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SSTN # 55 - May 2, 2003

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--> Graduation Gift

1) Easy Indian Costume no sewing
2) Miracles of Jesus
3) Graduation Gift?
4) Mother's day Program?
5) Discipline

--> Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

6) Teacher Appreciation Videos?
7) Scuba VBS   
8) Tolerance, compassion, acceptance, understanding, LOVE   
9) Wordless Books Crafts

--> NEW-LIFE PUPPET patterns 

10) Scuba VBS
11) Wordless Books Crafts
12) Lighthouse VBS?
13) Fruit of the Spirit game
14) SCUBA vbs   

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Graduation Gift

Give your graduating class, FaithShapes! ® - the premier card game of
Christian symbols. The 64 cards are beautifully illustrated with
historical explanations and Scripture verses. Shape their faith with
"FaithShapes" ®.


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1) Easy Indian Costume no sewing

This costume ingeniously transforms a plain pillow case into a neat
looking Indian dress and extra instruction for one feather or several
feathers headdress with no sewing.

Materials for Indian dress
1 Pillow case  Tan or white
This regular pillow case fits a small 4 yr. old or a king size pillow
case for an old child
Black and red permanent markers or fabric paint.
(Black color will work fine) (Paint optional)
Indian symbols

Materials for Indian headdress
Card board or construction paper, Permanent marker,  Scissors, Paint

Step 1:
Clip a neck hole and slit in the center of the pillow case (where the
pillow case was originally sewed together).
Fold back the neck slit to make a collar
Step 2:
Cut about 2" down on each of the sides of the pillow case. This is the
arm holes. Cut 3/4 inch fringe at the top of the side slits (where the
pillow case was originally sewed together).The top of the pillow case
where your neck hole and collar were cut.
Step 3:
At the bottom of the pillow case cut 3/4 inch fringe all the way around
the bottom.
Step 4:
Slide a piece of card board in between the pillow case. Make it taunt so
the markers will not smudge. Draw your Indian symbols in random areas on
the front of your costume. Do the same to the back of the costume.
Step 5:
Get your camera out and snap pictures. Your youngster will be mighty
proud to model for you.

Step 1:
Draw yourself a feather template on some construction paper and cut out
as many feathers in varies colors or just one color as you want. You can
also use cardboard for stronger feathers and paint or color with crayons
on them.
Step 2:
Make a head band out of something flexible. Construction paper in a
couple layers will work if you plan on have several feathers, be sure to
make a tie string at each end of the head band. A flexible head band from
Wal-Mart would work great to put two feathers into.

Note: More feathers would make one a chief.
One feathers a young brave. The more feathers one has on the head band is
a different meaning to Indians. Do a study on the Internet or library to
see what the feathers mean.
If you want a picture of the one I made up with the same instructions
written above here then email me at jrrowan2@aol.com
With Indian costume in the subject line.

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2) Miracles of Jesus?

We are trying to plan our Bible school this year ourselves, and the theme
we want to use is "Miracles of Jesus", and would love to have some ideas
for all the age groups. Suggestions on crafts, lessons, decorationg, all
would be a great help.   Thanks so much! Christina Penley

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3) Graduation Gift?

Hi, everyone
I need some info on a nice little gift to give to our graduating seniors.
Our church usually has a special time set aside during service for our
graduates.  We give them a bible with their name inscribed and a check for
$50.00.  We usually only have about 4 or 5 each year.  I would like some
suggestions of something else we could give them.  Nothing expensive, but
something that would be memorable for times to come.
Thanks for your help.

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4) Mother's day Program?

Hi , I'm looking for  a mother's day  program for ages 3-5. We are having
a Mother's Day program in church and I need something simple for the
Nursery Class. I would appreciate it  very much If  you could help me. You
can e-mail me at rsswhite@nf.sympatico.ca , yours in Christ Renetta

--from SSTN: please reply to SSTN so everyone can share your knowledge.
thank you! sarah <><

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5) Discipline

I am shocked to read that so many people are asking about ways to
discipline kids in Sunday School. I am the Superintendent of the Mt
Methodist Sunday School in Sri Lanka. We have 60 children between the ages
of 2 and 17 on roll of which we have about a 65% regular attendance every
Sunday. We have always had some extremely naughty children but the
we take is that Sunday School should be different to regular school. No
detention, time out, punishments and any disciplinary methods that might
cause embarrassment to the child and stop them from attending Sunday
School. We pull them up when necessary in a gentle manner and this is well
received by the children who appreciate the special love and treatment
receive. I have found that making the naughty children feel important like
giving them tasks like reading the Bible aloud, being in charge of another
child or activity, helps them to turn over a new leaf. Most important,
for the children and their special needs.

I would like all Sunday School teachers to remember this poem which I have
printed out as a book mark and given to all the teachers in our Sunday
School. I found it in a book of inspirational poems and do not know who
author is.


A diamond in the rough, is a diamond sure enough,
For before it ever sparkles, it is made of diamond stuff!

For the rest of the poem, email:
work:  lakshmans@eureka.lk
or at home:  sandra@panworld.ws


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Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

Reproducible buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions
to coordinate with your summertime VBS programs, or midweek classes.

In the Curriculum section: 

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6) Teacher Appreciation Videos?

My question is this: I'm looking a place to purchase video clips or even
videos that pertain to appreciating teachers. Any ideas, leads or
suggestions, would be great! Each year we have a service designed to honor
all of our childrens church volunteers, public, private & homeschool
teachers/administrators. During that service we want to show a video clip
or powerpoint that honors teachers or even a song that can have pictures
put to it.

Thanks so much!
Cindy Barber
Director of Elementary Ministries
Kalamazoo Valley Family Church
Portage, MI

--from SSTN: for those responding, please include product codes for the

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7) Scuba VBS   

To Lori and anyone else doing SCUBA:
First thing you have to do is get on Group's message board. Go to
groupvbs.com & click on Message Board. There are literally hundreds of
from people all over the country who are doing Scuba & the ideas they've
come up with are amazing. There's decorating ideas, craft and snack
alternatives, game ideas, publicity, fundraising, links to other sites,
name it. If you have any specific questions, or just want someone to
ideas off of, email me. I'm always looking for new stuff & would be happy
help in any way I can. My address is below. Hope to SEA you on the board!

Jen Hart

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8) Tolerance, compassion, acceptance, understanding, LOVE   

Several months ago I responded to what I felt were very harsh disciplinary
ideas. I had gotten to the point of utter frustration with some of the
posts and suggestions about how we should "send the child out" or other
harsh statements and actions...
I am relieved to see in this last newsletter that I am not alone in my
feelings of compassion, tolerance, acceptance, understanding, and love for
these children.
I am a mother of four. My 8 year old has autism. Sometimes, he is not a
really fun person to be around. He needs God's love...we all do....I have
to show him every day, and in every way how much God loves him. I can't do
this by REMOVING HIM from his Sunday School Class folks. How does this
possibly make any sense at all? We have a very hard job as teachers. BTW I
am also a certified elementary teacher in my state...
It is a very hard job...but, we are called....not to make the child feel
shamed, or bad, but to know God's love...right???
Well, creativity, perseverance, and PRAYER! we have to keep trying...find
a way to make your class OK for that disruptive kiddo...what is happening
that is making it hard for him? find the cause, then figure out how YOU
can change. Sounds hard, yes, it is...what is the final result we are
looking for? Are we not out to show these children God's love? Did anyone
ever ever tell you that following Jesus would be easy? no, I don't think
I'm sorry if this sounds like a lecture. I am sad that our world has
become a place where children are expected to fit into a mold that is
impossible for most. We are all unique and special in God's eyes...the
child that is disruptive today is your unique challenge...maybe he will be
the pastor of your church someday...because you took the time to recognize
his own unique qualitites and helped him to develop and feel a part of
God's loving family. You will not lose the other children in your
class....make them a part of this community. We all need to be needed and
wanted and loved...we all play a very special part in God's family...find
a niche for your kiddo's. This is the biggest thing you can do for
them...in this way, you can make a difference.


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9) Wordless Books Crafts

> Everyone is familiar with wordless books and the theories represented by
> each color.  Does anyone have any other craft or lesson ideas that use the
> same colors representing the theories? Thanks for your help. Lorena in

We've made little caterpillers to wear on our shirts, using the Wordless
book colors - little pompom balls glued together, with eyes on the front,
and a safety pin glued on the bottom.


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When assembled, New Life Puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole
to a frog, or a caterpillar to a butterfly. They're easy-to-make and
children will learn about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free
puppet skit too!
In our Curriculum section:


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10) Scuba VBS

Hi, this is in response to Lori who was looking for ideas for the VBS
S.C.U.B.A. There is a web site that is devoted to S.C.U.B.A. It includes
items that you are looking for. The site is
http://www.gbgm-umc.org/harrodcharge/scuba/directorinfo. I'm hoping that
this will help you. I'm the VBS director at our church and we are doing
S.C.U.B.A., but we don't buy the craft kits. We plan our own related
There are also ideas on the Group Publishing site, www.groupvbs.com. God's
blessings and good luck! Ruth

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11) Wordless Books Crafts

They can make a bean bag with 4 square colors black, red, white, and green
on one side and one solid color (gold) on the other side. Sew it togethere
and fill with pellets or some knid of pea or bean.

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12) Lighthouse VBS?

I am looking for craft suggestions to go with the Lighthouse VBS theme.
We expect to have 60 children this year ranging from ages 3-12.  Thank you
for your suggestions.

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13) Fruit of the Spirit game

>Esther asks:
>I work with 7-9 year olds.  I am planning to study the Fruits of the
>Spirit next quarter in Sunday School, taking one fruit for each Sunday.
>I would like any ideas on crafts, activities, games, stories (both Bible
>and otherwise), and decorating. 

I know of a cute game.
Print out on card stock paper apicture of the written words of the Fruits
of the Spirit and / or a graphic with the words. Make a set of two each
and use these large cards for a floor game of match the card. Kids love
games to help them more make a small set for them to take home.
Also this game can be made with other subjects
Hope this helps. Jan Rowan

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14) SCUBA vbs   

My church is also using the SCUBA VBS.  You can look up ideas on this
website (www.christiancrafters.com ) if you type in each day's specific
Bible story.  There is a message board that the publisher of that VBS
set up.  Tons of information there. (that one is www.groupvbs.com )there
is also another helpful website

Emilya in Ohio

Also, thanks, Sarah, for putting your time into this newsletter!

--from SSTN: you are welcome. Please remember me in your prayers.
ysic, sarah <><

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