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SSTN # 58 - July 5, 2005

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--> Chalk-It-Up

1) Beach Blast Ideas
2) Ten Commandments Song?
3) Two Year Olds

--> Psalm 23: The LORD Is My Shepherd ... VBS

4) Armor of God Songs?
5) Help...New Youth Worker?
6) Parental Involvement

--> Goin' Buggie For Jesus

7) Need Fourth of July ideas?
8) Spare rod, spoil child
9) Spare rod, spoil child

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1) Beach Blast Ideas

We did last year's "Lavalava Island" VBS from Group Publishing. Lots of
the ideas would be great for a beach theme.  I found lots of additional
ideas online that we used last Fall as a follow-up to VBS.  Just type in
VBS ideas into your browser and lots of themed craft and other ideas will
come up to check out.  Hope this helps!

Amy Post in Niagara

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2) Ten Commandments Song?

In a September 25, 2000 newsletter I found posted on the web site I found
the following query:

>I too have been searching for a Ten Commandments Song that I learned in
>second grade, WAY back in the early 60's. I would love to get a hold of
>to teach my first grade CCD class. The song's words are:

>First, I must honor God
>Second, honor his name
>Third, honor his day, keep holy,...

I'm looking for the words too.  Did Nancy ever find them?


--from SSTN: I don't think this was ever answered.
Anyone else have the answer to this posting?

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3) Two Year Olds

Dear Amy,
I have been asked to plan a class for our two year old children to help
them transition into regular Sunday School classes at three yrs.
My goals are to teach them to sit quietly, obey  and learn respect for
God's house. And of course, learn God's Word. Any suggestions would be
Thank You
Flo McCrary

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4) Armor of God Songs?

Every year in Sunday school we pick a theme that we go by for the whole
year.  On the last Sunday in August we have our Rally Day to begin our
theme.  The theme "Armor of God" has been chosen.  We are looking for some
songs that would go with this theme.  We have "I'm in the Lord's Army" and
"Onward Christian Soldiers" so far.  Does anyone else have any ideas that
would work or CD's that have songs that would work.  Have been serching
the internet but not very successful yet.  In God's Service  Nancy

--from SSTN: check out the Armor of God lessons in the site. There are
some song-time suggestions to go with them:

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5) Help...New Youth Worker?

Hi my name is emily and I am a new youth worker. I work with the ages of
13 to 18 year old and I needed some ideas if anyone have any can u let me

--from SSTN: ideas are easier to come by if you focus on a theme or series
of lessons. For example, "The Fruit of the Spirit" or "Names of God".
Check out two areas in the site for our curriculum page as well as the
Christian Education section for Youths in the Bookstore at:

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Psalm 23: The LORD Is My Shepherd ... VBS

This complimentary five day VBS series can also be used in
10-12 one hour class sessions. A great resource for summer Bible clubs!
Learn more in the VBS / Bible Club section at:


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6) Parental Involvement

Our church after every VBS will have a final program for the kids to bring
their parents and watch them.  Then, after the final program is a carnival
for the kids and a pig roast.  The whole community is invited and it
really is a great motivator to get the kids' parents there.  It's also
been a wonderful opportunity for our church to minister to people outside
the church.  So far, we have been pretty successful in bringing in whole
families after our VBS programs, especially for such a small church.

Hope this helps,


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7) Need Fourth of July ideas?

Hi all!
I am just beginning my path as a Sunday School teacher.  Our church is
very small, therefore I have ages 5-12 in my class, with an expected
average of six kids per week.  I was wondering if anyone had any last
minute ideas for our July 3rd class?  I was even thinking of having class
outside, weather permitting.  (We are located in EIwood, Kansas, just on
the Missouri river in northeast Kansas.)  Thanks in advance for your

--from SSTN: Hi Sherry: sorry your posting didn't make it in time.
Hopefully you found ideas in the crafts or archives section at:

sarah keith <><

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8) Spare rod, spoil child

In issue #56, someone wrote in that the phrase "spare the rod and spoil
the child" is not Biblical.  It is true that the phrase itself is not in
the Bible, but it is not accurate to say that the idea itself is not
Biblical.  A simple search in the concordance will lead to various verses
that suggest that it is a parent's responsibility to discipline their
children so they grow up right.  Certainly God is not suggesting we beat
our children in an abusive way, but correction/discipline can be done in a
loving way.  God himself corrects His children, and asks us as parents to
do the same.
Pr 3:12    For WHOM THE LORD LOVETH he correcteth; even as a father the son
in whom he delighteth.

Pr 22:15    Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of
correction shall drive it far from him.

Pr 23:13    Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him
with THE ROD, he shall not die.
Pr 23:14    Thou shalt beat him with THE ROD, and shalt deliver his soul from
Pr 29:15    THE ROD and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself
bringeth his mother to shame.

--from SSTN: in defense of the original person's posting, she only pointed
out that the phrase itself is not in the Bible.

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9) Spare rod, spoil child

It does not say it exactly like that but Proverbs. 22:15, Pro. 23:13 and
Pro. 29:15 do sound very much like that is the idea.  I do not think that
the church should use spanking in Sunday School, however, you should take
the scripture with more importance than to ignore three scriptures because
some people have paraphrased it incorrectly.
Yours in Christ, Fran

--from SSTN: please see editorial comment above.

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