hymn, an opening prayer and the children's sermon which is
based on the pastor's scritures for the adult sermon. Children 3rd grade
and above stay in for the entire service.
Grace and Peace,

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FREE Mother's Day Ideas and Card!

Check out our free Mother's day gift ideas in the Crafts section of the
site! Get a free Mother's Day card too when you download the Ladybug Paper
weight! Click on "Christian Crafts" from the home page of:


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7) Why Have Children's Church

In response to Why Have Children's Church    We have children's church at
our church.  All the children are in the church until AFTER the worship
time, then the students through sixth grade are quietly escorted out to
the children's church area.  That way they get to experience worship and
then learn at their level.

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8) Father's Day?

Hello. I am looking for ideas for Father's Day.  Our church always has
special cakes made for the oldest, youngest and dad with most children and
also for our pastor.  However, our Sunday school children and youth group
also like to have something for each dad.  We are doing live potted
flowers for the mothers this year and did book marks for the dads last year. I am
looking for something not really hard to do and not expensive.  Also, we
do not have Bible school but are looking to do a one night Bible school. Any
suggestions are greatly appreciated..Thanks

--from SSTN: remember to check the Archives List for more great ideas:

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9) Edible Cross Idea   

I have an edible candy cross idea for you.  You start out by taking two
full size candy bars (like Mars, Snickers, etc.).  Unwrap both and then
cut one of the candy bars in half.  Take the full bar and glue it down to
a meat tray with some frosting.  Take the halfs and glue them down to the
sides of the full bar to finish the cross.  You may want to wedge the cut
edges so they fit more closesly to the full bar.  You then take different
cake decorating tips and different colored frostings to decorate the
cross.  They all end up being unique and kids of all ages love them!

God's Blessings.

Midland, Michigan

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Ten Commandments Songs

God's Top Ten: Teach your kids The Ten Commandments with this
easy-to-learn, easy-to-sing, unforgettable choral collection. God's Top 10
is designed specifically to help your kids learn and understand the
timeless truths contained in The Ten Commandments. In the Bookstore-Music
Section of the website:


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10)  Crayon Lessons

Before opening the box of crayons, talk to the
children about the beautiful world God made for us.
Explain that he used his brightest and best colors,
(open box) He made trees and plants (remove green).  God made the
richest soil (remove black) He made oceans, rivers,
and lakes. (remove blue)  God made a warm, shining
morning sun (remove yellow) and spectacular
sunsets (remove orange).  God made different kinds of
skin color, (remove browns, tans, etc.)

When all the colors are gone, the children should name
ways that we Christians are to show God love for one
another.  We are, also, supposed to be good stewards
until he returned
 Hope this helps

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11) One day VBS vs. week long   

To Kathy in Mississippi- I too belong to a very small church where VBS has
always been a "chore" no one wants to take on. For years, it was done as a
5 day event-at night. At the best, we had 24 kids (that's our kids plus
friends and relatives.)!
  When I became the Sunday School superintendent, I thought I'd stir
things up a bit!
My first VBS was an overnight camp out at my house(I live on the side of a
mountain.) All activities focused on God and nature.
The following year we had a one day VBS based on "The Marketplace". Since
the printed material was too expensive-I made up my own.
We started at 10 a.m.,where I divided everyone into small groups. I set up
"stations" where different crafts and skills were taught( woodworking
during Bible times,weaving, scented oil making, pottery,etc.).Groups moved
on to the next stations when bells were rung(I wanted to use a ram's horn
but, none could be found-oh, well!).
Lunch was set up so everyone could have fellowship together. I served food
native to the Holy Land.
With an one day VBS, it's important to emphasize that EVERYONE is invited,
not just kids. "VBS is NOT just a kid thing" I told our church members.
In turn, we had a total of 50 people that attended and I think some of the
adults had more fun than the kids!
The one dayer worked well for us and I plan to do the same again this
year! And don't worry about expensive material-use people's talents,search
the library and internet,while sticking to your theme. Our "Holy Land" VBS
cost less than $5 a person!
It can be done!
God's blessings,
Jessica Whitaker(jwcats1@earthlink.net)

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12) Discipline for Erin

Children act out sometimes because they're bored.  Try giving them a job
to do, or have them help one of the other children.  This may not work in
your particular case, some kids just cause more trouble that way, but it
may be worth a shot.

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