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SSTN # 66 - May 29, 2003

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--> USA Patriotic Catcher Toy

1) Ready to Give Up
2) Graduation Gift
3) Children / Youth Ministry Names from A-Z
4) Children's Ministry Name
5) Ready to Give Up
6) Fruit of the Spirit Story?
7) Spy Kids - On a Mission for God?
8) Christian "big books"?
9) Armor of God Songs

--> First Aid "Others" Kit

10) Name Tag Idea   
11) Spanish Bible Club Outreach
12) Name tags
13) Graduation gifts
14) Name tags   

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--> USA Patriotic Catcher Toy

While playing, kids will learn the answers to eight basic USA citizenship
questions such as, "Why did the Pilgrims come to America?"; What is the US
Constitution?, and "What does the First Amendment guarantee?". A great
activity for July 4th! Kids can make it and take it home, then test their
parents and friends! Print out as many patterns as you need for a onetime
fee of only $3.00. Once you've purchased the pattern and your order is
processed, you'll receive instructions via email on how to download it
from the site. Available only online. No waiting for delivery and no
shipping costs!

Find the USA Patriotic Catcher at:

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1) Ready to Give Up

Dear "Ready to Give Up",
Don't give up yet.  God has called you to this ministry.  Gather the other
teachers and ask them to pray with you for the ministry and for God to
show each of you what your special gifts are. Perhaps this other teacher
who thinks the program is boring could take the materials and make it
interesting while you use your gifts for strengthening relationships with
the children.
It's very hard to deal with people who want to undermine your efforts by
talking behind your back.  You don't want to put the students or their
parents in the position of having to choose sides.
May God strengthen you and help you to grow through this experience.
Blessings, Eva

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2) Graduation Gift

> I need some info on a nice little gift to give to our graduating seniors.

We purchase $10.00 gift cards for the local Christian bookstore.  This has
worked very well.

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3) Children / Youth Ministry Names from A-Z

Adventure City
Adventure Island
Adventure Village 
Amazing Graceland
The Ark
Ark Avenue
ARK Place - A Real Kids Place 
Big House Kids Ministry
B.E.A.C.H - Be Excited About Celebrating Him
B.L.A.S.T. - Bible Learning And Sharing Together
B.L.A.S.T. - Bible Learning and Spiritual Training Bridge Kids Builders
and Trailblazers
Celebration City
Celebration Station
"Building Children for Christ"
Construction Zone 
Kids Crosswalk
D.I.V.E. - Discipleship, Integrity, Very Fun, Eternity Driven
Disciple Zone
Discovery Bay
D.O.G. Team - Depend On God
Faith Kidnection
F.A.S.T. - Fun, Active, Spiritual Training
F.A.S.T. Track Kids
JAM (Jesus and Me
J*A*M'n Kids - Jesus and Me
JCU- KIDZ - Jesus Christ University Journeys
KidsK4J (Kids for Jesus)
K.F.C. - Kids For Christ
K.I.C.K.S. - Kids In Christ's Kingdom Service
KPH - Kid's Power Hour
Kid Connection
Kid Country
Kidz Zone Plus
K.O.T.R. Kids On The Rock
Noah's Neighborhood
Noah's Park
Noah's Place
Praise Town
The R.O.C.K Reaching Out for Christ to Kids
The R.O.C.K. Reaching Out to Christ's Kids
Take T.W.O. - Teaching, Worshipping, Obeying
KidsTYKETOWN - Turning Young Kids Toward Eternity
Wee Kids of the King
C.O.O.L Kids (Christ Our Only Lord)
Hot Shots
Steppin' Stone
The Power Pack
WINGS (Witness In God's Service)

GoBeDoers, based on James 1:22
Preschool: Do-Be-Gooders
K-3 : Go-Be-Doers
4-6 : Kids In Action

--from SSTN: Also, Kingdom Kids, Kingdom Connection, KGB (knowing God
better), and for the "Z": Zion's Kids or Zion Lions. ;o)

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4) Children's Ministry Name

Oh Happy Day!!!! What a glorious moment to be alive and experiencing the
goodness of God in our lives? Does He love us or what?!?!? Are we the most
blessed people we know? If not, why??Well....enough praising in this
email....just wanted to respond to the person hunting for a name. I went
through the task of finding just the right name a few months ago. I
finally asked my assistant if she had any ideas....She came up with
"SpiLiRa!" It stands for Spiritual Life Rally!We figured if the world
could hoop and holler for sports and other activities and call it a rally,
then  certainly we should be able to have a blast learning about our
Saviour, and all the wonderful things He has instore for our lives and be
excited about it. When I took over the children (ages 5-11) the second
weekend in in April we were at a consistant 11-12 children. Thank God we
are now at a consistant 17-20! I am bound and determined to serve the love
of God to these children with the true flavor of His love and not my own.
God bless you all and my your hearts feel hugged today!An

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5) Ready to Give Up

Re. SSTN # 61 - May 16, 2003   
I truly understand your position and the first thing I would suggest you
do is to pray and make sure that the Lord has placed you in this position
of authority.  If He has, then you need to be there - no matter what.  You
are there for the spiritual guidance and nurturing of the children not for
your self.  If you know for sure that the Lord has placed you there - then
you are the one who is ultimately responsible to Him for what does or does
not happen.  I would also pray for the other teachers.  Ask the Lord to
guide this ministry - I have prayed and asked the Lord to remove those who
do not belong with us and to bring those who are dedicated and committed
to Him - believe me, He answers prayers.  Don't allow satan to discourage
you and don't give into him. Speak to your pastor and make sure she/he is
aware of the situation - even if they don't do anything but pray with you
it is great to have someone who understands your leadership position in
the church and is willing to be a 'sounding board' when you have a stressful

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6) Fruit of the Spirit Story?

Hi!  I am trying to find a visualized five-part story about the fruit of
the Spirit.  It is for a VBS in June.  I am having a hard time finding a
story that illustrates the fruit of the Spirit theme.  I have found plenty
of lessons, but I was hoping to find a continued story.  Any suggestions?

--from SSTN: You could use Bible stories to illustrate the "fruit". The
story of Job illustrates "patience and longsuffering".

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7) Spy Kids - On a Mission for God?

This year our Christian Education is doing our own Summer Bible School.
The theme the kids came up with is "Spy Kids - On a Mission for God'.  Now
we are trying to come up with a skit for the 4-6 grade class.  Does anyone
have any suggestions?

Wendy Jorgensen

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8) Christian "big books"?

I am a Christian Ed director, and recently, our nursery Sunday school
teacher asked me to look into getting "big books" for her to use in her
class.  She is a reading teacher by profession, and has used big books
as a part of her curriculum at a public school.  Does anyone know of
Christian "big books"?  I have done numerous web searches and have come
up with nothing.  (I think these are very large books with very few
words on a page...easy to use with a group of students)  Any other
suggestions?  She teaches infants, toddlers and twos and feels the
curriculum we've been using is too much or too advanced for them.
Thank you for your help!
Emily in Ohio

--from SSTN: for those responding, send ISBN (product code) so I can check
availability for our Bookstore. Thanks! Sarah <><

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9) Armor of God Songs

I've posted everyone's responses in the website. You'll find them listed
with the Armor lesson and game at:


sarah keith <><

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--> First Aid "Others" Kit

Holds a Band-Aid, a stick of Gum, a Lifesaver candy, an Eraser, and a
Toothpick. Discover why, follow the link below to learn more:


Children can make it and take it home. Print out as many patterns as you
need for a onetime fee of only $3.00. Once you've purchased the pattern
and your order is processed, you'll receive instructions via email on how
to download it from the site. Available only online. No waiting for
delivery and no shipping costs!

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10) Name Tag Idea   

I have used a button machine to make name tags.  Give each child two or
three paper circles and have them design their name tags.  They should put
their names on first (make them large) then decorate around them.  They
should choose the one they like the best.  They stand in line and watch
while others help make their buttons.   Usually there is no problem with
them standing in line if all can see while they are being made.  They
enjoy helping squeeze the handles if old enough.  DAR Valhermoso, AL

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11) Spanish Bible Club Outreach

>I'm a high school senior, and my church youth group is going on a mission
>trip to Argentina this June. My team of 15 youth is in charge of a Bible
>Any ideas for activites that don't require a lot of Spanish speaking by
>the leaders

Here's an easy song to teach them in English & Spanish.

Oh, God is Good
Oh, God is Good
Oh, God is Good
God is good to me!

Oh, Dios es bueno
Oh, Dios es bueno
Oh, Dios es bueno
Dios es bueno parami!

If you know anybody that knows a little Spanish, they can teach you this

I spent 10 months in Santo Domingo & I spoke very little Spanish, but
there are many things for you to do. Kids love to play any type of
game...catch, tag, jump-rope, hopscotch, softball, etc...

You can also do pantomime or sign language. Some sign language books do
have a Christian section which is wonderful to learn.

You can also buy Spanish tracts. But the best part is sharing the love of
Christ & there are no barriers for


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12) Name tags

Use the foam material which is used now in place of felt material and
really holds up well. Cut out in the shape of a cross and write the
child's name across or on a red heart glued to the middle of the cross. We
are thinking about going "rotation" next year and think that name tags
will be very helpful.

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13) Graduation gifts

For those who will be joining SCS next year as a three year old - we give
them Bible story Books For those moving onto to middle school and
confirmation we give them a resource book for studying the Bible.For those
graduating from HighSchool we began giving them quilts. We have a
"wrapping" ceremony at the end of year Celebration where the parents wrap
their Senior in the quilt - a symbol of God's love, the love of the
congregation and of the parents and their peers which they will take with
them down the road - to college, to the armed service, to tech school, to
a new job, whereever.Before they receive the quilt, it has been on display
in the social hall for anyone in the congragation  to sign their name, and
good wishes. In the center of the quilt has been silkscreened the symbol
for our own church.For several years we purchased the quilts during the
year when ever we saw one for $40 or less which would be okay for a boy or
a girl. The first two years the church paid for the quilts. the third year
the church paid half and the parent paid half, andthen the parents wanted
to pay the whole amount. But this year we had a lady offer to make the
quilts, and the church and parents paid for the materials and helped tie
them! It was a wonderful experience. That lady will be away at seminary
next year, and I hope to see several memebers of the congregation gather
to work on the quilts thoughout the year.

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14) Name tags   

Regarding nametags, we bought a button machine several years ago. Each
we make new name buttons for our Sunday school children. We make each age
group a different color for easy identification. This works really well
with workshop rotation, especially if the workshop leader does not know a
lot of the children. The shepherd is in charge of distributing the name
buttons and making sure they take them off at the end of class. We even
use the buttons for VBS. We put the name of the VBS and the year. A lot of
the kids keep the buttons and save them as souveniers from their church
life. Buttons are easy to make (once you've mastered the machine!) and are
very economical if you buy in bulk.

Jeannine, MN

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