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January 19, 2000
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Re: S.S. team teaching.

We have our teachers go every other week or figure
out their own schedule. We advise the teams to meet together to make sure
you have the same class rules, schedule, etc. so that the kids are familiar with the rules & not learning 2 sets. Rules such as: You can talk quietly at the tables but
on the carpet for story time there is no talking.
Adrienne - CM Committee, Club 6 teacher, Fremont, CA

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>RE. Patterns for 'Jesus dolls'

I stumbled upon this site:
she has many kinds of Bible doll patterns.

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I loved all your games! I am teaching 10th grade SS and was wondering if you know where I could find some games that would be challenging enough for my crowd ? I have a room full of wonderful kids but they are in to that "I'm too cool to act like I'm interested in this " stage. I am having a hard time keeping their attention every Sunday and would love some games to give them something different. We have tried things like Bible Family Feud and Bible trivia games but they didn't go over well either. Thanks for any help you might be able to give me
Shannon Black
FUMC Enterprise AL

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I want to say, WELCOME to all the new subscribers. We have almost doubled our #'s from the first week. Not bad for being online for just 2 weeks! You can now access past S.S.T.N. letters directly from my site. Go to christiancrafters.com and click on Sunday School Teachers, scroll down to the bottom of the page for the 'Archives List'. I hope you find this helpful. I am checking into setting up an in-site search engine so you'll be able to find answers to specific topics within the archives.
If anyone can help me with this technology, I would really appreciate it!

Continue to invite your friends and coworkers to join us. We need everyone's participation to make this network a success. When you can help another teacher in the network, don't be shy, let me know about it , so I can place your answer in the next SSTN letter!

Sarah Keith<><
Your moderator@christiancrafters.com

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Dave Wildoner, SS Superintendent at Franklin Street PM Church, sent me the '2000 For Jesus In 2000' magnet. The magnets are given to the church members to remind them to invite their friends to Sunday school, and to pray for revival in their church. But I was unable to successfully scan it to share with you. However, if you like his idea, simply find a photo of a beautiful mountain scene. (His was a snow-capped mountain scene-something I'm not too familiar with here in sunny, flat south Florida!) The picture was business card size and placed onto the magnets for a business card. On the top of the picture is typed, "Go Tell It On The Mountain", at the center is the theme, "2000 For Jesus In 2000", and at the bottom is the name of his church. Here is some of what he wrote to me, "The Sunday School has been silent long enough. We have let it be that way and it's time for a change. Today, we need a voice of praise to go throughout this valley. Others can fear and tremble, but for us who know the Lord, we will shout his battle cry to go tell others. As we go, many will come to know him, and others who already know him, will be blessed and go and tell others. (Thanks for sharing Dave!)

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Dave also sent me a re-write to the song, "Go Tell It On The Mountain", something his pastor's wife, Kari Gottstein, wanted to share.

Go Tell It On The Mountain-2000 For Jesus In 2000

Go, tell it on the moun-tains, O-ver the hills and ev-ry-where;
Go, tell it on the moun-tains, That Jesus Christ is Lord !

While oth-ers kept their watch-ing O'er si-lent schools by day,
Behold through-out the val-ley There rose a voice Praise.

Go, tell it on the moun-tains, O-ver the hills and ev-ry-where;
Go, tell it on the moun-tains, That Jesus Christ is Lord !

While oth-ers feared and trem-bled We who were born again, Shouted out in glorious voices our masters bat-tle song.

Go, tell it on the moun-tains, O-vet the hills and ev-ry'-where;
Go, tell it on the moun-tains, That Jesus Christ is Lord !

Down in the low-ly valleys The humble Christians went
brought many God's salvation and others there were blessed,

Go, tell it on the moun-tains, O-ver the hills and ev-ry-where;
Go, tell it on the moun-tains, That Jesus Christ is Lord !

(Thanks to Kari G. for sharing!)

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Bible verse of the day from christiancrafters.com:

"At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children." Luke 10:21

(Scripture references are taken from the New International Version - N.I.V.)
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