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SSTN # 49 - May 28, 2004

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Have you .......................told..................................your friends?

1) VBS Prizes
2) Lessons on Job
3) Can anyone help
4) Spanish lessons

USA Patriotic Catcher ... Memorial Day / July 4th

5) Kidmo curriculum?
6) Construction VBS
7) VBS Prizes
8) Book of Job

9) VBS Prizes
10) Noah's Ark?
11) Where to start / VBS Prizes
12) VBS prizes

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1) VBS Prizes

Hi Sharlene,
I'm replying to VBS Prizes.  This is year will be my first time working as
a coordinator for VBS and I have a rather large congregation I'm working
with. They have selected me, b/c of my creativity and love for the youth
in our church.  Anyway, this is what I plan on doing this year for VBS
Prizes.  The first night of VBS I will be taking a picture of each
student.  At the end of the week, they will receive a badge with their
picture and name on it.  That's one prize.  The next prize will be "VBS
Coupons".  This year, they will be awarded prizes based upon the number of
coupons they collect. The coupons I am going to make on the computer, and
I will distiribute them according to their attendance, being on time,
participation, how helpful they are and how well they get along with
others, ESPECIALLY THE TEENS!! At the end of the week of VBS, there will
be a booth set up in the lobby area, and there will be a lot of prizes for
them to select from, according to the amount of coupons they have
collected (like at Chuck E. Cheeses).  And if they would like, two or
three of them could get together, and put their coupons together for one
big prize (like 2 tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain or Movie Tickets

Last year, for awards, we gave each student an award that was printed on
the computer, and a goodie bag filled with stuff we had left  over from
Halloween (our Harvest Time Party), which was like a bunch of little party
favors. and the kids love it. there is something about kids getting goody
bags that make them just go crazy.  Also this year, I've learned that if
you wrap a lot of things in cellophane with a nice bow on it, or a bunch
of curly ribbon, kids go crazy!! There may not be but a 50 cent item in
there, but they feel as though they got something really special..  Also
for prizes, churches usually have food programs, and they give away a lot
of nice stuff. Sometimes, you can get boxes of potato chips, sodas, and
fruit rollups or candy. I enjoy packaging all that together with one toy,
or a nice little tract, and that's a goody package prize right there, and
it didn't cost you a cent. 

Another good VBS Prizes are in the Oriental Trading Catalog.  They have 
lot of nice stuff! I mean tons of stuff, and they have a Christian section
too, which is so neat. You can go to their website or request by phone for
their catalog. They are a lifesaver when you don't have the time to shop
for all those type of things.   I hope I have been some help to you.

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2) Lessons on Job

Becky Connell asked for something on Job.  I have a few worksheets I made
for the book of Job.  If she will e-mail me, I will send what I have.

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3) Can anyone help
>I belong to a very small church that's just starting and has less than
>twenty members so far.We have a boy coming who's about 11 years old and
very >bright... Sharon
Sharon:  Put that 11-year-old boy to work!  Let him do puppet skits or
Bible songs with puppets in Spanish (you can find the words to songs like
Father Abraham in Spanish on the internet) to teach the 3-year-old.  Not
only will he not be bored, but he'll feel like he has a "job" or
responsibility of his own.  You may want to choose puppet skits or songs
in advance for the boy to bring home and practice.  Here's the bonus--by
preparing stuff for the three-year-old, the 11-year-old boy will be
learning Bible truths too--shhh...don't tell him!  (My daughter was in the
11-year-old's situation when we started going to our current church--I'm
grateful to kids church leader at the time who let my daughter be the
"puppet team" for the preschool group she was working with.)
Dana in Cincinnati

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4) Spanish lessons

For spanish lessons for children there is a Kids Sunday School Place that
has some spanish lessons. Some you have to pay for and some are
free.  Enjoy!
Web Site is www.kidssundayschool.com

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USA Patriotic Catcher...Download it today!

With the "USA Patriotic Catcher" kids will learn the answers to eight
basic USA citizenship questions such as, "Why did the Pilgrims come to
America?"; What is the US Constitution?, and "What does the First
Amendment guarantee?". A great activity for Memorial Day or July 4th!
Kids can make it and take it home!

Learn more at:
(you may need to copy and paste the address to your browser)

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5) Kidmo curriculum?

  I'm a Children's Church director in Oroville, CA.  We're praying about
bringing Kidmo in as a part of our curriculum in Children's
Ministry.  Have any of you ever used Kidmo or any of the Empowering Kids
(Saddleback Church) DVD based curriculums? 
If yes, what have you used?  How do the kids respond?  Any feed back you
can give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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6) Construction VBS

When looking for Construction ideas, check bob the builder birthday party
ideas on the net and then add a bible verse or change the idea somehow to
fit VBS.  My son is having a bob the builder birthday part and one thing
we are doing is to put quick-crete (concrete that sets up fast) in pie
pans and let the kids make their handprints in it.  You could have some
crosses or other religious type items they could put with their
handprint.  Hope you find many ideas.

Have a blessed day!

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7) VBS Prizes

In past years we have used “Bible bucks”. If a student learns their Bible
verse or is awarded a prize, they can bring their Bible bucks to the
“store” and purchase something. The store is just a table with small
prizes on it that were either donated by church members or purchased at a
Christian bookstore. You can use Monopoly money or make some Bible bucks
on the copier. For the last day of VBS we also have a “celebration day”
where the parents are invited for lunch. Our VBS ends at 11:45 a.m. We
have cold meat sandwiches, chips and cookies. It’s also a great way to use
up any extra snacks we had that week from VBS. The children can show their
parents around the church while it is still decorated, they sing a song
and it adds that final touch to VBS. Jeannine, Minnesota.   
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8) Book of Job

>I'm having trouble find material that is geared for 1st-3rd graders on
the book of Job. >Anyone know of any?

As you may know, the book of Job is not all that uplifting. It’s basically
about Job’s suffering by God. However, this would be a great lesson on
patience or obedience. You could do a puppet show on obedience. I have
found some great puppet scripts on Dramatix.org.  http://www.dramatix.org/

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9) VBS Prizes

At our church, we had lots of "trinkets" at different age levels (alot
from Oriental Trading Co) and the kids got tickets and got to SHOP...they loved
the shopping!

Dy in MI

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10) Noah's Ark?

I am working iwth a 2 and 3 year old class on Noahs Ark.  I would like any
ideas for music and crafts that you could help with.  I am planning to
"build" the Ark with the children out of carboard boxes.  I would like the
children to be involved in the making of the ark.  I will have them bring
their stuffed animals from home to gather animals into the ark when it is
time.  We will also gather in food supplies like Noah did.  Ours will be
things the children can eat durning snack time.  Please give me
suggestions that will add to our fun and learning.  This project will be
run from June through August.

Thank you,

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11) Where to start / VBS Prizes

When I started working with our youth, my first class was 8-12 yrs. old. 
They were not bible educated and most had never spent much time in church
during their short lives.  A site that I really love is
www.calvarychapel.org/children/site/curriculum.htrr  If that doesn't take
you right to it, just go to the calvary chapel site and go through the
  This has a coloring page, question pages w/fill in the blank, memory
verse, a word search and crossword puzzle for many bible stories, both in
old and new testament.  I now use this site for a youth bulletin.
Another good site is Daniellesplace.com.  It has bible oriented crafts and
activities and egadideas.com is another wonderful site for things to do
with the kids.  If you have a scanner, go to the local stores and find
bible activity and coloring books and scan them into a lesson.  At the end
of about four weeks worth of lessons, I would compile index cards with
multiple choice answers to the questions of the subjects we had studied
and hand out prizes for the ones who retained the most.
Sometimes I chose the subject I wanted to teach and I began in Genesis and
worked in order and just typed my subject into the search engine and
compiled the lesson from what I collected.

Regarding VBS prizes, I am really fond of Oriental Trading Company.  They
have a religious section and shipping and handling is free with $60
purchase normally.  If you can't find enough prizes for VBS to equal $60,
stock up for Christmas or back to school.  They also have 1st, 2nd, 3rd
place ribbons for competitions. Our kids are really
fond of the pencils, tattoos, and bracelets from there.  Good luck!
Anita  Joshua 24:15

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12) VBS prizes

We have used a VBS bucks process.  We had people donate toys, crafts
projects, stationary materials, etc. (Oriental Traders was also a good
place to shop - the kids love bouncy balls!) all of different values.  All
the kids would get 2 or 3 bucks just for coming.  Then they could earn
additional bucks for attending, bring a friend, memory verse, etc. At the
end of the day, they could either spend their bucks for save them for
something bigger.  They were given an envelope to keep their bucks in, and
then they were responsible for their own bucks.  The kids loved this.  We
found that doing it every night took a bit of time from the program, so
plan on doing it on the last night the next time we do VBS.


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