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SSTN  # 63- June 14, 2002

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1) Noah's ark lesson
2) Motivating Teachers
3) No building...can't decorate...what to do

-> Father's Day Craft

4) Book series?
5) VBS Sonrise Balloon Adventure
6) Sunday School kick off
7) Psalm 23 Crafts

-> W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

8) No building...can't decorate...what to do
9) Christian Comic resource for SSTN?   
10) Motivating My Teachers
11) Confirmation curriculum-what works?
12) Sunday School Kick Off   

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1) Noah's ark lesson

With this age, they like to pretend that they are the animals. 
I had each kid to choose a animal and get under desk or table for the
cage. There is a tape called,  "Kids on Parade"  with this song.
Also, try the "Butterfly song."  I can send you some things if you want,
just send address.  Nancy 

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2) Motivating Teachers

I send letters to my kids.  I don't know what else, except maybe have a
party and award cermony.  Nancy

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3) No building...can't decorate...what to do

This is a response to Dorie-Wisconsin #55
I am in the same circumstances with no building so here are some ideas:
a)  Try to find books with pictures that relate to the lesson  a. 
Children's Bible in 365 Lessons  ISBN 0 7459-1333-4 copyright 1985 Lion
Print   b)Keepsake Story Book by Emily Hunter, ISBN 156507-001-1 Harvest
House Publishers, Eugene Ore 97402
b)  Use marker board to emphasize lesson points OR print off on copy
machine in large letters, lesson points and tape to walls (or on back of
chair if you can't use walls)
c)  Use charts/maps from Christian book stores - they come in all sizes
and roll up to carry in cardboard tubes - Use for attendance, memory
verse, bringing visitor, etc. - kids love to see their names up and attach
stars etc each week.  Easy to transport in tubes.
d)  If you have access to opaque or overhead projectors, blow up scenes
that relate to lesson and color/paint.  Involve parents and/or teens to
help in this - could be service project for teens.  Use large paper - and
laminate for future lessons, store in tubes.
e)  another book -  "Bible Stories ISBN 1-84084-992-4 Dempsey Pace Book
2000.  They have a short lesson and a pix - enlarge picture and color for
use with lesson  and have small 8 1/2 x 11 page for othem to color and
take home
f) Most kids love to read - have older ones read a scripture or perhaps a
paragraph from the lesson
g)  I make sure we have a take-home craft that reinforces the memory verse
every Sunday for them to share with family
h)  I pack my picnic basket each Sunday with ONLY the items I need for
THAT week.

I know this is long but wanted to share with Dorie and also to let her
know I'm praying for her.  If she has e-mail, would be happy to chat with
her. God will supply ALL our needs - don't be discouraged but be
encouraged in doing His work.
In His Love,  Nita Gilliatt

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Father's Day Craft

Download our Father's Day craft: "Stronger Than Nails".
Find it on the craft page at:


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4) Book series?

I am trying to locate a series of reproducible books. the Publisher is
Arthur L Miley and the company is Rainbow books,in San Diego. They are
called Colouring plus Activities,Heroes of the Bible,The Bible teaches
me,Jesus Lord and Savior,Gods Creation,Gods Promises,Living the Christian
Life,Growing up God's way,and I go to Church. If anyone knows where they
are available I would greatly appreciate it.

To the people looking to start off their Sunday school year with a special
event, we have always done a rally day the first Sunday after Labour day
the children stay up for the whole service and we have a special service
dedicating the teachers and children ,it is a celebration of the Christian
education being done in the church. We even include the Christian
education committee in the event.

--from SSTN: try our bookstore search box:
For anyone responding, please send ISBN/product code so I may
attempt to locate as well. Thanks! Sarah Keith <><

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5) VBS Sonrise Balloon Adventure

Sarah -in response to  'VBS Sonrise Balloon Adventure' - could you
forward this to Theresa in Africa?

My church did this years ago - but we still have the books (leader,
craft and maybe some other stuff). What do you need?
Email me directly at

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6) Sunday School kick off

This is in reply to "Julie in Burke VA" regarding the Sunday School kick
off......I too am from a small church (approx 70 active members).  We
always have "Rally Sunday" the second Sunday in September.  This marks the
beginning of our Sunday School year.  Instead of any classes, we play all
outside games (weather permitting) with the kids.  We also have a church
potluck and a balloon launch.  The kids love the games - water balloon
toss, three legged race, potato sack race, - and the parents know not to
send their kids in the "Sunday best" for that day.  Prizes are awarded to
all kids at the end of every race. Bigger ones for the winners,(full size
candy bars,pens, small notebooks,etc) and smaller prizes as consolation
(tootsie rolls, pieces of gum, pencils).  Everyone really looks forward to
the events...and it doesnt take a lot of planning.  Hope this helps!

Jane - Forreston, IL

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7) Psalm 23 Crafts

This response is to the person who asked about the Psalm 23 crafts. 
I can send her my copies of crafts.  Nancy

--from SSTN: if these are your ideas, then please share them with the rest
of SSTN. Thanks! Sarah Keith <><

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel Colors), the
Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God. Follow this
link to learn more:


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8) No building...can't decorate...what to do

>My problem is that I can't decorate a room, or set up
>learning centers or have anything permanent. I have to haul my supplies
>and materials back and forth every week.

You may want to investigate curriculum that does not focus on learning
centers.  Currently, our church is using material from Lifeway called -
TeamKIDS.  They suggest a group activity to get started, a Bible story,
craft, games and a snack.  We usually have an additional starting activity
that doesn't require much supervision -- playdoh, puzzles, crayons --
until most children arrive.  Our class has 3's through kindergarten
together in one room.  During the craft, we try to have mixed ages working
together so the older children can help the younger ones.  As with most
material, you will find a need to supplement here and there according to
what you like to do, your budget and environment.  I have also used
Group's Hands-On Bible curriculum -- they also do not require learning
centers, however their material is more age specific than TeamKids.  Our
church was in rented school classrooms for a number of years and many of
us felt the same! frustration you are experiencing -- having to bring
everything with you each week.  God blessed all our efforts because many
people came to have a relationship with God in this non-threating
environment.  I hope that you can find a parent or an older teenager that
would fill in for you on a regular basis so you can join in the worship
services.  And perhaps the bible study time could be adjusted to
accommodate parents of school age children.  Bless you for having a heart
for children and wanting to do your very best for them, God will bless
your efforts.   Judy  - California

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9) Christian Comic resource for SSTN?   

I was just looking through some old Shining Star magazines and I found
something that might interest folks looking for Christian comics:
In the May/June/July 1994 issue, there are four reproducible one-page
comics that are the adventures of a older boy/teen named Jeremiah.  Each
comic is designed to be one week's lesson.  Jeremiah runs away from home
(and God), realizes how lost he is, and comes home to Grandpa and God.
Each lesson suggests a different Bible passage to go with it.

I'm still looking for a supplier of Christian comics.  I know they exist,
because I have some old ones!

Dana in Cincinnati

--from SSTN: check out the Bookstore-Bibles section for:
"Picture Stories from the Bible: The New Testament in Comic-Strip Form"


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10) Motivating My Teachers

One way in which I have motivated my teachers is in our meeting at the
beginning of the Sunday School year I ask each of them for a committment
that they would witness to someone at least once per week, and if they
couldn't make this committment then I expected their resignation from
teaching.  Of course I made the same committment.  I told them that if we
weren't doing what the Bible says then we were not fit to teach God's Word
to anyone else.  This showed them how serious I was and it kind of woke
them up.  I also explained the seriousness of the office of a "Teacher";
how we will be held accountable to God for what and how we teach.  I know
it may sound hard but some teachers may take the office lightly instead
with respect and a God-like reverence.  Also, I try to give them lots of
praise for what they are doing; Each year on the 2nd Sunday in February I
have a "S.S. Teacher Appreication Day" with a catered meal, presentat! ion
of a small gift and everything.  People are motivated by affirmation lots
of times.  Hope it helps.  God Bless.

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"Get em' in the LOOP!" 

L-eading kids to Christ,
O-ffering advice
O-pen discussion forum
P-roviding free resources

Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) Confirmation curriculum-what works?

Hi everyone! I want to thank everyone for their great ideas and their
excitement for ministry, especially to children and youth!I'm the youth
director at a Lutheran Church (ELCA) and am in charge of writing/finding a
new Confirmation curriculum for next fall. Any ideas?? Write and let me
know what works/doesn't work in your churches please. Also, I've been
looking a lot at "Faith Inkubators" do any of you use it? If so, what do
you like/dislike about it?? Thanks for everything!
God's Blessings.... Kristan

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12) Sunday School Kick Off   

Hi Julie....
Our opening day is held in the Sanctuary. We start off Sunday School with
having some kind of Christian Entertainer.  There are many that do not
cost alot of money or you may even have talent in your
congregation...check it out.  We have done music mostly but have had
puppet shows or comedians (all with Christian themes).
We also present our 2nd and 5th graders with age appropriate Bibles and
Prayer Pillows for 5 yrs. old and under.  The Prayer Pillows are made by a
member of our congregation and they have a little pocket on the back side.
Each week the child is given a prayer card to put in the pocket (this is
a tool to help parents pray with their children)  The children carry these
pillows like the older kids carry their Bibles.
We then introduce the teachers and honor them for the service they have
been called into.  This identifies the teachers to the parents and

We end with punch and cookies (a fellowhsip social)  Hope this helps...
FROG....Fully Relying On God.....Sue

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