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SSTN # 68 - August 8, 2005

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1) Family Activities?
2) Trouble Speaking in Public
3) Trouble speaking in front of adults

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4) Christian S'more Story
5) Wild & Wacky Bible Lesson
6) Trouble speaking in front of adults

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7) Joshua crosses the Jordan
8) Trouble speaking in front of adults
9) Trouble speaking in front of adults
10) Fear Factor

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1) Family Activities?

Outside of a Christmas Advent Festival, our church does not have many
activities for families.  Are there any ideas that have worked well at
other churches?  Would anyone recommend how many family activities should
be done in a year?

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2) Trouble Speaking in Public

Dear Sarah (in Calif.),

You are not alone nor are you crazy in your fears.  Public speaking is
the number one fear that people have.  There is no magical cure for
this, but there are a few things that you can do.  Here are a few
suggestions:  1.  Talk or write to the deacons/elders who will be coming
into your class to tell them of your difficulties.  You will find that
they can be very understanding and helpful.  If you don't feel confident
to do this, then if you have an educational director, ask them to
intercede for you.  2.  Join a Toastmaster club in your area.
Toastmasters is an organization that helps people overcome speaking
fears.  This may sound like a very scary option.  However it really does
help!  I used to have a real problem turning red when I spoke in front
of people, especially if it is on a personal matter.  I joined
Toastmasters about five years ago and have found that this has improved
one-hundred fold.  I won't say that it never bothers me anymore, but I
have learned to acknowledge the fact that I maybe turning red, laugh it
off, and go on.  So, do check into Toastmasters.  3.  Pray that God will
give you strength.  He will help you with this.  Consider this a way to
give God the glory.  He has given you the gift of teaching, let him also
give you the gift of words in front of adults and children a like. You
will be amazed what he can do.  4.  Prepare very thoroughly for class.
Practice what you are going to say and how you will say.  Prepare lesson
plans that are detailed enough to help you if you forget what you were
going to say.  If you don't want to have a big piece of paper to refer
to, then write out some 3 x 5 index cards.  Sometimes if we just have
something in our hands it helps our confidence level.  Sarah, there is
much more I could say, but I don't want to get to wordy.  So, if you
would like to talk further, please e-mail me at
cmgordon@midamerican.com.  I would love to help you some more on this.
Also, I have created a teaching manual that has a section on
storytelling you may be interested in.  This used to be posted on the
Internet, but my friend ran into server problems and has not got it
reposted yet.  This has now been converted to a .PDF file to make it
easier for more people to access.  So, if you would like a copy of this
e-mail me at the address above or at scioart@yahoo.com.

Take care,
Connie G.

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3) Trouble speaking in front of adults

This sounds like the exact problem I had not long ago.  I tought Pre-K,
and our children's minister's wife also taught that age, but during a
different service time.  She would often sit in, and we always had other
adults in the classroom with the 15 or so kids in the class.  I was
petrified to behave as I would normally with the kids for fear someone
else would think me silly.  First, I had to give it to God.  After I did
that, I felt more inspired during the lessons than I ever had when I tried
to do it thinking about myself.  Also, I noticed the less I thought about
me, the more the other teachers actually got involved and participated
too.  The last thing that got me through it was something my mother always
told me--I am not that important.  No one is looking at me as hard as I
am, and no one judges me--that's all me, not God.  Good luck, I know it's
hard, but just concentrate on the kids and their needs, and you'll grow


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4) Christian S'more Story

I was struck that there are three ingredients in S'mores--graham crackers,
chocolate, and marshmallows.  Couldn't you do something with the Trinity? 
Seems like 3, but blends into one...


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5) Wild & Wacky Bible Lesson

>"I'm about to start this curriculum and have decorated our room
>as suggested, like a workshop/messy den.I'm trying to decide on some
>creative ways >to keep attendance or memory work.."

First of all, what curriculm has you decorate like a mess den, lol. Which
way did you go, workshop or messy den?? If you went workshop, I would
handwrite kids info on a yellow legal pad or paper on a clip board. That's
what my dad always had in his workshop and he always used pencil. If you
went den...make a paper that looks like a board game score card??? Or make
it look like a newspaper article, part of a messy paper laying around the
room?? Add coffe circles for effect, lol. Have fun.


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6) Trouble speaking in front of adults

Re. #7 / SSTN #64 / 7/23

To Sarah in California:
    From Bob in Pennsylvania.  At one time it was a problem for me to
teach adults, feeling inferior and inadequate, and presuming that they
knew the Bible, based solely upon the age relationship, since I was
younger.  But, after some experience, I found that the opposite was true. 
For the most part, those adults were in the audience because they believed
or knew that they were inadequate, and for that reason, they were sitting
listening to me!  (Of course, we do not tell them that!)
    Of course, it is important to use the gifts God has given you to
prepare, research, organize, and make your presentation.You are there
because YOU know your material and subject matter, and, in general, they
do not.  Therefore, actually, you have the advantage.  But, it is
important to daily seek the Lord's guidance, strength, and courage for the
task.  You are doing His ministry - therefore, you need His help.  Focus
on pleasing the Lord.  At the same time, it is best to realize you will
never please or satisfy every other person.  God's greatest servants had
their critics.
    My greatest confidence came when I was convicted of my sin and need
for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Sarah, I am 87 years old, and still
teaching, bringing messages occasionally, and singing solos a capella,
which I would never have dreamed of doing earlier in life.. . . It has
been my experience that, in the church, there is a small minority of
persons who serve and lead, and willing to spend the time in preparation. 
You are one of them.  For the most part, those who sit and listen, are
there because they have chosen to do so, and they want to sit and listen
to you because they recognize you are willing to be used of the Lord in
serving.  Have confidence in yourself - and trust the Lord!!
Bob Cooper

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7) Joshua crosses the Jordan
I am doing the same story and I found a cute craft somewhat related -- a
terra cotta clam.  You take 2 terra cotta saucers (3/4") and paint a
purplish color.  Then take a 3" styrofoam ball and cut in half.  Paint
black.  Glue the ball into one saucer and add wiggle eyes. Glue the other
saucer on top.  You would need to do the glueing but that age will love
painting -- washable tempera paint of course!

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8) Trouble speaking in front of adults

This is to Sarah in California who has trouble speaking in front of
adults.  I use to have the same problem and it still is not my favorite
think to do and I'm 50 years old.  The only way I got any better at
speaking in public was by making myself do it. The first time I spoke in
public I stood at the podium in front of about 25 of my peers, with
hands shaking, palms sweating and my mouth dry as dirt, I told everyone
up-front how hard it was for me to speak in public, but I lived; and I
know this is not what you want to hear but each time you do it, it does
get easier.  Just put it in the Lord's hands and he'll help you through

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9) Trouble speaking in front of adults.

I too have this problem! I can handle a room FULL of rowdy kids but, one
adult in my audience, I get VERY nervous. I try & remember my motto
scripture, Phil. 4:13. It says "I CAN do ALL things..." That includes,
speaking in front of adults! "through Christ...." This gives us the
assurance, HE will be there w/ us & help us through it.

My advice is spends LOTS of time in prayer before speaking in front of
adults. Remember, they are part of your team! God may be trying to move
you out of your comfort zone. He may have greater blessings for you,
around the corner! Trust in the Lord, & move forward in your ministry! God
Angela Hamilton 

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10) Fear Factor

A friend of mine asked me for some ideas a few months ago and here are
some ideas I found on the net for her.   Hope it helps.

Have the kids to eat pickled okra, baby food, etc.  And there's always all
the gross out stuff at the grocery store...pig's feet, cow tongue,
chitlings, sardines, and so on...   Or make a kitty litter cake and dare
them to scoop some poop out...
1.The Sour Challenge (roll a die to find out how many measures of lemon
juice you had to drink)
2.The Sweet Challenge (roll a die to find out how many teaspoons of icing
sugar you had to dissolve in a glass of water and drink)
3.The Fruit Challenge (name as many of seven unusual fruits as you could
papaya, mangosteen, physalis, Sharon fruit, kiwano,kumquat,..)
4.Fear of Fruit (roll a die to see how many of these fruits you had to
choose to sample)
5.The Vegetable Challenge (everyone was given a plate with a small portion
of asparagus, mashed turnip, roasted eggplant, overcooked peas, soggy
broccoli and had to eat it all but could agree to do a swap with another
player, ie you eat my asparagus and Ill eat your eggplant)
6.The Stinky Cheese Challenge (sit for sixty seconds with a box of stinky
cheese under your nose and a towel draped over your head)
7. The Stinky Smelly Challenge (a wad of cotton wool was sprayed with fart
spray (from the joke shop) and each child had to spend 30 seconds in a
confined space with it)
8.The Egg Head Challenge (we had a box of numbered eggs and my five year
in a bathrobe and shower cap was happy to be the model for a demonstration
of the three possible types of egg (hard-boiled, empty (blown like you do
for easter eggs that you paint) and normal) and what happens if they're
smashed over your head then each girl chose a number and (without a shower
cap, and with plenty of jokes about what a good hair conditioner egg yolk
is) had to have that egg smashed over her head but what they didn't know
until the end was that there were no normal eggs in the batch so no one
ended up with egg in their hair!!)
9.The Breakfast Challenge (wrapped candies hidden in a big pot of cold
oatmeal each person had a turn to try and find one); 10.The Money
(a large bowl of liquidized chicken livers (pretty disgusting) had coins
the bottom and each girl had to put her hand in and find one)
11.The Ultimate Challenge ( a bucket of live maggots (bought from a
supplies store) had pieces of paper wrapped in plastic with a number of
worms from zero to three written on each each girl had to put her hand in
(much shrieking but they all did it) to find out the number of worms she
would have to eat(!! and even the vegetarians were discussing how they
go about eating them!!) and when everyone had their number I produced my
of chocolate worms!! And pronounced that they were all winners.
The first challenge was to eat a bite of liver, a piece of cooked brocolli
and a stalk of asparagus. If they ate all 3 they got 3 points, two 2
points and so on.  One boy actually gagged and vomited some in his plate!
(Which is gross...but the boys enjoyed it!)

---from SSTN: to be continued. This posting was so long it will be posted
in three parts.

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