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SSTN  # 60 - June 7, 2002

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1) Needed ideas on David and Goliath
2) Contemporary Worship   
3) Old prescription eyeglasses for missions trip?

-> Destination Unknown...Mystery Trip

4) 3 day Bible School Ideas
5) Poem: "Please Be Patent"
6) Decorating Walls vs. bulletin boards
7) Bulletin Board idea

-> Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

8) Morning Prayers
9) Amazon Outfitters VBS?
10) Discipline problems   
11) Morning Prayer
12) Worship Dance?   

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1) Needed ideas on David and Goliath

Blow up and trace around a large picture of Gollith.  Make sure the
picture has a helmet with the forehead showing.  Wad up masking tape to
represent a rock, line the kids up, and play throwing a rock at Gollith.
Similar to "pin the tail on the donkey;".  Cover eyes--and so on. Good for
all ages, fun, can give prizes for the closest to forehead, or what ever.

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2) Contemporary Worship   

We are fortunate in that our Circuit superintendent has blessed the
introduction of Contemporary worship in several of our churches.  It is
held monthly in a morning.  For those who do not like this style of
worship, the evening service remains traditional.

At the moment, we have two worship teams who take turns to arrange and
lead the service.  Our team is doing June's worship (identified on the
plan as Local Arrangement rather than contemporary worship).  In order to
tie in with the World Cup, we are having World Cup Praise based on the
fact that everyone is important to the team, not just the players,
everyone is reliant on each other.  (sounds familiar? :-)

At the moment the services seem to be going well but we're conscious we're
still in the honeymoon period.  Perhaps your Minister would encourage the
use of worship teams to lead worship on an occasional basis.  Who knows,
someone in your congregation may be called to a task but has not had the
opportunity to develop it?

Every blessing
Mandy (UK)

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3) Old prescription eyeglasses for missions trip?

Hi all, Our church is planning a missions trip to South Africa for October
2003. We are going to build a church, and offer medical assistance. We
were asked if we could gather old prescription eyeglasses to take with us,
as they can be re-prescribed to be used again. The area we are going to
has a large number of people with vision problems.

Please contact me at
to get mailing info, if you have
eyeglasses to send.

Thank You & God Bless You,

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Destination Unknown...Mystery Trip

50 Quick Mystery Trips for Youth Groups: Youth programs with a twist—the
teens go to an unknown destination which opens up a new dimension of
relating the Bible to life. Destinations include a courtroom, a rooftop,
an emergency room, a cornerstone, a garden, a potter’s shop, and many
more. Ideal for both small and larger groups.
In the Christian Education section of the bookstore:


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4) 3 day Bible School Ideas

> Our church is planning a 3 day Bible School and our directorjust left, which leaves me >in charge.  Having never done this I would likesome help. We are thinking of either a >circus theme and call it "Under theBig Top of God's Love" or something patriotic like >"God Bless America".

Don't try to re-invent the wheel if you have never done this before.
Concordia Publishing has a VBS with a Circus theme.  Just buy a teachers
book and the decorating book if you can't buy it all.  You can purchase
theirs or other VBS promo kits for around $50.  You can do a VBS from this
if money is tight. OR you can search the web and find lessons, crafts,
etc.  Christian crafters has a lot of stuff in the archives, Danielle's
Place has a lot of crafts, www.childrensministry.net has links on their
home page to many children's sermons, lessons, coloring pages, and also
one free VBS.  Most of the VBS publishers (listed on the home page) have
idea swap pages and decor ideas on their websites.  Group, Lifeway, etc.,
have great ideas listed.

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5) Poem: "Please Be Patent"

This poem was sent in numerous times to SSTN. To conserve space and to
avoid unnecessary repetition, I will print it one time. Thank you to
everyone that responded!
ysic, sarah <><

The poem for Mother's Day handprints is:

Sometimes you're discouraged because I am so small
and always leave my fingerprints on furniture and walls
but every day I'm growing up and soon I'll be so tall
that all those little fingerprints will be hard to recall
So here's special handprint so that you can see
just how my fingerprints looked in 2003

(obviously this one is for next year -- you can change it each year so the
last line rhymes with the year).

Author unknown

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6)  Decorating Walls vs. bulletin boards

People are always asking for ideas for decorating.  We decorate whole
walls, we do not have bulletin boards. Kids respond much better to whole
wall decorating! For ideas, buy the decorating guides from each of the VBS
publishers.  File these until you need something with this theme, and then
you have a myriad of ideas at your fingertips.  We also buy the tapes/CDs
and songbooks from different VBS so we have lots of new songs for SS.

La Marque, TX

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7) Bulletin Board idea

>I was searching the archives and noticed that there were very few
>bulletin board ideas.

I teach 1st Grade Sunday School in an older building (Built mid '50s) and
the class rooms need some modernization.  We currently have old bulletin
boards that are looking rather tacky.  After a weekend of volunteers
painting many of the class rooms, I went to the local fabric store and
purchased Noah's Arc fabric and covered the boards.  This allows me to
continue to use the boards but also hides many years of use.  The fabric
gives it a fresh new look for very little expense.

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Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

Reproducible Buggie Crafts, Games, Lessons, and Yummy Devotions to teach
kids about Jesus! Includes a T-Shirt design for your kid's program,
directions to make Wearable Buggie Antennae, and a pattern to make a
really cool jumping Grasshopper toy! Your kids will love it!
On sale!


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8) Morning Prayers

>We are having youth night...our program is about the importance of prayer
in our daily >lives.........Does anyone know of a morning time prayer?

Here are two from the book "Classic Children's Prayers" by Word Publishing
the ISBN is:  0-8499-1160-5

--from SSTN: unfortunately I cannot reprint the prayers sent in due to
copyright laws.
ysic, sarah keith <><
Try finding this book in the bookstore search box:

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9) Amazon Outfitters VBS?

Our church will be using the Amazon Outfitters theme for this year's VBS.
I have the kindergarten class. I am in desperate need of some hands on
activities for the last two lessons- Luke 24:36-49, and Acts 10:24-41. any
ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Melody- N.C.

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10) Discipline problems   

In reference to my last comment concerning discipline
problems and the purpose of sunday school....yes
sunday school is for teaching the children about
Christ because they are the CHURCH OF TODAY.  I did
not say that this was the only purpose. At my church,
as sunday school teachers, we are taught to deal with
each child and not to take children to their parents
nor go to the parent with any thing the child have
done and it works for us.   I have children from ages
1 to 8 in my class about 22 of them each Sunday and do
not have disciplinary problems.  Again, this is not
the only purpose of Sunday School, but to assist the
parents so that they are able to enjoy the lesson is a
very important issue at my church. 

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Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
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11) Morning Prayer   

I found this prayer in a 'Child's Garden of Prayer' by Steve and Becky Miller

Early in the Morning,
I look up in the sky...

Linda Lamos

--from SSTN: unfortunately I cannot reprint the entire prayer sent in due
to copyright laws. ysic, sarah keith <><
You may try finding this book in the bookstore search box:

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12) Worship Dance?   

I am looking for some good resource ideas for worship dance with children. I am also interested in any story book titles for children on worship dance.

Thank you
Linda Lamos

--from SSTN: for those responding, please send the ISBN/product number
along with your suggestions so that i may attempt to place the book in the
thanks! sarah <><

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