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SSTN # 53 - April 28, 2003

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--> W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

1) Unforgiving servant?
2) Children in Adult service Idea
3) The strong man of Iraq   
4) Teacher Recognition
5) Lord Is My Shepherd Crafts

--> Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

6) Hands On Missions Project
7) Quiet Bags   
8) The Lord's Prayer Dialogue
9) Integrity of the Bible
10) Ice Breaker game   

--> God's Top 10

11) Rewards - Incentives
12) Patriotic Skit?
13) Discipline   
14) Difficult Children Need Love
15) You'll Be Rewarded

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns. Make "The Colors of Christ" (Gospel Colors), "The
Ten Commandments", "The Beatitudes", and "The Promises of God". Follow
this link to learn more:


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1) Unforgiving servant?

I am working on a lesson for grades 1-3 about the unforgiving servant
(Matthew 18: 21-35). The lesson will focus on our need to forgive others.
I'm looking for activities, games, and crafts.


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2) Children in Adult service Idea

At our church we set a time during worship services to have a short time
for ministering to our young children right in front of the whole church.
The children come to the front row and a teacher (teashers can take turns)
gives a short interacting object lesson and prayer. The children are then
excused to go to there SS class.

It all started out based on a Jewish time called "Taste and see the Lord
is good.
We went through the alphabet one letter a Sunday and had the children
guess a word in the bible that correspond with that letter of the
alphabet.  After many guesses and the wrong word the leader had in mind
the leader would explain the word they were thinking of and then pass out
a cookie made with like the alphabet letter for that Sunday. All the
adults and children enjoyed the time that was spent that we expanded to
the object lesson time, called Children ministry.

The whole church get to see first hand the teachers and how they teach.

I hope this gives some a good idea to present at thier church.
Jan Rowan

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3) The strong man of Iraq   

I was struck today by words from a report written by Christian workers
in the Middle East just before the war in Iraq began. They wrote that,
after prayer and fasting, they were being led to pray for the downfall
of the "strong man of Iraq."

Less than an hour before reading this report I had seen the pictures of
Saddam's statue hauled to the ground. A bronze symbol of Iraq's strong
man had been brought down. And Saddam himself and his decades of tyranny
over Iraq seem near to an end.

But I believe our brother and sister were speaking of another power, a
different strong man. One who is to Saddam as Saddam is to that statue.
One of whom Saddam is only an outward and visible sign.

Let us re-double out efforts to join with our brother and sister to pray
for the downfall of the strong man of Iraq who has held the peoples of
that region in bondage, not just for decades, but for millenia.
(Ephesians 6:12, 18)

Let us pray that the King of Kings will take dominion over that land and
bring those there He loves so dearly into His Kingdom. They have
suffered so very long as slaves of the enemy, the strong man of Iraq.

With Jesus' glorious love,

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4) Teacher Recognition

A quick and easy idea for teacher recognition is baskets.

Purchase a nice basket for each teacher. Then have the children bring
something to help fill it up.  It could be books, candies, teas,
cards..... The list is endless.
The kids love to show their teachers love.  If you are doing this without
the childrens help then you could put in a few Devotional time Items.  A
prayer book for teachers, a box of flavored teas, some note cards,
Chocolates, ect..  Again there is no stop to what you can put in a basket.
And if you have alot of teachers you can normally get a discount when
ordering a large amount of the same book  just ask for it.

I use a basket for all kinds of recognition. 

Hope this helps!
:-) God Bless

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5) Lord Is My Shepherd Crafts

Check the Archives: 

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Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

Reproducible buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions
to coordinate with your summertime VBS programs, or midweek classes.

In the Curriculum section: 

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6) Hands On Missions Project

If your Sunday School class would like to be involved in
missons in a hands on way, email me at johndebbiezacabinic@itsfast.net
and I will send you a letter about my trip with Josh McDowell's Operation
Carelift to St. Petersburg and Pskov, Russia January 25-February 8, 2003;
a picture from the trip; and a list of things your class can collect and
send to me that I will take to the Russian orphanages when I return in the
summer. Thanks, Debbie

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7) Quiet Bags   

For our children during church, we have quiet bags.  One of our ladies
took some material this past summer and sewed them up like a book bag.  In
it, they have coloring pages &  blank paper in a folder, pencils, crayons
and then any number of different "quiet" toys.  We have books, vinal(sp?)
stickers books (the reusable kinds), small dolls, cars and trucks, small
plastic animals, stencils, mini magna doodles, small stuffed animals -
anything that would be fun - but quiet.  I have everything at my home
(since we rent a building and don't have access during the week), and I
make the bags up in 2 groups: one for preschool and one for elementary
age.  Our regular children have their names on their bags and then we have
some for guests.  I sewed a piece of heavy plastic to the front of the
bag, and the name is written on a 3X5 card and slid into the plastic
sleeve.  Under that, I have an inventory of what is in that bag that week.
The parents are responsible to make sure that everything is returned back
into the bag when the service is done.  We have twin little boys who just
turned 3, and since having the quiet bags, their parents have been able to
stay in service much more often.  It has also cut down on a lot of in and
out by the children.  All the things in the bag are washable, either in
the washing mahine or by hand. Most of them I got either in a thrift
store, or were donated by church members.  Sorry this is so long - I hope
it helps someone.

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8) The Lord's Prayer Dialogue

>dialogue between a child and God.  Example:  Our Father
>Who Are in Heaven (child), Yes (God).

I have seen several versions---here are 3 sites---each one is slightly
different, but the same idea.

Hope these are what you're looking for.

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9) Integrity of the Bible.

I agree with JJ's comments on April 10th ( SSTN 47) that the
creation/evolution debate is not essential to our faith. However, I
believe that he/she, together with the other contributer on the same day
(titled Jamie Nettles on evolution), have both missed the point.

What we are debating here is not whether creation or evolution is true
That will always be futile, because Science can never prove that one way
or the other, as we are dealing with the past when no one was around to
observe and record it. Incidentally Dr. Kent Hovind
(www.drdino.com/cse.asp ) is offering a $250,000 reward to anyone who can
give ANY scientific proof for evolution. I suspect, however, that he knows
that his money is safe!  No, rather it is the integrity of the Bible that
is being questioned, and I am sure that everyone would agree that this is
essential to our faith.

Time and time again, the Bible has been shown to be correct in its
scientific pronouncements (yes, some people were reluctant to accept the
fact that the earth rotates around the sun, but contrary to what your
contributer implies, the Bible does not teach that the sun rotates around
the earth). The question is "Do we accept the authority, infallibility and
integrity of the Bible ? " Is the Bible true or not? If you disbelieve or
doubt some parts of the Bible, then please be honest about it. However, if
that is the case, how are you going to answer children who ask, for
example, why you believe the part of the Bible that talks about the death
of Jesus, but not the part that talks about the beginnings of the earth?

You will never be able to teach children everything that is in the Bible,
but if you teach them that God is the author, that His Word is true and
can be relied upon,  and then create in them a desire to check it out for
themselves, you will have made a good start.

Maurice Sweetsur

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10) Ice Breaker game   

Wrap a small gift that could be for any gender.  Keep an eye on who was
the first guest to arrive but do not say anything about it.  Sit everyone
in a circle.  You begin by holding the gift and stating your name and a
form of transportation on how you came to be here today/tonight.  The way
you came here must begin with the same letter that begins your name,
example: my name is Dianne, therefore I would state: "My name is Dianne
and I came here today on a Donkey." Notice Donkey starts with a D as my
name does. After making that statement you would then state while passing
the gift to the next person, "and this is a wiggly, squiggly,worm.   Now
that person will do the same thing you just did only using their own name
and transportation. Go around until everyone has done this.  When all have
done this  you state " Who was the first guest to arrive?" Once that is
established, you hand the gift to that person and state, "We all know, the
early bird gets the worm!"  It is a cute game.  Dianne, Valhermoso, AL

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God's Top 10 - Understanding God's Love In The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments contain many "Do Nots". They teach us God’s holy
standard and show us how far we fall short of his perfection. But they are
more than this; in these "Do Nots", one can find a positive message: a
message of God’s love. (Developed by Sarah Keith for Kindergarten to 5th
grade) Follow the link below to learn more:


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11) Rewards - Incentives

I would like to share my experience with incentives.  I give each child a
lunchbag and we hang them all on the wall or someplace convenient.  I
bought some of those bible gold coins from Oriental Trading Company.  When
they are all in a bowl they look like treasure!  Then, each child gets a
coin for coming.  I review old basic lessons like the ten commandments,
fruits of the spirit, days of creation, names of disciples, books of the
bible etc... and give each child a chance to name one of these items
(whichever one i choose that Sunday) and they get a coin for each answer
until no one can answer anymore,  This works great for review because I
have found that if you don't consistently review, they FORGET!  And for
those of you struggling with discipline problems, I also TAKE BACK a coin
for bad behavior, name calling, etc.  They can spend their coins every
Sunday after Sunday school at the Sunday school store which is a large
locked cabinet stocked with snacks, drinks, toys, ...anything I find at
dollar stores, on sale, clearance, donated, etc.  The kids love it and
their Sunday school offerings pretty much cover the expense of the store.
Almost every week at the beginning of class we have a "What's new in the
store" time to introduce new items purchased for the store.  They really
love that.  I find lots of bargains after Christmas, clearance, and
salvage or discontinued type stores like Big Lots.  Each item has it's own
price depending on how desirable and how expensive it was.  My minimum
price for an item is 3 coins, but I have gone as high as 15 coins for
larger items.  It's fun to watch the "savers" vs. the "spenders".

N.Georgia,  6-9 year olds

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12) Patriotic Skit?

I am looking for a Patriotic skit our children and youth can perform for
our Church Fourth of July Celebration.  Do you know of any?
Thank you,
Penny Hays

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13) Discipline   

I too dealt with many 'bus' children while I attended a large church.   I
was in charge of about 20-30 preschool and kindergarten children.   Many
of the children were disruptive.  After several sit-down-talking-with-them
meetings I came to the conclusion that disruptive behavior a lot of times
(not always) is due to hunger.   So between Sunday School and church
service I engaged the teens to help me for a few moments.   The children
were escorted into a classroom by the teens where they received a drink of
koolaid or juice and a nutritional snack (a baggie of oat O's, graham
crackers, etc).   This truly was a help to the children and to me as it
gave me time to prepare between SS and church.  Many of the bus children I
worked with never got breakfast.  Some even went to bed hungry the night
before.   "Give a glass of water in my name......."
Dianne, Valhermoso, AL   

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14)  Difficult Children Need Love

After several years of serving in children's ministry there is one thing
I know for sure and that is that the children who are the hardest to
love are the ones who need it the most.  I have found it most helpful to
be proactive rather than reacting to bad behavior.  Rather than focusing
on what the punishment will be, look for ways to avoid the problems, the
children might be bored, or perhaps simply looking for attention and
have learned that "bad" attention is better than none.  It is so
important to build a real relationship with these children, once they
really FEEL your love and acceptance, their behavior starts to change.
Find ways to make THEM the leaders, to really INCLUDE them in the
service.  Remember they have probably been sent there because someone
doesn't want them around, show them that church IS the place they will
not be rejected, but will find a family and relationships and real
caring.  You may be the only adults in their current lives who are
showing what love is suppose to be, doing what Jesus would do. It's all
about the relationship!  Jill

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15) You'll Be Rewarded

You will be rewarded by God for your faithfulness.  Churches today needs
faithful christians like yourself.  Sometimes we go through trial and
tribulations, just sometimes it is only a test to make us stronger, not to
tear us down.  Sounds like you are very talented in what you do, and I
thank God for you.  People will sometimes discourage you, but keep on
praying.  God knows what we are going through, he may not when we call
right them, but He is right on time.   Sometimes Satan try to put
stumbling blocks in our way to discourage and stop our growth.  If God
gave you a ministry to do it, please don't let anyone doubt your
character.  Sometimes some traditional church have a habit of wanting
things done the way their mother, father, grandmother done things.   It's
time for people to realize that it is not about them, it is about God and
all praises goes to Him.  See people needs to realize that the reason God
is putting new things in people mind today is because the old way was not
working.   God is getting ready to do a new thing in today's society , the
old way wasn't holding the attention to God's people.   Just hold on, God
hear your cry, either He will remove the stumbling block or He will remove
you from that place.  At the old church I was from was just like that.
People want to be lifted up instead of lifting God up.  The race is not
given to the swift nor strong, but the one who endure to the end.  Just
listen for God's voice, He will let you know when enough is enough and He
will give you peace behind it.  See Satan knows if he can take your joy,
he have you where he wants you at.  Sometimes people will try  using you,
start practicing saying no. Keep on praying, keep your head up.   I know
how you feel, because I been in your shoes before. Sometimes people are
not willing to give a holy filled idea a chance because
God did not give it to them.   They have not realized yet that just
because God did not give it to them, does not mean that it did not come
from Him.    Can't everyone do the same thing, so God gives us all
different gift, so they all will come  together to magnify Him. God has an
annointing on you, just hold on.  Things will come to pass as He said it
would. Pray and ask God to prepare the way for you to be able to talk to
the pastor about some of these things.   May God continue to bless you
with wisdom and knowledge.  If there is anything I can do let me know, my
email is  sacopeland82@hotmail.com.

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