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SSTN  # 64- June 17, 2002

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-> Praise-Amations!

1) Motivating Teachers   
2) Sunday School Kick-off
3) No building...can't decorate...what to do
4) No building...can't decorate
5) Armor of God VBS
6) Armor of God Material
7) No building...can't decorate

-> W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

8) No building...can't decorate
9) SSTN's archives
10) Neck ties for Father's Day?
11) Water Volley Balloons
12) Armor of God VBS

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Remember those cartoon flip cards that you roll between your hands to make
them animate? With Praise-Amations, children will be excited to see their
praise cartoon mini-movies come to life as they roll them between their
hands. 27 Reproducible patterns to make and do with your entire class!

In the Curriculum section: 

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1) Motivating Teachers   

Hi Katie, A good way is to start the year off and introduce and honor your
teachers on the first day of Sunday School with a Special Service.  Remind
them of why God has called them to do this ministry. Then throughout the
year I hold "Teacher Renewals" periodically.  I run a program designed
especially for them....stress...busyness...making time for God...etc.  I
provide lunch and we spend 1-2 hours together (build them up to do
ministry).  The teachers have really appreciated this time together and
the building up of their Spirit.
FROG...Fully Relying On God...Sue

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2) Sunday School Kick-off

> I know it is still a little  ways off yet, but I was looking for ideas on
> how to kick off the new Sunday School year in September.  We don't have

Dear Julie,
At our church we have a "Meet Your Teacher Sunday" We meet during regular
Sunday School hour and gather all together (but as classes at separate
tables) in our fellowship hall. The teacher's are introduced, we share in
fellowship, fun and root beer floats. Then go to our rooms towards the end
of the hour so each child is sure where they are to go the following
Sunday. It has seemed to work well and the kids love the floats!! (we
serve them in a large plastic glass with a spoon and a straw....much
easier for the little ones) Good luck and God's blessings!
Osage, Iowa

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3) No building...can't decorate...what to do

> Hope someone can help here. I attend a small church that started last
> fall. We don't have our own building, but rent a few rooms from another
> organization. My problem is that I can't decorate a room, or set up
> learning centers or have anything permanent. I have to haul my supplies

Being involved with a church plant is a tough situation.  I am currently
the same situation, except mine started last May.  Here are some
suggestions.  Since we have the pleasure of putting up and tearing down,
decide what materials are most important and what items are just added
weight for you.  make sure every items you take is portable.  Take only
items you will need for that service.

Due to the amount of work, burn-out is a very real danger in start-up
churches.  It has to be monitored and steps taken to control it.  Discuss
things with your pastor, let him know the struggles that you are going
through.  He could perhaps arrange or request a person fill-in one Sunday,
or combine classes to provide you a day off to recover.  For catching the
sermons, a kind person could bring a tape recorder to Sunday worship, to
provide you a sermon tape to listen sometime during the week.  Please keep
in mind, a small church has advantages.  One advantage is usually a closer
contact and relationship with the pastor and leaders, so you are not alone
in your struggles.  I will be praying for God to work things for you.
Steve - Ohio

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4) No building...can't decorate

Hello, this is for Dorie in Wisconsin,Dorie, we too meet in a building not
our own. We have been lugging boxes in for 14 years!I try to keep my focus
on  loving the kids rather than on what I don't have in the way ofroom
decorations.  That will come in time.  A few suggestions: Have you use
felt Bible story figures? These can be purchased at the larger Christian
bookstores.  They are versitle and lightweight and colorful and your
teaching time could revolve around the Bible story and then have a snack
and once in awhile a craft.  The felt works for all ages and the 5-7  year
olds could be your helpers.  Remember, the kids will  remember more how
you took the time to be kind to them.  Just having you therewith the love
of our Savior is all they need.  I hope someday you will get the building
you want, me too! But in the meantime, beencouraged you are doing a great
work in the lives of these little one.
God Bless,
Julie from Vancouver.WA

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Hi all
Here are some wonderful websites with info on the armour of God, some I
used at our VBS in December.

(this one has links to various other sites)

http://www.kidsdomain.com/craft/hall-knight2.html (to make a costume and


(armour of God work book in PDF format)

(how to make a sword)

http://www.daniellesplace.com (search for armour)

I do hope this will help you, if I can be of further assistance my email
is Theresa.gray@sasol.com.
Every success for your up and coming VBS.
God bless
Theresa in sunny South Africa

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6) Armor of God Material

I have lots...where should I send it?

--from SSTN: if these are your ideas, send it into
for posting.
ysic, sarah keith

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7) No building...can't decorate

>Hope someone can help here. I attend a small church that started last
>fall. We don't have our own building, but rent a few rooms from another
>organization. My problem is that I can't decorate a room, or set up
>learning centers or have anything permanent. I have to haul my supplies

a) Pray. And ask God who he has ALREADY plan to help you. And go ask for
help.  A lot of times you have people in our congregation waiting to be
ask to help.

b) Pick a few names of people that you want to ask to assist you and pray
over the list then go ask.  Have what you would like them to do.  Present
a topic, bring supplies etc.

c) Invite guest speakers.  Other presenters.  Set it up where they will
come in on specific days..once or twice a month to provide a summary of
what you have taught the entire month.

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel Colors), the
Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God. Follow this
link to learn more:


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8) No building...can't decorate

> We don't have our own building...I have to haul my supplies
> and materials back and forth every week...Maybe I don't need advice so
> much as I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom. I'm not sure my age

Hi Dorie,
It seems like you are in a difficult situation. I know what you are
going through. I ran a sunday school class at an orphanage as part of
our church's vision to start satellite sunday schools basically for kids
who can not get to sunday school. I had the same problem of not being
able to set up and had to haul stuff backwards and forwards. Then I had
40 children from 6 to 16, this was also a challenge. I was also
wandering if our teachings were making an impact. PERSEVERE! because 4
years later the kids have all given their lives to Christ and gotten
baptized (their own decision). It is however important to also receive
the word, you can't keep giving out and not receiving. Either watch
services on TV or find someone who can help and you can rotate. Pray for
the Lord to bring some other workers. If I had given up when I felt down
I would have missed out on the reward 4 years later! You be obedient and
the Lord will do the rest!

Vicky - Full Gospel Church, Benoni, South Africa - vickyv@easirun.co.zs

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9) SSTN's archives   

Could I just say something on behalf of the Sarah Keith Fan Club? When I
read SSTN's postings I really have to wonder whether or not folks are
checking the archives before asking their questions.  You guys, Sarah's
archives are a wealth of information, suggestions and ideas.  And the cool
thing is you can search by key word after key word after key word...give
it a try. You'll be glad you did. Also, Sarah's own booklets:
Praise-Amations, Jesus Lights Me Up, etc. are excellent resources and she
ships quickly, too. I appreciate you, Sarah!  Okay, I'm finished now.
Zoe-Ann Doyle
Church of God-Thompsonville, IL

--from SSTN: fan club? ;o)) WOW...Thank you, Zoe-Ann for your kind words.
I promise everyone I DID NOT put Zoe-Ann up to this. ;o)) Zoe-Ann makes a
VERY good point about the Archives! They truly are a GOLDMINE! For those
looking for more great ideas, check out the 'searchable' Archives List: 
Your webservant, Sarah Keith <><

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10) Neck ties for Father's Day?

I am looking for a craft using a man's neck tie.  We recieved a donation
of ties and I would like to give them out for Father's Day.  The ties are
an older style and probably won't be worn as a tie.  I was looking for an
idea of how to fold the tie into an animal or make something else the
Fathers would like.

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11) Water Volley Balloons

Here is one game we played during our VBS a few years ago.  We filled
several water balloons, then split the kids into 2 teams, and gave each
team a supply of balloons.  We set up a volley ball net with a team on
each side.  Each team was given a bed sheet, (or a table cloth would also
work).  They all held onto the sheet around the edges, and had to work
together to launch a water balloon over the net onto the other teams
sheet.  The trick was to move toward the center to make the sheet loose,
then all together jerk it tight to spring the balloon over the net.  The
balloons would hit the net, team-mates, etc. and pop, getting everyone
wet, but they did get the hang of it, and had lots of fun.
maybe this is something you can use. 
Jo in NE

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12) Armor of God VBS

We had a VBS based on the Armor of God a fews years back.  I'll dig
through my things and see if I have anything helpful!  Let me know more
about what you are looking for.

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