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SSTN # 62 - May 19, 2003

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1) Miracles of Jesus
2) Armor of God songs?   
3) Jesus Calms the storm
4) Peter's Confession & Jesus' transfiguration?
5) Bible Club Outreach Abroad?

--> USA Patriotic Catcher

6) Treasures of the Nile VBS?
7) Lords Prayer Dialogue   
8) Christian soldier?   
9) Discipline and consistency issues in rotation

--> First Aid Others Kit

10) Volunteer Appreciation
11) Finding a church that needs you   
12) Future of Group?
13) Western-Pioneer VBS?
14) Name Tag Idea?

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1) Miracles of Jesus

We have just completed a workshop rotation on Jesus feeding the 5,000. We
had a cooking rotation the kids really enjoyed. We had a Bible time
We talked about what kind of foods were available in Jesus time.We put the
food in a picnic basket and had flat bread, tuna, pistachio nuts, grapes,
cheese, etc. We took a blanket and went outside with the kids for the
lesson. They really enjoyed it and had a tasty snack too.

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2) Armor of God songs?

Our church will be doing a five week series this summer on the Armor of
God for K-6th grade. We'll be using the lessons and games from
ChristianCrafters.Com. However, we would like to include song-time.
Besides using such classics as, "Soldiers of Christ Arise" or "Onward
Christian Soldiers", we'd like to sing some modern upbeat songs too. Does
anyone know of any "Armor" songs for K-6th graders?

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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3) Jesus Calms the storm

In response to your Jesus Calms the storm craft ideas.  Please go to
daniellesplace.com  This website has a lot of ideas and I have used it a
lot.  Erika

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4) Peter's Confession & Jesus' transfiguration?

I teach sr. women's class or victorious women and they are between the
ages of 45 to 75.  This Sunday's lesson is coming from Mark 8:27-9:8 and I
would like some suggestions on how to be creative with this lesson.  Mark
8:27-9-8 (Peters Confession & Jesus transfiguration) -talks about when
Jesus and his disciples went to Caesare Phillipi and on the way he asked
his disciples who do you say I am.  Then when he and 3 of his disciples
went up on the mountain and he transfigured, his clothes became whiter
than snow.  In the 9th chapter one of the scriptures says, "to gain the
whole world and lose your soul".


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5) Bible Club Outreach Abroad?

I'm a high school senior, and my church youth group is going on a mission
trip to Argentina this June. My team of 15 youth is in charge of a Bible
club program for the children during the week we are there. Has anyone led
a Bible school program in a non-English speaking country before? Any ideas
for activites that  don't require a lot of Spanish speaking by the leaders
would be great! (We don't want to tire out our translators!)
-Nora, Cincinnati

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--> USA Patriotic Catcher

Kids will learn the answers to eight basic USA citizenship questions such
as, "Why did the Pilgrims come to America?"; What is the US Constitution?,
and "What does the First Amendment guarantee?". A great activity for July
4th! Kids can make it and take it home! Print out as many patterns as you
need for a onetime fee of only $3.00. Once you've purchased the pattern
you'll receive instructions via email on how to download it from the site.
Available only online. No waiting and no shipping costs!

Find the USA Patriotic Catcher at:

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6) Treasures of the Nile VBS?

Hi I see lots of good ideas for the SCUBA VBS, we are doing Treasures of
the Nile, I'd love to hear what other people are doing with it in all
areas and I am in charge of the snacks in particular. Thanks
Debbie Sun City Ca.

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7) Lords Prayer Dialogue   

I have seen multiple versions of this particular dialogue, hope this is
the one that Sandie is looking for. email:
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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8) Christian soldier?

Help. I'm doing a VBS (Kids Krusade style) about the Army of God. Our
emphasis is going to be the spiritual armor.  Does anybody have any
decorating ideas, puppet skits, etc?
Thanks and God Bless.

Sherri Klees

--from SSTN: make sure you check out the Sermons and Games section for the
"Armor of God" ideas:   http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com

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9) Discipline and consistency issues in rotation   

I had a question that may have been misunderstood, and I wanted to ask it
again in another way.  I asked about discipline in the rotation method,
I was using the word discipline not as punishment, but as a structure for
appropriate behavior. I understand that bringing in many teachers with
different skills will help each child learn in their best style, but I am
worried that the one or two children every year that need extra nurturing
and discipline will have trouble changing teachers frequently.  In the
past, I have team-taught with one other teacher, and even that swapping
disturbed some of the children.

My questions to you already doing rotation are:

Has this been a problem in your church or does the engagement & energy of
rotation minimize disruptive behavior? 
If there are children that don't do as well with changes, how do you
identify and help them?
Does explicitly separating the learning styles cause problems, such as the
visual learner being unengaged during the music session, etc?

If you want to email me a response individually, send me mail at
nettlest@bellsouth.net.  I will summarize responses for anyone else facing
similar issues.

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--> First Aid Others Kit

Holds a Band-Aid, a stick of Gum, a Lifesaver candy, an Eraser, and a
Toothpick. Discover why, follow the link below to learn more:


Children can make it and take it home. Print out as many patterns as you
need for a onetime fee of only $3.00. Once you've purchased the pattern
you'll receive instructions via email on how to download it from the site.
Available only online. No waiting and no shipping costs!

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10) Volunteer Appreciation   

> Do you have any ideas on how we can show these youth volunteers how
> much we appreciate them? We only have 4 boys who volunteer.

There are a lot of ways to show you appreciate your youth volunteers. You
can invite them to your home for night of games & pizza, take them out to
do something fun, give them a small gift and tell them how much you
appreciate them as well as what they do for you. If their commitment level
is unique to your church, you could ask if there is a way you can
recognize them in the adult service for their commitment. What we do every
year is have a Teacher Appreciation Sunday. During that Sunday we have a
special message (by our senior pastor) that pertains to them, provide a
really nice gift (this year we are doing engraved candy jars w/ candy in
them. In years past we have given our tote bags, glass coffee cups,
picture key chains, etc.). This is our 7th annual Teacher Appreciation
Service. We create nice invitations that our kids take to their teachers
in their class. After the whole service is done, we have a reception for
teachers, kids & their families. We provide nice snacks and a time to
fellowship with each other.

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11) Finding a church that needs you   

<It seems like you are saying that you teach, but you don't like the
<curriculum. Why don't you find some other curriculum ideas and present
<them to the pastor, or whoever is in charge of overseeing what gets

Thank you to the many for their suggestions. One person mentioned that
maybe I was being called in a different direction in my church. I have
been with the church for 26 years. I have served as Christian Education
Director, and Sunday School Superintendent (not at the same time) for
several years as well as teaching Sunday School. My prayers have been
answered. They are changing the curriculum this coming year. In the past
we have had people on a curriculum committee (I was on it), but it seems
minds were made up and they had to learn the hard way that the curriculum
was boring and hard to teach. Many of the other teachers felt as I did.
Hopefully things will be looking up this fall. I look forward to the new
God bless you all.

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12) Future of Group?

As well as a Sunday Morning Truthtrackers Group, I help lead a midweek
Shell group for 7-11 year olds.  This comprises a theme/fun evening,
games, activities etc followed by a short time spent on introducing the
children to who God is (majority are from unchurched backgrounds).  We
went through a stage of not having sufficient adult help but now have the
opposite problem.  All our older children have moved on to their own
Sunday night group and we have been unable to replace them.

On Tuesday evening, we organised a big themed event.  We publicised it in
the whole town, had press coverage, did a mailshot to all three primary
schools in the town.  (Please note apart from 50p per week (<$) contribution from the children, we have no income and everything else comes out of our own pockets).  We had only 7 children turn up.  Apart from 1 child, they all attend the Truthtrackers group.  Your prayers and support would be greatly appreciated.  At the moment we are unsure as to whether God is telling us to call it a day (we've been running 4 years) and to concentrate on something else, whether He is telling us to persevere.  We are under no doubt that these 7 children are important and it's not numbers that matter, but morale is low at the moment and we would appreciate your prayers.

YIC  Mandy

P.S.  We have done the most obvious thing and talked to the children, they
are happy with the activities on offer and the way things are run.

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13) Western-Pioneer VBS?   

Does anyone have ANY decorating ideas for a Western/Pioneer
theme? Thank you for any suggestions!


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14) Name Tag Idea?

Hello fellow SS teachers and saints!I am in need of a creative but easy
name tag idea for children. I will be running a SS for a camp in two weeks
and I have not met the 37 children yet. I thought a fun and easy name tag
craft might be a fun opening session as I get to know these kids. So if
anyone out there has an idea that I can use on a limited budget, please
hit reply and let me know.
Trusting in Jesus,
Julie RichardsonVancouver, WA

--from SSTN: do you have a theme? If so, design the tag to coordinate with
your theme.

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