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SSTN # 64 - May 23, 2003

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1) Father's Day Object Lesson?
2) Father's Day    Poem
3) Choosing S.S. Curriculum?
4) Ten Commandments for 2-3 year olds   
5) Taking back coins   

--> USA Patriotic Catcher Toy

6) Ideas for children aged 3-11?   
7) Father's Day Presentation?
8) Children's Day?
9) Penpals?   

--> First Aid "Others" Kit

10) VBS in remote village?
11) Jesus' Ascension
12) Bible Buck system
13) Truthfulness
14) How do you train teachers

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1) Father's Day Object Lesson?

I am looking for an interesting Father's Day Object Lesson to be presented
to Pre-K thru Senior High.  I have seen some but thought I would ask for
some more ideas.  Thanks

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2) Father's Day Poem

I write a lot of poetry and sometimes forget it.  I ran across a Father's
Day poem I wrote on the internet last night and thought maybe someone
might be able to use it.  I originally made copies of it and let my kids
decorate around the edges and give it to their dads on their special day.
But anyone may use it any way he or she wishes. Here it is:

Harry had a little boy;
Together they would go
Every week to Sunday School
So he would spiritually grow.
Harry took him Sunday morn
And Sunday evening, too,
He even took him Wednesday nights;
It was the thing to do.
But Harry never prayed WITH him,
Nor DAILY shared God's Word.
The little boy had no idea
How much Dad loved the Lord.
Oh, Harry surely prayed FOR him
But when the times got tough
Harry learned to his dismay
Four hours of church is not enough.

by Helen Setser

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3) Choosing S.S. Curriculum?

Can anyone please offer advise in choosing materials for a Sunday
School class, grades 3, 4, 5?  I would like for the materials to be a
fun way to learn about  God and the bible.  Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated!


--from SSTN: Hi Beth, check out our Curriculum Creatives page:
and our Bookstore-Christian Education section:
Don't forget our links page too!

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4) Ten Commandments for 2-3 year olds   

Hello, this is in response to the person inquiring about teaching the 10
commandments to 2-3 year olds. For the story, a really easy way is to use
The Commandment Song which can be found online at:

for a craft idea, Daniellesplace (found at:
http://www.daniellesplace.com/html/bible_themes_t.html#train) has the most
adorable train craft. I did it with a couple of three year olds once using
white paper, and we did them all in one day instead of week by week like
it suggests. They also have a boat craft on that page that would work
fairly well with children old enough to write the commandments, but not
Hope this helps
Love in Christ, Sarah in California

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5) Taking back coins   

I had submitted my method of giving coins to the children for buying items
from the Sunday School store, and also of taking back a coin for

Apparently some people feel that it is inappropriate to take back a coin
for discipline reasons.  I disagree.  I have one child who comes from a
very good, loving, Christian family who is absolutely impossible and loves
to disrupt my class.  On Christmas, he had reduced me to tears.  I tried
every positive form of discipline I could, but it only continued.  Class
was IMPOSSIBLE to hold with this child there.  After conferencing with his
parents, it was agreed that limited corporal punishment could be tried.
This was done away from the other children, he was warned of the impending
punishment and he was told the exact reason for the punishment, one swat
on the behind.  I had to make sure it was a good one, for this child ONLY
responded to this type of discipline.  After being VERY CONSISTENT for
only three weeks, his behavior is vastly improved, I believe because he
KNOWS what will happen.  This has also proven that he is capeable of good
behavior.  I rarely have to repeat this punishment now because he KNOWS  I
WILL DO IT.  My classroom is so much more peaceful and the parents are so
grateful that someone cared enough to try, persist, and not give up.  So
many others before have simply cast him aside, hoping he would just grow
up fast!  (He is only 6)  This boy actually sits with me at church and
gives me a hug now and then.  This has not hurt, but helped everyone
concerned.  The bible is clear, that there are times when corporal
punishment is required, and , also I had the parents blessing.  I know
some will gasp at this, but it has literally saved the Sunday School

Shirley, N. Georgia
6-9 year olds

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--> USA Patriotic Catcher Toy

Kids will learn the answers to eight basic USA citizenship questions such
as, "Why did the Pilgrims come to America?"; What is the US Constitution?,
and "What does the First Amendment guarantee?". A great activity for July
4th! Kids can make it and take it home! Print out as many patterns as you
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6) Ideas for children aged 3-11?

Dear Sarah
I am I youth worker and Sunday school teacher in Christchurch, New Zealand
teaching 3-11. And I find it is very hard to come up with very easy,
activities for this age group, because I don't won't to go into to much
depth. I just won't something simple for them that they can follow along
with and understand even interact with me. At the moment our curriculum is
based on "The Whole People of GOD " and some of the Curriclum is well
beyond they. If you can help with any web address or contacts you known of
please could you email me back.

Thank you
Georgie Bowker  

--from SSTN: Hi Georgie, check out our Curriculum Creatives page:
and our Bookstore-Christian Education section:

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7) Father's Day Presentation?

Does anyone have an ideas for children's presentations in the church
service for Father's Day.  On special days we have the children do a short
presentation, no more than 10 minutes, before the entire congregation.
For Mother's Day we did a poem and a song.  I am trying to find some new
and different ideas.  Thank you!

Linea - New Bedford MA

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8)  Children's Day?

On the last day of Sunday School, which will be June 22nd, the Sunday
School does the entire church service.  We give out awards for
accomplishments and attendance.  We make presentations to the teachers for
their service during the school year.  I am looking for some ideas to make
this year's day a little different.  Any suggestions would be greatly

Linea - New Bedford MA

--from SSTN: type "appreciation" into the archives search box:

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9) Penpals?   

Hi all, Before I put to you my request, I thought you might like some
background on us. I run an after school, Sunday school, called Kings Club,
in a rural area, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. We consist of about
25 children aging from 5 to 11but mainly 5 – 6year olds. Most of the
children and parents don’t go to church, neither do my helpers, so
everything is planned and executed by me and we only have one hour a week
during term time (just a warning not to expect anything brilliant)  So - I
would like to do a project with the children on Christians around the
world and would like to exchange photos of the children, where they live,
our church, school etc and a few drawings and letters and perhaps a short
video of ourselves, with other Sunday schools. Or if anyone has done a
similar project and can give me some ideas that would be wonderful too.
Many thanks & God bless you for your help (Sam) Samantha Langton

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--> First Aid "Others" Kit

Holds a Band-Aid, a stick of Gum, a Lifesaver candy, an Eraser, and a
Toothpick. Discover why, follow the link below to learn more:


Children can make it and take it home. Print out as many patterns as you
need for a onetime fee of only $3.00. Once you've purchased the pattern
you'll receive instructions via email on how to download it from the site.
Available only online. No waiting and no shipping costs!

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10) VBS in remote village?

I have a friend who is going on a missions trip to Alaska.  Her
assignment is to have a VBS for 5 days in a remote village.  She has no
room to bring supplies or curriculum with her.  Any ideas of what kind
of things she can do?

--from SSTN:  Check out the Armor of God lessons. They're easy to
implement:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/sermons.html 
She'll need to bring a good memory too. ;o))
sarah <><

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11) Jesus' Ascension

> Hi,  Do any of you have attention-grabbing ideas that help
> kids understand Jesus' ascension?

An excellent way to help the kids understand is to use a balloon filled
with helium.  If you able to go outside, that would be great for this
demonstration.  Place the balloon filled with helium in a box and close
the box up, tell the children the story about Jesus's ascension and
release the balloon into the sky, explain to them as the balloon is
traveling that even though they can't see the balloon they know it's up
there and that's how it is with Jesus -- even though we can't see Him we
know he is in heaven.

Hope this helps.

Be Blessed
Cassida Razor

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12) Bible Buck system

>>This sounds like fun. Do they get to redeem the Bible Bucks at the end
>>the session for prizes, or how is it handled?

We use a similar system, except for us, we call it Kids Cash.

We have a Kids Cash Store - it used to be set up on 8ft tables, and now is
actually a small room w/ items displayed for purchase.

We use Kids Cash for a ton of things! The process is that kids can earn
Kids Cash all throughout the month. Specific things they get money for
are: Bring your Bible-$3, Remember your memory verse-$5, Bathroom
Buck-$2(they get to keep this money if they don't need to use the bathroom
or drinking fountain. If they do, they have to pay $2 to go. This has
really cut down on bathroom runs!)

Also for their birthdays they get $10 in their birthday card that I send
out, and $10 in class w/ a candy bar & pencil.

We also give out Kids Cash for Quiet Seat Prizes. We do this many
ways, but we tell the kids at the beginning of class that $50 in Kids Cash
is up for grabs. That all the teachers are watching to see who's following
the rules and that person or people will earn the money.

You can use Kids Cash in so many ways that are great tools!

The Kids Cash Store is only open on the last Sunday of the month. We have
now implemented rules b/c the kids are wiping us out every month :) They
can only buy 3 items per month and have 2 minutes to make their purchases.

I hope you can find a system that works for you!

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13) Truthfulness

I recommend being honest with them.  Explain to them why it is not
profitable to lie.  provide solid biblical answers as to why we would not
like to be untruthful. I have found that they understand more than we give
them credit for.  Also provide life application think of a story where a
person is not being truthful make it graphic and lots of things they can
relate to.  Think back to when your were small give some personal examples
even use thing that happen to your own children or family members. 

Job 24:25
And if it be not so now, who will make me a liar, and make my speech

Proverbs 19:22
The desire of a man is his kindness: and a poor man is better than a liar.

Revelation 21:8
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and
whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have
part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the

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14) How do you train teachers

Sabrina shared excellent tips on training teachers.  In our church, most
of our teachers have taught for a few or several years.  We found that if
we said we were having a  Teacher "Training" we didn't get a good turnout.
It wasn't for lack of comittment, it was that they were all familiar with
the curriculum, decorated their rooms and KNEW how to teach.  We have a
Children's Ministry Board consisting of 8 members and our Children's
Pastor.  We now hold a "Teacher/Board Forum" and send the teachers an
invitation with our topics to cover and open discussion time. We hold this
forum after our second service as our teachers "teach" during the first
service and attend the second.  We provide lunch and childcare if needed
and we get a full attendance!  We also give our teachers the option of
taking the summer off.  Most of them do and we recruit summer helpers. We
found that the teachers are refreshed and ready to teach for fall.   We
also have the teachers complete a "survey" regarding the curriculum -  How
do they like the curriculum?  Is the message of Jesus Christ the main
focus or is there a lot of "fluff" (as we call it -- example - story of
Jonah - focusing more on the whale than Jonah's disobedience to God)  The
Board reviews the curriculum before purchased but the teachers are the
ones who will know what the children are getting out of it!  Hope this

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