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SSTN # 69 - August 11, 2005

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1) Old Testament Song
2) Ten Commandments song
3) Joshua crossing the Jordan

Multi-Aged - Rotation - Economical - Easy-to-teach Lessons

4) Books of the Bible song
5) Joshua crosses the Jordan
6) Teaching books of Bible

--> Bloom & Boom - Lessons for Teens

7) Tune to Ten Commandments Song?
8) Afraid in front of adults
9) Fear Factor
10) Fear Factor con't.

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1) Old Testament Song

We sing the books of the Old Testament to the tune of Ten Little
Indians--sing through 3 (?)  times.

I don't know what tune we sing the Books of the New Testament to--just
the traditional song! ha
Kathy C.

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2) Ten Commandments song

A thank you to the one who sent in the words to the Ten Commandments
song..that is the exact one I was trying to recall. God bless, Patti

--from SSTN: you can now find it in the archives at:

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3) Joshua crossing the Jordan

You might use a length of blue green cloth for the Jordan.  Make a simple
Ark of the Covenant and let some of the kids be priests who carry it.
Al-though the children will not be able to remember the names of the
tribes, you might make a banner with the names of each tribe so they can
carry them.
The child who plays Joshua can lead the others in learning "Be strong in
the Lord" or the whole verse, depending on their ability.
I haven't checked to see if the cloud was still leading the Israeites by
that time, but when I taught the wilderness wanderings, I made a cloud
from posterboard and put it on a long stick which was carried along at the
head of the procession.
Helen Setser

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Rotation - Multi-Aged - Economical - Easy-to-teach Lessons

Each Bible lesson is accompanied with a craft, game, Scripture
memorization and songtime suggestions. Many include enrichment ideas to
further enhance your program. They're great for midweek classes too! And
to help your budget, one book is all you need for an entire class! You may
read more about each of my Hands-On programs in the Curriculum Creatives
section at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html .

If you have any questions, please email me at:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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4) Books of the Bible song

Hello Janine,

I bought a tape several years back called Wee Sing Bible Songs.  On the
tape, there is a song for the books of the Old Testament and a song for
the books of the New Testament.  I lost my tape, but last year I was able
to purchase Wee Sing Bible Songs on a CD.  I burned a copy of the CD for
each child in my S.S. class, so they could listen to it and practice at
home.  We sang the songs in Sunday school as well, and most of them did
memorize their books of the Bible.  It seems like most kids can memorize
things easier when it is put to music.  Anyhow, you should be able to get
the CD at your local Christian bookstore or order it online.  Hope this

Carol Connell
--from SSTN: you can find this music in the music section of our bookstore
at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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5) Joshua crosses the Jordan

This response is to the person who is looking for ideas on Joshua
crossing the Jordan.  I have a lesson plan, I created on this very
topic.  The lesson plan was developed for 1st - 4th grade, however some
of it might be useful to you.  Please e-mail me at
cmgordon@midamerican.com and I would be glad to share it with you. 

Take care,
Connie G.

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6) Teaching books of Bible

When I taught childrens' church I had all the kids bring in an empty box
or two (usually cereal and other smaller boxes). A great way to get all
the kids involved.... I made sure there were about 50 or more....then I
bought four or five assorted colored rolls of contact paper and began
covering the boxes (make sure no two side-by-side are the same color).
Once covered I stood them up side by side as books....used a permanent
marker and wrote a Bible book name on each box down the side edges(smaller
boxes represented small books of Bible; larger boxes represented larger
books and the I & II & III books).  I then started with the first ten
books....we memorized them...then I would mix them up...the children had
to unscramble the boxes (books) sometimes we did it individually,
sometimes as teams, sometimes as races against the clock.) We even
challenged the adults and teens once....The KIDS won....it was great!  As
the children were confident about the first ten I would add 5 at a
time....Dianne, AL

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--> Bloom & Boom - Lessons for Teens

A girls and guys guide to growing up. Practical advice from a Christian
viewpoint about the internal and external changes experienced by
teenagers. Learn more in the Christian Education section of our bookstore


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7) Tune to Ten Commandments Song?

I have been traveling extensively lately, so have been out of touch with
this wonderful newsletter. Today, I noted the Ten Commandments Song. This
summer we are teaching our children the Ten Commandments and my husband
and I will be concluding this "summer study" next Wednesday night. I was
thrilled to see this song, but have obviously missed something. What is
the tune? Is it sung to a familiar one?  Please let me know as soon as
possible! And many thanks.

In His Steps...

Sheila Adams, Southside Baptist Church, Concord NC

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8) Afraid in front of adults

I too had that problem....I learned I could teach, and make mistakes,
easier while dressed up in the part, such as if I were telling a story
about a shepherd, I dressed as a shepherd, if I were telling about a dirty
little boy, I dressed as a dirty little boy....if I dressed like a little
girl sometimes I would TALK like a little girl.....adults love it....and
many of the adults would come up to me and say something like.." I could
never do what you did up there"  (and they wouldn't)....So what if they
talk about "you"....at least they are remembering what you said....isn't
that the whole idea?" Dianne

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9) Fear factor ideas

This sounds weird, but kids love it. You need a big wire dog crate, a
padlock and several keys. Only one key fits the lock, and be sure to keep
backup just in case. One at a time each child gets in the cage. Close the
door and lock it with the padlock. Put the keys in a bowl or box and put
them outside the cage at the end opposite the door. On the word "go" the
child begins trying keys until they find the right one to let themselves
out. Best time wins.

Be SURE to get pictures or video. You'll want it for later. LOL!

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10) Fear Factor con't from SSTN # 68.

Safety Pin Search - - The second challenge was to be blind-folded and find
safety pins (I told them they were not closed and they must be careful not
to get poked) in a bowl of rice. This is hard to do, if you've never tried
it.  They got 3 minutes to dig in the rice and got points for each safety
pin they received.
Whipped Cream Dunk - -  On the third game I put a piece of bubble gum on a
plate and filled the plate up with whipped cream. They all gathered around
the same table, put their hands behind their backs and stuck their faces
in the whipped cream. The object was to get the gum, chew it, then blow a
bubble.  If they did that, they got 3 points. (and they all did it)
Afterwards, they had a whipped cream "pie-in-the-face" fight!
Stinky Bird Plate - - After Halloween, I found an amazingly life-like
black crow for half price.  I used this for the party. I sprayed stinky
smelling "spray" on it and rolled it in dirt, then wrapped it in
newspaper. I put a little piece of aluminum foil on it's belly and made
each kid lean over the "dead bird" and eat a gummy worm off of the bird's
belly.  It was hilarious because they thought the bird was a real dead
bird.  It was stinky and stiff!
The last two challenges, I had the boys wear plastic trash bags.  They got
really dirty!
Bloody Pool Dive - - I used a 4' round baby pool for the next challenge. I
poured a gallon sized can of tomato sauce into about 3" of water in the
pool. Then I stirred in some cooked spaghetti and noodles.  It looked like
a pool of bloody worms!  I put 100 cookie cutter shapes into the water and
the boys had to dunk their heads into the water to get the cookie cutters
out with their mouths! They seemed to enjoy this because they got to get
wet and slimy!
Muddy Bloody Dig - - After the bloody pool dive, I poured two 5 gallon
buckets of dirt into the pool. Then I stirred in some plastic sticky
worms, snakes, lizards and small plastic toys. Each boy had 2 minutes to
dig in the mud and find the prizes in it.  They got a point for each thing
they dug up.
It was messy, but we did the last two games outside.
Take a piece of rope and lay it out straight. Have them look into a set of
binoculars backwards and try to walk on the rope from one end to the
Fill a bowl with jello and add a gummy worm or spider inside the jello.
Have them sit at a table and eat it without using their hands.

Look on the internet for recipes of "slime". Put it in a container and put
a few superballs at the bottom of the container. Have them take off their
shoes put thier feet into the slime and get one of the balls out.

Challenge # 1: Roll the dice and the number you roll is the same number of
pieces of dried pig brain (steak bites found with beef jerky) you must
You must follow this with a cricket shake (baby rice cereal with apple
chips made using 2% milk.) I even bought real crickets and showed them to
the kids. The apple chips in the baby cereal were the same color as the
crickets. The kids thought this was the real stuff.  They even acted like
they were going to get sick. Some kids would not even try the stuff.

Challenge # 2: The fastest Fear Factor Outlaw to find a piece of bubble
gum using their mouth in the whipped pig snot (whipped cream died with
green food coloring) and blow a bubble wins a point. I even had a pair of
goggles they shared.

Challenge # 3: Hold a lemon slice in your mouth.  The Fear Factor Outlaw
that holds the lemon slice in their mouth the longest wins a point.

Challenge # 4: Fill your sponge with ostrich egg (just egg whites) and
transfer the egg from the sponge into a clear glass. The Fear Factor
Outlaw with the most egg in their glass after one minute wins a point.

Challenge # 5:Roll the dice and the number you roll is the same number of
dirty worms (gummy worms rolled in honey and the cookie part of Oreo) you
must eat.  I simply put a package of gummy worms in a large baggy with
some honey and squeezed the bag until they were coated with honey.  I then
took bunches of coated worms and rolled them into crushed Oreo cookie. 
This really looked like big, fat night crawlers.  The fasted Fear Factor
Outlaw to chew up a dirty worm wins a point.

Challenge # 6: Identify the pig and cow parts. I bought pig tail parts,
pig feet and cow tongues from the meat counter at the grocery store.  I
boiled them to cook them and put the parts in baggies.  I let each child
look and feel the parts (while they were in the baggies) for 5 seconds
each. They then had to write down what they thought each part was.  The
Fear Factor Outlaw with the most correct wins a point.

When you cook these items, they really stink.  I recommend having these
items cooked well in advance so your house does not stink when the guests
arrive. I actually had my husband cook them at my in-laws home before the
party.     The Fear Factor Outlaw with the most points wins.  I made an
award on the computer that started by saying, "Fear is obviously not a
factor for you!"  The winner won $10.00. All other children received a
prize for participating. The kids really thought these items were real. 
At the end, I told them all what they really ate. It was a great time.   
Be sure to have a helper. This can be messy stuff!

bought 5 different kinds of vegetable and one beef baby food.  Lots more
gagging on this one.

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