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SSTN  # 51 - May 17, 2002

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-> Summer Sale On Curriculum Items!

1) Words to Jewish Song   
2) Quotation Source?   
3) Teacher Burn Out 
4) Lord's Prayer?   
5) Contemporary Worship
6) Contemporary Worship
7) Nancy...are you out there?
8) Contemporary Worship
9) Contemporary Worship

-> Interactive Lessons for Youths

10) Why have Children's Church
11) Written Lessons
12) 10 Commands Song   
13) Growing Kids God's Way   
14) Kid's crusade ideas
15) Contemporary Worship

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1) Words to Jewish Song   

Ljiljana, The song "Hevenu Shalom Alechem" means "We bring peace upon
you". Our worship leader sang it for me last night, what a great song to
teach the kids. He grew up in Jerusalem and was excited to hear about this
song being taught here. If you ever need to know the chords to play on the
guitar let me know.

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2) Quotation Source

Thank you all who responded.  Thanks to all who sent me replies. 
Thanks to Suzanne Pierce who came up with the author.

"A Hundred Years From Now...
... it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived
in, or the kind of car I drove....
...but the world may be different because  I was important in the life of
-Kathy Davis, 1993

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3) Teacher Burn Out 

The biggest reason for this is that teachers are not given the opportunity
to learn new things to keep teaching fresh and new.  We require our
teachers to have 12 hours of continuing education each year.  This can be
through workshops, conventions, or the community college (ECE classes). We
attend several conferences throughout the year -- one of them meets all 12
hours. Our teachers pay for all of this themselves, the church does not
have the budget to cover these expenses. We do a major fund raiser to pay
hotel and transportation costs to the main conference each year.
5 years ago we started having a workshop at our church to train other
teachers. This year we had people from all over TX and several other
states attend. Our teachers love sharing with others.

This gives our teachers new ideas, keeps them motivated and excited about
teaching. In addition, we have a monthly teachers meeting. At this meeting
we are always sharing new things. I assign a teacher to bring an object
lesson, one the snack, etc.  The catch is -- each item must be something
we could use in SS and must correlate with a lesson.  We have a great
time! We do not "take off" in the summer. Our teachers teach year round and it
is a privilege to teach in our church, so we never have a problem with
having enough teachers.
Hope this helps

Faith Tabernacle, La Marque, TX

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4) Lord's Prayer?   

Does anyone have any creative ideas for teaching the Lord's Prayer to
grade 5 students?

Melissa Hetherington

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5) Contemporary Worship

<Our church is toying with the idea of making one of our services contemporary, so as to <provide a comfortable place of worship for all people.  And too, we are hoping that our <church will grow as a result of being able to reach more people in different ways.
<But how all do these types of worships differ?

For a number of years our church has had two services.  The first service
is at 8:30 and it is traditional with the ministers in robes and a choir,
and we sing hymns.  The second service is at 10:15 and it is a little less
formal but the sermon is the same.  The ministers do not wear robes and
instead of the choir we having upbeat Christian music with 4 singers and
their band.  I wish there was some way that they could do a little of both
at both the services.

God bless,

--from SSTN: Joni, you are in the majority with your wish. Our recent poll
shows that most people would like to have both kinds of music during their
worship services. For those interested in our poll results, or who wish to
cast their vote, follow this link:


Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers to vote too!
ysic, sarah <><

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6) Contemporary Worship

>"We have noticed that many other churches have begun moving from the
>traditional services with Hymns that we all grew up with, to using
>contemporary songs of worship instead."

In regards to the Contemporary worship, our chuch is in a rural area and
has about 150 parishoners each week.  About a year ago we began a
contemporary music ensemble that now provides the music on the third
Sunday of each month. This is open to anyone who would like to join, and
if you cannot join in one Sunday then it is no big deal.  The group is
made up of more or less, different, the same, people each month.  It
mostly consists of people who love to sing, but would rather not deal with
the structure of traditional choir and included teens.  We have piano,
guitar, bass, and drums.  We practice after worship for about 45 minutes
the Sunday before and then for about 45 minutes before the worship service
we will be singing in.  The music is really beautiful and moving.  We have
done Rich Mullin's "Sometimes By Step"(even had the kids join in on this
one because they learned it at camp) and "Awesome God", Spirit Song, Shout
to The Lord, etc....You can find many Contemporary Christian music books
at music stores and online.

We also have a woman Pastor who is very willing to have us do new things
during service.  This year on Palm Sunday, we did a drama (more of a
narrated liturgical dance) of the Last Supper, Walk to Calvary,
Crucifixion, and Resurection.  I was the cross for this drama, all dressed
in black, and was so moved by it even being in it, that I was relieved
that my back was to the congregation through it all since I was crying
most of the way through it!
This was an exciting new way for our parishoners to feel the impact and
importance of this event.  Last year, our Pastor had many of the
characters that had a part in the crucifixion such as Pilate, Barabas,
Mary, and even Eve describing how she commited the first sin that led
humankind to that point, and they stood at the lectern giving their story
of the part they played( members of the congregations volunteered to play
these parts).  There was a different one for each week of Lent leading up
until Palm Sunday.

These services have proved to be very moving and educational and offer a
new and different flair to the normal church experience.  We do however
continue to have traditional services most Sundays and believe that this
is as it should be.  This way there is something for everyone.

I hope this is not too long and that it offers you some ideas.  Good luck
and God Bless you on your mission to enrich your church experience!


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7) Nancy...are you out there?

I was searching the net to see if I could find the words to a song I
learned in second grade. On your web site archive was a notice left by a
"Nancy" asking about the EXACT same "Ten Commandments Song" [I was
searching for.]

I was in Massachusettes in 2nd Grade (the only time I lived in the USA
until my father retired from the Air Force). It was back in 1965. Nancy
may have been in my cathicism class! The year I lived in Springfield, Mass
is the year I made my first communion. Second grade is a BIG thing for
Catholic children. Anyway, Nancy's note says she is teaching "CCD", which
means she is catholic. I, too am teach Sunday school for our catholic
church here in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Can you imagine the excitement I felt when I saw the words to a song that
two nuns in Massachusetts taught me in 1965? While I was searching for the
very words to teach my kids some 35 years later? Nancy and I may have made
our first communion together!! I grew up in the Philippine Islands and in
Germany. My father was an air traffic control officer with the NATO
forces. We moved around so often, I have few memories of elementary school
life. I went to 3 first grades schools and 3 6th grade schools. I would
love to know if 1) Nancy found the words and 2) if Nancy went to 2nd grade
in Massachusetts. I'm a very honorable person, and I just have chill bumps
from the connection.

Internet stuff is so risky, but you can look me up on my firm's web page
at www.vanblk.com. Look under Aston.
Thanks, Kathryn 

I remember the last part:
Ninth __?____ in all I think and desire each day.
Tenth I must be satisfied,not be jealous come what may.
These are Gods Ten Commandments, these I must obey, These are Gods Ten
Commandments, these I must obey.
I would LOVE to know if Nancy ever found the rest of the words.

Could you check?

--from SSTN: Isn't this just the coolest thing?
Nancy, if you're out there, let us hear from you. :o))
ysic, sarah <><

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8) Contemporary Worship

Hi to all. Our church is also considering a contemporary style service. I
bought a CD recently called Acoustic Hymns Volume 1, 25 of America's
Favourite Hymns Sung in a contemporary style,  by Brentwood Records which
I think will get us started. Of the 25 Hymns, 13 are in our hymnary, so
are basically familiar and we have the words. Several more are in various
older hymnals. The arrangements are very upbeat, and are with keyboards,
guitars, and contemporary voice sounds. I'm at a United Church in Canada,
which has a shared background with the Presbyterian and Methodist churches
of the USA, so these hymns would also be familiar to those congregations.

Betty Lou

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9) Contemporary Worship

All you need to know about how to worship God in the way HE wants, all in
one book...the bible.  I know there are many new ideas out there, and I am
a firm believer that praising Him should be (and is) fun.  Just be very
prayerful, and keep focused on what God wants, not what the world dictates
is a 'better' way to worship. Ask Him to show you the way, and He will
answer (Matt. 7:7)
With Love in Him, Kristine Bell

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Interactive Lessons for Youths

13 Interactive Lessons and Personal Devotions. Kids Learn by
Thinking and Doing.  Reproducible and kid Tested Activities. Topics
include your choice of the book of John, Acts, Romans, Galatians, Psalms
and Proverbs. Find them in the Christian Education section of the


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10) Why have Children's Church

>I am interested in the rational behind pulling the children out of the
>regular worship of the church into a so called children's church.
>Parenting doesn't stop at 11 o'clock.  Please share any
>pluses for pulling the children out. THANKS, MAW

I think that keeping kids in the "adult" service can be counter
Of course, I am speaking only from my experience, and response to my
prayers, so please bear with me.  The Word does not speak of having
separate children's service.  Our church has debated this point, and come
to the conclusion that if God wants this ministry to continue, he will
bless our efforts.  Thus far, he has, with our children's ministry growing
by 75% since last summer.  Our church includes the children in the adult
services until after communion (introduction, announcements, lord's
supper)  then I gather the kids and we go downstairs for our lesson.  All
of the kids are very respectful during the prayers, and see their parents
and other church members worshipping.  Having a child (1 year old) myself,
I know that it is often impossible to retain anything from the sermon
while looking after a small child.  I have been blessed with an extremely
patient, well-behaved child, but it is often hard to keep focused on the
lesson while changing a diaper or fixing a bottle, snack, etc.  You are
absolutely right, parenting doesn't stop at 11 o'clock, which also means
that you can't ignore the needs of your child to listen to the lesson, but
often the lesson (or significant chunks of it) are lost while attending to
those needs.  I learn at least as much as the kids in my class do, by
preparing the lesson for them.  I have been thanked by parents who
otherwise don't have the chance to really pay attention to the sermon.
The kids have fun AND learn about God, they retain the lessons the Lord
helps me prepare.  Having seen kids made to sit quietly in a pew during an
adult sermon ("seen & not heard") more often than not these kids learn to
loathe services.  My kids love learning about God in a way that is fun.
Kids learn through play, and I don't think the Saviour intended for the
natural way kids learn to be squashed just so a 'proper' family service
can be held...remember Matt. 19:14.  I hope I have not sounded too harsh,
I am just very passionate about this issue.  We must grow LOVE for God
along with obedience & discipline.  If they love Him, they will
obey (John 14:15).  We need to show kids that although he demands
obedience, Yahweh is a God of Love (1 John 4:8)...they are closer to Him
than we are (Matt. 18:3).  I hope this will provide some insight,
In Christ,
Kristine Bell

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"Get em' in the LOOP!" 

L-eading kids to Christ,
O-ffering advice
O-pen discussion forum
P-roviding free resources

Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) Written Lessons   

I have been teaching Sunday School since I was 15 and am 39 now.  I have
taught all ages, but mainly 3, 4 and 5 year olds.  We make a craft each
week pertaining to the lesson and no, my Pastor or superintendent Does Not
read or review and reject or approve my lesson.  There has to be trust
with the teachers.  Nancy Kitts

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12) 10 Commands Song   

It's on "One Way Streets Top Ten Sing Along Songs" CD  (DTS-04).


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13) Growing Kids God's Way   

>Maybe your church should consider offering the “growing kids gods way”

Growing Kids Gods Way is a very controversial program that has been
known to cause division in the church.  I recommend that churches perform
extensive research before implementing this program.  A good website to
begin your research is www.ezzo.info.

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14) Kid's crusade ideas

How about workshops on balloon twisting, magic tricks, etc for the kids.

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15) Contemporary Worship

> We have noticed that many other churches have
>begun moving from the traditional services with Hymns that we all grew up
>with, to using contemporary songs of worship instead... I know the music
>different, but what else?  Is the message typically given the same way?
>We have a lot of questions and are hoping you can help.

Our church is located in a rural area where there are many unchurched
families (with many teenagers), many of whom have never stepped into a
church building before.  We want this to be fun for them that they will
want to come back and bring more of their friends with them.  Praising God
should never be dull.  No one should ever be ashamed to praise God.
Praising God should be they most fullfilling thing we ever do.  But
sometimes we get comfortable in our setting and become afraid of what
others will think if we are the first to do something out of the norm.  We
feel it is important that these kids know you can have fun worshiping the
Lord.  Those of you who have these type of Contemporary Services, please
let me know how they are carried out and if you have received good
from them.  Thanks a million and God Bless!
Crystie, Arkansas

We struggled when first starting our contemporary service, trying Sunday
evenings, Wednesday evenings and finally going to 8:00 Sunday mornings.
We originally had lay speakers deliver the message along with a praise team
of 4 vocalists and whatever instrumentalists we could get - a drummer,
harmonica, acoustic guitar, piano and have added a bass and electric
guitar. We do a lot of contemporary music but have found ways to do
medleys of traditional songs in a contemporary fashion, i.e. "I Love You
Lord" that goes into "Nothing But The Blood of Jesus"  Our latest one we
will be doing for a concert the night before a Maranatha workshop at our
church is a medley of "This Little Light of Mine", "Soon and Very Soon"
and "God is Good".  We repeat the main verse/chorus of the first song,
sing the first verse of the second song twice and the first verse and
chorus of the last song.  We have a lot of fun with it.  We now have a new
minister who prefers to do all the sermons himself and delivers the same
sermon at both our contemporary and our traditional services.  We are
looking at changing our line-up though.  We realize that if outreach is
important (especially being a college town) that 8:00 is not conducive for
a contemporary service.  A typical Sunday morning goes like this:

An opening song by the Praise Team - overheads with words for
congregation.  If we are presenting a new song - we don't use the
Praise Team sings alone.


Set of Praise/Worship songs - usually 3-4 depending on length

Joys/Concerns - offering plates are just passed during this time -
no assigned people to stand at the end of the pews
Children's sermon

Minister's sermon

Praise sings a song for contemplation/reflection on the message -
altar open for prayer

Praise Team closes with a shortened version of opening song.

Our worship leader for the Praise Team leads the service, does the
joys/concerns/children's sermon and closing statement.

Hope this helps.  You may contact me directly at ehancock@bremwood.org.  I
am part of the Praise Team and have been from the beginning - 6-7 years

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