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SSTN # 62 - July 19, 2005

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--> Amazing Miracles of the Bible

1) Two Year Olds
2) Moses & the 10 plagues?
3) Rites of Passage?

--> Easy-to-Teach Lessons

4) Armor of God Songs
5) Ten Commandment song
6) Spare Rod...

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7) Jesus' Life VBS
8) Elders & Deacons
9) Part of God's Church

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--> Amazing Miracles of the Bible

God’s glory and love are revealed through the miracles he performed and
were fully realized when he came to earth in the form of a man to save
mankind. By studying the miracles of the Bible children will gain a better
understanding of God’s love and faithfulness and how he continues to be
loving and faithful in miraculous ways to his people today. Great for
rotation-type programs!

In the Curriculum Creatives section:

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1) Two Year Olds

> I have been asked to plan a class for our two year old children to help
> them transition into regular Sunday School classes at three yrs.
> My goals are to teach them to sit quietly, obey and learn respect for
> God's house. And of course, learn God's Word.

Has the person asking you to accomplish this ever had a 2-year-old of
their own?  (grin).  I ask this because 2-year-olds are wonderful
creatures, but there is no guarantee they will "sit quietly, obey and
learn respect..."
There is such a huge difference in the rate of development in 2-year-olds
that I fear the goals you stated are a bit unrealistic. My own 2-year-old
loves "singing" in church "ooh-aah" (for Alleluia) -- loudly (very loudly,
over and over and  over with a big grin on his face), every single time
the organ starts playing.  Perhaps one of the most effective ways to
minister to these little ones is to be sure you have a very child-friendly
room (no "no-no's" like staplers or adult scissors in their reach) as you
spend time with them (with a parent joining in the class with you),
sharing God's love with them as you show them pictures of Jesus.  I
encourage you to do TONS of hands-on activities like cutting (or tearing,
as many 2-year-olds can't cut yet, and none of them should be trusted with
scissors without 1-to-one attention from an adult) squares of construction
paper and gluing them onto a tagboard cross to hang on their wall at home
.... gluing raw elbow macaroni to a cross of fish shape (or a shape to go
along with your very very basic simple Bible story for the day) ...
coloring with WASHABLE markers and crayons ...     When sharing a Bible
Story with this age, repetition is key --- read the same board-book Bible
story at least 2 times ... read it again from a different early-child
Bible story book ... have very real hands-on visual aids to go with the
story ... use big posters of the story if you can, so they can look at it
whenever they want.  Most Christian publishers have curriculum for
2-year-olds; one of my favorites is "Toddling to Jesus" by CPH (Concordia
Publishing House).  Blessings on your exciting faith-journey with these
precious little lambs!


--from SSTN: you can check our bookstore for this title at:

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2) Moses & the 10 plagues?

I have read posting about how people have brought in "Moses" and "Pharoah"
to tell their side of the story. Does anyone have a script typed out?
Please email me if you do. alwells_turtle@hotmail.com


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3) Rites of Passage?

I would like to plan a Rites of Passage weekend for a Sunday School youth
group.  Does anyone have any suggestions for lessons, activities, etc. 
Please email me at sophiabryan@hotmail.com.

--from SSTN: Please respond through SSTN so everyone may benefit.

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--> Easy-to-Teach Lessons

KID-tested and teacher approved! One book is all you need for an entire
class! Each  of the hands-on lesson series can be used with rotation-type
programs too!

Choose from: "Super Heroes of the Bible", "God's Top 10", "Amazing
Miracles of the Bible", "Spirit Gifts", and "His Name Shall Be Called...".
Learn more at:


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4) Armor of God Songs

We Are Marching in the Light of God is a song that could be used with the
Armor theme.

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5) Ten Commandment song

Here is a 10 Commandment song you might use:
Tune: Reuben, Reuben, I've Been Thinking

First command God gave his people,
Have no other gods before me
Not a game boy or an XBOX,
Nothing that would take My place.

Second command God gave his people,
Do not make a graven image,
Not an image or a likeness,
To worship in My place.

Third command God gave His people
Do not take my name in vain
When you’re mad or even glad,
Be careful how you use My name.

Fourth command God gave His people,
Keep the Sabbath day for me,
Worship, sing, and go to church,
Then pray and read My Holy Word.

Fifth command God gave His people,
We should honor every parent,
God has promised when we honor,
Our lives will be long on earth.

Sixth command God gave His people,
Never, never take a life,
God will judge us if we murder,
Lives are precious in His sight.

Seventh command God gave His people,
Love the husband or wife you have,
God will help us keep the harmony,
In our homes and families.

Eighth command God gave His people,
DO not steal a single thing.
Not a penny or a candy bar,
All our needs He will provide.

Ninth command God gave His people,
Never tell a single lie,
On our friends or even neighbors,
Just be honest and be kind.

Tenth command God gave His people,
Don't not jealous - it is sin,
Just be thankful what God gave you,
And for His provision, too.

Written by Jeanne McIntosh July 2005

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6) Spare Rod...

I was alarmed that you are promoting 3 scripture verses on childhood
discipline that in no way suggests that for today.  Jesus did away with
rods, stones, sticks, hitting, slapping.  Please be careful not to have a
gospel message that would encourage a follower of Christ to take the words
of Old Testament discipline that was useful and needed in those days. 
Thank God He sent His Son so we have access to His love and grace without
corporal punishment, which was common back then.  And another note, if you
are going to take the 3 "spanking" verses of Proverbs today, then you MUST
take the other "spanking" verses in Proverbs.  Have you read Proverbs
10:13, Proverbs 14:3, Proverbs 19:29, Proverbs 26:3?  I don't know about
you but I meet more adult foolish people who lack judgement than children
(although it doesn't say that in Proverbs) who are disobedient.
Be very careful!  I have been a Children's Minister in the Christian
churches for 18 years and this is one of the most misused and mislead
teachings of Scripture.  Read Luke 15 and see how Jesus instructed us to
discipline our children.  It's a heart matter and it starts with us.  My
children disobeyed (just like I disobey at times) but I NEVER hurt their
bodies to teach or train them.  I am to be Christ-like!  If you can show
me or your readers where Jesus instructed us to use our hand or an
instrument to inflict pain on the most sensitive and precious part of a
child's body - their buttocks, then I will stand corrected.  Good luck!

--from SSTN: Hi Jill:
SSTN promotes only the free exchange of ideas. Rarely do I sensor
postings. It is up to all participants to suggest, request, challenge and
respond to the other members. Hopefully this exchange will help all of us
improve our teaching skills.

sarah keith<><

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7) Jesus' Life VBS?

Do an online search for the subjects you need. There is tons of stuff out
I am curious as to why many VBS curricula covers the birth and death of
Christ.  If students attend SS anytime, they attend Christmas and Easter. 
I guess I am asking why VBS does not cover other, less know stories?

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8) Elders & Deacons

Discuss the deacons and elders that are mentioned in Scripture:
ie. Steven and Philip (See Acts 6:5) and Phoebe was a deacon and an elder
(see Romans 16:1-2).
According to Jesus in Matthew 20:26, To become great in God's kingdom you
must be a servant (a diakonos or deacon).

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9) Part of God's Church

>Our next unit is I am part of my Church.  I was trying to find a
>craft we could make that would go with this unit

Hi all:

I am covering this section with my preschool/kindergarten class this
month, and what I did was to take pictures (snapshots) of each child in
the class.  Then I had a picture made of a church with a hole cut out
where the door would be.  I put their picture in that hole and had the
whole picture covered with contact paper to protect everything, then hung
them on our classroom door along with a banner that says "I Am A Part of
This Church".  The kids love it!  You could also have them draw pictures
of themselves to use instead of snapshots.

Yours in Christ, Charlene in Tennessee    

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