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January 23, 2000
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I teach first and second graders and I'm looking for a story to teach the kids on this scripture: Mark 10:14 'Let the little children come to me.' I am working with the Gospel light booklets. How do I make this story come to life?

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(I know this network is not for prayer requests-but, this has hit us so hard I would really appreciate your prayers in this.)

Please pray for Victoria, she's 13 yrs. old and a member of my church. She has been involved in our Sunday school and has volunteered many times in various capacities within our church and community. Last week she traveled to Colorado to ski with her family. While skiing, she hit a tree and is now in a deep coma-she might not survive. Please pray for her healing and for the family to be comforted. Thank you so much.
Sarah K.

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Some Sundays we have 5-6 kids, and other Sundays we can have up to
17 kids. It's very hard to get their attention when there are so many.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how they manage large groups of kids?

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This idea was very successful: Play one of the Odyessy audio tapes (Focus On The Family), during class. While the tape plays, have the kids draw pictures that come to mind while listening to the tape. The tapes all have a great message and the drawing helps the kids to focus on the story and actively participate. Hang the individual drawings, or one large mural, to decorate the room.

Susan H.
N.Palm Bch., FL

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(From Christian Crafters.Com:
I recieved the following information from Don Doss, Senior Editor of Christ Harvest. I thought that many of you would be interested in his request. -Sarah K.)

>>Christ Harvest is a new Christian Internet portal service that will soon be known
everywhere. We have just connected with the Inspirational Network and will
become their portal service, along with all of their partners and Church
affiliates. This spring, we will begin a national ad campaign through INSP
and PAX for our Christian-filtered local dial-up ISP service which will
increase our presence into Christian homes exponentially.

One of the main purposes of the site is to provide groups with information
and help that pertains to their group. One of those groups is "Just for
Kids." We need quailty, God-breathed children's writing in many different
areas. These need to be written for kids to read right from the page.

We are looking for:
- articles about children's Bible study and discipleship
- spiritually strong kids ministers to answer questions that come in to the
- fun children's stories
- outdoor game ideas
- fun helps for learning... different age groups and subjects
- science and math helps for children
- articles for girls only
- helps for girls questions on love & friendship
- articles on activities that girls participate in

If you would like to know more about Christ Harvest, check out Texas
Ministries http://webserver.dcci.com/texmin/don/tmi/ and the portal demos at
http://webserver.dcci.com/texmin/portals/. We would be more than happy to
put a link to a website in the by-line. We need a picture and a
bio/testimony along with three references. I look forward to hearing from
you soon!

Yours through Him - Don
don@christharvest.net <<<

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Thought you might find this site helpful:
God Bless Jane
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