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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 59 <>< <><
May 26, 2000
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* Mother/daughter tea
* Race for Jesus
* Mother/daughter tea
* Race with Jesus
* Carnival Games
* Children's festival
* Ventriloquism?
* Teaching The Books of the Bible?
* Have a backwards day
* Father's day idea
* God's Eye Craft
* Giving Banks
* Father's Day-short skits or poems?

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Mother/daughter tea?

One year we used My Mother's Hat as a theme for our Mother/daughter tea.
Invitations and decorations were based on hats. We asked each
Mother/daughter team to create a hat that represented their interests. Some
hats were elaborate and others were very simple using the old paper plate as
a base. We then used this idea for the entertainment. We asked each
Mother/daughter team to come to the front table for a fashion show and an
explanation of the symbolism of their hat. We used several categories, such
as most unusual, funniest, best use of Christian symbols, etc. to judge the
hats. We gave out simple little gifts that we picked up at the dollar
stores as prizes. I still have the hat that my daughter and I decorated
and use it as a spring decoration on my door. Good luck and much success.
I hope this helps.

One of God's own,

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Race for Jesus

Our church is having a race for Jesus VBS. The theme is racing cars and the such. Does anyone have any ideas for crafts for 9-10 yrs.olds under that theme? Race rally for Jesus sounds really neat. Any help with craft ideas will be greatly appreciated!! Ann Johnson ajkj@strato.net

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Mother/daughter tea

Dear Kathie,
How about stamping stationary for your crafts and for games do games that are "tea' related, like racing to fill your cup up with sugar first. Sing "Fill my cup". Have fun and serve scones and tea and have scriptures on the napkins and a devotion. Enjoy!

God Bless,
Pam Moore

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A bimonthly, 70 page magazine packed full of unit studies, art lessons,
and a number of other practical articles geared toward helping parents
homeschool their children.

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Race with Jesus

> Need craft ideas for theme "In the Race with Jesus" (Racing theme).

Dear Brenda,
My suggestion for you for the theme "In the Race with Jesus" do an Olympic theme with the summer games! And be sure that every contestant is on Jesus' team. TEAM JESUS! Like for the discus throw use a frisbee and for the shot put use a softball. Give out ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and make them stand on boxes to receive their ribbon and sing a Christian song that would relate to the celebration. Have fun and I am sure your team of parents will get real creative too. Enjoy and be sure to have your camera.
God Bless,
Pam Moore
Greentown OH

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>"I need ideas for outdoor Carnival Games."

For our churchs' Valentine's Party, we made a replica of the Plinko board
that they use on "Price is Right". We used half a sheet of plywood, and a
bunch of nails or screws. The flat top off of a quart canning jar makes an
excellent Plinko chip (or a drink coaster will work also). Just be careful
that the chip will drop thru the openings that you leave. At the bottom,
you can put numbers to represent the prizes that they win if the chip lands
in that slot. If you have any questions you can email me at
gurlfran@txucom.net and I will be happy to help you.
Also, my VBS lesson is about the parable of the Storm destroying the House.
If anyone has any ideas for decorating the room, or crafts that we can do, I
would appreciate hearing from you. We are doing the rotational style, so I
will have five different age groups.
Thank you,

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Children's festival

Great games -- indoor and outside -- can be found at pastor2youth.com
This site is awesome. It is a great resource for all kinds of things and I
have used it many times for Sunday School and Youth Group lessons,
activities and ideas. Enjoy

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Do you happen to know where I can receive training for ventriloquism in the
Atlanta, Ga. area? I direct Children's Church for grades 1-3.

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Teaching The Books of the Bible

Hello and thank you for this site! it is a real big help! i probably have
an unusual situation, i teach kids church-some call it jr. church-but its
the hour after sunday school for us and i have kids from age two to
thirteen, we are a very small church right now-we usually have about twenty
kids on sundays. i would like to somehow get them to memorize the books of
the bible. i know there are songs out there but don't know who puts them
out. i've looked at our local christian bookstore but didn't find any. any
ideas on an easy way to teach this would be most appreciated. i know the
younger ones would need a different way of learning than the bigger ones
too. i am trying to get another teacher to take the younger ones but so far
no ones is obeying God so we still are all together. we are in ohio-just
outside cleveland. i love teaching but am not very creative so i really
appreciate this site! thanks! Kathy

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Have a backwards day

One Idea I had that worked well ;Have a backwards day do everything backwards.Snack first then rest of sun school.Instead of always starting the same way every week the kids always ask when is backwards day?It is a nice change.
Thanks again,Carol Wescott

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Father's day craft idea:

> "Anyone have any fathers' day craft idea for 2nd grade?"

Check out "archive43" in the Archives List. You can access the archives from the Sunday School page. You'll find an idea I had my 3 children do a few years back for their daddy. You'll find it listed under the title for 'Ocean oddysey'.
Sarah Keith <><
Your moderator

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God's Eye Craft:

Use two sticks and cross them like a X . start string in the center of the x and wrap it around each stick and continue to wrap until you come to the end of the stick then tie it off. you can add tassles to each stick end if you wish. Our kids really enjoyed making them. You can use different colored yarn by tying the ends of the strings together. Make sure you stay in the same direction when you start to apply the yarn. I use craft sticks. I hope this helps you ! Alice Stiekes

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Giving Banks

To add to Sarah's idea of using Pringle cans...try to find the little short ones;
I think that might be a little easier to handle for little ones to decorate
and keep!
Blessings from the little farm,

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Father's Day-short skits or poems?

During our Worship hour, the children & youth of our Sunday school
Department always put on a program for Mother's and Father's Day. We are
looking for some short skits or poems to do plus some Father's Day
I really liked the Mother's Day songs that several sent in last week.
I copied them and added them to my collection.
Here are a few more:

1) Happy Mother's Day to You by Margaret Primrose
(tune of "Happy Birthday")

1st part - For our grandmas and our mothers, (This was read by 2
we have a little song.
We hope no one will mind
if we sing it all day.

Happy Mother's Day to you: (All the children sang this)
Happy Mother's Day to you;
We love you. God bless you.
Happy Mother's Day to you.

2) "Mothers, We Love You"
Tune - "Jesus Loves Me"
Verse 1
Mothers, Mothers, we love you
For the things you say and do.
You have made our house a home
And we're glad to call you "Mom"


Verse 2 Mother, we are glad you pray
For God's guidance every day
We are thankful for the love
Shown through you from God above.

Yes, Jesus loves you
Yes, Jesus loves you
Yes, Jesus loves you
We sing His praise for you.

3) "Mother's Day Song"
Tune: "America"

Mother, that precious name,
Forevermore the same,
Earth's sweetest word.
Though ages past have flown,
No sound was ever known
Like that dear name alone,
Or ever heard.

Wondrous, oh, wondrous love,
Most like to that above,
She gave alone.
Shame that our lips we seal,
From loving words which heal
From heartache and reveal
Love oft unknown.

Our mother's God to thee,
in deep humility,
We lift our prayer.
Keep those we love the best
through every trial and test,
And may they ever rest
Safe in thy care.

I am a Pastor's wife, Children's Sunday School Teacher & Ladies
Bible Study Leader and am always looking for new ideas for Sunday School
or program ideas for our Ladies groups. We serve 2 small Methodist
Churches in Northeastern Ohio in a town called Dellroy. I really enjoy
this site alot, Sarah.

I also get a bi-monthly newsletter, "Swap Shop",
Sacred Literature Ministries,
P. O. Box 777, Taylors, S. C., 29687 puts out. It is free but they ask
you contribute a donation each year if possible. They send one issue and
then you must request to be put on their list.
Another good place to get ideas is the childrensministry.net

Have a great Sunday in Church!
Rosemary Lare

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Many thanks to Gail Peterson for her response to our request for puppet info.
I was able to get several cute skits and catalogs.
Mickey@ Paran Baptist Church

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