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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 61 <>< <><
June 2, 2000
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* Adults to commit to a summer program
* King Backwards
* Adults to commit to a summer program
* Father's day ideas...HELP!
* No Summer Sunday School
* Alaskan Camp
* God's Eyes
* Biblically correct science
* Father's Day Ideas?
* Race with Jesus
* Puppet skits?
* The 'T-rrific' Fathers Day shirt

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>Adults to commit to a summer program ..."

I am addressing only one issue in your request, the Adults. There are
over 700 people in our church and my first year, we were experiencing
difficulty in finding "Adults" to commit to VBS also. As Principal for the
third year, something wonderful happened last year. At first I had all
my teachers lined up and then I started getting telephone calls a few
days before VBS with "such and such has come up." I was in the position
where I had to ask people to commit themselves for just one or two
evenings of VBS instead of the traditional week. Guess What? It Worked!

Secondly, we had an Orientation Breakfast for our Teachers one week
before VBS started. We laughed together, eat together and shared ideas.
I made all the crafts before hand so I could have them on display for
the Teachers to touch and ask questions. Before everyone left, I gave
each Teacher his/her new VBS T-shirts and Teacher's Guide to the lesson
plans. Guess What? We had a good year and some are volunteering again
this year!

Ahreita Griffin
Charlotte, North Carolina

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King Backwards

Perhaps on your next Backwards Day you might be able to use the Children's
Sermon "King Backward." You will find this sermon at the following URL:


There is also a web page devoted to this story at:

Charles Kirkpatrick

(From ChristianCrafters.Com-this is a wonderful story! There are also a lot of resources in this site for Children's Sermons. Thanks for sharing this, Charles!

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To Gina Kenney concerning...Anybody have any good ideas on getting the
> ADULTS charged up to want to teach Summer Sunday School

Apart from a love for God and wanting to share that love for children
with material that they can understand and get into, you probably won't have
much success. Love for the Lord is priority number one...all else is of the
Tom Vanskike, Perry MO

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Our Craft Lady is Gone Please help! I need Father's day ideas for age groups 3-5 and 9-12. Thanks and God Bless! Stephanie Fixico

(From ChristianCrafters.Com-check the Archives too.)

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No Summer Sunday School

>Our Church (Evangelical United Church of Christ) has in the past 10 years
>or so not had summer Sunday School classes, but only had Sunday School
>during the public school term

In response to the situation above, I would recommend a combined Sunday School class for the summer. Make possibly 2 groups and have a sign up sheet stating that you need everyone to sign up for just "1" Sunday to help out. Ask the Sr Hi and Jr Hi youth to assist too. It works!
God Bless, Pam Moore, Greentown, OH

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We have a remote youth camp facility near Ketchikan Alaska. We would
like to see it used more than our needs. It would be great even for a
smaller group.Your ideas?
Contact Jeff White 907-225-2891 Church of God

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God's Eyes:

Check out makingfriends.com in the yarn crafts section. They have
instructions there for making God's Eyes.
Wendi Prinse

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I need Biblically correct science for the kids.

One great resource for Science is Group Publishing's Amazing Science Devotions.
We used this last summer for Sunday School and also on Wednesday nights this past year. It costs $14.99 and is available from Group Publishing. You can call at
1-800-447-1070 or order on-line at www.grouppublishing.com. Good luck!

J Derden

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Father's Day Ideas?

I teach our church's Preschool Sunday School Class which ranges in age from 3-early 6's. Would anyone have any Father's Day "special activity" or craft ideas. We would need something that would not take up a lot of time.

Lawtey, Florida

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"Need craft ideas for theme "In the Race with Jesus" (Racing theme)"

Hi. I'm going to be teaching the teen class of VBS with this racing theme as well. I too could use some ideas for the teen girls--or any other grade really since its a small church and all the teachers brainstorm together.

Anyway, I did have a suggestion though. For the past few years, our church has tried to come up with one small craft item for EVERYONE to make and display. This year, I came up with the idea to make a racing "track" to hang on the wall (ours will be in the kitchen area for everyone to see as they snack). This track will just be black bulletinboard paper (or posterboard) hung on the wall and divided into lanes, with each class having their own lane. The "crafty" part comes in with each student being given a car cut out of funfoam (or construction paper/posterboard, etc.) in which they will decorate and put their name on it, as well as the year. Magnets can then be attached to the back, and voila...everyone has their own magnet to commemorate VBS. But, we will take the magnets and put them in their proper lane on the "track" in the kitchen (remember each lane is for a different class) So, everyone can admire each others cars until the last night when everyone takes their magnets home.

Sorry this was so long!!
Sarah C.
Pikeville, KY

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Puppet skits:

Does anybody, please, have any good suggestions for puppet skits that would interest either or both preschoolers, or 1-6? Also any cool music that would interest older- 1-6? that would teach biblical principles etc?
Thank you very much!

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The 'T-rrific' Father's Day shirt:

I have a "T"riffic Idea for Father's day craft but need an inexpensive resource for XL heavy weight T-shirts. Does anyone know where I can purchase about 25-30 at a reasonable price?)

You need: One fresh whole fish (head and all), Fabric paint, One heavy weight t-shirt.

Place the fish on a sturdy cork board bulletin board and using straight pins, stretch open the fins and pin them open. Have children take turns lightly painting the fish with fabric paint and imprinting the fish on to the t-shirts by laying the tshirt on top of the painted fish and pressing lightly. When t-shirts are dry......Write "Gone Fishing" above the fish, and below the fish write, "Matthew 4:19" with fabric marker or Scribbles paints!! What fun!!!!

Also, I need ideas for a craft to go along with our VBS story Mary Serves Jesus John 12:1-11, our verse is "It is more blessed to give than receive" Acts 20:35. A friend have thought of gift bags filled with coupons i.e. "Good for one free hug" etc., which is great, but I think I may need to add something to make the craft more fun for the older kids. Any ideas???

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