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SSTN # 53 - June 9, 2004

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USA Patriotic Catcher

1) The Ten Song with motions
2) Sunday School Sports?
3) Noah's Ark 2-3 year olds
4) Slime Follow up

Lessons For Summer

5) Noah's Ark for ages 2-3 ?
6) Family Communion Service?
7) Kidmo Curriculum
8) Construction VBS

Chalk-It-Up ... Fellowship Fun!

9) Used VBS Curriculum to give away
10) Rickshaw Rally
11) VBS prizes
12) Holy Books Rap?

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USA Patriotic Catcher

With the "USA Patriotic Catcher" kids will learn the answers to eight
basic USA citizenship questions such as, "Why did the Pilgrims come to
America?"; What is the US Constitution?, and "What does the First
Amendment guarantee?". A great activity for July 4th!
Kids can make it and take it home!

Learn more at:
(you may need to copy and paste the address to your browser)

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1) The Ten Song with motions

Love God first, love God only
love God's name and day
and honor your parents
don't kill, don't break your vows
don't steal and don't lie
and don't covet what somebody else has

The ten commands, the ten commands
I could never do the stuff the law demands
but on the cross the Son of Man
gave me grace and glory and a place to stand
the law won't budge, the law won't bend
you can't do nothin' 'bout one through ten
they teach me 'bout Jesus my Savior and friend
the ten, the ten, here we go again

love (fist thumps chest)
first (finger)
only (thumbs and fingertips make an O)
name (two fingers tap badge)
day (two fingers tap wrist)
parents (arms form covering overhead)
kill (chop)
break vows (pull ring)
steal (grab and pocket)
lie (forked fingers from mouth)
covet (eyes wide, hands reach like Frankenstein)

The 10 commandments are fulfilled in Jesus:
Jesus completely obeyed the 10 so that he could
pay for my lawbreaking. Jesus lives inside my
life. I am no longer judged by the law, but by my
faith in Jesus. This is orthodox doctrine every
Christian believes. So why do I need to know the
10 commandments since I have passed out of the
old covenant into the new? In the old tabernacle,
the stone tablets were kept in the ark of the
covenant, which was kept in the holy of holies.
We ourselves, as God's children, have become that
tabernacle. The stone tablets that were in the
tabernacle are now in us. So the proper use of
the law now is as the Psalmist says, "I have
hidden your law in my heart that I might not sin
against Thee." His commandments in our hearts as
a map, not on our backs as a burden; His
commandments as a light to our path, not as a
hanging judge lying in wait for our least
mistake. The 10 commandments convict the heart of
the unbeliever, but they are channels of blessing
to the believer.
Copyright - 2004 Alan Root - 2004 Kidrock radio

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2) Sunday School Sports?

Our church based in Durban, South Africa, is holding a
Sunday School Sports. My group team name is Exodus. Does
any one have ideas on songs, costumes for mascot, badges or
anything that will get the kids revved up for the event. I
would appreciate any assistance.

God Bless

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3) Noah's Ark 2-3 year olds

we just finished doing this activity with our similar age group of
children. One of the activities we did was we had pairs of animals on
strips of paper. These strips of paper were fed through the doors of an
ark picture and then taped into a loop so that the children can make the
animals enter the ark.

The other Idea we had was to make an ark mobile. With the picture of the
ark at the top and then 3 different pairs of animals as the mobiles.

The one other surprise we had for the children was we hung a rainbow on a
clear shower curtain and hung this outside by the door. The curtain was
pulled over the door and when in the story God gave the rainbow as a
promise we opened the curtain and there was the rainbow the children were
delighted by this and we had some trouble containing their enthusiasm to go
and touch the rainbow.
Hope this helps
Rachel Onions - Australia

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4) Slime Follow up

In response to----Slime Recipe is putty---
I'm the one who originally requested the slime recipe.  Thanks for all of
the responses, but the person who responded and said this is like putty is
exactly right.  I have found a recipe that supposedly is the "Nickelodeon"
version.  It is apple sauce and green food coloring. I'm afraid the food
coloring will stain.  But I also saw another version that uses lime
I'm testing these versions.  Once I find the concoction that works best I
will respond with the recipe and that way it will be in the archives in
case any body should need it.  My kids are so excited that they are going
to have the opportunity to get "slimed".   Thanks to everybody for your
Sherri in Indiana

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Lessons For Summer

What can bugs teach children about Jesus? More than you think!
In "Goin' Buggie For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever", children will learn
important Bible truths using hands-on buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions. Great
for mid-week classes or a refreshing change of pace during the Sunday
School hour! Learn more in the Curriculum Creatives store at:

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5) Noah's Ark for ages 2-3

We did an extended Noah's Ark study for children aged preschool through
grade 5.  One of the more memorable items we did, which included the
preschoolers, was building the Ark.  It was made with cardboard.  But each
week, the children had a question to answer.   The question would be
written on a piece of paper attached to the cardboard which became the
Ark.  You could do the same thing with paper and attach it to the boxes
that make up the Ark.  The parents enjoyed looking at the questions and
the answers.  It was easier to develop questions for the older children. 
For preschoolers it might be a question that would encourage sharing or
following the golden rule.  It was a unexpected opportunity to stress how
to live as Jesus would have us do.

Terri Satterwhite
Monticello UM Church
Shawnee, KS

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6) Family Communion Service?

Hi, I'm looking for some feedback and/or ideas for a family communion
service.  I'm looking for meaningful ways for individual families to share
communion/worship and prayer time together.  Has anyone done this before
or have any ideas?  Some potential problems are the ages of children, I'd
like to be able to have a program that would include all ages at some level and
still be meaningful and relevant to each one.


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7) Kidmo curriculum

>We're praying about bringing Kidmo in as a part of our curriculum in
>Children's Ministry.  Have any of you ever used Kidmo or any of the
> If yes, what have you used?  How do the kids respond?  Any

I haven't used either curriculum, but here's what others
have said from the Network area of  www.kidology.org  where
someone asked the same question about KidMo...

--from SSTN: visit the link to see what others have said.
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8) Construction VBS

The younger kids at my church love building with empty food canisters and
boxes. You can get lots of different shapes, ie: oatmeal canisters, cereal
boxes, tissues boxes, tubes, diaper wipe containers, the list could go on
and on. Have them build a temple as a group or their own creation. My
guess is the big kids would get in on this too. Lego's are always great,

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Chalk-It-Up ... Fellowship Fun!

Encourage creativity in kids with 22 Awesome Outdoor Games Kids Draw With
Chalk. Fun and wholesome activities for parties, icebreakers, and
friendship building! Use them at church, school, youth groups, or for
family-time get-togethers! Comes with a pack of marble sidewalk chalk, a
recipe to make your own chalk, and directions to make some unique game
accessories. Includes games for older and younger kids
(K-5th grade)! Get two sample games and learn more at:


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9) Used VBS Curriculum to give away

Our church has curriculum materials we have used of Amazon Outfitters,
Rickshaw Rally and Son Seekers we would like to share. The only thing we
need for them is postage. Please reply to linda @marklindab@wmconnect.com.
Thank you. Linda

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10) Rickshaw Rally

We have just completed our unit of Rickshaw Rally, and I would be glad to
share ideas we found out that worked, etc if you woul dlike to contact me.
Linda at:  marklindab@wmconnect.com.

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11) VBS prizes

At the end of our "S O S" (Military themed) program last summer, we had a
planned "R&R" which consisted of several different games for the soldiers
to play. Each game site was held in a different room of the church. The kids
had a different twist to earn their prizes. They were asked to recite SOS
program memory scriptures or answer a review question from their lessons
to gain entrance to each individual game room.

The soldiers had been informed of the planned R&R at the beginning of the
SOS program and reminded of this each meeting briefing. They were
challenged: retaining the knowledge from each meeting would help them to
unlock the game rooms at the R&R.

At each meeting the "soldiers" were challenged to memorize the "secrets".
Hiding God's Word in their hearts took on a new meaning to them. Although
there was a monetary gain at the end of the SOS Program - the kids really
did pay attention and retained scripture and facts that they may have let
enter in one ear and out the other - had they not realized there would be
a pay-off for them.

The games were simple - like ring toss - ball toss into numbered muffin
tins - fishing pond (magnetic fish with numbers) etc. and an obstacle
course -- in the dark (a favorite - yet no prize) --- however we did give
the games military maneuver names (like Bombs Away) - as not to give
reveal what game was behind the secret door.

We put our teens and/or college and career students to work manning the
game room entry doors and asking the questions of the soldiers.

The children were required to answer a review question or say a memorized
scripture - then only one at a time, they were allowed into the specific
game room - play the game - win the prize and then leave. This really
built the intrigue.

The prizes were donated by other church members - bought from donated
money at the local Dollar Tree - or purchased from Oriental Trading Co. We also
offered cookies, candy, soft drinks, and bottled water (a favorite) for
prizes as well.

One thing that really surprised the workers --- we had about 15 minutes at
the end of R&R - some of the kids wanted to trade prizes with other. We
gave them 10 minutes to trade anything they wanted with someone else.
There was a frenzy of trading and no one left with items they didn't want.
Some traded up in value - some down in value - some just gave prizes that
they just didn't want to others - and everyone was so happy when they left
the R&R. The kids still talk about the SOS, R&R - and yes, we will do it
again this year.

Emmalea Butler
Trafalgar, IN

--from SSTN: Emmalea's SOS curriculum is located in the sermons section
at: http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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12) Holy Books Rap?

The Holy Books Rap by Paul Woods I can't find this anywhere! I've
tried Borders, the Google search engine, Christian Crafters Bookstore, any
Karen Young

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