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SSTN #6 - January 15, 2003

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--> Ten Commandments Series

1) Teen and preteen ideas?
2) Vacation Bible Blast?
3) SS teacher recognition day/week?
4) Disruptive children saga

--> Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

5) Valentine's Day Craft Suggestion
6) When a person divorces
7) Blind Bartemaeus?
8) Divorce Reference Out of Context

--> Easter Pageants...NEW!

9) Divorce and Pastors
10) Divorced and a pastor
11) Adopting 3 year old twins?
12) Divorced Pastors   

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Ten Commandments Series

Does your church offer a midweek Bible class for Kindergarten - 6 grade?
Then consider teaching "God's Top Ten - Understanding God's Love In The
Ten Commandments". This series covers 10 two hour sessions, or 20 one hour
sessions. Get the first lesson free! Learn more on the following webpage:


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1) Teen and preteen ideas?

I am the new superintendant of a very small sunday school. We have at most
6 children. My problem is this, about 3-4 of those children are between
age of 12 and 18. I want to start a teen bible study and need ideas for
some very good materials that I can use for that. I have been unable to
find anything interesting that can be used with a few children.Does anyone
know of any good bible studies? We only have, at most, 45 minutes set
aside for study each week.

Also, does anyone have any ideas to make church time more interesting?
Maybe there are some activities or duties the teens can do during church
or for church. so far, all I've been able to come up with is having youth
ushers occasionally. (p.s. our congregation is very small, too)

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2) Vacation Bible Blast?   

Our CE Committee is in the beginning planning stages of our vacation bible
blast program for this summer.  We are searching for a curicullum
showcasing different stories.  Most packages seems to have same stories
all the time.  Anyone have any suggestions?  We really want to buy total
package since it is so nice to have the music to go along, as well as
learner leaflets, posters, crafts, etc.  Thanks for you thoughts.  Linda
Merrow, Stoneham Mass  C.O.O.L.)

--from SSTN: most major Christian publishing houses produce a complete
package. Their individual websites will give you the specific information
for each one. You can order just the starter kit, or the full program.
Check the "Children's Ministry" link on my links page:

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3) SS teacher recognition day/week?

On radio I last fall I heard of SS teacher day/week, similar to Paster
Appreciation. What is the date or time (ie 3rd week of October) of this
event? I'd like to adopt that time for recognition at our church.
Currently it varies year-to-year.

Thank you

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4) Disruptive children saga   

I still strongly believe that any teacher of a sunday school or equilivant
program should try in every way to involve all children both good and bad
into their class rooms.  If these children are being disruptive, simply
sending them away IS NOT THE ANSWER.  And on another note, what does this
say to the childrens parents, grandparenst, or whoever it may be that
brings them to the service?  To me it simply says, yes, your children are
welcome, as long as they are well behaved so that we do not have to deal
with their "issues".  As I had stated in a previous response, I have had
major problems with a couple of students in my pre-k class, and yes I did
explain to them that they were not acting the way that God would like for
them to, and yes I did explain to them that they were making the class
less exciting for the other children and themselves, but when you get a
hold of a child that has deeper issues that just a lack of dicipline it
becomes more involved then just telling t!
hem that they are expected to behave.  When you have children that really
need someone to take their time and put their interest into them, whether
it is due to home issues or personal learning issues, that is when you
have to make the decision.  Are you going to boot them out, or show them
that they are WANTED in the classroom by standing your ground and doing
everything possible to help them discover what being good means?  Other
children will be distracted at first, but as I told my group, children
that misbehave in class just havent learned how they are supposed to act
and it is up to us all to help show them.  My children felt more special
by helping me teach these particular two how to behave, and if I had
chosen to boot them out of class, what I am telling  these children is
that we don't tolerate "bad" kids, only good kids, and that the "bad" kids
dont get a chance to learn like the good kids do.  As I have said many
many times before, these children are being brough!
t to this learning environment by GOD for a reason, and I have alot of
send them back out again.

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Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

Ten Egg-shaped cards that tell the Easter Story - When the cards
are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg Scramble and
learn the Easter Story! Reproducible so your whole class can make a set!

In the Curriculum section: 

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5) Valentine's Day Craft Suggestion

For each child cut one 8" heart out of white paper.  Help the child fold
the heart in half and then open it.  Help them put a few drops of red
tempera paint on the inside of one half.  Then help carefully refold their
hears and gently press the two halves together.  Unfold the hearts and
show the children the design they created.

Your comments to share with the children about the activity: -
When giving the white heart to each child - say, Jesus loves you.  I love
you.  This heart shape can remind you of that love.

Once craft is completed - say, I gave you these hearts because I love you.
Now you an give these hearts to someone you love to remind you both that
Jesus loves you.

Easy activity for preschool/kindergarten age group.

God bless,
Connie S., Edmonton, Canada

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6) When a person divorces

This I have to reply to.......when a person gets divorced, that means they
are no longer married.......meaning when they get remarried they are still
the husband or wife of only 1 person........other wise, it would by

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7) Blind Bartemaeus?

Do you have anything on blind Bartemaeus? My next lesson is on "Faith
Cries Out". And I need some ideas really fast. Thanks. Linda.

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8) Divorce Reference Out of Context

I believe sadly the scripture is taken out of context to say those who
have been through divorce can't be a pastor. How can we say that
especially if they are called of God. 1Timothy 3-7 is the scripture you
refer to in your judgement yet I believe it means
(1) No polygamy,
(2) a monogamus fidelity, faithful husband and should exemplify the
principles taught in Eph.5:25-33.
Love In Christ,
Old Hickory,Tn

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--> Easter Pageants For 2003!

Two new pageants have been added to the website. Choose "Fun and Easy
Easter Pageants - with Soundtrack CD", or "Stations of the Cross For
Kids". You will find them listed in the Games and Skits section of the
Bookstore at:


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9) Divorce and Pastors

My husband and I were both previously married.  He now pastors two small
churches.  For several years he held himself back from God's call to
ministery.  But I had wrestled with the divorce issue for several years
before our marriage and had a peace about it with God.  Unfortunately too
many Christians view divorce as the unpardonable sin.  No matter the
cause, it is not what God intended for us.  And having lived through it
and now remarriage I can better understand why.  There is a Bible study
called Divorce Recovery that really explains the damage of divorce and
aids in the healing process. We seem to be willing to forgive murder,
theft, any number of sins and marvel at those who have been forgiven and
now serve in ministy, yet debate what God has already settled with those
who are divorced and reconciled to Him.  All sin, once forgiven, exists no
more in the eyes of God.  The sinner is a new creature and without
blemish.  Yet man sits in judgment of divorce as though it cannot be
covered by the blood of Christ.  Do we dishonor God when we continue to
acknowledge something that He remembers no more?Now I am in no way
advocating divorce.  I believe God can save any marriage that is put into
His control.  But as mentioned, there are two people in a marriage and
when one wants to be separate and not yield to God, then the other is left
divorced whether he wants it or not.  We must be careful that we don't
interfere with God's plan in our attempts at righteousness.  We can only
be righteous when covered by the blood of Jesus, we do not gain it by our
actions.  The scripture so often used to deny a divorced man his call to
ministry, "being the husband of one wife" is viewed in the context of
modern society.  Go back to the time of Paul's writing and the society of
the day, you will find many cultures had plural wives.  Once converted to
Christianity, what were those men to do?  Should they divorce all the
wives but the first?  The custom of taking more than one wife was dying
out, but there were still those who practiced ! it.  Did that have a
bearing on what Paul was talking about?  Not much is known about Paul's
personal life.  But he was a member of the Sanhedrin Court, and to be such
a man was usually married.  Little is said regarding this, did he leave a
wife and family to follow Christ?  Did they leave him because he abandoned
their religion?  We don't really have difinitive answers to these
questions because it isn't really important to God's plan.  He called Paul
and Paul obeyed.  It is not our business to question Paul's past.  We
accept him as the great Christian leader that God made him upon forgiving
him his past heinous trangressions.  And we build so much of our Christian
belief and life on Paul's teaching.  I thank God that He worked His plan
despite Peter's apprehensions and any others who might have questioned
Paul in his day.We must be very careful and very prayerful when
considering divorce and the ministry.  God will not call a man to a work
and then tell those he sends him to work with to deny him because he is
divorced.  So if all involved are listening to the same God, there should
be no question or conflict.  The real question is, are we seeking God's
direction and listening to His instructions, willing to obey what He tells
us He wants for us and for our churches.   I thank God every day that he
has given my husband the work that he is doing now.  He is a man of
compassion and insight and a true Bible scholar.  He makes it easy to
apply the Bible to our lives and he truly loves the lost.  He never
forgets the main purpose of the Church is to bring the lost to
Christ. Nancy

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10) Divorced and a pastor

Surely if we say no because of the person's infidelity then we are
refusing to accept the fact that God forgives all our sins and it is
therefore wrong for any mortal being to pre-judge Him.

Unfortunately some of us do commit acts of infidelity and marriages are
understandably severed but when a person feels a strong call from God to
preach / teach should we, after accepting a person's sincere plea for
forgiveness and understanding stand in the way of God's plan.  I divorced
from my first wife because of my infidelity and yet now I am happily
married and my wife and I work together in sunday school with people who,
having at first shown us rejection also learnt to forgive and accept that
God chooses the servants He needs for His work.

God Bless you all who make up a part of this newsletter.

DA. England

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11)  Adopting 3 year old twins?

We have a couple in our church adopting 3 year twin girls.  We would like
to honor them somehow since it has been a 3 year battle.  Do you have any
ideas?  Need ASAP.


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12) Divorced Pastors   

Divorced Pastors are a no-no in the word of God.  There are 17 different
criteria mentioned for those who seek to hold such office mentioned in 1
Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:7-9.  Of which is mentioned that a Pastor/Bishop
must be a husband of one wife and also that he must rule his house well.
If his wife has left him then he has not ruled his house as he ought.
(There are many scripture on how a husband must treat his wife.)  This
doesn't mean that the man has to stop preaching, but he must stop
Pastoring.  1 Timothy 3:5 "For if a man know not how to rule his own
house, how shall he take care of the church of God?"  It may not seem fair
to some, but we are not talking about "fairness" we are talking about
"righteousness."  To do anything contrary to the word of God is not
righteous.  Therefore he would not be 'blameless'...etc.
In any situation, we are better to trust the word of God than to reason
within our own hearts.

God Bless,

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