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SSTN  # 6 - January 23, 2002

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1) Disney?
2) Fruit of the Spirit
--> Valentines and Scherenschnitte Art
3) Bible Olympics 
4) Gospel Colors
--> Lent & Easter Resources
5) Spanish Resources
6) Explaining the Trinity
--> Masks & Story Book
7) Songs to Memorize Bible Names
8) Spanish resources
9) Sermons for Palm and Easter Sunday?
--> Am I in Love? 12 Youth Studies...
10) Sunday School Material   
11) Inexpensive Christmas Gifts   
12) Memorizing Bible Names

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1) Disney?

Was wondering if anyone had ever used Disney films/characters to
illustrate ministry.  Our church is thinking of having a fun Disney
day/weekend with various activities but of course we would like to be able
to use the subject as Christian witness too.  The event would be a cross
between VBS and a Church Away Weekend for all ages.  Hope I'm making sense
and that someone can help or point me in the right direction.

Mandy - UK (shortly to be visiting WDW, Florida! - so I can get plenty of
secular resources)

--from SSTN: Use the Archives List in the site and type "t.v." or
"television". I'm located 3 hours south of WDW. You've picked a great time
of year to come here!
ysic, Sarah Keith <><

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2) Fruit of the Spirit

Decorate Class with a tree and put the Fruits of the Spirit on the tree.
You can also have several lessons using this. 

--from SSTN: in the free Bible games section is a game called
'Please Pass The Fruit':


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Valentines and Scherenschnitte Art

Scherenschnitte is the art craft of intricate paper cutting. They were
used to convey love messages towards God, as well as by men to express
love towards their sweethearts.  Scherenschnitte cards contained
expressions of love and is the forerunner of today's Valentine's Day card!
Click on "Scherenschnitte Art" on the crafts page to get a free craft and
to learn more:


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3) Bible Olympics 

>During the Winter Olympics this year, we are planning to have Bible
>Olympics with our elementary-age children (approximately 120 kids).
>Having never done this we are looking for resources and ideas? 

Scripture Union in England published a Vacation Bible School resource on
this topic to co-incide with the last Olympics. It's got some great ideas.
Called 'Go for Gold', it's based around the race run by Paul the apostle.
I'm sure you could adapt it.

ISBN: 1 85999 329 X
Mary Hawes

--from SSTN: thanks for including the ISBN. I did try to locate it
for the bookstore, but was unable to find it. ;o(
ysic, sarah

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4) Gospel Colors

A great resource for finding things on the Gospel colors is at the
Children's Evangelism Fellowship web site.

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Lent & Easter Resources

New Lenten and Easter resource books have been added to the Holidays &
Holy Days section of the BOOKSTORE. Receive FREE shipping when you
purchase two or more books!


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5) Spanish Resources

If you are looking for curriculum you should check with each publisher,
but I am pretty sure that Standard has both English and Spanish lessons.
Another resource to check is in the Missions Short Term Ministries in
Lacey WA.  You can contact Mark Schaufler at 360-456-5624 or E-Mail at
<Mark@mstgo.com> or on the Web. www.mstgo.com  (Name, phone #, E-mail, and
web page placed here with permission from Mark Schaufler)
Mark has a listing of Spanish resources from all over that I am sure he
would send you.

Hope you find all you need.
Your Servant in Christ,
Bret Thorson
Higher Ground Children's Pastor
Highline Christian Church

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6) Explaining the Trinity

>Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to explain the concept of the
>Trinity to preschoolers?

I do not know if this will work for Pre-k, but I found this idea in a book
for Sunday School openings and used it one year for the younger kids. The
idea was to use an apple to represent the Trinity. You explain how the
apple has 3 parts - seeds, fruit and skin. The skin protects the apple.
The fruit is used to feed/nourish people and the seeds grow new apples.
God the Father is our protector (skin), God the Son feeds us with His love
and God the Holy Spirit lets us help "grow" in Christ and spread His word.
Maybe they are too young for the analogy but they should understand how 3
things can make up one. Afterwards, we sliced the apple and shared it
together as a snack. Maybe you can use apple pictures to color or glue
pieces of paper on as a craft. Hope this helps. Lorraine

--from SSTN: the book is called: "3 in 1, a Picture of God". It's
available in the Christian Education section of the bookstore:


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Masks & Story Book

Dramatic Bible stories with pop-out masks and props kids can use in drama
and role-playing. In the Games and Skits section of the BOOKSTORE:


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7) Songs to Memorize Bible Names

> I'm looking for a way to teach kids to memorize the books of the
> bible in order. Please help>>

Two children's songs for memorizing the books of the Bible are available
as wav files at:


There is also the text of a song for learning the Apostles to the tune of
"Jesus Loves Me"

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8) Spanish resources

The Assembly of God publishing house prints their curriculum in Spanish.
Also, One Way Street (www.onewaystreet.com) has materials in Spanish.

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9) Sermons for Palm and Easter Sunday?

Dear all, A happy and peaceful New Year to everyone.

I hope someone can help me. I have been asked to find a Children's sermon
for both Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday - one which the children can either
run themselves or take part in! We have used plays/poems/raps in the past
so I am looking for something different/unusual. Can anyone out there help
me please? Many thanks Lynne

--from SSTN: Check out the Object Lessons and Sermons page in the site:

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

Am I in Love? 12 Youth Studies on Guy/Girl Relationships

This is just one of the new resources recently added to the Bookstore. You
will find more books like this in the Sermons & Devotionals, Games and
Skits, and the Christian Education sections:


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10) Sunday School Material   

I would anyone who has sunday school materrial available and can donate
some to me to do so. I have a sunday with children of all ages. But I do
not have any material because a fire destroyed everything I had. My e-mail
address is madge_45@hotmail.com.Thank you for your help.

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Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
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11) Inexpensive Christmas Gifts   

I wanted to respond to the question in the 2nd issue of SSTN regarding
inexpensive Christmas Gifts. I am a Sunday School teacher and I usually
go to the 99 cents stores and but coloring books, crayons, diaries (for
the little girls), pencil/sharpener & ruler sets. I have even purchased a
small picture frame with a cartoon character on it, so that the student
can place their favorite picture inside. Most discount stores have small
change purses with designs on it. There are so many things you can find
in these types of stores when on a budget. Some even have bible story
books. Hope this is helpful.
Elmont, NY

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12) Memorizing Bible Names

>I'm looking for a way to teach kids to memorize the books of the
>bible in order. Please help

I have been teaching my Sunday School kids all the books of the Bible.  A
resource I have found quite helpful has been from www.memlock.com  This
site contains many good resources for memorizing Bible names.  The book I
have used is called "Say The Books!"  This book has one memorable picture
for each book of the Old Testament with a caption and a running story line
to connect all Old Testament books together.  (Example, for Genesis there
is a picture of 5 pairs of jeans.  4 of them are boys jeans and 1 of them
is a girls pair of jeans.  What would you call the girl pair of jeans?
The Jean's Sis = Genesis).  There are also overhead sheets of all of the
pictures in the book so it is easier to show them to the kids.

We started this in October, learning one book per week and they are doing
wonderful!  They can say, without looking at the pictures, all the books
from Genesis - Psalm.

I hope you find this helpful!
God Bless You!
~Delia Carroll

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