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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 63 <>< <><
June 9, 2000
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* Multi-Age Classes
* Bible songs
* Father's Day Craft
* Skit, songs, crafts or poems?
* Bible Camp Ideas?
* Special interest studies
* Summer Sunday School
* Father's Day Craft
* A neat Father's Day Craft
* Race With Jesus
* Biblically correct science
* Puppet skits

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I am directing our Summer Sunday School Program which encompasses 1st grade through 8th.
Our Sunday School during the summer is going to be using Veggie Tales. I've used
different Veggie Tales videos and lessons with all age groups, and have had
a very good response. Veggie Tales has individual lessons/videos and they
also have a VBS program which you can use for just about anything.

Hope I could help.
Jo Ellen Nakles
Latrobe, Pennsylvania

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Bible songs

For Kathy who wants the books of the Bible songs. I have them on the Wee Sing Bible songs book and tape set. I found it in K-Mart and Walmart, as well as in our local Christian book store. Best of luck and would love to hear your suggestions for jr. church. I am going to start ours this fall so would love all the suggestions you have. Thanks.

Yours in Christ,
Sherri Penko

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Father's day Craft

> I am looking for a nice non messy father's day gift that my 2 -3 year olds
Dear Dianne, How about giving the kids a piece of paper and a variety of crayons to color all over their paper. Then cut out a shape from the paper, like a cross or something for Father's Day and glue it on a piece of colored construction paper. Write the child's name and date on it too. Simple and inexpensive too. (You have a challenge with crafts for that age ;))
God Bless,

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Skit, songs, crafts or poems?

I was just informed of this site by a friend at work and I think its great. I teach Sunday School in a small Baptist church in Adairsville, GA. Any ideas for a skit, songs, crafts or poems for Father's Day. I usually have 8 to 10 kids ages 7 to 10.

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Bible Camp Ideas

I am a counselor at a bible camp during the summer. I have found that if my girls have a small quiet craft they can do on their beds quiet time goes much much much better and allows those who do want to sleep to be able to have some quiet. I will be counseling two camps. One with 4th through 6th graders and the other with Jr. High 7th through 9th graders. If you have any good but cheap craft ideas that would be wonderful! Also any small bible class skits or talent show things would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Casey. May God bless you and keep you and give you peace.

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Special interest studies

I teach 5th grade Sunday School and during the summer we have a special SS where we have learning centers set up in the room. We use our regular SS material but add several special interest studies. Just a few are Bible Skills and Armor of God from Eph 6. I am looking for some interesting activities or projects that could be done in our Armor of God learning center that would reinforce our study and the children would enjoy. If you know of anything, I would really appreciate hearing from you. We begin our study this Sunday and I have some interesting things to begin our study but I will need a few more ideas in the coming weeks.
Thank you very much.
Cleveland, Tenn.

--From ChristianCrafters.Com, check out the Archives List, directions below, for the 'Armor of God Game'. It was posted in a previous SSTN. Blessings, Sarah Keith. ;o)

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RE: Summer Sunday School

To everyone who responded to my question regarding finding people to teach Summer Sunday School. Thanks for all of the great ideas. It seems the consensus is to have people sign
up for only one or two Sundays at a time. Just for the record, we are having Summer
Sunday School (condensing to only one large class). I am passing on all of the information
I received to our Pastor and Superintendent.

This is a wonderful newsletter and one of the emails I always check first.
God bless.

--From ChristianCrafters.Com: Thanks Gina! It's a blessing to me too. One thing I would like to add, our church's Christian Ed. Dir, has all the teachers on one month, and off the next. This month my husband and I teach 5th/6th grade boys, next month another couple teaches. We get to teach every other month, and attend our own age group classes on the months we're off! She also has a list of people that are willing to substitute when your sick or go on vacation. This works great for us.
Love in Him, Sarah.--

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One year I used little wooden saws (found in craft stores). The kids wrote with pens
to "The best dad I ever saw!" on them. We put self stick magnets on them.
They became refrigerator magnets.You can use paper saws too!
This is easy and no mess!!!!!!!!!!
Carol wescott 2nd grade
Greentree Church EHT NJ

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A neat Father's Day Craft:

Make a special Father's Day Card - you will need a sheet of construction paper
and 2 joined pieces of computer paper 8 1/2x 11 or tape two pieces together.
Children will first lay stretch the computer paper out and lay their arms from the
elbow to their hand out on the paper. Have someone draw the outline of their arm
and hands do this on both ends of the paper. Children will write "this much" on
the outline of their arms. They can also decorate with little hearts. Fold the
two sheets up accordian style. Fold the sheet of construction paper in half to
make the card - glue one hand down on the inside front and another on the inside
back. On the front write Happy Father's Day. "I love you... . When the card is
opened up the hands should open up to show their arms and hands with the message
"this much". Cute idea. Not hard - not too long. Love in Christ.
Thanks for all the great ideas on the blessed website.

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Race With Jesus

Standard Publishing has a great VBS theme "In the Race With Jesus,
ROAD RALLY 2000". Many great ideas for this theme. We live near the
Pococno 500 raceway and thought this would be good for our VBS and our
teachers and helpers have really caught on with this theme.

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Biblically correct science: (Number 57)

I noticed on TommyNelson.com webpage under home schooling Ė under
miscellaneous - there is a book (Genesis For Kids) on science experiments
for kids showing Godís hand in creation, with activities and stories,
soft cover $10.39. Might be worth looking at.
Luanne, Ontario,

Just like to say Iím new to the site and Iíve started collecting the newsletters
for our newly started resource library. What a great way to share ideas.
Loved the Mother Day Songs, we will use them next year.
Luanne, Ontario, Canada

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Puppet skits

in the ss news letter 61, someone was looking for puppet
skits-www.dramaquest.com has all kinds of skits and puppet plays for free-i
got this through a link from www.christianteens.about.com-great site for
youth activities-Spread the WORD-Billie

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I'm Joyce and I am looking for a skit or reading that the children can do in church on and for Father's Day. If you or anyone has something that they can do I would really apreciate your help.
Thank you and God Bless, Joyce

--From ChristianCrafters.com-remember to check the Archives List, directions below.--

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