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SSTN  # 58 - June 3, 2002

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1) Contemporary worship - reply from Beth in NY
2) Teaching Lord's Prayer
3) Teaching the Lord's Prayer

-> Destination Unknown...Mystery Trip

4) The Lords Prayer
5) The Lord's Prayer
6) Growing Kids God's Way note   
7) Why have Children's Church

-> Christmas In July Party

8) Promotion Sunday Ideas   
9) Lessons on Christian Character
10) July 4th - Patriotic Games
11) Suggestions for graduating seniors   
12) Growing Kids God's Way

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1) Contemporary worship - reply from Beth in NY

>This year on Palm Sunday, we did a drama (more of a narrated
>liturgical dance) of the Last Supper, Walk to Calvary, Crucifixion,
>and Resurrection.
Beth - I am wondering if this was a purchased drama or did your church
make it up themselves? It sounds very interesting. Also the second one you
mentioned (various characters telling their stories). Thanks for sharing.

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2) Teaching Lord's Prayer

Children respond to competition, as we all do. repeat the Lord's Prayer
several times together, divide into groups, number each person

each person says a phrase,
"                "          "     


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3) Teaching the Lord's Prayer

To Melissa, about teaching the Lord's Prayer...
I have been teaching my Family Night group...ages 3 to 13 the Lord's
Prayer in sign language. They love it. I found it on the internet...just
search Lord's Prayer in American sign language print it out and make
copies.  It's so much fun.

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Destination Unknown...Mystery Trip

50 Quick Mystery Trips for Youth Groups: Youth programs with a twist—the
teens go to an unknown destination which opens up a new dimension of
relating the Bible to life. Destinations include a courtroom, a rooftop,
an emergency room, a cornerstone, a garden, a potter’s shop, and many
more. Ideal for both small and larger groups.
In the Christian Education section of the bookstore:


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4) The Lords Prayer

>What i need is some ideas on The Lords Prayer,
>maybe games we can play to help them memorize

There is a great singable version of The Lord's Prayer available at:
http://www.familyworship.org.uk/songs.htm#Prayer  and they have a booklet
called "Teach us to Pray" -- check out all their prayer songs!  not
expensive and the music for the song is FREE via the web!

Also, I have a large folder of web links for sites on The Lord's Prayer..
I did a web search with the words 'Lord's Prayer' -- I guarantee you will
have so many resources you will be overwhelmed!  My favorites are:

http://www.christusrex.org/www1/pater/ (about the Convent of Pater Noster)
http://childrensermons.com/sermons/prayer.htm (a children's sermon --
making a prayer sandwich -- about the Lord's prayer)
http://members.aol.com/bobwhit/bibleWS/prayer.htm (Lord's Prayer

and last but definately not least -- 8 fantastic sermons from my former
pastor & church home on the Lord's Prayer for your own in-depth study at:
http://trinity-pres.org/previous_sermons.html  (May thru July 1, 2001)

I hope this gets you started!

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5) The Lord's Prayer

Hi Melissa. The creative ways I thought of you teaching the Lord's prayer
to 5th graders is, #1- write out the Lord's Prayer, have the children to
recite it three times. After that each time they say it afterwards erase a
word but have them to always say the entire prayer. That way they will be
saying the word you've erased along with the rest of the prayer. #2- Get
some balloons and blow them up. With a permanent black marker each balloon
should have a word from the Lord's Prayer written on it. Each child should
have a balloon that was written on until you run out. Have the children to
arrange themselves in the correct order they should be standing according
to the Lord's Prayer. #3- Assign each student a word to remember and each
time you point to the in the order of the Lord's Prayer the eventually
will have it.
Enjoy, It's Fun!

Arneda Cochran

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6) Growing Kids God's Way note   

If anything, it has brought our church closer together.  Family standards
are alot closer.  Its alot easier for babysitting between families.  It is
scripturally based.  How you impliment the biblical concepts in your
family is between you and God.

I think that people calling it "controversial"  are calling it that
because they consider God's word controversial and don't believe there are any
absolutes of right and wrong.

Hmmm....  I discipline my kids because I love them, and I understand they
need to be prepared for life and the afterlife.  Children don't come
pretrained by nature in a value meal package you can pick up at McD's

Whoever calls God's word controversial needs to understand what they are
saying between the lines about Him.  We need to ask ourselves who's side
are we on?

Growing kids is not a book or chapter in the bible and should not be
treated as such.  Its a class that teaches how to apply Godly principles
in your parenting.

You don't have to take my word for it.  Take the class, pray about it, and
make your own decision.
Bob Syvinski

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7) Why have Children's Church
I believe that children need to learn about Jesus at their own level.
Children's church provides that.  They do not learn on the same level as
we do and to expect them to grow and flourish we need to teach them on
their level.  Our children's church begins with praise and worship.  They
have a children's praise team that leads them in worship and a band where
the instruments are played also by children.  We have children greet the
people, usher and testify.  It meets their spiritual needs on their level.
The older children assist with the sign in and out of the younger
children.  When they reach 7th grade they no longer attend children's
ministry but move to the adult service.  Many of them join the choir, band
and work in the pre-school area of children's church.  In doing so they
are using the gifts God gave them and the training they learned while
attending children's church.  I do agree that the family needs to worship
together.  Our church has services thru the week where the family stays
together in the sanctuary.  Also as Christians our children should be
exposed to worship thru daily living and your life style at home.  Worship
is not meant to be contained inside the four walls of the church, but our
lives should be full of praise and worship to God,
Jill, Hawaii

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Christmas In July

For anyone planning a Christmas in July party, consider using symbols of
Christ, "Chrismon Ornaments" to decorate your room! Check out the Chrismon
Snowflakes and Chrismon Kids patterns in the Curriculum Creatives section
at:   http://www.christiancrafters.com/kt_kit.html 

If you've hosted a Christmas in July party,
please share your ideas and successes with SSTN!

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8) Promotion Sunday Ideas   

Our church has a Sunday School Promotion time in September.  Certificates
are given to children moving up to the next class.  Additionally we
usually sing a few children's songs and have donuts/juice.  I am looking
for ideas to further develop the program and make this a special day for
the children.  Any suggestions?
Kim Good

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9) Lessons on Christian Character

When I first took over the 6-10 group in our church, I had this same
problem.  Kids picking on each other and calling people names, not wanting
to listen etc...

I tried to find a way to "reach" the kids on their level with why what
they were doing was wrong. I prayed for a solution, and here is what worked in my class.

I brought in an item that was sure to "grap" their attention. I set the
item in the middle of the table (or somewhere that is highly visible).  Of
course with kids being curious, they wanted to play with the items I
brought to class.  I would not let them touch the items, but I continued
to "play" with them during their class time.

This may sound like a mean thing to do, but it really gets the point
and I did not have any problems with them from this time on.

The objective is to act really possesive of the object(s) that you bring
in, you will get some of the kids mad (usually the worst offenders).
Toward the end of the class time, I asked each student how it felt not to
be able to touch the object(s) I brought in.  Many confessed that they
felt hurt and did not like what I was doing.  I then explained to them,
how their behavior made others feel when they "acted up". (Give specific
examples without mentioning names).

Make sure you tell them to remember how they felt when this happened to
them.  Sometimes actions do speak louder than words and in this case, that
is what worked.  I tried talking to the kids prior to this about their
behavior until I was "blue in the face" and nothing helped until I did
this "object lesson".

Good Luck!
Sis. Le Ann

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10) July 4th - Patriotic Games

Here are some of the races we will be doing.

1. Statue of Liberty- Yellow ball on top of small cone
2. Betsy Ross Fabric wash- Strips of red white and blue fabric in a kiddie
pool. Child runs, takes out a piece of wet fabric and races to the clothes
line to hang it.
3 4th of July fireworks-  Child runs with 5 balls to end line and throws
them in the air, gathers them up and runs back.
4, Niagra falls- Team lines up in front of kiddie pool and passes a soaked
sponge over heads.
5- Red White and Blue beach ball kick. (soccer dribble with beach ball)
6. American Diner- 6 cups on tray, fill with water from pool, balance to
bucket and dump out.
7.  Olympic Baton race-  Regular running race with baton
8- Rescue 911-  One child in hoola hoop, drives second child who holds on
to the back of hoola hoop.

Have fun, Lorraine

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"Get em' in the LOOP!" 

L-eading kids to Christ,
O-ffering advice
O-pen discussion forum
P-roviding free resources

Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) Suggestions for graduating seniors   

I had my youth group write Christmas Carols for our Seniors.  It was a
great hit.  We had it decorated for Christmas and had a tree.  We had
gifts under the tree for a Yankee Swap.  The Youth brought gifts the
graduate could use in their dorm rooms.

Some gifts that were bought:  Pizza cutter, candles, things to hang on
wall, super glue, plastic containers, popcorn.

It was really a great success.

Midge Davis
Secretary to the Dean of Adult & Continuing Education

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12) Growing Kids God's Way

>>Maybe your church should consider offering the "growing kids gods way"

>>>"Growing Kids God's Way" is a very controversial program that has been
known to cause division in the church.  I recommend that churches perform
extensive research before implementing this program. <<<

Thanks for the info, although please note that "Growing Kids" program is
NOT a duplicate of the "Babywise" book.  Personally, I do not agree with
much of the information in "Babywise", but have found "Growing Kids"
practical, useful, and a sensible God-centered program.  My reason for
suggesting the program was in response to a teacher experiencing
discipline problems with some children; the administration of the church
didn't want to involve the parents for fear of upsetting them, and
possibly causing them to quit attending services.  My point is that there
must be some way to get info out to new parents that teaches God's way of
rearing kids, so that the next generation will be better, not worse.
There will be doctrinal differences, but the main thing is for churches to
give support and direction that is God-centered and eternal, not just
based on the latest knowledge of man, which changes every day.  If
churches don't feel comfortable with this program, then as parents and
teachers we should strive to develop programs that meet the needs of
parents, kids, and most importantly, Christ.  Thanks so much.
In His Love, Kristine Bell

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