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SSTN  # 59- June 5, 2002

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1) Deb High?
2) David and Goliath craft  
3) David and Goliath craft 

-> Destination Unknown...Mystery Trip

4) 10 commandments tune?   
5) Left behind lessons?   
6) Help With VBS theme
7) David and Goliath craft

-> Summer Sale On Curriculum Items!

8) Youth Director Help   
9)  Water games
10) Flour ornaments?
11) David and Goliath craft
12) Back to school party?

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1) Deb High?

Sorry to ask this through the network, but I am looking for Deb High, one
of the regular contributors to ChristianCrafters.Com. Deb, if your still
in the network, would you please contact me? I need to ask you about your
"Are You Satisfied?" game.
Thank you so much!!

Sarah Keith <><

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2) David and Goliath craft   

>"A small group of us are looking for a craft idea for children when we go
>to Mexico this summer.  One story that we are having trouble coming up
>with a craft for is DAVID AND GOLIATH.  We do not want to make weapons

With my 2-4 year old Sunday School class we used empty soda bottles and a
nerf soccer ball to make a bowling game.  Either 8 oz or 2 liter bottles
will work.  We glued construction paper, pre-printed or decorated to look
like Goliath, around 8 soda bottles and lined them up like bowling pins.
Then we read the DAVID AND GOLIATH Bible story and talked about how David
"knocked that giant down" because he had faith and trusted in God.  (With
this young age group, we don't talk about David "killing" Goliath.)  After
the story, the children took turns rolling the ball to knock down the
Goliath bottles.  They each got 5 turns, representing the 5 shiny stones
David picked.  They all loved playing this game.  You could make it more
challenging for the older children by moving the pins further away.

Blessings, Kim in Tennessee

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3) David and Goliath craft   (in reply to SSTN 52)   

>One story that we are having trouble coming up with a craft for is
>?DAVID AND GOLIATH.  We do not want to make weapons
>(slingshot).  Does anyone have any ideas? 

You could try this:  Find three large boxes about the same size.  Stack
them up to make them tall.  Then paint a Goliath (Or use an overhead
projector to project lines to trace onto the boxes) on the three
boxes--the head on the top box, the middle on the middle box, and legs
and feet on the bottom box.  (Do this ahead of time.)  Then let kids take
turns knocking down Goliath with "five round, smooth" tennis balls.

You could also have them make big "armour" like King Saul's (or just a
sheild) with aluminum-foil-covered cardboard.  Let them see how it is for
them to move around wearing it.  (If you have a firefighter in your
church--see if he'll let the kids try on his or her oversized equipment.
"Armour" designed for someone big is very hard to move in if you're

Have fun!
Cincinnati, OH

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Destination Unknown...Mystery Trip

50 Quick Mystery Trips for Youth Groups: Youth programs with a twist—the
teens go to an unknown destination which opens up a new dimension of
relating the Bible to life. Destinations include a courtroom, a rooftop,
an emergency room, a cornerstone, a garden, a potter’s shop, and many
more. Ideal for both small and larger groups.
In the Christian Education section of the bookstore:


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4) 10 commandments tune?   

I keep seeing the things listed about the 10 commandments song but I
haven't seen the tune to the song.  Could someone please tell what tune
you are supposed to use to the song.  Thanks.
Love in Christ,

--from SSTN: I know that most of the songs already discussed
are original tunes and are not sung to a 'known' tune. ysic, sarah <><

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5) Left behind lessons?   

I want to use the "Left Behind" video as a lesson for teens. Does anyone
have suggestions for lesson ideas or discussion questions to go along with

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6) Help With VBS theme

> I am a Sunday school teacher at a small Methodist church. This year we
>having our VBS with the them of "Under Gods Big Top" a circus

Here are some acronyms that could go along with the VBS Theme
"Under God's Big Top":

(TIGER)  Trust In God & Everything's Right
(APE)  Always Pray Everyday
(LION)  Lord Is Our Navigator

Trevia in Linwood, N.C.

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7) David and Goliath craft

Why not let the kids make "THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD"?
Or you could make just a breastplate out of cardboard or butcher's
paper and let them paint it or color it silver.
Hope this helps.

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Summer Sale On Curriculum Items!

Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever! and the VBS FUNPAK
are NOW on sale for the summer! Get them at:


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8) Youth Director Help   

I certainly know where you are coming from.  Our church also
hired a Youth/Music Minister late last year. He wanted to have
his hands in everybody's business and did more harm than
good.  He ran off a lot of our youth but he brought in others.
He was asked to leave our church and since then none of the
kids he had coming came back.  He made lots of promises
and talked a big game but...  well, thank God and Ford he is
gone.  He was not good for our youth.  He did not set a good
example for our children and he did many things that were wrong
like locking the doors of children's church and not letting the
parents get the children until HE was finished.  Anyway, he
is gone and we are a much happier, harmonized church without
him.  Oftentimes, people say they are called of God but they
are not and he was one of those.  A WOLF in SHEEP's clothing.

His leaving was something we all prayed about and the Pastor's
Council agreed he needed to go.   He did not go peacefully.  He
hurt many people and some of the members left because of the
things he said.  We have almost recuperated from all the damage
he caused our church.

I wish you lots of luck with your Youth Director.  Can I ask, how long
has this youth director been at your church? 

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9) Water games   

Someone asked about water games for outside summer party.  Years ago I had
a Water Party for children's church and we set up a sprinkler, a kiddie
pool, a slip and slide (make sure there's adult supervision close by with
this one)  had a water balloon fight, played the water verson of Twister
(available in game section at KMart or WalMart) and had water gun fights.
Then of course we all ate WATERMELON together! They still talk about that
party and it was 7 years ago! Another really cute game we do: Fill a small
water gun with water and play a game like musical chairs.  While
music is playing the watergun is passed around. When the music stops the
person holding the gun gets to squirt the person next to him. The person
holding the watergun is then out. You play until the last person
left in is declared the winner. Another game: form 2 relay lines and let
the kids run to a chair and SIT on their water balloon, then run back and
tag the next person. See which team wins. They loved this one!

Lillie from South Carolina

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10) Flour ornaments?

we need to know if you have any ideals that we can use this lady at our
church gave us a few bags of flour. i am looking for some thing that we
can make christmas orn's for the tree. if we need to bake it jjust as long
as it dont take 4-5 hours to cook. so anything you can send me, i thank
you very much.

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"Get em' in the LOOP!" 

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Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) David and Goliath craft  

> One story that we are having trouble coming up
>with a craft for is DAVID AND GOLIATH.  We do not want to make weapons
>(slingshot).  Does anyone have any ideas?  We do not know the ages of our

Response: We're all familiar with that great craft where you roll marbles
that have been dipped in paint on white paper that has been placed in a
cardboard lid.  Well, just substitute rocks for the marbles.  Even the
youngest child would enjoy their creation, and the older children could
use several rocks and colors of paint to make their picture.  And you
could take a nature walk to collect the rocks.  Good luck - Judy.

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12) Back to school party?

I am in need of ideas for a end of summer back to school party for the
kids in my community.  We live in a very small town and only have 2 kids
who regularly attend our church.  I'd like to have a party for the
nonchurched kids to get them interested in learning about God and maybe
even coming to church regularly.  I need ideas for a theme, games, and
crafts.  I'd also like a short Bible or object lesson.  I thought about
maybe doing something on Jesus being a teacher, since it will be back to
school time.  I also need some ideas to get the kids to come,  most the
kids in our town won't come unless they get something.  I was thinking
about collecting school supplies and raffling them off as door prizes.
I'd really like to see these lost kids in church learning about God.

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