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SSTN # 57 - June 30, 2005

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--> July 4th  DOWNLOAD  Activity!

1) Teen Boys Book
2) Shrek-like VBS Crafts?
3) Outer Space Theme

--> Psalm 23: The LORD Is My Shepherd ... VBS

4) Youth Ministry
5) Emmalea's poem
6) Beach Blast
--> Chalk-It-Up ... FOR SUMMER FUN!

7) Whole Family SS?
8) Youth Ministry
9) Outer Space Theme

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--> July 4th DOWNLOAD Activity!

With the "USA Patriotic Catcher Toy" kids learn the answers to eight basic
USA citizenship questions such as, "Why did the Pilgrims come to
America?"; What is the US Constitution?, and "What does the First
Amendment guarantee?". A great activity for July 4th! Kids can make it and
take it home! Print out as many patterns as you need for a onetime nominal

Find the USA Patriotic Catcher at:
(you may need to copy and paste the address to your browser)

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1) Teen Boys Book

In response to Connie's question for a teen boys book. Please check out
"Who moved the goal post". The girl's book is called "The Bride wore
white". The author of the girl's book is Dana Gresh. I do not recall the
author's name for the boy's version. I hope you find these books helpful.

In Christ,

--from SSTN: you can find these books in our Bookstore by typing the
titles into the search box at: 

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2) Shrek-like VBS Crafts?

We are writing our own VBS this year.It is a take off from Shrek with an
Ogre named Fret and a King who chooses him ( because the King looks at the
inside not the outside) to rescue people who have fallen captive in the
land of "I". It is going very well except for the crafts. Anyone with any
suggestions on swampy crafts or crafts that would reflect; God's values
are not the world's values, God has a good plan for each one, we can
choose to live in God's kingdom.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you so much.

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3) Outer Space Theme

>We have decided to write our own VBS material this summer.  We are doing a
>theme on "Space".  The stories, skits and lessons are going well but we
>are interested in ideas for the crafts with a "Outer Space" theme. 


We did the space theme a few years back and for a craft we spray painted
and roller painted huge cardboard boxes with shiny silver, and gave them
to the kids with silver duck tape. (I guess we did have a few medium and
small ones as well along with some cardboard tubes.  The kids were on four
teams and each team had to construct their own space ship.  They had a
blast!!!  It also made a great decoration for the parents night.

We also made a huge rocket out of the same stuff and put it over the tall
slide in the playground.

For decorating the front of the church we used the same materials only we
took a marker and  made it look like a space station.  Then we stuck
blinking white christmas lights through the cardboard.  We even had a
large hole that we stuck a monitor through (which we used as part of our
skit).  It was very authentic!!!

It's amazing what God's children can do on such a low budget!!!

Hope this helps.

Sharon VanWyk

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4) Youth Ministry

Answer to youth ministry question
Maybe his site could help

YouthMinistry.com [info@youthministry.com]

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5) Emmalea's poem

This is to thank Emmalea Butler for sharing her father's day poem with
us.  I gave it to the teacher who teaches little ones in our Sunday School
and she was so pleased to get it.
Helen Setser

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Psalm 23: The LORD Is My Shepherd ... VBS

This complimentary five day VBS series can also be used in
10-12 one hour class sessions. A great resource for summer Bible clubs!
Learn more in the VBS / Bible Club section at:


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6) Beach Blast

We had the Beach Blast theme at our church last week.  We decorated the
front of the church by putting cardboard on the floor for sand and a blue
blankets for water.  We had two beach chairs and an umbrella.  We used
blue crepe paper on the walls to look like waves.  We cut a sun out of
construction paper and used yellow or orange crepe paper for the rays.  We
made a lighthouse out of paper and poster board to put on the wall.  We
used palm trees made out of cardboard and we also made a large sand castle
out of cardboard to put in front of the area the puppet would be behind. 
We used a fish puppet from a previous VBS.  We also had a surf shop at the
front of the church.  We put two pews together and put a Hawaiian table
cloth over them and decorated it to look like a surf shop.  We put beach
related items(visors, sunglasses, etc.) around to look like they were for
sale.  We also used fish beanie babies and stuffed animals to decorate. 
Our crafts were making necklaces and bracelets using hemp and seashell
beads, making foam picture frames and decorating with foam fish and shells
(and we took pictures of the kids in front of the beach scene to put in
the frames), we made windsocks also. 
Hope this Helps, have fun!

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Chalk-It-Up ... SUMMER FUN!

Have fellowship fun with 22 Awesome Outdoor Games Kids Draw With Chalk.
Fun and wholesome activities for parties, icebreakers, and friendship
building! Use them at church, school, youth groups, or for familytime
get-togethers! Comes with a pack of giant marble sidewalk chalk, a recipe
to make your own chalk, and directions to make some unique game
accessories. Includes games for older and younger kids (K-5th grade)! Get
two sample games and learn more at:


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7) Whole Family SS?

I am looking for a program for a family centered Sunday School.  A class
where the whole family is involved with other families in the church. 
Please send help!!!!!
Thank you, and God Bless,

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8) Youth Ministry

For Amy,
I also work with youth at my church and would love to exchange ideas if
you are interested. Email me if you would like to share ideas.

--from SSTN: please share via SSTN so all may benefit.

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9) Outer Space Theme

> We have decided to write our own VBS material this summer. We are doing a
> theme on "Space". The stories, skits and lessons are going well but we
> are interested in ideas for the crafts with a "Outer Space" theme. Any
> suggestions

Hullo Terry

This game can be made using the Outer Space items we know of in our solar
system, and made for very little using grocery cardboard such as cereal
packets, or your only expense would be bought card if you have at
home a marking pen, colours, scissors and a box or bag in which to keep
game - label this Outer Space Game and keep the cards in it along with the
instructions for playing.

I will jot down what to do, but if you would like more formal
please contact me:  heather.mackie@paradise.net.nz.    My homepage
with some Bible Game Ideas is
So here is a game idea which might be helpful - make it for 2 or 3 players
but you might
like to print out the instructions for everyone, for making and playing so
that all your class members can take their own copy home and
make-then-play with family members.

List all the outer Space items you wish to teach your class that God has made - here are 15:     stars, asteroids,
comets, quasars, black holes, meteors, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
Beside these draw pictures of the items, and keep as a Master List for players to refer to during game play.
Let us say you decide that three children will play the game at a time: as you will need 15 rectangular cards
for the words and 15 for the pictures to make one set, cut 90 cards for the
game (for 2 players, cut 60 cards).
Remember the moons when you draw the planets !     Explain to players that you have not included our Sun because
this is a star.

So write the 15 items' names on 15 cards and draw their pictures on another 15 to make one set;  repeat twice
for two more sets, and there you have your 90 cards for this game for three players.     Spread out all the
cards face down on playing area and place the Master List beside it. Players have turns to lift three cards at
a time and place them face up.     If any two cards form a Pair, player keeps these - placing cards face up in front
of him or her - and leaving the third card face up still, turns over three more cards.     Player keeps any cards
forming pairs, then places the rest of the cards face down again, and turn is over.     Players can refer to the
Master List to make sure they are forming Pairs correctly.     As game proceeds, players will begin to remember what the cards had on them which were placed face down after being lifted, and this will help them form
the Pairs they need.   The first player to collect all 15 pairs (that is 30 cards) to make a set of the 15 different Outer Space items is the winner and the game is over.

It's a bit like the Memory Game idea but with a few more inserts to make it more interesting !

Heather Mackie
New Zealand

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