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SSTN  # 49 - May 13, 2002

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1) Discipline for Denise
2) Faith Mountain ideas
3) Why have Children's Church? Response   
4) Concerning Children's Church
5) Reply to why have children's church
6) Why have children's church
7) Why have children's church
8) A note on classroom discipline:
9) Children's Church   

-> Ten Commandments Songs

10) Amen Maw
11) Animal Songs?
12) Why we have children's church

-> Your Poll Results
13) Children's Church   
14) Help for Special Needs Class?

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1) Discipline for Denise   

For your Children's Church -  All children love to be read to.  You might
try incorporating some Christian story books.  Have the older ones read to
the younger ones.  Not only will they both learn biblical history, but
they will build relationships and empathy for one another - a major life
skill that is lacking today.  Just be sure that the stories don't "talk
down" to the older ones.  If its too babyish they won't enjoy it.  Some
simple crafts might be good too; ie: get well cards for the people on your
prayer list.  Good luck

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2) Faith Mountain ideas

I teach preschool VBS, so many times the crafts that are offered are too
hard for  my little ones.  I invent my own.  This year:

Abraham- cut a foam plate in half glue together and hang with a string,
like a travel bag. Fill with trail mix. children decorate it with stickers
ore crayons.  For agame - Race to put foam balls in a suitcase, one ball
per child.

Joseph - coat pattern.  let them color it.  Play pin the coat on the
Joseph.  Or.-  Make a pattern of Joseph sitting in prison.  Cut strips of
black paper. Children paste strips over Joseph to look like prison bars.

Joshua- Set up blocks longways, let children bowl with a soft ball or
rolled upo socks, throw them to knock down the wall.

Samual - I printed out on my computer  Jesus is in My Heart.  Children
will paste it on white paper.  Then I will give them cut out hearts to
tape over the words, so thathat the words can be seen if you lift the
heart..  Play a listening game to see if they can identify who is

Jesus Play cloud toss with white balloons.

The centers that the publishers advise don't work for me.  I have about 12
three to five year olds in a VERY small space, so I need to be creative.
If anyone has other suggestions, I'm all ears.

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3) Why have Children's Church? Response   

I am responding to "Why have Children's Church" I am sorry that I can not
give you a plus for having children in Church with the adults. I
understand that you don't have opportunities to worship as a family but
there are so many other things that you can do as a family to still show
God's love to them.  Adult Church has adult messages.  Children's Church
is geared to help children understand the Bible and what's in it.  As a
child we did not have Children's Church and I remember not wanting to go.
But I can't say the same for my children they look forward to seeing which
Character of the Bible is going to pop in weekly to tell them a story.
They love the worship time.  And what better way for them to learn about
worship than with a group of friends it's less intimating.

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4) Concerning Children's Church

I have the 3-5 years olds at my church.  We process out after the opening
prayer and come back into the church after the collection.  The children
hear the gospel from a bible they can understand.  We do activities that
help them to understand the stories of Jesus on their own level.  We sing
songs pertaining to the readings.  The children pray for people in need.
We have our own collection and one child takes it up to the altar when we
go back into church.  The children are so anxious to tell their parents
what they have learned.

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5) Reply to why have children's church   

I agree that it should be a time for family worship, but I also believe
strongly that it is important for the children to receive a message that
is spoken and created in a way to reach them specifically.  I am the
Children's Ministries Director for my church and the way we have chosen to
do it is to have morning worship together.  The children remain in the
sanctuary through worship time, open altar time and pastoral
announcements.  After the special selection, children' music is played and
the children are dismissed for their own service right before Pastor takes
the pulpit.  I create their own bulletin.  We have our own announcements,
sing songs and discuss the previous week's message.  We also learn a new
bible verse each week.  Then I give them a new lesson.  We have done the
toothpaste sermon and the separation from sin sermon.  It really reaches
the children in a fantastic way.  I have gotten so many positive responses
! from families who discuss what their kids learned.  It also is a way for
the kids to be able to share with others.  It makes the Bible and the
message alot more fun.  The last Sunday of the month is Youth Sunday, the
children are the ushers, say the prayer, and share what they learned
during the month and they remain in the rest of the service.  I think it
is important for the children to receive a message that is geared to them
and that they will really listen to.  I also think we are preparing them
for how to conduct themselves in service as they get older.

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6)     Why Have Children's Church   

To the lady who asked why have children's church...I believe children's
church is important for many reasons. First of all, it allows the children
to learn
about God on their own level. As a teacher of children's church, we don't
"play" church.  We HAVE church. Our children experience intensive Bible
teaching, memorization of scripture, skits with Christian impact and music
they love. Most regular
church services cannot speak to children on their level (3 to 11 year
olds). On a Sunday morning, listen closely and note how many words are
used that a child
would not know the meaning of. They may be sitting there, but I don't
believe they are receiving much from the average church service. While I
believe it is
important for a child to learn to sit still and listen, it's very hard for
them to do this on a
continuous basis during a church service. C.C. allows them to move around
with action songs and activities. Also, at our church we have Sunday
morning services,
Sunday night and Wednesday night services. The children sit in regular
service on Sunday night and Wednesday...why not have a special time just
for them
on Sunday morning? I believe C.C. has many advantages and helps children
learn to love the Lord AND church...look back over the past 20 or 30 years
at the
average church...are the children growing up and staying or dropping
out??? I believe we'll lose them if we don't reach them early and what
better way to
reach them than children's church.--Lillie from South Carolina

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7) Why have children's church

I am a children's church worker. I feel that they can learn from the
adults just like you do, but I also feel that the preacher isn't givung
them anything they can relate too. So thats why our church has children's
church. They will be able to get stories from the Bible that they can
understand and will be able to relate to them. While up with the adults
they do and will act up, because they have nothing to do, but set there. I
know as a parent I want my child to be with me , but, I also would like
them to be learning something that they can hold on to for their life with
the Lord and Savoir. I hope this will help you know why we have children's
church. thanks, Joelene from Jackson,Mi.

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8) A note on classroom discipline:

Some years ago I had difficulties with a sweet but challenging boy in my
3 and 4-year-old class.  The class was large, and every time I had to
stop to focus on him, I lost the rest of the class.  God nudged me and
asked me to try having the rest of the class stop and pray for this boy
whenever he lost his self-control.  As young as they were, this changed
their attitude toward the disruption, and I believed it taught them more
than the lesson I was supposed to be reading. 

Just thought I'd pass that on.

Cincinnati, OH

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9) Children's Church   

>>I am interested in the rational behind pulling the children out of the
>>regular worship of the church into a so called childrens church. I feel

I totally understand your feelings.  I too believe that children belong in
church with their parents, although where I am we don't even have
children's church.  Our Sunday School is held during church with ther
children joining their families at Eucharist.  I am a single Director of
Christian Education whose one regret about being childless is that I
didn't have a chance to share my faith with my children in church.
Children learn by modeling the behavior of their parents.  For children to
get something out of church their parents need to help them, encourage the
children to stand when everyone else stands, kneel when they do and in the
case of Episcopalians have their children follow the Prayer Book along
with them.   The main rationale behind having children's church is that
young children don't understand the service, so it is better to provide a
service that fits their needs.  However the other side of that coin is
change the regular service so that it meets the needs of all ages,
children and adults.  I can deal with the previous rationale betther than
the one I get most often...Sunday morning is my time to worship and I
can't do that when my children are with me.  Like you, I believe that
parenting doesn't stop at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays.  So, I say, pull for
children to stay in worship and investigate ways to make your Sunday
morning worship open and welcoming to all ages.  MAU

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Ten Commandments Songs

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10)  Amen Maw

I agree with you 100%, I think children should be apart of the regular
church service.  That way they learn respect for the preacher when he gets
on the floor, and they are seeing what it is really all about.  To me
childrens church is what Sunday School is for. We have had several
children get saved and turn their lives over to Christ while in a church
service,if they had been elsewhere,this would not have taken place.  If
childrens church is just away to get the children out of listening to the
preacher,or taking them out so they don't disturb the preacher while he is
on the floor,it sounds like a babysitting service. Parents have a
responsiblity to their children,train them up in they way they should go.
They need to be in Church,if they get unruley, then the parent needs to do
their God given job. Didn't mean to step on any toes,but I agree with

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"Get em' in the LOOP!" 

L-eading kids to Christ,
O-ffering advice
O-pen discussion forum
P-roviding free resources

Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) Animal Songs?

I teach a multi-age class in a small church. We do not have VBS anymore
but do a summer theme along those lines. This year we are doing an
animal theme (still trying to come up with a catchy title). I am looking
for a theme song (mostly 8-12 year olds) that will keep their interest
and talk about more than 1 animal and not really center on Noah. I would
appreciate any ideas on games for this area also. Thanks again Sarah for
this wonderful resource!
May the Lord Bless your classes,
Elkton, MD

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12) Why we have children's church   

MAW noted:..." interested in the rationale behind pulling the children out
of the regular worship ... into a so called children's church...it is very
important for the children to be part of regular worship."

Our church also believes it is important for children to be involved with
adults  and to see their parents worship during the Sunday service, so we
only have the actual sermon separate from them.  We share all the elements
of service with our children:  welcome, prayer of the people, song
worship, collection and a simple children's sermon.

We see two plusses in parting at this point:  As you know from K-12
education, people have different comprehension abilities -- considering
this, we feel the children in grades 4 (or so) and below can learn best if
the sermon is taught at their ability level.  Parents also learn and "take
home" more of the sermon if they can actually hear it ( in place of "who
is touching who" or "who has to leave to go potty.")  (Consider not
hearing a complete sermon for over two months, and see my previous
personal experience in not being allowed separate time from my children.)

You and we agree that "parenting does not stop at 11am."

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Your Poll Results

The following are the results of our recent poll. Here's how we've voted
so far:

Do you believe churches should provide a variety of music styles during
their worship services?

1.)  Yes, so that young and old may enjoy the worship experience
together.    81%
2.)  Yes, but they should provide separate worship services
so that no one is offended.    9%   
3.)  No, churches should only have contemporary music.    2%   
4.)  No, churches should only have traditional music.    8%   
If you haven't voted yet, cast your vote on this page:


If you have any questions that you'd like to see placed on the polling
page...let me know!
ysic, sarah <><

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13) Children's Church   

I am responding to the question about the need for Children's Church.
It's true that the importance of being in the worship service should not be
ignored.  However most children are not being taught a reverence for being
in God's house nor are they being given instruction of what the elements
of a worship service mean.   That's what Children's Church is for - to lay
the foundation so that by the time a child is around age 8, he or she will
understand what worshiping with others means.    In our church, Children's
Church is held right before the Sunday School class and is a time of
instruction just as Sunday School is.   It's interesting to hear what
other churches do during this time.

Carla K.

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14) Help for Special Needs Class?

I'm looking for craft ideas and bulletin board ideas for a special needs
Sunday school class of students from ages 10-40 at our United Methodist
Church.   They need things that require simple skills but are not geared
toward toddlers.  Thanks so much.

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