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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 68 <>< <><
June 27, 2000
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* Sunday School picnic:
* SS curriculum?
* 4th of July craft
* Lessons on Paul
* David & Goliath-games
* Two tiered puppet stage?
* Nail Crosses
* Scripture Memorization

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Sunday School picnic:

In response to the following question:
>Does anyone have any ideas for a year end Sunday School picnic at a park
>for ages 3-12?

Our church usually rents out the neighborhood high school. This is the order of the day: children can arrive as early as 9:00, they are given a breakfast treat (rice krispie treat, etc.) and juice, children proceed to the gym for a brief service (praise & worship, 10 minute sermon and invitation to accept Christ), children are dismissed to the outdoors for kite flying, soccer, basketball, baseball, water ballons, etc; children are giving lunch (hot dogs or sandwich, chips & juice); sometimes we have a petting zoo, clowns or facepainting, children love doing this. Our church does this at least once a month during the summer and usually in August the children are given back to school packets (folders, paper, pens & pencils, spiral notebooks & back packs).

God Bless

Dolton, IL

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SS curriculum?

I have a special request.

We're in the process of establishing a new Sunday School ministry in Canada.
We've looked at the material "Cook Publishing" produces and thought there
must be something a little more fresh and contemporary. We're looking to
establish a curriculum for grades 1 through 8. Can someone help us?

Dennis Walsh

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>Does anyone have any ideas for a 4th of july craft for
>preschoolers? Thank You!

I did this with a very small group of preschool boys and girls--then
found out that half of them did not know what I meant by
"fireworks"--here's a cute craft for kids that know what fireworks are!

Make fireworks to hang from your classroom ceiling: Cut long strips of
paper from red and blue construction paper (or even better, shiny
metallic paper--or let the kids add some glitter to your construction
paper). Have each child make a "star" with about 6 strips of paper
crossed in the center. Put a piece of string (for hanging) in the
center, and staple the whole thing (paper strips and string) in the
center. When you pick up the craft by the string, the ends of the craft
will hang down and look like fireworks. Hang them from the ceiling or
let the kids move about with them making fireworks noises.

Dana, St. Clair Shores, MI

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>Lessons on Paul:

These kids are old enough to make a basket for a craft (like the one Paul
escaped over the city walls in). One way is to trace or copy onto stiff
manilla paper a design that has a circle in the center (this will be the
base of your basket) with strips that "radiate" out from the circle (the
design will look like a sunshine). The kids cut this out, fold the
"rays" up, and use strips of paper, ribbon, or yarn to weave in and out
of the "rays."

Dana, St. Clair Shores, MI

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>David & Goliath- games?

Here's a game from a book my public library has that contains Vacation
Bible School activities (I can't remember its title). Find three large square boxes
(the book suggests laundry detergent). Find a picture of Goliath to enlarge
(can do this with an overhead projector) or paint a picture of Goliath
big enough so that it will cover the three boxes stacked up.
(Do not glue the boxes together.) Put Goliath's head on the top box,
his middle on the middle box, and his feet on the bottom box.
Then stack them up and let kids take turns knocking
down Goliath with tennis balls. (May want to use "five smooth" tennis

Variation: Each kid makes his own small game using single-serve cereal
boxes and pebbles or marbles for stones. (Xerox a Goliath picture for
them to color and glue on the boxes.)

Dana, St. Clair Shores, MI

--from ChristianCrafters.Com--Thanks Dana, for taking time out of your day to share
three great ideas! Blessings to you! Sarah Keith <><

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Two tiered puppet stage?

A boy from our church has offered to build a two tiered puppet stage for me as part of his Eagle Scout Badge. I had placed an ad in our church looking for some help with this project. I had found some instructions somewhere on the internet and now I can't find them. Can anyone help me out with the instructions on building a two-level puppet stage that can be transported.
Thanks for any help.

Mary Konvalin
Aberdeen, SD

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Nail Crosses

<< The wire is not tight and they keep falling apart. We are using
< needlenose plyers to try to put them together. I was wondering if anyone
< has ever made these crosses and can give us directions on how to make them
< The kids in Club 56 used a thin pliable wire such as florist wire, and FLAT nails.

If the wire still seems too hard, what about string art?
Wrap it the same way only used colored string or yarn?

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Scripture Memorization:

Our church is trying out a new curriculum this summer, Discipleland. It places emphasis on Scripture memorization. What I've done is to send out a letter to the parents with all the verses we will be learning for the summer (10 in all). I've also encouraged the parents to memorize along with their kids. When the boys come to class we write the verse for the week onto index cards, then punch a hole in the corner. We have given the guys a key ring to place their cards onto. The cards are kept at home to memorize throughout the week. (I keep my cards on my refrigerator. I've been memorizing along with them and it has NOT been as difficult for me as I thought it might. Just reading the card every time I'm near the fridge is all it's taken me.)

Whoever has the verse memorized, earns a 'disciple buck' (One of the other teacher's made fake $20 bills with 'Disciple Bucks' printed on it.) Once they save $100 they may buy candy from the candy jar. I've also strung a cord in class and placed clothes pins on it with their names on them. When they earn a buck it goes on the line for all to see. To my surprise, it is really motivating them! So far we have memorized:
Hebrews 4:12, Psalm 119:97, and 2 Timothy 2:15.

God's blessings,
Sarah Keith - Your Moderator
5/6th grade boys SS
K-4th Kingdom Kids

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