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SSTN # 52 - April 25, 2003

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1) Adult Interaction
2) Story of Jesus VBS   
3) Youth Ministry
4) Encouragement to Dee
5) Encouragement to Dee

--> Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

6) Fundraising?
7) White Elephant sale?
8) Story of Jesus - VBS
9) High School & College Helpers   
10) Two & Three Year Olds?

--> W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

11) Summer Class Idea   
12) Teacher Gifts
13) State of Confusion
14) Copy of "We Have A King"?
15) Free Training Courses?

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1) Adult Interaction

Dear Kay,
Since you have 10 minutes for your Opening, here are a few ideas to get
the Adults involved as well as the kids.

USe a song that involves EVERYONE walking around saying Hello to Everyone
else.  One Such song is called, "Jesus Love is Cool!"  (Something like
You shake hands with everyone and give High-fives to everyone.

Also "Ha la la la" is a another very good song for this.  You have to rub
your friend's back, squeeze a knee, shake a hand and hug a person.

These sorts of songs get everyone in the mood and gets everyone involved.

I hope this helps you.

Peace of Christ,

VBS Director/Children's Church Teacher and
Director and Firday night youth Program
Cordinator and Children's Song Leader
Brooklyn, New York

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2) Story of Jesus VBS   

Attention Nancy Kitts:
The best way to tie in the Story of Jesus VBS would be to use the story of
the three trees.  In the story each tree is used in Jesus's life.  One for
the manger, one for the boat from which he calms the storm, and one for
his cross.  This one story would tie in all of Jesus's life and use trees
as the common factor. There are many wood projects you could do such as a
popsicle stick manger, a stick cross, and even wood carve a boat. At the
end, each student could plant a tree as a symbol of re-birth or new life.
God Bless!
Lynn E. Anderson
VBS theme nut

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3) Youth Ministry

To Dee from Asia;    I have no suggestions for you.  Only support.   I
began working with the youth think that everything needed to be organized
and structured.  Oh my,  how wrong I was.   I needed to be organized, but
flexible.  Now, at age 54 I realized that kids wanting to be there is 1/2
the battle.  I applaud your spontaniety in "dancing"  or whatever comes to
you.  Kids relate to this so much.

I have received comment after comment from both parents and children that
they love to come to youth group.  We do not always accomplish our
goals...sometimes we eat, play and do our devo...but there is fellowship
and love and acceptance.  I receive hugs and smiles from those pre-teens.
I act as silly as they do, it keeps me young.  Sharing God's love is so
important and sometimes we need to come to a child's level to do it.  Keep
the faith and God bless you.

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4) Encouragement to Dee

We too find that we are in hot water with some who attends our church when
we allow the children to do something that is not the norm. I, along with
another lady in the church, have the youth. I have decided that I would
not let this problem hender our ministry any more. If we get a bad
reaction from someone telling us that for example, the children should not
dance in church, one or both of us are ready with an answer from the bible
to back up what is being done. We do a song in sign "Imagine" by Michael
W. Smith, that talks about what will we do when we finally see Jesus. Well
quiet frankly I don't feel that I will be standing still. I don't know for
sure but, if it was the christain thing to do, I would bet you I won't be
the only one dancing in heaven.

The people that usually complain have not worked with or been around
children in sometime. As adults we seem to forget what it is like to be a
child. We should remember what the bible says about to enter heaven we
must have the heart of a little child. I know that this isn't word for
word, but the meaning is the same to me.  We have had people tell us that
our music is not right for church because we should not be doing
contempary music only southern gospel. The reason they say this is because
"contempary won't be around long". I have reminded these people that they
probably said the say about southern gospel. If they really wanted to get
back to the first music we would have to have harps and flutes.

We also have to remember that the reunion in heaven will be a joyous one.
Sometimes if you listen to some of the older folks and look at their faces
and actions kids tend to think that heaven will be full of old sour faces
and a lot of old men hollering at them. We as youth directors have to help
not only our kids know that heaven is going to be a happy place, but to
find a happy balance with the older generations in our churches while we
are here on earth. Remember that we are not doing this for the Tom, Dick
or Sues' of the church we are working for God almighty who will help us
find the balance in life we need. if only we will let him. I know that
sometimes we take 2 steps forward and we feel like we are pushed 3 back
but keep pushing forward. And in the end you and your youth group will do
what the Lord has will for you.

I know that alot of churches don't use altars in worship any more but if
your church does take it to the altar and ask anyone who has had a problem
with the youth or anyone who wants to see the youth grow to pray with you.
You will be surprised at the support you really have when you think you
are by yourself. And if not one person comes with you to pray for the
youth remember that you are still not alone.


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5) Encouragement to Dee

Dear Dee,

You will be in my prayers.  I find that the best Sunday School teachers
are the ones who other people might consider to be immature.  That's
what makes us good at what we do :)

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Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

Reproducible buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions
to coordinate with your summertime VBS programs, or midweek classes.

In the Curriculum section: 

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6) Fundraising?

I thank you for constructing such a useful resource for Sunday school
teachers such as myself. I look forward to using some of the ideas
shown.Our church is strategizing  to hopefully come up with some new ideas
for our children's Sundays school. Right now our boys royal rangers are
selling boxes of candy bars to earn a custom made bike. We are hoping to
do some thing new for fundraising ideas. Any thing new would be much
appreciated. We also are in need of any supplies that other churches find
themselves no longer needing. Thank You And may the Lord Bless you and
yours. Janny Hernandez, Victory Outreach Ministries Riverside

--from SSTN: there are TONS of ideas in the Archives:

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7) White Elephant Sale?

I am the president of our small church's Women's Fellowship Group. Our
church is about 90 members strong, with close to half of those members
being women. We meet as a group once a quarter, and we are looking to
increase the size of our women's group, and to meet more often. We are
planning a TEA social, and someone mentioned having a  white elephant sale
as an activity. I am asking for assistance....on ideas on other things
that we could do do increase the participation, as well as HOW does a
white elephant sale work?

Thanks for any ideas that you can offer and God Bless.

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8) Story of Jesus - VBS

How about making murals to depict the stories. First, you can teach a
lesson. Let's say Jesus entering Jerusalem. Next talk about what to put in
the picture. It helps the kids to talk about the time period -- no cars or
electricity, no paved roads, etc. Write their ideas on a board that they
can refer to. Then give them a big sheet of paper, pencils, crayons. Have
plenty of resources for them to refer to: children's bibles and other
pictures around that they can copy. You can also have them pick a Bible
verse to attach to the mural that tells the story.

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9) High School & College Helpers   

I am from a small church and we have 2 high school youth and 1 college
student who comes to Sunday School.
They usually attend the High School/Contemporary Adult Class.

I have found out, you ask them to do something, they are happy to do it
and be with the younger children.
*   I have 2 sisters (a high schooler & college student) substitute
teaching.  They do an excellent job.
*  They have helped out in crafts.
*  They are also did the music (singing) before when our music leaders
wasn't there.  It was different selected music
   then they usually sing and now they love to sing "Father Abraham".
*  This summer I have planned different activities in the months of June,
July & August.  Which I asked these youth to
   do games once a month.  And they are excited about that.
*  Bible School -  teachers (2 of them together), games or crafts.
*  Plus make sure you ask them to help out in the Christmas Program.  Ours
don't like to be narrators but they help
   getting the children dressed and enter the children when necessary.

The 2 sisters I have are very dependable.  If I ask them to do something,
I know they will be there and do it.  And that makes things runs easy.
These are more dependable then some of the parents I have.  And I look at
it, yes they are the future teachers and leaders in Sunday Sunday.

I have found out one thing.  Ask them if they would be comfortable in
doing something first (example - being narrators).  Some kids don't like
to do certain things.

Dillsboro, IN

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10) Two & Three Year Olds?

I'm Brenda Childers.  I'm very new with the computer, the reason for
purchasing a computer was to try to find new material for my sunday school
class.  I teach two and three year olds, if you can help me I would
appreciate it.
May God Bless You,

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel Colors), the
Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God. Follow this
link to learn more:


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11) Summer Class Idea   

We have Sunday School in the Summer time.  But this year we are trying
something new since I am from a small church and our attendance is not
like it should be.

In the months of June, July & August.  We have 1 group together and not
having different classes.
  1 week - devotions, singing & playing the bells only
  1 week -  devotions,10 commandment lesson, movie & popcorn
  1 week - devotions, 10 commandment lesson & craft
  1 week - devotions, 10 commandment lesson & games

They are going to learn the 10 commandment's this summer.  1 commandment
at different weeks.  (My son has been in the Confirmation Class and he has
learned the 10 commandments and I thought if you teach these to the kids
young it will be easier on them when they attend the Confirmation Classes.

This will give the teachers a break so they don't get burned out.  So far,
the teachers and parents thought it was a good idea.
  Music & Bell Choir Director - 1 week.
  Craft Person - 1 week
  Games - High & College Students doing - 1 week
  Movie & Popcorn - a different class each month pick's out the movie and
just fix them some popcorn - 1 week.
  Devotions - I have one grandma teacher that loves to do devotions -
every week.
  1 teacher - doing the 10 Commandments Lesson (10 minutes) - 10 different
weeks, it's what ever weeks works out).

Then beginning of September, we start a new Sunday School Year, with
classes.  (Just like school.)

Dillsboro, IN 

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12) Teacher Gifts

> I'm looking for ideas for Sunday School teacher gifts.  For the last
> several years we've given our teachers live plants, but would like to do
> something different this year.  Any ideas, Donna

Here's a super idea that I've been doing this year for some teachers
(of children): There is a gal that does beautiful pencil drawings, who has
sketched a lady
outside on the lawn with children gathered around her and she is reading
of a book "Stories of Jesus". I framed it in a larger frame with a matte,
and then added this poem on the bottom, using nice paper in my computer
and a a pretty font (Script MS Bold 14 pt):  "100 years from now it will
not matter
what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I
had in my bank account, nor what my clothes looked like.  But the world
be a little better because I was important in the life of a child." 

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13) State of Confusion

>There has been a woman, for over a year now, who persists in a hateful
pursuit against >me. ...But now, I struggle again, because she has
targeted my seven year old >daughter, and she has done so at school.
...She doesn't sign in at school either.

This is a very serious issue that sounds like stalking to me.  Not signing
in at school is a serious offense at our school...the rules are very clear
about ANYONE who is not personnel signing in.  I would begin by calling
the school and asking them if they are aware that this woman is coming
into the school without signing in.  Perhaps you might explain to the
principal that you are concerned that she might be covertly harassing your
daughter.  I would also suggest that you bring your pastor (if this is
someone can can confide and trust) into the loop and solicit his/her help
as well.  School officials should take this matter very seriously.  I
would definitely not just allow the situation to continue.

Praying that you will find a speedy resolution to this situation.
God Bless, Heidi/NY  <(((><

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

14) Copy of "We Have A King"?

I am looking for the music to the song "We Have A King"  Does anyone have
a copy or a site where I can find it?  Dawn T.

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

15) Free Training Courses?

Greeting in Jesus Christ. Writing from Pakistan, I want to know a centre
where we can learn sunday school teacher training...I would love to have
training in USA or any other country but I can’t afford to pay expensive
because my family can just give me permission to go out of station and
learn God’s word to serve Him but financially they can’t support me,
myself and my sister are in ministry and we both are doing job to support
family also. We both had Sunday school training from Child Evangelism
Fellowship, & some other postal course from new and old testament and we
both are serving in children ministry we are also taking part with
evangelism teams, and other church activities(we are belongs to born again
church). We need training to work more affectively, especially with non
Christians. There for I am looking an institute or church where I can have
(help) free Sunday school training or other religious courses which can
give help to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. If you can help me in this
regards please let me know otherwise if you know any web sites where I can
have free online courses please inform me. If you can not help me in both
things still praise the Lord He’ll make a way for He is able to do
everything. May God’s blessing continue be with you with your ministry and
with all the believer in this world. Amen

In His love.

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