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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 58 <>< <><
May 23, 2000
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* Class For the Mentally Challenged
* Fishing themed crafts?!!
* Giving Banks?
* No Summer Sunday School?
* Eye of God?
* Ocean Theme - float ideas
* Thanks so much!
* Children's Day Sunday?
* Christmas skit?
* Fathers' day craft idea

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Class For the Mentally Challenged:

>we are interested in starting a Sunday school class for mentally challenged in our >church. I would appreciate any help you could send.

Dear Peggy:
Our church recently started a class for autistic/developmentally disabled.
Our associate pastor, Jimmy Atkinson, can give you more details.
Incidentally, we have a four year old autistic son and know how you feel. I
believe the Southern Baptist Convention has a curriculum for the disabled.
We pray for the Lord's blessing on your initiative. You can reach our
church (910) 424-7211.
Arran Lake Baptist Church,
1130 Bingham Rd.
Fayetteville, NC 28314

Sincerely, James and Patti Cook.

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Fishing themed crafts?!!

Please help! I am in need of two more fishing themed crafts and several fishing themed games for out doors. Our VBS is fast approaching and I am starting to panic! The crafts and games should be age 5yrs.- 12yrs friendly. I have checked the archives and have received some email (Thanks to all who responded!) I have implemented what I could, but we are still in need. Thank you and God bless! ~~
Rochelle in Sandusky, Ohio

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Giving Banks:

Does anyone have a good craft idea for making "Giving Banks"-- ones with three compartments: ( one for tithe, one for saving, one for spending) . Our Sunday School classes will be focusing on Stewardship in July-- and we want to make banks for about 20 children ages 3--10... Thanks! Cecile Cutchall

--From ChristianCrafters.Com- what about using three Pringles cans, wrapping packing tape around all three to bind together, then decoupaging the outside with colored tissue, or magazine pictures which depict the three areas of where the money will be spent.
ie. missions pictures, pictures of your church, personal things, etc.--this is something we have wanted to do at our church and until now I too hadn't thought how it could be done! If anyone has any other ideas...please write!!

Blessings, Sarah Keith <><

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No Summer Sunday School:

Our Church (Evangelical United Church of Christ) has in the past 10 years
or so not had summer Sunday School classes, but only had Sunday School
during the public school term (we have the Church service itself during the
summer and a VBS session but no Sunday School). We feel like we are
losing many kids (and parents) by not having the routine of Sunday School to
attend and would like to revive Sunday School during the summer. We've bounced around lots of ideas, like producing a summer musical instead of having "classes"
but our problem is that the teachers who teach all year are quite burned out and we are having trouble getting other adults to commit to a summer program.
Our Church is fairly small. Anybody have any good ideas on getting the ADULTS charged up to want to teach Summer Sunday School especially those who
haven't done it before. Also, any ideas that "bring the kids in over the summer" and make them not want to miss.

Gina Kenney
EUCC-Boonville, Missouri

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Eye of God:

Maybe you can help me. I am looking for a craft pattern/instructions for making
"Ojo de Dios" --- Eye of God. They are small wall hangings that are
woven around to small dowel sticks, using scrap yarn.

Do you have any ideas as to where I can find this.

Thank you,
Sandy Mueller

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Ocean Theme - float ideas:

I recently did an octopus. (my daughter wanted a purple one!)

She wore matching turtleneck and jeans (in purple). I then added 6 long
skinny balloons (the type that are twisted into animal shapes) and pinned
them around the collar of the shirt. 6 balloons and 2 arms make 8 legs.
You link them together with string so they are move together.

2. Any sparkly material would make great fish scales. (or cut out tinfoil)
3. Blue / green balloons for bubbles
4. Green streamers for sea weed and kelp
5. Any blow up "pool" critters (alligators, whales, porpoises) etc.
6. I saw a great craft on makingfriends.com that made fish out of the
shampoo bottles that are fish shaped.

Have Fun/

Wendi Prinse

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Thanks so much!

Thanks so much for all your ideas for Mother's Day. Our Mother's Day class was so special. The children loved it and so did the Mothers. Thank you for recommending the makingfriends.com site. I found a craft that went along with our literature. After our lesson and craft we all enjoyed a small brunch and great fellowship. The children then all told something that makes their mother special and then we took turns thanking God for our mothers. (Even I invited my Mother.) I think we were all blessed. Now I can't wait till next year to use the Mother's Day songs!

But before that, here comes Father's Day.... Any suggestion?

Memory Verse 5-14-00 Help on another in love. Galation 5:13

In His Love,

Trisha Woodley
Saragossa Baptist Church
Saragoss, AL

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Children's Day Sunday:

We are a small church of 75 and we want to make Children's Day Sunday very
special for our children. There are approximately 15+ children, we just
don't want to give out gifts but want to recognize their importance in our
worship family. Does anyone out there have some ideas we could use?

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Christmas skit:

I'm a children ministry director, I work with children ranging from the ages
6 - 11, I'm looking for a quick and easy Christmas skit. Does anyone have
any suggestions.

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Father's day craft idea:

Responding to: "Anyone have any fathers' day craft ideas for 2nd grade?"

Yes, "Handprint Family Tree." You will need: 1) drawing paper,
2) construction paper (variety pack), 3)markers/crayons, 4) glue, and
5) safety scissors. Allow the children to draw a large trunk of a tree with
branches. (NOTE: No leaves). If they are uncomfortable with this task,
you can draw one and use as a master copy for all children. This trunk
can be drawn directly on the drawing paper or cut out from construction
paper (i.e., brown, black, etc.) Now, trace or allow the children to
trace their own hands on the construction paper (color of their choice).
Place one hand at the top of the tree and label "Happy Father's Day!"
You can even write "Dad" and his date of birth.

Use your remaining hand prints to attach to the branches of the tree.
Write the child's name, Mom, any brother and sisters, grandparents, etc.
until the tree is full! Have a great time. I modified this somewhat for
the age group, but the original idea came from a book entitled "The
Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book" on page 54-55. Enjoy!

Ahreita Griffin
Charlotte, NC

(From ChristianCrafters.Com-Ahreita, thanks again for your willingness to share!!!)

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