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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 64 <>< <><
June 12, 2000
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* Adults to commit to a summer program
* Popsicle sticks craft
* Worship service behavior
* Ten commandments flower--July 4?
* Popsicle stick crafts
* Lessons on Paul
* VBS 2000 - Jesus, Master of the Millenium
* David & Goliath-Memory Verse games
* Video series -craft, games
* Fathers Day Recipe
* Worship service behavior
* Popsicle stick mobile

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>Adults to commit to a summer program ..."

The congregation I used to worship with used material for VBS that had a
sort of marketplace theme. I am sorry I don't remember the title....maybe
someone else does. We found that after a year, EVERYONE wanted to get
involved. We had some members that researched customs, others that helped
create the bible time props, movies, and costumes. Then others were
"guides". The teachers taught the same lesson each nite...but to a
different group of children. The guides led their group to the assigned
room each nite. The adults really got interested and the children learned a
lot. I think the title was something like Marketplace 29 AD. If anyone
wants more info, e-mail me.

I have found that one reason adults don't volunteer is they are uncertain of
their abilities...when you break up the tasks, it is alot easier to find
volunteers. You may also try to join efforts with another church if yours
is small....and be sure to get the teens involved.

Kristina in Tennessee

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Popsicle sticks craft:

1. Use 8 sticks to make a picture frame. Glue them together and let
children decorate with fun foam bits, glitter, ribbon, pompoms, silk flowers,
etc. Them tape their picture in it and add a piece of sticky magnet so it
can hang on fridge.

2. Our Kid's Club did this one -- took an old tobacco canister (any
straight-sided plastic jar will work too). The kids then used "tacky glue"
to glue the popsicle sticks all the way around, tied a piece of raffia or a
bow around the outside and decorated with whatever "bits" you have. Then we
filled the canister with dirt, and planted miniature sunflowers. They also
had a small sign to color with a portion of the scripture about "there is a
time to plant..." that was stuck in as well.

3. Our Sunday school class is working on a model of the church. I used a
photocopier to enlarge the floor plan of the church and let the kids start
to construct walls, etc. I bring my scroll saw and have showed the older
ones how to use it. They got quite creative one day and built all the pews
complete with bibles. The whole project is only about 2 feet square and
mounted on a piece of plywood.

Hope these help.

Chilliwack, BC

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Worship service behavior:

> Does anyone have any innovative and fun ideas to teach proper behavior for Children in a worship service?

Something we have done in the past is to give out a quiet seat prize. Watch the kids during the service and of course let them know you are doing this. The most well behaved child receives a prize. God bless. Heather in Flint

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Ten Commandments flower:

You can take construction paper and cut out 10 petals and one center for each
kid. On the center piece write ten commandments. Then write one of the ten commandments on each petal. Then put together like a flower with glue.

Another woman asked for ideas for ice cream sticks You can use them to
make picture frames. Place a picture on a piece of construction paper
and then using four sticks to frame the outside of the picture.
put a little string on the back in a loop and them can hang up.
You can also make stick people with them by drawing a face on the
stick and adding clothes to them. You can also use different color
yarn to make hair on them.

Now my turn, does anyone have any ideas for a 4th of july craft for
preschoolers? Thank You!

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Popsicle stick crafts:

> anyone have any ideas on how to use them for all age groups
> from preschool to youth.

Here are several ways we have used them:

House frame-Use 4 to make a square then add 2 more to make a 'roof'. Cut our posterboard to fit your 'house' and add a polaroid shot of the child to the bottom square. You can decorate the sticks with markers or stickers if you like. In the top triangle write "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15"

Puzzle-You can tape several together (about 8 or 10) to make a square then draw a simple picture on them with markers (maybe a heart with I love God on it); then remove the tape and mix them up.

Window frames-Glue 4 together in a square adding a ribbon between two ends of the popsicle sticks (so you can hang it) and add 2 crosspieces on top. Cut a card of an outdoor scene to fit and glue under the popsicle sticks. We did this with Christmas cards but you could really use any Bible pictures you had to go with your lesson.

Memory verse can-Depending on how long the verse is, it is also possible to give each child a soup can (decorate it if you like) and write the verses on the popsicle sticks. You can then pull them out to study or review.


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Worship service behavior:

One thing we do is line up at the door and recite the following rhyme:

Tip toe, Tip toe in God's house.
Tip toe, Tip toe, quiet as a mouse.

This helps to remind them as they leave to be quiet. There are also
posters that depict children acting appropriately. One idea my co-teacher has suggested (although we don't have one yet) is to obtain a pew and cut it down to
fit on one wall of the classroom. Then the kids can sit there at some point
during class and be reminded of the things we do and don't do during services.
Some kids respond well to a reverse reward system...They start out with a chart
full of stars, and they are covered up each time one of the teachers sees
them running, etc in the building...at the end of the quarter, present a
small award to the child with the most stars. You could
enlist the help of other adults to be watch "owls".

Kristina in Tennessee

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Lessons on Paul:

I saw your site on Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments. I am going to be doing Vacation Bible School this summer and was wondering if you had any ideas for 6th & 7th graders. Our lessons will be on Paul. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! Zcipan <><

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I'm not sure if you can help me or not, but if so Praise God! and if not
Praise God! I am putting together a VBS at the end of June. Everything is coming
together except for crafts for our kids. We will have kids from 3 years to
the 6th Grade. If you could point me in the direction of some crafts that might
go along with these themes and scriptures that would be terrific. I'm pretty new
at this VBS stuff and could us all the help I can get.

Thanks for any help you can give :)
Andrew Rogers

Need Idea’s For Bible Crafts
VBS 2000 Jesus, Master of the Millenium – New Beginnings:

Day 1 NEW CREATION – 2 Corinthians 5:17
Key words: Old,New,Transformation

Day 2 NEW SONG / NEW COVENANT - Psalm 96:2
Key Words: Sing,Praise, Proclaim

Day 3 NEW MIND – Isaiah 26:3
Key Words: Perfect Peace,Steadfast, Trusts

Day 4 NEW JOY – John 15:11
Key Words: Joy

Day 5 NEW COMMAND OF LOVE - John 13:34
Key Words: Love one another

(From ChristianCrafters.Com- Andrew, for 'Day One', check out the 'New Life Butterfly' craft in my Crafter's Showcase. You might also want to use the 'Heart Wreath' for Day 5. Also, try the Archives List they can really help. Check it out. I know many of the other teacher's will have ideas to share too!
Blessings, Sarah Keith.)

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David & Goliath-Memory Verse games?

I will be teaching at a camp this July ages 81/2 to 12 years old. Does anyone have any need games on David & Goliath that we can play during the free time. Also any ideals on Memory Verse learning games.

Thanks for your help and God Bless.
You can E-mail any suggestions to me at

Agnes Schlough

(From ChristianCrafters.Com--if you email Agnes directly, please carbon copy to the network, so we can all benefit from your knowledge. Thanks! Sarah Keith.)

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Video series -craft, games

Hi, I have a big request to ask of all the teachers out there. Our sunday
school is have a video series this summer. The video subjects are
Cooperation, Courage, Resisting Temptation, Truth & Trust, Thankfulness,
overcoming fear, working things out, forgiveness and Practice makes perfect.
I am looking for ideas for easy crafts or games to use after we show the
video. The ages are pre school to 1& 2nd grade. Any ideas would be very
appreciated. In His service, Tweety

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Fathers Day Craft:

>I am looking for a nice non messy father's day gift that my 2 -3 year olds
>can make for father's day.

We are making a trail mix for Dad. Each child or family brings in a contribution.(m&m's, raisins, chocolate chips, gold fish crackers, peanuts, pretzel sticks, etc) Mix everything together in a big bowl and allow the kids to fill baggies with the mix. Then tie the bags shut with ribbon. Then have them make a simple card for their Dad. I call the families and ask them to bring specific items. That way I don't get all the same thing.
Beverly Wickham
Marion, IN

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Worship service behavior:

I teach Children's Church each Sunday to about 25-30 children ages 4 through
6th grade. When we began 4 years ago, these children did not know how to
behave during worship. They talked during prayer time, communion, were
getting up and down during the service, etc.

This is one idea I came up with and still use every week to teach them to
respect prayer time. Every time we pray, I tell them to "put on their
attitude of prayer" by folding their hands, closing their eyes, and bowing
their heads. I also made up a short poem that I use during the scheduled
prayer request/praise report time: "Our hands we fold, our heads we bow,
our eyes we close, to pray right now."

There are some other things I do also to prepare them to be adult worshipers
and I'd be glad to share them. My email address is: bodellc@hotmail.com.

Our church is in a small town in rural northern Michigan and attendance is
about 150 each week.

God bless,
Cathy from Michigan

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Popsicle stick mobile:

I taught a girls club at our church and we made a mobil out of the
popsicle sticks. Just glue or tie them in the shape of a cross, tie
strings from the four ends and attach picture or whatever mobile you
want it to be. Drill holes in the end before you start. All ages enjoy
this. Good luck, Nina

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